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  1. On 12/9/2020 at 8:37 PM, YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ said:



    p.s @kiefshi1056 how are you keeping up?

    Pretty well thanks :) , Me is like the Jhope (mom role) in House of army . My daughter is like girl namjoon . She is laughing at me being addicted to BTS. Just finish watching  BON VOYAGE 1 to 3, next in line is RUN :partyblob:This boys are so adorable and talented.  Their journey is awesome . This quote quite describe this boys.

    slowly but surely getting there everyday :) | Inspirational words, Positive  quotes, Life quotes


    P.S. Does Jimin has solo forum like namjoon?

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  2. After watching the story of BTS's journey to stardom, made me love them even more. Shame to those people who accused them plagiarism/sajaegi and saying all those hurtful words.  see where this boys now :wub: Those who sending death threats to this boys MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE! I love BTS not for going down to their level. They have collected all the stones thrown to them and never throw them back now they have built an "EMPIRE"

    BTS! FIGHTING!:fullofhearts:

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  3. This kids are so talented :). they have this charm that can make you drove into them. Me being an ajuma, never have thought that i can be addicted watching their dance practice video and guesting. So Good and funny!

    ARMY dont be mad,  for me JIMIN is the most appealing of them all (he has the most beautiful face of them all :wub:) Don't get me wrong all them has their own good quality for me JIMIN, JIMIN, JIMIN :heart3:Jiminie | Park jimin cute, Bts jimin, Park jimin btsHis eyes can hypnotize!!:smiley:

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  4. nice that they didn't drag the oppsition of the relationship JS-DH i hope same thing goes with GJ  and NH. but still we have to see tonight episode :) maybe the easiest thing to solve this NH will get pregnant. They can have small gathering of wedding no need to invite those people just have the intimate ceremony within the family and close friends only as simple as that. They are in their 30's not  20's why do parents still intrudes to their personnal life

    We still have 16 episode to go i hope they wont drag the NH /GJ story. Also i rather see JS/DH married and have their challenges in married life in the drama than opposing it til the 100th episode

    Does it really still matters nowadays in this century in KOREA  marrying a divorcee or in laws or divorcee with children?

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  5. 50 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:


    @Ima Imo I doubt very much that the show will remove its focus on WG. I'm expecting bigger and better things ahead for them.

    Lets be honest WG played and has its fair share in ratings, like me i get hooked to it bcoz of their love line. So in HP2 they should make Garden more sweeter to Gyeol :)

    I thought the release is december , but they havent start shooting yet. Can't wait to see Mama Rosa always ask for Gyeol to come to their house  and stay overnight and  pushing WG to sleep together:hwaiting2:

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