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  1. Aahhh guyss I have a feeling the start of their relationship is also the ending of this drama which makes me really sad I'm really picky when it comes to kdrama's, I only like a few, and I must say this drama has become one of my all time faves. Many have already said this but Mirae's character is so lovable I just want to give her a big hug. The cast is simply perfect !
  2. Ahnyong chinguzzz, this is my first time posting in this thread so firstly: nice to meet u all~!! just wanted to say that I like this drama sooooo much I stopped watching after the 1st ep bc I knew I cannot handle all the waiting each week.. kkkk didn't read everything but quickly skimmed through the messages and saw ppl mentioning reading the manhwa, so I was wondering if sb could share the link with me coz I cannot find any website that has released the entire webtoon, only up till ep 60sth Anyway, i'd appreciate it a lot!!! Thanks x1000 in advance!!!
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