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  1. chingus annyeong!! it's been a while since I last posted here. been very busy the past 2 weeks but i'm updated with the FA's episodes. :) Will try to live stream on weds. :)
  2. Mianhe @alekaonu noona and chingus! i was out of town last weekend! hahaha. Wasn't able to live stream.. and i still have some backlogs.. have yet to watch the last 2 episodes. :(
  3. there's so much tears in this episode... but it was all worth it.. finally the secret is out!!
  4. this is episode is daebak!! best so far!!! otoke.. i have not watched last night's episode yet... i got spoiled. hahaha
  5. my stream lag a bit so i wasn't able to capture some.. Mr Gong is having a self pity party...
  6. @alekaonu mianhe noon and chingus.. i was out last night due to watching Along with the Gods 2!!! hahaha. I might not be able to join tonight as well. heads-up.
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