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  1. On 6/3/2019 at 12:14 PM, LoveMY1224 said:

    Please count me in the group chat. Thanks!!!!


    Sorry I keep silent here but I feel good at this Forum (and other HPL's Forum), all of you are mature & respect others. Thanks for sharing many beautiful photos & gifs here! 


    I'm one of the Min Young's loyal fans, like KJW after HPL and I love Labbit couple (this is my 1st ship), I wish that Min Young can meet a goodman who can love, protect & respect her & she won't be hurt again, especially being a Korean actress is not easy & stressful if have dating rumors. I still feel sad when I recall bad memories those haters attacked Min Young & her family when she's dating with LMH (I know I'm very childish, after that I never read/ watch any dramas & news of LMH)    

    Oh my God...I finally found someone who is like me...I’ve been silently reading all the comments and love all the positive vibes given by all the fans here...been PMY fan since 2010...she nailed it for me with skks. I am like you...was disappointed with LMH and have never watch any of his drama after that trauma she went through...Imagine PMY, her family and friends as well being verbally attacked by his crazy fan girls and I felt she was not protected...

    well enough about that person...I wish the same like you that PMY  finds a guy who will truly love, protect and takes good care of her...our precious PMY deserves it and I truly believe KJW can do that...coz he is a person who does what he wants and not affected or influenced by others...meanwhile I will keep reading all the happy comments put thru here

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