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  1. Finally got to watch the ep, unfortunately, not yet with subs, but it looks even better than I hoped. What can be said about the tin can couple? Or about NS3 firmly deciding his own way forward? Fantastic, heart-warming, lovely to the extreme and yet... this thread of worry and unease just can't be snipped, can it? They are surrounded by the diabolical, the desperate, the guilty, the manipulative, and the murderous. Even under the best of circumstances this is a dangerous cocktail. More and more I think about the title, "Are You Human?" and how it's not for NS3, it's for the human characters and for us. We are born human but are we human in spirit and action? What does it mean when we say, "to be human"? The characters in the know about NS3 either tote their humanity or casually accept its basic superiority to everything else, but as we see these people be awful, abide and/or do awful things can they still be considered "human" in its loftiest meaning, its best ideal? But maybe the point is to be human is to be flawed and ugly and to strive and muddle our way to our better natures, so if a robot can move from simplistic to complex, can muddle his way from one side of his nature to the other, can't he be human in spirit, if not in flesh and bone, too?
  2. Watching with subs now and wow, that mom, she's a peach . SB made NS3 weird - considering that NS3 classifies his behavior around her as being himself, ouch - and forget about her? That went over like a lead balloon, even YH could see that but not that oblivious woman. While NS3's compromise was smart, I feel it was a touch of rebellion based in latent resentment over her earlier words but that might be wishful thinking on my part, . I'm so petty, I enjoyed her bitter face. OMG, the jealousy is real!!!! I knew YN said she would give SB's number to that playboy, I knew it! NS3 decisively losing his cool plus the little digital sound in the background as he keyed up to explode all the phones. He maintained eye contact with YN so she would have no doubt as to why he did it. In classic kdrama fashion, I feel like the moment NS3 is able to acknowledge his feelings as feelings is the moment when he will regain control of himself and be a new man. I say this because he swings from emotional to play-acting as NS to confused by his behavior/"errors"/changes and it's because he's missing that link between what he's doing and why. From experience I know there's nothing more maddening than not being able to put your finger on why something is happening, especially when what's happening is majorly effecting your life. But it must be difficult to come to the emotional conclusion because how humans process or describe emotions is likely different from how he unwittingly perceives his own. Couple that with the whole "I'm a robot and therefore lack emotions" thing and it's like the emperor has no clothes but he's been told not to see that. He told her about the errors and told himself he'd get her a bike if he ever saw her again? I die! Tin Can couple is. so. cute!!!!
  3. HA! Nice catch! I still want that roadtrip because hilarious, hehehehehe You make me so eager to watch it subbed which doesn't seem possible since my eagerness has long since been turned up to 11.
  4. Thank you for this!!!! I busted out laughing when I read it and scared some people - worth it.
  5. So SB is still in runaway from robot feelings phase but she's admitting it out loud, so progress! I'd like more progress but I admit to being greedy for the tin can couple, NS3 is leaning more and more into his independence. Yes, he agreed to follow orders but that was about protecting SB. But his displeasure with his mom didn't dissipate - he wasn't happy when he found out about manual mode - how forcefully did he pull his hand away? He wasn't happy when he agreed - never hugged her back and his expression was dead. And NS3 always smiles when he sees his mom or hears her voice, yet when she appeared in front of him before the wedding, no smile. If SB did lie and say Seo was threatening her and that's why NS3 should return to being a robo slave, it was a lie that likely saved her life. NS3 probably started lowkey monitoring Seo and his lackey as well as communications on SB's phone for any Seo contact. In the preview, it looks like he ditches the wedding on a motorcycle and probably also ditches the mom's "new and improved" battery watch. I am loving this! I can't wait until tomorrow! I was truly frustrated when the ep ended.
  6. @butterflyeffect Did the robo reset actually happen? I ask because it would make everything NS3 does after even sweeter.
  7. This I love! Just like when her father got played at the board meeting, i can see her pulling the bullied victim card in the aftermath as if she was the one taken advantage of! LOL. I'd enjoy this almost as much as I'd enjoy NS3 not showing up at the wedding.
  8. Wow, @triplem, @jerboa83, @juju84, @bebebisous33, all of your thoughts on the mom are pretty wonderful and are a great exploration of her character's current arc! Hard to disagree with good arguments. Guilt coupled with her mindset as a scientist are feeding into her current behavior regarding NS3. It is thoroughly terrible still but like the grandfather, we can still discern what is motivating her. It's funny, she would have been more aware of the depth/importance of NS3's changes if she hadn't been avoiding him out of guilt and to establish emotional separation. Which brings me to agree with @nateko about how shades of the grandfather's previous actions are now being echoed by the mom. Really, even if the grandfather thought his son was weak, he likely still would have hated anyone who came between him and his control over his children. I might imagine that the son might have been a bit like the aunt, fighting for recognition but he fell in love and suddenly the father's recognition, the wealth and the power no longer mattered. Mom now finds herself facing a son who no longer behaves as she's used to, a son who has prioritized someone else. NS3 probably had a better/kinder upbringing than the son/aunt/NS combined and she had absolute control, but now that the control has slipped... Human beings rarely react well to a loss of control, even if that loss is minimal but especially if that loss is total. It's funny to me to be concerned about the danger presented by a "rogue" NS3. We have human beings who have suppressed the details around another human being's death - this show has me so twisted I even suspect the son isn't dead but had been brained and locked up in a sanitarium somewhere; human beings who have attempted to kill for wealth and power; humans who happily trample on the will of others while loudly proclaiming love and devotion; human beings who take money to spy on and ruin others, human desperation, etc., etc. Right now, I have far more faith in the robot getting it together than the humans who think to some extent their behavior is normal, acceptable, pragmatic, etc. Not really a reply to anything, just something I was thinking about. YN cannot succeed, my god, I'd riot! It's so awful. Marriage to her, whether NS can break it afterwards or not, would be a solid representation of everything he's tried to escape for 20 years now and its success would represent his continued utter failure to do so. It would be enough to drive even the kindest person mad, so imagine NS, lol. Right now, I'd like him to have some hermit time in a nice tropical island somewhere because his luck with people is not so good,
  9. Little things I noticed on rewatch... Makes me go hmm? - Are NS3's rules largely self-generated? When he thinks about why he created the new SB rule, he remembers the establishment of the first which seems to imply it wasn't specifically programmed by the mom but a result of NS1 applying his nascent programming to a situation. I don't have a problem, if this is the case. It goes some way to explaining how by the time we get to NS3, he's developed emotional intelligence. Did SB see the tattoo in the car window reflection? She had a strong reaction suddenly and seemed to really feel the danger. : Notice how during the confrontation scene between uri tin couple and mom/YH/YN/David, the mom never addresses NS3 directly until he inserts himself into the conversation? When she finds out YN abused NS3 she's the only one who doesn't reprimand her. More and more she's treating NS3 like an object. YH being absolutely right - the way YN treated NS3 when she thought no one was looking did have an impact (see: tattoo guy). YN is really an equal opportunity punk - she enjoyed the bridal employees humiliation as much as she enjoyed SB's! / : NS3 wearing a cool/dismissive expression as he told the grandfather how he knew he was faking dementia. The way SB knew NS3 went hard after Seo for her sake. I like that NS3 added skinship as an influence on his actions/reactions. NS3 pouting or adorably trying to avoid explaining himself by driving the car and SB's reaction to that, hee. SB being a proud wifey. Okay, I know it was fake and directed at YN, but his "pleased/she's so hot" expression at the bridal shop was amazing, as was SB's reaction to it! SB taking NS3 by the wrist, role reversals ftw! SB's expression when she closes the car door and smiles at NS3 through the car window before driving him home; basically that entire scene is sweet h/c. : the way NS3 says SB's name as she tells him to be no one's slave and to be himself. For that matter, SB realizing how kind and trusting NS3 and how vulnerable that makes him to being used and abused.
  10. @juju84 I too am disgusted and horrified by what's happening to human NS. I know some still haven't forgiven him for the airport incident but too much is happening to him without his consent and it's been this way since he was kidnapped. I don't know how canon scenes cut from the Korean version are, considering they aired in the int'l one but even YH says that NS deliberately cultivated an unapproachable personality as his only means of resistance. He's essentially had little to no control in his life while he was conscious and now that he's comatose his life has been wholesale taken over. We've got his mom and YH fighting in his name for a company he has expressed no desire for and now everyone, for their own various reasons, have conspired to marry him to a woman he has expressly refused! If this wedding happens before NS wakes up, no way will he be able to get a divorce from YN; I don't see her granting it at all. As you said, @juju84, she treats him like a doll, not a human. His opinion doesn't matter. This is like some unmitigated hell. I feel awful for the guy. In some ways he's like NS3 - they are both treated as objects by the people with the most control over their lives.
  11. rewatching right now.... What a lovely heartfelt moment between SB and NS3 in the parking garage! He worried and she soothed! I loved how she promised to protect him! Basically uri tin can couple were lovely and heartfelt throughout both episodes. They were in each other's corners without hesitation. Basing it solely off of how the camera kept panning to him, I think a part of NS3 heard how SB defended him in the car after YN snatched his battery. Watching him wake up with a new rule solely for SB was so great! I just love this couple to pieces now! YN is shameless, what's new? She hid her father's knowledge of the dementia, then had the nerve to come at NS3 for not telling her the dementia was false?! We can officially remove from the table the theory that the grandfather doesn't know about Seo's involvement in his son's death. Their barely coded talk after the board meeting pretty much means the grandfather knows the death isn't straightforward and he covered it up to shield his company. The old man mostly cares about his company and strength, that's it. Even the reason why he seems to want to accept the mom now has to do with him thinking she makes NS3 strong. Doesn't mean he doesn't like or love anyone, just that like Seo he'll sacrifice them in a heartbeat. Although I think even Seo might draw the line at his daughter but they don't have the most trusting relationship!
  12. OMG!!!! NS3 is totally heartsick, y'all!!!! I noticed the glitching SB images now, hahahaha. His mind is just inserting her because he misses her. SB must feel quite powerless in this latest situation. Obviously she could tell him but it means destroying the precious image he has of his mom which would likely be a sore spot for a person like SB. She's not fluent in robotics, so it's not like she could root out the kill switch. Plus it just touches on her whole "humans plot behind the scenes" button and she felt hopeless and was crushed in the aftermath of that, too. Right now, she's defaulting to run away mode, don't get emotionally entangled or involved mode but that line of defense can't work anymore. She can tell herself he's a tin can but she doesn't believe it. I wonder if the mom convinces/bribes SB to return in order to fix NS3's glitch long enough for her to continue using him before she permanently throws him away? No matter how much SB will tell herself he's a tin can or that it's not her problem, there's no way she can let something like that happen to NS3. @butterflyeffect Ha. Little YN has quite a few surprises headed her way, huh. At this point, I can't even bother with YN.
  13. I'm not surprised. We were warned - she's like her dad. Prick begets prick. And you know what? For all her talk about how she wasn't a spy and she'd find out if her dad knew about the dementia and give them a heads up... notice she didn't warn them. She barely did anything. I'm not surprised since it's her dad but it does mean she truly can't be counted on in the fight against her dad, at least not yet. And considering her behavior with our beloved NS3, maybe not ever. Ugh. Putting all that aside, our otp is so sweet and I love how they move to protect each other and NS3 seems to be breaking prime directives now and contemplating emotions, squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! I need to watch it again to enjoy NS3 and SB just being.
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