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  1. It's supposedly an actress/singer from Vietnam named Chi Pu, I think. And yeah, there were photos taken of them while JJH was in the Philippines while promoting his movie.
  2. Are we absolutely sure about this? No birth secrets? @jayakris i did say PROBABLY, so I can have an excuse when I do go back to watching dailies!
  3. There goes my hopes and dreams, all crushed. *sigh* I kinda knew that there probably was no wedding for us to see, but stupid me just still kept my hopes up. That's what I get. I think I was one of the last few who still held on to the hopes that there will be a wedding. ***cries in a corner***
  4. I love that she proposes to him. There goes the HN of the first half of the series! And yeah, it better not be just a peck! With the lack of scenes from them from the past few weeks, I actually expect mooooore! (I'm a bit of a perve, can you tell? ) Dammit, no wedding!
  5. OMG, same! I literally dropped all the other dramas I was watching/supposed to watch just to watch this because of the OTP. I don't know whether to curse or thank the IG page where I 1st saw HG and HN being their cute selves. Now I have a list of still unwatched "regular" dramas on my list.
  6. I was actually afraid I might be doing just that... I mean, who the heck am I kidding, right?
  7. For some who wants to watch the episode raw and minus the chipmunk voice, it's now available on some sites. Just search for the drama name and episode number.
  8. Thanks so, so much @selen4ever! really appreciate the summary, and we all know how sucky it is when the stream lags so thanks for the patience! It seems we are getting almost all the reveals in one big swoop, huh? Hahaha! I guess it's reserved for all the other moms since SH gets to do most of the evil stuff. Me too. He's bumbling but is a good fella. He needs to get himself and his son away from his wife and daughter's toxicity and live far away! Thank the Lord he now knows she's evil and two-faced. As dumb as he is, he does deserve better.
  9. Wouldn't put it past her, and by blaming someone it MAYBE HN, eh? @dramaninja I've been wondering how SH is handling the stress. Her blood pressure would have soared to dangerous levels with all the shrieking she's been doing! And yeah, JH is gonna be LIVID!
  10. Thanks for the summary and so sorry to cut your post but I'm just so happy. Hallelujah! Our OTP finally has a scene together! Let's all rejoice, yeah? And now JH has seen her sister slapping HN. Will this be the final straw to have JH finally reveal that HN is SJ? (I hope so, cause we only have 4 more days left!)
  11. I guess the wrap up party happened the same day as their last day of filming, since JJH is wearing the same clothes as his character's which was also shared by his stylist in one of her IG stories.
  12. That was me, haha! I would usually search for the latest episodes on YT if I'm really desperate to watch it especially if the episode looks good. Yeah, I watch it raw and make my brain bleed. They (whoever uploads it on YT) have to change the voices so it doesn't get taken down due to copyright issues, I think.
  13. Nah, I think it meant that SH is selling a building that was given to JE by JH as a gift for JE wedding? Most likely because they're already bled dry by YR and needs more moolah for whatever nefarious things they still need to do in the last 5 episodes. And again, still no OTP scenes? Not even a glance, some holding hands, no "i love you, i miss you, eff everyone let's just get married!" scene? Writer-nim is still testing our patience even at the last stretch...
  14. Yep, karma's a richard simmons once it starts working! *Oh hey, my first richard simmons!
  15. Goodness, another theft?! How many charges will be pressed on her when they finally catch her transgressions? At this point, if she does go to jail, I don't think she'll ever get out!
  16. Exactly what I was thinking when I first saw that picture. I hope she's miserable, coz she doesn't deserve to be happy. Sorry not sorry!
  17. Exactly what I was thinking. JH can just tell JE to take a pregnancy test at home in her presence or just straight up go with her to the hospital and have the doctor confirm right there and then if the pregnancy is true, all without telling SH. She is also JE MIL so she also has the right to do that.
  18. I know it's almost always like this since it's a daily drama but 2 scenes for an entire episode is REALLY FRACKING STINGY And they're the LEADS! Enough with JE, I agree with @jayakris, can't she just fall... somewhere?!
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