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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOO(AHN) YEON SEOK!stitch1_zps462a9d0d.jpg
    A simple picture collage (of his characters in his past projects) 
    What can I say about him? ^^ He is simply the best thing I've discovered in K-dramas last year! Since then, there’s no turning back for me and my appreciation towards this talented guy just keeps growing. No words can describe how happy I am for him to see him progressing so well in his career now! 2014 is going to be an even better year for him! Be happy and be healthy always, YYS!

  2. Hey guys.. is it true that Moon Chaewon and Yoo Yeon Seok are working together in a movie??? It's not confirmed right? It looks like it is going to start filming this September. OMO 2 of my ultimate biases!!!!! XDD 
    |오마이스타 ■취재/조경이 기자|  충무로의 신성으로 떠오른 배우 문채원과 유연석이 영화 <그날의 분위기>(조규장 감독)에서 호흡을 맞출 예정이다.  

    <그날의 분위기>는 우연히 KTX에서 만난 두 남녀가 24시간 동안 부산에서 펼치는 솔직 담백한 연애 이야기. 아름다운 해양도시 부산을 배경으로 남녀가 만나 겪게 되는 연애의 시작부터 끝까지를 보여줄 예정이다. 일찌감치 문채원이 여자주인공으로 캐스팅된 가운데, 최근 <응답하라 1994>를 통해 대세남으로 떠오른 유연석이 남자주인공으로 합류했다. 

    <최종병기 활>로 청룡영화상 신인상을 수상하며 평단의 호평을 이끌어 냈던 문채원은 3년 만에 다시 스크린으로 돌아와 박차를 가할 예정이다. 앞서 문채원은 박진표 감독의 신작 영화 <세 남자의 그녀> 주인공으로 출연을 결정했으며, 촬영에 한창이다. 이 작품이 끝나는 대로 <그날의 분위기> 촬영에 돌입한다. 

    tvN <응답하라 1994>로 많은 사랑을 받았던 유연석은 현재 영화 <은밀한 유혹>과 <상의원>에 연이어 캐스팅돼 촬영 중이며, 차기작 <그날의 분위기>로 스크린 나들이를 이어간다.

    영화 <그날의 분위기>는 문채원과 유연석 이외에 조·단역의 캐스팅을 마무리하는 대로 오는 9월께 촬영에 돌입할 예정이다. 

    Cr to Source

  3. I just saw this Old Boy bts video of Yoo Yeon Seok (he introduced himself as 'Ahn Yeon Seok' back then) from weibo... if you have not seen it, I've uploaded it to youtube:

    Shared by LoseotheLucy_Yeonseok @ weibo (youku link) ; CR to YYS DC (original post link here)
    Here's some bts pics from Old Boy:9qt1.jpgonio.jpg
    CR to YYS DC (You can find more pics in DC - link )
    @zannloo thanks for sharing the baidu article! I am super curious on this new actress as well since she is going to get involve with YYS's character.. she looks really young. ^^
  4. Someone uploaded the cut for the musical in youtube..:
    Yoo Yeon Seok singing 'To you' + 1994 casts singing 'Feeling only you':

    Cr to uploader -유연석 푸른이Only YYS's 'To you' cut : 

    Cr to uploader - woo han

    This is another video about music show host/composer Yu Hui-yeol mentioning Chilbong. I think he said that he was a fan of 'Reply 1994' and was team Chilbong. And said something about being similar to Chilbong (??).. and the response from the other guests are hilarious. Lol 

    Cr to uploader - woo han
  5. If anyone have not seen this, this is the BTS news clip from TVN on 'Reply 1994' musical yesterday:
    27th Jan 2014 TVN E PLAN

    I've uploaded the youku version I took from weibo... the one which I downloaded from DC is taking forever to process T.T
    And this is YYS attending a wedding and a picture taken with the groom:qkzl.jpg
    CR to kimssoy (via instagram)
    @lunagal, probably because i'm such a fan of YYS nowadays XDD, I feel that both midnight hospital and horror stories are worth the watch... you can just skip to his parts if you get bored in between. keke I actually like his creepiness in Horror Stories.. I was so fascinated in his performance despite that he didn't spoke much in it. It's always a great watching experience for me to see how YYS can switch and transform in his portrayal of different characters on screen. 
  6. Yoo Yeon Seok (with Jo Yoon Hee) in MBC Section TV today:



    I've used my mobile to capture this screencap just now while watching 'Reply 1994 Special' on TV. If anyone is interested, this special was shown in this variety show 'Kimchi Fan Club' on cable channel Mnet as 'Reply 1994' is currently airing on that channel. However, there's nothing much or new in this special except for this super short appearance (less than 5 seconds >.<) of YYS introducing himself and his character (probably taken during the Vogue Photoshoot):


  7. OMG I can't believe my eyes. Yoo Yeon Seok just opened a weibo account! keke I think it's official (with the verified indication). Here's his first post with his pic and greetings:
    中国的粉丝朋友们!大家好~ 我是‘请回答,1994’的七封,柳演锡。我开了微博,以后通过微博经常见面吧~^^
    Hello to all fans/friends in China! I'm Chilbong from 'Reply 1994', Yoo Yeon Seok. I've opened a weibo account, let's meet often through weibo next time~^^1xbu.jpg
    Here's his weibo account link ... do follow him if you have an account in weibo... his followers are growing really fast. ^^

  8. If anyone is interested, Yoo Yeon Seok shared a few of his favourite songs and gave his explanations in this article (naver's article in Dec 2012) which I saw in weibo. I'll briefly shared some parts... apologies if there's any mistake made or if it's been posted before. 

    1. M.N.J -  후애 (Special drama ‘The Age of Innocence’ OST):
    YYS mentioned that he was in his senior year in 2002 and was busily preparing for his Entrance(?) examination. He went to watch TV to clear his head and happened to hear this song from the drama. Since then, it’s a must for him to sing this song for every karaoke session.

    2. Brian McKnight - Back at one (Album ‘Back at one’):
    He first heard it during Year 1 of his university days. He started to familiarize with the song after singing along with his classmates. He finds it interesting seeing everyone sing along and count with their fingers at the same time (the chorus part).

    3. Go Han Woo 고한우 – Tearful 암연 (Black Coffee Vol. 1 album):
    The song he often listened to in his early 20s when he encountered farewell situations. When he was deeply absorbed in his thoughts/memories, he would listen and sing along with it.

    4. Kim Yeon Woo 김연우 – A common word like ‘I love you’ 사랑한다는 흔한말 (Movie ‘Lost In Love’ OST) (P.S.: YYS must have like this song a lot as it was also in his CY’s playlist.):
    He was in the army when he broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years. At that time, he felt that all the farewell songs in the world were his songs and this is the song he listened to the most. Listening to it also helps in his performance in farewell scenes.

    5. Huh Gak
    허각 – Hello (1st Mini album ‘First story’):
    He really likes Huh Gak’s expressive voice and got teary–eyed every time he listened to ‘Hello’. As compared to the others, he finds this song more relatable as it had elements which are close to heart. 

    CR to eva切后颈 / article (with chinese translation)

    I think because he is the type who is sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve, it seems like he always got hurt the most in his past relationships. He’s a bit like Chilbong in real life.. not much luck in love. >.< I really wish for him to find someone who really treasure and love him for who he is and make him the happiest man. keke
  9. According to this article, Yoo Yeon Seok is going to attend the Reply 1994 OST drama concert held on 15th February. I think it said something about many fans were disappointed when he was missing from the initial list of attendees. His management company is making adjustment to his schedule in order for him to attend. I'm happy to see uri Chilbong again but a little worried about his health.. I hope he can have enough rest despite his busy schedule.
    Here's the article:
    '칠봉이' 유연석도 '응답하라 1994' 드라마 콘서트에 참석하기로 했다.

    유연석 소속사 측은 10일 "유연석도 '응답하라 1994 드라마 콘서트'에 참석하기로 했다"고 밝혔다. 앞서 지난 8일 CJ E&M은 2월 15일 서울 경희대학교 평화의전당에서 '응답하라 1994 드라마 콘서트'를 개최한다고 밝혔다. 하지만 공개된 1차 라인업에 정우·고아라·김성균·민도희 등의 이름만 있을 뿐 '칠봉이' 유연석이 빠져 팬들이 아쉬워했다. 이에 따라 유연석 측은 팬들의 의견을 적극 반영, 힘들게 스케줄을 조율하고 콘서트 참석을 확정지었다.

    CJ E&M 측은 "'응답하라 1994 드라마 콘서트'는 여전히 '응사앓이' 중인 팬들의 사랑에 대한 보답 차원에서 '응답하라 1994'의 출연진과 OST에 참여한 가수들이 직접 무대에 올라 방송의 감동 그 이상의 무대를 선보일 계획"이라고 밝혔다. Cr to source

  10. Sharing this since there's a short mention on YYS's dedication for acting... it's a recent interview of Kim Ji-won (his co star in 'Horror Stories'). Article can be found here (last question)... sorry if it's already been posted. 
    From my very rough understanding, Kim Ji-won was asked about her past collaboration with rising 'unrequited love(?)' actors Yoo Yeon-seok and Kim Woo Bin. I think she said she personally tend to root for those who had one-sided loves and that she once hoped Chilbong will be the husband in 'Reply 1994'. YYS was casted previously in the movie 'Horror stories' as her scary killer but now that she saw him in 'Reply 1994', she can't help and wonder how a person can have such huge transformation. It left a deep impression on her in his meticulousness in details such as his clothing, hairstyle etc in order to prepare well for his character back then. 

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