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  1. I had a tough time understanding it, the korean accent was overbearing the spanish. I can sort of understand chinese accented spanish, but I guess I can't understand korean accented spanish lol
  2. I'll try to watch the last episode tonight, was just too tired on sunday to watch it and i marathoned love alarm on friday/sat
  3. 321 really became obsessive/stalkerish yikes, guess that was his true personality lol
  4. I think after the firing we never heard back from him. I am still curious to know why his assistant was always trying to get kh and gy back together...
  5. Just finished the episode, 321 was I, I, I, I, I, all about him! Him and GY are perfect for each other. He really showed his true personality in that episode. Looking forward to the last two episodes.
  6. I started to watch episode 10, but the subs weren't complete, I'll be waiting for now. But the first 15 minutes or so, you could tell things were getting tense.
  7. haha, I remember the outrage from that drama, I still don't know what the director was thinking when the drama went for that sudden change I am curious to see what impact both WW and KH's ex's will end up playing in the last 4 episodes. We know KH's ex is still obsessed over the break up, but what is 321 going to do
  8. The preview looks like he didn't seem happy to see her. Although the episode 9 had me actually wondering if he was legitimately stressed from work and he was telling the truth. He actually looked stressed from the long working hours in the scenes he was in and he had facial hair growing vs being clean shaven. But at the same time, from his hotel room there were clothes in the bed if I recall? I might need to watch this episode again to observe his behavior
  9. 321 has that nice guy persona, but is really selfish and only about himself. The lack of communication with WW and thinking his decisions are for the best for both means a really unheathly relationship. WW would have just went along for the ride, but now lots of second thoughts. Also enjoy her best friend, she doesn't care what others think of her.
  10. Just finished episode 5, is it me or was Maize a bit to clingy to 321? He also just didn't seem likeable in the episode and really selfish. Time to wait for the next episode lol
  11. You make a good point about how he doesn't seem to want to climb the corporate ladder. It was kind of telling that when ZW's roomate didn't even know who he was even though it seemed ZW/roomates department interacted with the R&D dept.
  12. It looks like CKH is ready to end his relationship with his current gf. But ZW looked conflicted the whole episode about it. I agree HY isn't a bad person, a little controlling and somewhat of a cheapsake, but hiding it this all whole time for 3 years is risky especially if it is looked down upon at their job. The roomate brought up a good point about HY's occupation vs ZW. That really throws a curveball in their book of plans...
  13. Just finished with the third episode, it looks like puff's character is still conflicted after the night out based on how it ended. The preview seems to show more so can't wait. ZY seems in denial that her relationship with KH is on the rocks, even with her sister noticing both of their attitudes. Guess I'll be waiting for next episode lol
  14. Really enjoying this drama, I'll probably be lurking for bit, but like everyone else is saying, both of the main character's couples are in really dysfunctional relationships, I can see the later episodes getting really hard for both characters, makes me curious how this is going to end
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