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  1. Just got done with the ending. About where I expected it to be, but curious about tomorrows second ending now. Though I have a few questions, why would HJ need to go to prison for 3 years? I take it even though she was a child in Korea and she didn't confess to the murders that is why? I guess being US raised, most of the time, young children doing the work for adults would garner sympathy for what occurred. Still being a child and under the control of HH, she shouldn't have been at fault for what happened. And that last scene, guess that was the doctor who recorded th
  2. Good discussions so far, such a mess to watch with all the unevenness, but I need to watch it til the end lol. One thing, if anyone could clarify, didn't Hong Ju send something to the congress lady in charge of Oz? This hopefully should be revisited? Can't fully recall the situation though. and didnt Hong Ju go to that abandoned lab/office that was the HH's prior to sending that item?
  3. Thanks for those links, I didn't know about her before this drama, but usually check the wiki of the actors and actresses to learn more about them and thought her activist work was interesting playing especially with the themes the drama has shown.
  4. Yeah I do not trust Daniel, does he have someone working for him? The one that did the clean up work after BR killed the guy. And that ending, I don't know what to think. Jeez
  5. I am leaning towards BR as the killer on BY's grandmother after watching today's episode and the HH has been leading BR on about the whole brain swap personality thing I think the appearance of Yohan must have been his thought and not an actual appearance.
  6. It's almost becoming a running gag that Moo Chi wants to kill a serial killer just to go to prison and kill the HH
  7. I think it was implied at the end when BR sent the picture to BY based on the scar on Head Hunter's face
  8. I don't know what to think about this episode. Going to sit back watch and go along for the ride lol.
  9. I am curious if the next episode will have dialogue between BR and YH right before the attack happened. Something happened there and I think its a twist, especially with the timelines not being linear. Another thing, the headhunter seems to have hidden his gene symptoms and in the public acted like a normal functioning person, it does make me wonder about BR being the headhunter's actual son. For a moment BR felt more like a bit character and not a main character, but after episode 6 sounds like that is changing. Lots of good discussion here, and I'm enjoying reading
  10. They never established the past relationship between Cha Young and Choi Myung Hee? I get the impression there was something between her and Cha Young and her dad as even when Cha Young was at Wusang, with Choi Myung Hee, things were tense
  11. Thanks, just rewatched those scenes, completely missed the Ferris wheel scene, but do remember watching the body being bumped into the lake.
  12. I guess I need to rewatch ep3. I dont recall Daniel Lee dying/missing. Can anyone let me know when? About episode 4, I am still not sure what to think, seems like a red herring, but at the same time, why would Yohan be stalking so many people? I wonder if there are more than one killers
  13. Wow, good episodes this weekend, starting to heat up, but also enjoying the balance of the seriousness with the humor, going to spoiler this just in case.
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