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    Why do you hurt me all the time and I still like you? I dont think you even care because Im just someone to relief your pain from someone else that dont care for you anymore and when you dont need me all you do is not care...
































































































































































































    I dont even think you know I have feelings, because all I do is laugh it off or smile.
































































































































































































    I care alot for you, but apprently for you its something you dont care seeing how much I opened my heart and all I got was your pain that you had inside you.
































































































































































































































































    beyonce is mixed!!
































































































































































































    her mother is mixed, she is part french































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Also her hair isnt really blond. She dyes it and wtf.............. do i spot a nipple on her right boobie!!!
































































































































































































    Also Amerie isnt really exotic, she did have some surgeries if im not wrong.
































































































































































































    Most black / asian mixes tend to look extreme and so does some asian / white mixes.

































































    omg who's more beautiful whites or blacks? personally i love the mochalattes rofl.
































































































































































































    Half black mixes doesnt tend to look "exotic" cause the children tend to have black features or asian ones that arent seen good features (big nose, darker skin and etc) Im not saying those are bad features but the media has brain washed us to love white features.
































































































































































































































































    im a half asian and i still think that full asians are more beautiful
































































































































































































    its just obvious
































































































































































































    their look is more.. asiany and more pure than halfs































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ur pretty.... :wub::wub:
































































































































































































































































    apparently mixes (of whatever race) have more likelihood of getting the good looking genes from both parents , so they're "better looking"
































































































































































































    i dunno
































































































































































































    there are uglies from everywhere , i guess mixes are more "unique"































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thats cause most of those genes are good genes, good genes are usually shown from ur good looking features. Thats why some birds are way too colourful, its to show that i have good genes and i know u want them.
































































































































































































































































































    Mixed ppl seem to be extreme, either they are really pretty or they are really ugly. Full asians can be that too but they have more average looking ones, but in my opinion it feels like asians are either very good looking or very ugly (or plain)

































  7. Ive noticed that im getting some yellowness on my teeth. So i started to brush my teeth alot more (i usually brush 3 times a day normally). I dont really eat any candies or sugary food but i do eat alot of fruits (that contains fructose). So does anyone know how i can get rid of this problem.

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