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  1. Here, I translated what he said: Hello. A drama I starred in, known as “The Guest” will be released on DVD. Please be sure to give it a lot of support. Also, please look forward to my interview with haru*hana magazine. Thank you. So I'm assuming it's for the Japanese version of the DVD? Since this video was released by Haru*hana. (By the way, if there's any videos with Japanese subtitles or any Japanese articles, you can tag me. I'm willing to translate it.) Here's the original video from Haru*hana's twitter: I also translated what it says in the tweet above the video: 【haru*hanaVOL.62/Released today ⑤】#KimJaeWook talks about the demon scenes from “The Guest” and confesses to rumors that became a hot topic among his co-stars! In our ‘More Question’ section, he answers questions such as “Do you have a complex?”, “What’s your charm?” and much more. The interview also includes questions related to his most recent drama, “Her Private Life”!
  2. You can find English subtitles for all episodes here: https://subscene.com/subtitles/yeonnam-dong-539-539 Yeonnam-dong 539 (Opening Title) (English Subbed) Yeonnam-dong 539 OST (English Subbed) [Complete]
  3. EDIT: Updated with a more recent article. [NEWS] Han Ji Sun To Step Down From “The Secret Life Of My Secretary” Following Assault Case Han Ji Sun, who was recently revealed to have been involved in an assault case with a taxi driver, will be stepping down from SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary.” On May 24, a source from SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “The Secret Life of My Secretary” revealed that Han Ji Sun has decided to step down from the drama after realizing the need to self-reflect as a public figure. This follows news outlet Channel A’s reports that the actress was questioned by the police in September 2018 for physically and verbally abusing a taxi driver while intoxicated. Her violent behaviors reportedly continued at the police station, as she is said to have slapped a police officer in the face and bit another officer in the arm. In the end, Han Ji Sun was fined 5 million won (approximately $4,202) and given a one-year probation for obstruction of justice. The following is the official statement from SBS: We are giving a notice regarding Han Ji Sun’s [appearance] in “The Secret Life of My Secretary.” In the late evening of May 23, the production team was notified about the assault case by [Han Ji Sun’s] agency. The production team was taken aback, and while it was difficult, we went through thorough internal discussion to do our best to sort out the situation. As a result, we came to a conclusion that Han Ji Sun needs to take some time to self-reflect as a public figure and that Han Ji Sun should step down [from the drama].” Because Han Ji Sun’s character is a supporting role who holds an essential key to the storyline, her appearance in the drama was becoming more frequent. The production team took the gravity of this matter into consideration and decided to make changes to the overall script and edit and delete scenes that show the actress.” However, the drama is partially pre-made, and filming up to episode 28 has already taken place. Having to film those scenes again will greatly affect other actors and staff members. We ask for your understanding that certain scenes [including Han Ji Sun] may be broadcast for the episodes that have already been filmed. We will try our best to minimize scenes including the actress.” The production team will do our best to ensure that the rest of the filming will take place smoothly and to pay back viewers with a great production. source
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