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    His letter to his fans

    Eng Sub #1


    "I'm fluttering to say hello in hand writing after a long time.
    Even though my writing is bad and I write a letter incoherently, I want you to read it with love !!
    A while ago, Suspicious Partner ended being loved a lot!!!!
    This is also a drama that I really worked happily and pleasantly.
    Of course, while shooting, I was really tired because of too busy shooting schedule. 
    But thanks to you loving me generously, I encouraged myself and could finish it safely.
    As expected. You are the best!! The best!! The best!! Wow!! Keep shouting!!
    And after completing this drama and taking a short vacation..Finally, I'll join the army.
    Maybe soon, the very short parting will come between us. ㅠ.ㅠ
    Don't feel sad too much. 
    I'll do the army service more harder and healthier and be back safely.
    Please.... a little.... Please wait for me only a little ♡ 
    You will wait for me, won't you?
    I feel sorry that I didn't give back all of much love received from you yet. 
    I 'll love you much more after coming back from the army.
    Till then, you must be healthy♡♡♡
    Looking back, it took much time from debut to joining the army, even though it is too late.
    What made me stand right here and endure everything until now is YOU, my fans who always have protected and loved me. 
    Therefore, it's okay for my fans to have pride♡♡
    Always thanks. 
    Love love love you.
    It's not bad for me to write with a pen often.

    Then ... See you later!! 2017.7.22"

    cr: 69nanilove instagram

    Eng Sub #2


    "Haven't wrote up letter by hand for long to say hello to everyone, I'm getting excited!

    A little bit messy but hopefully everyone could try to read and understand. 
    I was shooting #SuspiciousParnter recently. This drama is so loved by a lots of audiences, I was enjoying so much during the shooting. Although the schedule was very tight that I felt so stressed out, but because of everyone, it came out successfully, everyone in the end of course is the highest!! Highest!! Screaming!!!!!! .
    After completion of this drama, rest a little bit...finally...I'm heading to the army.

    It is look like we are going to separate for a short period of time... Please don't feel too reluctant to see me go, I will work hard to finish army to come back safely even late...only a little bit , short time, please wait for me...you will wait for me...will you...
    I feel sorry that I couldn't have chance to return your love, but I will be back very soon. 
    I!!will give you!!Even more love! ! ❤️❤️
    So please be healthy until I come back!❤️❤️
    Time flies from my debuted day to enlisting, I could do well all because of my fans who protect means love me all the way. All my fans are so proud of me, I'm really thankful for that, ❤️❤️❤️
    Love you , love you , love you oh. 
    It will be good to write letters by hands, let's meet again next time.

    July 22rd, 2017
    Ji Chang Wook"

    cr: zosiajcw instagram

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  2. 69a9463dgy1fhsg17xnm5j21w02ionpd.jpg
    1) "99000 won" <--- I was planning to get one in yesasia.com but it costs usd$196 :angry: compare to his concert selling it's usd $89
    2) "30000 won" (also available in yesasia)
    3) "13000 won
    4) light stick - 10000 won"




    one of his fans showed her bought JCW Pack official goods (photos, stickers, and a letter to his fans?) from the concert.

    cr: mow1230jcw instagram


    His 24 Miracle CF is out.

  3. 15 hours ago, SamTat said:

    Can anyone upload the full HK PC from the youku link on Youtube plz? I tried to get access to the link but it doesn't work for me, don't know why :tears:. It would be great if I can rewatch the full interview since I just watched the cut one on ViuTV fb.

    (screaming desperately :bawling:)

    cr: yannihee instagram

    here you go




    cr: uploader


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  4. @icwinner let me take a shot at it. excuse my grammatical errors. didn't have time to translate the other 2 answers. maybe later on when @joongkyo and @hclover96 or anyone have time, can translate the whole thing. :blush:

    MC: This drama is created by two scriptwriters. They are very famous scriptwriter and writer. When you first receive the script, did you want to cooperate with them?

    SHK: My thought is the same as Joong Ki shi.
    Actually, the two scriptwriters' styles are not the same but this time they united well.
    So this makes everyone love this drama.
    And like Joong Ki shi said, in Korea, all actors wants to work with them.
    I believe within the Chinese actors would want to cooperate with them in the future.

    MC: In the drama, I know you guys have to speak English and there were some medical terms, did it make you harder to memorize the script?

    MC: In the drama, everyone find that there were many quotes or sweet sentences from the guy to girl, which line in the drama is the most memorable to you?

    cr: as tagged

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