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    I keep on catching the ads on tv, so the other day I caught an episode. It's not bad. =)














    And the korean guy in it is cute haha.























































    did you watch it from the start? if not, i recommend starting the series! :]



































    I forgot to mention in the last episode, aside from Hershel's comment about God raising the dead again...this comment from Daryl cracked me up. :lol:

























































    source: http://istheonlyendi...see.tumblr.com/

























    tumblr_m16y4r9aoZ1rrv2e1o2_250.gif  tumblr_m16y4r9aoZ1rrv2e1o3_250.gif



























































    ^ exactly, I totally agree with what you said. Even Lori, who should be the last person on earth to not support Rick, was first to pull away. WHAT THE EFF? So what was her purpose in being manipulative a few episodes ago with the whole "Shane did this and that. He thinks hte baby is his...etc." I can't remember what she siad exactly, but yea, if that was the case, what was she trying to gain from that?










































    I too was really heartbroken when Daryl had that look of mistrust in his eyes. I was thinking, "noooo,you need to be on Rick's side!" Rick really does need that from him now that the whole gang is ostracizing him in a way :tears:.










































    When Andrea was left, I felt so sad for her too. I dunno if that was in a way for her to redeem herself for being so unlikeable all season. But it was horrible when she was abandoned. :tears:




















    ^ HAHAHAHAHA. but they were still really fast, almost like they went through someeeee evolution...










































    I have no words left fitting to type after that season finale. Okay, the walker that came at Patricia, felt like it come out of the blue to tackle her like football! JAYSUS. But okay, there is one thing I feel I can muster up to say, though the change in Rick was really fast (and that somewhat monologue he gave felt so badly written--like it made him look like the bad guy!) I feel so horrible for him. No one seems to understand what he had to go through. They all can't trust him nor empathize.  And really, yes, he did deceive them and not say what Jenner said, but honestly, would it have mattered? I seeeeeee the prison!!!:o Okay, guess I was able to somewhat type. :lol: Well, here's to waiting till fall now.














    yep, I agree with you, itrayya! That was goodbye closure for Lori and Shane.








    Oh, I found part of an article I wanted to share that I think is very interesting to what I felt too. Source: http://www.aceshowbi...w/00048643.html

    Prior to the big zombies vs. humans battle in the upcoming outing, the  show has just killed off another regular character, Shane, in the  penultimate episode. Speaking of what's on his character's head when he  led Rick into the woods before Rick stabbed him, Jon Bernthal shared, "I think there's a part of Shane himself that knows he is no longer fit to be among the people."

    "He knows how much of a danger he is. He knows now he's killed yet  another human being, and I think a part of this is him really spurring  and challenging and getting Rick to step up and encompass what Shane has  and take Shane out. I think there's a suicidal flavor."








    He went on explaining, "There's a flavor there that's really saying,  'Come on, man, I'm challenging you to be the man that's fit to raise the  woman I love and the child I love and my child on the way. Come on and  step up, raise your gun.' And there's a part of him that so desperately  wants Rick to be that man, and when Rick finally does it, there's an  element of some sort of relief."








    When asked by Entertainment Weekly if Rick did the right move, Bernthal  replied, "I think so. And I think that no matter what, somebody was  going to die that night. And Shane really did set out that night to kill  Rick, and through the conversation, by the end of the scene, he just  knew one of them needed to die. I do think he did the right thing.





















    I saw you typing so was waiting to hear from you before I typed what I wanted to say! HAHAHAAH I love your post, itrayya! Word! I would also choose Daryl as well in my gang!
























    Oh yea, I think your theory is right too. I mean initially in the drama, when they see all the bodies on the highways, in the car, I guess those bodies didn't turn because either they suffered some brain trauma/injury around the time of death, or someone blew out their brains initially. However, as the season progressed, we see the bodies of those two police officers where the gang examined them and saw no bite marks or anything. Then that was also confirmed with Daryl and Glenn on Randall, and now it's just WHOA with Shane! I guess yes, the transformation varies. OI. :mellow: So mind boggling!
























    That scene when Andrea and Glenn were fixing the RV totally got to me as well, especially when Glenn got emotional. It was sooo heartbreaking, and for them to just remember him like that, greatttttttt heartfelt scene for Glenn and Andrea.
























    I wanted to talk about Lori and Shane. When Lori went to talk to Shane to basically say sorry for all that's happened between them, I felt like Shane of course still had feelings for her, but I wonder if that was what pushed him to do what he did with Randall, and eventually getting Rick alone to carry out his supposed plan. I mean during the confrontation between Rick and Shane, many times I felt it was because Shane wanted Rick to kill him. Because he kept taunting Rick with the whole "I'm the better man" etc. Like indirectly saying to kill him because he can't go on living with just the person he's become and how Shane sees no way out. So I dunno, I feel like maybe he wanted Rick to kill him. But yes, there also could not be any other way, given how changed Shane's become. I applaud both of the actors so much for that scene, because you could feel all the emotions, the pain, the anguish. It was all there.
























    Wow, I can't believe next week is already the finale. And it really feels like the zombies/walkers just came out of the woodworks...like literallyyyyy. Was it from one gunshot??? Either way, it does make for some heightened suspense!:o
















    I was rewatching some clips of him in Hello God. He's definitely a really talented actor that isn't utilized a lot. I am sure he could be so much more if his agency or something helped him land bigger roles. :( With that said, I hope he comes back from the army with a good project. It was kinda just how he was slowly getting recognized in Hello God, then fell off earth and got all quiet after that. :( Now that he is enlisted, I am shocked to know he was a U.S. citizen and gave it up. Crazy. :lol: Thank you for the news, adikkeluangman! I need to stay posted more--what kind of fan am I? :sweatingbullets:



































    Since Sunday is approaching, with the series winding down, I found some MAJOR SPOILERS (or possible major spoilers) for anyone that's interested of what could/may happen in the next upcoming episodes. The reason why I am so unsure is because it was posted by an individual on IMDB forum, and I don't know how legit it is. So please be cautious about clicking, as it really could be major spoilers of the next episode. You have been warned!:ph34r::lol:


























    Episode begins with Dale's funeral. Rick makes a speech, intercut with  Andrea, Daryl, Shane and T-Dog killing some random walkers in a field.  Funeral ends with Rick saying that the group has to set aside their  differences and pull together in honor of Dale. Cue theme music.
























    Hershel finally allows everybody to move into the house. Rick  decides to let Randall loose instead of killing him, just like they had  originally planned. Shane gets all mad at the idea, but Rick says it's  his decision and Shane needs to shut up. Later, Carl reveals to Shane  that he done *beep* up and stole Daryl's gun as well as released that  walker from the swamp, but asks him not to tell anyone. While Shane is  building a lookout platform, Lori comes to talk to him. She thanks him  for everything he had done (saving them from Atlanta, etc.) and says  she's truly sorry for all the crap that happened between them.
























    Shane asks Rick that he and Daryl be allowed to go dump Randall, but  Rick refuses. Shane then tells Rick about what Carl did and gives him  Daryl's gun. Rick has a talk with his son and basically tells him to  grow up. Meanwhile, Shane sneaks into the shed and releases Randall.  They secretly leave the farm and take off into the woods together. Shane  tells the kid that he wants to join their group and asks Randall where  it is. He tells Shane that they have a camp on a highway five miles  away. Shane then proceeds to snap his neck.
























    The group discovers that Randall is gone and gets all  panicked. Suddenly, a bloody Shane appears. He says that Randall knocked  him out and escaped (he actually smashed his head into a tree after  killing Randall) and that he tried to run after him. Two pairs head out  to look for Randall: Glenn & Daryl and Rick & Shane. Daryl uses  his epic tracking skills to deduce that Randall and Shane actually  walked together and had a scuffle near the tree with Shane's blood on  it. Then, a zombie-Randall appears. Daryl misses with his crossbow,  there's a fight, Glenn takes out Randall. Daryl uses his epic Sherlock  skills to deduce that Randall was killed by a broken neck and zombified  in spite of having no bite marks.
























    Shane and Rick meanwhile arrive on a field. Rick tells Shane that he  knows Shane plans to kill him there. Shane plans to pin the murder on  Randall and says he's better for Lori and that Rick has no idea how to  fix the situation. Shane wants Rick to raise his gun so he wouldn't have  to kill an unarmed man. Rick talks him out of the murder, telling him  that there's still a way out of it. As Shane is lowering his gun, Rick  stabs him in the chest, killing him. Carl appears, having left the farm  looking for them, and sees Shane rising from the dead while Rick's back  is turned. He shoots Shane in the head, attracting a nearby group of  walkers. Rick and Carl stand over Shane's corpse, oblivious to the huge  horde of walkers approaching the farm from the woods. End episode.































    If it's really like that... I have soooooooo many questions going on in my head.

    Such as wowww, so fast, and did walkers just advance or something? I mean I thought Shane wouldn't go until the end, as in the end of the series itself! Then there's possibly the fact that everyone IS infected, given Randall comes back, but there's not bite marks or what not? And then Rick and Carl are that distracted to not realize walkers have moved in on them? AND OF COUSRE, whatttttttttttt, the barn is discovered? HOW!












  9. This is very much the same thing that I love about this drama.  I love it for all its flaws, and I do get its point.  Hey, the reality of life is that it is not perfect because if you say it is, then you'll probably be somewhere six feet under.  There are no right and wrong answers in dramaland.  Everything is subjective.  As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The drama is an art form, and art is viewed subjectively.  We each have a different take, and therefore, we each have differing opinions on it. I can't say that I love it because I got swayed by its very high ratings.  There were dramas in the past that were ratings blockbusters which I never watched or felt the urge to check out.  They just didn't appeal to me.  There were critically acclaimed dramas that found me never getting past the first two episodes.  What gives?? I guess we all have different standards and reasons why we like one drama over the other.  And when people like a drama, I can take the spazzing that comes with it.  Likewise when people dislike certain aspects of a drama or the totality of the drama, I can take all the negativity and the dissecting of every minute detail that comes of it.  Whether spazzing or critiquing, I guess we just have to be a little bit more careful in how we say things so as not to offend others (whether they be fans here in soompi or those directly involved in the drama itself) as previously pointed out by Mr. Azuwaza163.  We're all real people, and we all have feelings. What may be blunt and offensive to one may be just normal to another. The drama is not rocket science.  We're all just here to get entertained.    And when we find ourselves otherwise, the good news is that there are others dramas waiting to be explored.

    Kudos to you! Very well-said, old soul! :)

    I do agree with your husband that Yeon-woo is supposed to be some princess ideal: "wise, composed, graceful and extremely appropriate." However, somewhere along the line, the writers confused those things with submissiveness and martyrdom. In addition to those things, a princess should know when to yield and when to press her point. Yeon-woo backing down from pursuing those who wronged her and her family, and urging Hwon to do the same are hardly actions of a wise princess; a wise princess would have sought another way to bring the baddies down with minimum damage to those she loves instead of just giving up.

    Sorry if I'm belaboring my point. The actions (or rather, inaction) of Yeon-woo these last two episodes have left a lasting unpleasant impression in my mind, tainting my overall impression of the show (which I still love).

    AWWW, I am so glad it wasn't just me feeling this way about Yeon Woo, mionenoelle! The younger Yeon Woo and so on was so strong initially. For example, when her mother was indirectly against her entering the selection of the crown princess process, and even when her brother was somewhat against it, Yeon Woo demonstrated to them that she was willing to take the chances to go through with it. That showed remarkable courage and strength on her part, going against her family's wishes. That's rare for a girl in that era as well. Again, that undeniable strength was seen for some moments when she faced Bo Kyung for the first time as an adult, where BK was trembling in fear, in which Yeon Woo said, "Heo. Yeon. Woo." It was really creepy in a "YES, YOU GO GIRL!" kinda way.

    But when all was said and done, and Yeon Woo discovers the treachery behind her death and more, I could only imagine how chaotic that must've felt--and I wish the writers gave more direction for the development of that revelation. I definitely felt that Yeon Woon's character was always wise and had that quiet strength about her...so I too believe there has to be a way for her to bring about justice that was done to her family, saving Hwon, and doing it in a way that's most befitting. I really hope with the last two episodes, they will deliver and let Yeon Woo shine as the character she's supposed to be!

    With that said, has anyone watched the originals and the special episodes of 1 and 2? I was hoping if you gals have, if you can share what the differences were, or if there's any more scenes that were added, aside from better editing and music in there. Thank you! :D

  10. Here's the link: Semi-fly @ Soompi

    Well, that's just really sad if HGI is being "critiqued" for her looks, and not her skills.:rolleyes: I'd hate to be the person who commented that her mole (in which I actually think is a beauty mark) is annoying and what not. Let's hope the real constructive criticisms are what they're supposed to be. :]

    Anyways, so I know this picture has been shared before, but it's one of my favoriteeeeeeeeee picture, if not favorite of the leads.

    :wub: It really embodies the serenity and demureness between them, in a subtly romantic way--like they're content just being by each other's side. So I decided to give this special effect to their hanboks and bring them into focus/color because it's just so gorgeous not to!


  11. This thread saddens me that there’s no respect for people who have different perspectives of the drama.

    And even more distasteful is the personal attack on individuals who do pose a different opinion other than the norm. Comments that contain calling others name simply because they don’t agree with your thoughts only makes your response reflect immaturity and ignorance.

    For those who have retaliated to the critiques of actors with responses like, “Can you do better?” or “Why don’t you go up and act instead?” need to understand that no one said anything about the actors not giving their best. If critiquing actors require the critic to go up on stage and act instead, I suggest all film critics need new jobs—acting. Maybe Roger Ebert for example should take some lessons. -__- That’s like saying if you’re critiquing a book, you better be a better writer, or if you’re critiquing food, you had better be a better baker/cook. That’s not the point right? :]

    I understand the spazzing and “ohmygod-ing” makes this thread super fun and enjoyable, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But when it’s otherwise, please just show the same courtesy to others. We don’t need to personally attack others by name-calling and have moderators come in to issue warnings.

    Let’s take this thread for what it is—to have fun, and discuss, whether we agree or disagree with everyone. ---

    blueagave, I totally had to laugh out loud to your comment about the fit men looking pregnant in their hanboks. Actually, sometimes I thought the belts fitted a bit weird. Like it should fall or shift anyyyyyy moment. HAHAHA.

    Okay, so that’s one thing I questioned throughout the drama too: the relationship between YM and the father. In particular, the scene where the former King said something about YM being more cautious about coming into the palace, but not necessary not coming at all, there was so much potential to develop that. Like why did the former king have to treat his son so. And why was there not more development to that relationship when there was so much potential to me from that scene alone.

    Also, somewhere along the way, I totally even missed the point that YM was supposed to be somewhat of a playboy? REALLY? @____@ omgawd, I feel like I need to go back and find out how I totally overlooked that. But then again, like you gals have said, they kinda just “wrote” that he is, without really implying/showing it? EPPS. So maybe that’s why I missed it? Hahaha

    Starlitelet, to your comment about YM and Woon  being good friends, yea I think it faded. Simply given the fact that now he’s the personal guard and almost the much-friend to the King, given that without Woon, I think it would make Lee Hwon even lonelier. When YM realizes that, I think I saw what a splendid job JIW did for the character, showing for brief moment that Woon is no longer his best friend, given the circumstances, and must be a part of the King’s men. That lost friendship is understood, but also heartbreaking at the same time.

    I now really think that if given time and development, Woon and Seol would definitely make a cute couple, because going back, even as their adolescent/young self, Woon ALWAYS noticed Seoul’s presence when she was “spying” on Yeom. Awww, that’s just so sad. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how this all wraps.

    Wooh that was long. Thanks for reading everyone! Hopefully I’ll get to see more fun discussions! :]  













    OMGOSH! The GREAT HERMIT responded to my post! blush.gif HAHAHAHA, okay yea, sorry for the semi-fangirl moment. It's just I am definitely a fan of your posts throughout the site! :]






























    I understand what you mean by rather than this show just being all action, it focuses on the psychology/emotions of how humans become given their situation. However, I sometimes wonder about its pacing like I mentioned. For example, the earlier part of the season focused on the gang finding Sophia. It was practically the main arc last season that had me facepalming.






























    Then this later half the season, has really hardly just began before it's ending in a few episodes I believe? There's so many questions unanswered that I hope the writers haven't forgotten about and will somehow tie everything in. Such as what happened to the father and son in the first episode. What was told to Rick at the CDC? What happened to Daryl's brother?






























    I wonder if it's due to budget cuts that we also get to see less of the suspenseful scenes with more walkers. Maybe I need to stop comparing this season to the first one and just watch it for what it is. :lol:






























    Sometimes I'm not sure if the drama between Lori, Rick and Shane serve that purpose, or if it's simply almost soap opera-ish to me. I understand characters change given the predicament they're in. Some of them are just different, almost 360 change out of no where though. I didn't get how Carl for example, seemed to go from a well minded kid to all of a sudden acting somewhat reckless and going

    "shoot him, dad" --pertaining to the scene with Rick once again holding a gun to Randall








































    I do agree with you that the

    when Dale met his tragic end, I was really heartbroken and felt the same--he's one of the sound remaining voice of reason that is much needed.It was just really sad to know Daryl was the one that had to take him out.










    With that, I guess we'll have to wait to see how things pan out. I hope they'll develop more about Daryl and Glenn. I really like them. At this point though, I am honestly not sure what I feel for the drama. But I do know I HATEEEEEEEE AMC tongue2.gif for trying to just shove Comic Men at us just to get like 10 seconds previews of the next episode. JAYSUS, no thanks, I'll just wait then for the actual episode the following week^_^.



  13. I honestly feel criticisms should be taken in stride, and it's been hard to see that in this thread. As a discussion forum here, I believe the critiques are just that, to open up discussion about the drama, with varying viewpoints and perspectives. We've long established that no drama is perfect. But just because someone gives a critique doesn't directly mean the individual doesn't also enjoy the drama/series. So take it as that, all in stride, and don't let things dampen anyone's mood. The discussions here are rather insightful and fun to read, and as many of you have mentioned, it's one's personal opinion.

    With that said, thank you for the hopeful good news, padhari! I can't wait to see the wrap of a good series, and truly hope it won't disappoint despite all the obstacles this drama faced.














    omo! I just found the discussion for this show on soompi!!!:w00t: Hello everyone! So I totally missed parts of Sunday's episode and it's upsetting to know though that there's like 2 episodes left...and this is seriously season 2 still.






























    I must be in the minority to feel the pacing of the show is truly slow. Like for Rick to go through all the trouble to save Randall, risk their lives running from the walkers...then to contemplate as they drive him to that deserted school to have him fight whether he wants to save the kid or not. Then decides to bring him back, goes back into "do I kill him or not" mode in the barn house...that was like 3 episodes! :blink: I felt it lacked the kick from the first season, and will probably have to come back to revisit my post and write more. But for now, I really am just not sure what my feelings are for this series lately.:unsure:



  15. AHH!!! Seriously, DJG, I dunno how to thank you or honestly tell you how grateful I am that you’ve basically said all I’ve felt throughout the drama so far.

    Like you, I was actually really hooked from the start of the drama with the children/adolescent actors. They were amazing, and a blessing to watch. I felt the young-ins delivered their role so well, and like many, probably felt really sad when the time came for them to leave and let the leading cast take over. 

    Initially, I didn’t want to give this drama a chance at all, because honestly, I am not a fan of Han Ga In—and sadly, I am still not converted. As an actress, she’s really beautiful, but in terms of being able to move me—well, not so. I actually couldn’t even feel her emotions as Wol and now Yeon Woo sadly. I felt like the child actress who played Yeon Woo had me in tears and feeling that heartbreak more than the older Yeon Woo could. :vicx:

    But I bore through it since the child actors were, like I will say again, incredible!!! Ahahaha.:wub:I am so glad I gave it a chance after seeing the thread here on Soompi move at lightening speed. Otherwise, seriously, I would never EVER know about Kim Soo Hyun—who is a phenomenal talent. It’s my first time seeing him, and I was blown away! The guy is so talented that it breaks my heart to know he was looked down on as he started this acting in this drama. Well, doubters, BEAT THAT:tongue2:. I remember balling at a lot of the scenes where Kim Soo Hyun’s Lee Hwon was crying, or clutching his heart. :tears:It made me feel the aching pain for him too! Gosh, I can’t begin to think of anyone who could ever step into his shoes to even get a shot at the role of Lee Hwon anymore! blush.gif:wub:

    Sadly, from the start when the lead actors came onto screen, I never felt the chemistry between Yeon Woo and Lee Hwon much either. It also makes me feel as if the children’s/adolescents’ portrayal of their younger self are totally different people in that epic love story. Well, KSH’s Lee Hwon was able to transcend that strong epic love he had for Yeon Woon, but I couldn’t feel it reciprocated from HGI’s Yeon Woo, despite her memory loss. I really feel KSH’s Lee Hwon stole the show!:lol:

    There were definitely lots of loopholes that the writers could’ve done a better job addressing. Some of them I felt were:


    • I  wanted to know if Nok Young did ever love Yeon Woo, Seol, and Jan Shil like real daughters. I wanted to see that motherly affection, because most of the time, it was just a very “matter-of-fact” approach to their talking. The only time I remember even seeing an inkling of that was when Nok Young threatened the Queen Dowager. But seriously that was all.
    • I also questioned the way certain aspects of the story connected, with Nok Young’s way of how she transitioned the plot. Like at first she was all up about protecting Yeon Woo, but later on, somehow she just kinda like…changed her mind? That was just poorly executed, given the chain of events. Maybe that’s just me.


    • There was so much potential for the practically unrequited love of Seol towards Yeom. He just never even knew, and she just always was vigilantly guarding over Yeom. I wish we had a stronger punch for that story, because at this rate, I seriously do ship her and Woon (I don't even wanna start on Princess MH)! And like you said, they totally did hint at a possible love story between them didn’t they, when he’d always spot Seol standing around, and Yeom wouldn’t even notice. GEEZ.
    • Speaking of Woon though, isn’t there moreeeeeee to his story too? The description is simply that he’s cold on the outside, but really has a good heart, followed by, “Although he is blessed with good looks, brains and fighting skills, he is faulted as being born as the son of a concubine which gives him a lowly status although he is the son of a nobleman.” What happened to that? I guess not enough time for further character and story development? :( *sigh*

    So yes, KSH’s acting stole the show for me, and kept me going. Each time he cried and held a hand over his heart, I balled. PUHAHAH. It’s a pity though, because this series would’ve been truly hailed as an epic love story if there was more chemistry between the leads and stronger execution of story and character development in my opinion. :] And I borrow from you this, DJG, I am not trying to bash the drama, because I know it is loved by many. However, I believe these issues are what will keep this drama from standing the test of time. It could have been so much more.” Definitely it could’ve!

    Oh thank you for sharing the information, blossomz! Omgawd! I never would’ve known that KSH was absolutely looked down upon as he began filming this. Like I said, BEAT THAT DOUBTERS! I bet they’re eating their own words and all up now! That’s so heartbreaking to know MGY was casted at first, (I think she would’ve done a great job, and look even more compatible and have more chemistry with KSH) but because KSH was relatively new and unknown that pulled out. WHAT THE EFF! I bet the agency totally is crying now! :lol:

    I am sooooo proud of the challenges KSH has overcome to be where he is today—loved by many, and successful in his own right as a talented actor with so much to offer in the near future! I hope to see him in more dramas as the lead!  :wub:

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts too everyone, and thank you for making this whole process so fun for me!;)



  16. The supposed ending from the novel itself seems very happy. However, I do earnestly hope the series will tie everything up really well, and not leave loopholes in the storyline. I want them to address lots of things from the brothers' relationships, to me wondering about if the shaman did love Yeon Woo like a daughter too, because she did raise the girl for 8 years. And finally, I hope they will address Seol's reaction to everything as well. I dunno if I can live through a heartbreaking ending for anyone other than the evil crazy peeps.

  17. In ep.5 the music during the scene when Hwon is screaming that she is his crown princess and Yoon Woo is escorted outside the palace, in not part of the ost or i missed it. Can someone ,please, tell me the name of the song and where I can find it. Please i just adore the song.  :)

    Are you referring to track 15 of the OST called, "Misty Rain", floren26?

    I am also wondering if the instrumental is available for "Back in Time" and "Road of Tears". Thank you anyone who has information! :]

  18. hello awesome people of this thread! I am so late into this series, because I only started watching it last Sunday, and am waiting subs for 17 and 18. Otherwise I'm caught up via DramaBeans.

    However, I wanted to add that I really agreed with what you said, mnn510 and Summer150721! I too thought it was so sad that for Yeom, it's just felt like he settled in because like you both mentioned, he was trying to save his family. And then his dreams are really just dreams now because he can't hone his skills and prove his talent. :( And I am actually still rooting for Seol. I wish she had more courage to tell Yeom way back, but I doubt he knows and question if he felt anything for Seol too. Poor gal! I must be in the minority to ship them? :lol:

    And finally, aside from everything finally falling into place, I really can't wait to see how this reaction is going to be from Yeon Woo's mother and brother when they finally realize everything that's happened. Oh yep, I think Nok Young did a really great job as the Head Shaman and the evidence of how torn she was in this whole scheme of things.

    Well, I guess everything will unravel next week. It's been great reading the discussions everyone has brought in here. Thank you for sharing!!!

    p.s. Does anyone know if the piano instrumental piece from Episode 17 at the start is in the OST? Is it basically "Back int Time" in instrumental?

  19. It's amazing of a show that each time I rewatch it again, I still cry and get goosebumps at the greatness of this carton series!

    So, has anyone seen the new trailer for the new season supposedly set to premiere next year? It's:

    Avatar: The Legend of Korra- Teaser Trailer

    The story will take place about 70 years after where we left off I've heard.

  20. oh dang, otchosais, you're awesome for all the individual comments! :]

    holy smokes kinyo, your post is awesome. I loved read your analysis, and from your obeservation and sources about the change in motivation because of what Na Na did. Gosh this just seriously feels so much like The Dark Knight!:w00t: I really love the family dynamics/conflicts in here too, on top of everything else. Well said, daddy drama. HAHAHHA.

    However, I guess the thing I am grateful for about this last episode is that we have episode 12, and the production team aren't torturing us till next week to find out what's been the cliff hanger from episode 11.

    Alrighty Hunters. Let the countdown begin for episode 12...and then the torture for next week unravel. :lol:

  21. oh dang, from the time I last checked, the thread jumped like 7 pages!

    tessieroo, good point. There probably will be that big showdown. I guess his dad is only evil in the sense that he really did lose himself to revenge. He lost his heart and soul to it, and I probably have to associate it with post-traumatic stress from what happened to him in the past. :(

    d'awww, thank you for the translation, Joonni! :] It made me simply go teary-eyed just from that! hahaha. same wound, same pain. but touching, regardless!

    mskololia1, I totalllyyy dropped RT for this though, since RT just wasn't cutting it. hahaha Let's hope CH continues to stay strong!

    webby, thank you for the ratings information! :D

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