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  1. Hello everyone~ Finally reset my password ^^ Please look forward to Hundred Days Husband special this Tuesday. Character Description for Hongshim, bts and bts poster shoot teaser english trans below
  2. Follow the tweet thread above, he/she tweeted with eng trans of the bts I just cant believe it that were down to our last episode. Its heartbreaking that a good drama is about to end Kudos to the writernim/judge for writing such a good drama. Its not flawless but its definitely one worth remembering. Im not ready to let go. Its just so sad
  3. Im watching Episode 15 right now and felt so sad that this drama is ending next week plus all your analysis is making me tear up too Isn't it so heart fluttering that 12 years ago Judge Im cant do anything much when his first love told him about her bad experience with the piano teacher and she suddenly disappeared and now 12 years after shes gonna disappear from his side again Dont wanna spoil here but its really an emotional episode where Judge Im opened up so much to Judge Park. I dont think ill be needing a season 2 for this but I am wishing for a good ending. Hope the writer wont make me cry in the end or) else ill sue..(lmao as if I can do that towards a writer whos also a judge ) but really hoping for a proper and good ending.
  4. Yay a thread is open for this. I am here to support my first queen The plot seems interesting. Looking forward~
  5. @jl08 agree, I think shes become a little bit of hesitant when it comes to feelings and men because of her experience with that nasty piano teacher and our Judge Im is doing things right by taking it slow even though he already admitted his feelings towards her hahaha hes patient and loyal. @oceluna0801 L/Myungsoo is handsome and I die everytime he flashes his dimple Love line might be slow but on a good way that I can still endure.
  6. Looking forward to this! I like both actors but I am more excited for Esom though cause I love her portrayal in BTIMFL. I hope we get a clearer plot summary soon and news about the other actors for this drama.
  7. Kyungsoo is really sweet and the Churroking truck manager just reprinted the banners from before cause Kyungsoo only likes it simple. Im really looking forward and were just one drama away from the airing date though they say its still unofficial. I hope they can secure that date and time slot.
  8. Hello to everyone here~ I just want to drop by and say how I am truly loving this drama. Both Go Ara and L surprised me with their performance (especially L/Myungsoo). But what I truly like about this drama is how they make every character vulnerable and human. It makes you question if you should 100% be empathetic to a character or you should balance your judgment. This drama is not perfect and not ambitious but lowkey wants to show you the side A and B of a situation. The romance between the leads is cherry on top. I like how Judge Park is a straightforward woman but when it comes to expressing her love and emotion to Judge Im it seems like shes confessing to a crime that even a mere "You can trouble me" line troubled her. Lol. Then its very different with Judge Im like how he always calculate things before he acts but when it comes to Judge Park he will do things for her without thinking (like grabbing his coat faster and getting out of the office faster when he heard Judge Park is also at the night club hahahaha~). There are some things that I dont like about Judge Park like she gets clouded by her judgment easily when it comes to the weak and the poor but there is Judge Im to make her realize things. Were down to last 4? episodes but I am not worried of how will this end cause I have faith with the writer and everyone. Lastly, Judge Han is amazing I have no words to describe his character but that. Lets all enjoy the last few episodes and cheer for all~
  9. .¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°✿ Profile ✿°¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤. Name: Nam Ji HyunKorean Name: 남지현Birthdate: 17 September 1995Birthplace: Incheon, South KoreaBlood Type: BHeight: 165 cmNicknames: Hyunni, Ji Hyun, Angel Ji Hyun, NamjiHobbies: Travelling, Reading, Watching Movies, YogaFavorite Color: BlueEducation: Sogang University (Major in Psychology)Entertainment Company: Management SOOP Years Active: 2004 - present Personal Instagram: @hyuniiiiiii_95917 .¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°✿ Support ✿°¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤. Official Fancafe ~ Haneulnari Supporters ~ DC Gallery // Nam Ji Hyun Global Fans .¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°✿ MOVIES ✿°¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤. The Map Against The World | Gosanja, Daedongyeojido (2016) - Soon-Sil Tunnel (2016) - Mi-Na Hwayi: A Monster Boy | Hwayi: Gwoemuleul Samkin Ayi (2013) - Yoo-Kyung A Reason To Live | Oneul (2011) - Ji-Min Song of Dreams | Hyeonui Norae (2011) - Byeol-Yi Be With Me | Gwi (2010) - segment "Tell Me Your Name" If You Were Me 4 | Siseon 1318 (2009) Mapado 2 : Back To The Island | Mapado 2 (2007) - girl in the past My Captain Mr. Underground | Mai Kaeptin, Kim Dae Chul (2006) Shadowless Sword | Muyeonggeom (2005) - Yeon So-Ha (young) Mystery Freshman | Mystery Shinibsaeng (SBS / 2016) - Oh A-Young It's Me, Grandmother | Naya, Halmeoni (MBC / 2010) - Eun-Ha Our Happy Ending | Urideul-ui Haepi Ending ( MBC / 2008) - Kang Mi-Na .¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°✿ DRAMAS ✿°¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤. Hundred Days Husband | Baekirui Nanggunnim (TvN / 2018) - Hong Shim (UPCOMING DRAMA) Suspicious Partner | Soosanghan Pateuneo (SBS / 2017) - Eun Bong-Hee Shopping King Louis | Shopingwang Looi (MBC / 2016) - Ko Bok-Sil Late Night Restaurant | Simyashikdang (SBS / 2015) - Hye-Ri (ep.7) What Happens to My Family? | Gajokkkiri Wae Irae (KBS2 / 2014-2015) - Kang Seo-Wool Angel Eyes | Enjelaizeu (SBS / 2014) - Yoon Soo-Wan (young) Little Girl Detective Park Hae-Sol | Sonyeotamjeong Baghaesol (KBS2 / 2012) - Park Hae-Sol To The Beautiful You | Areumdawoon Geodaeege (SBS / 2012) - Hong Da-Hae (ep5 - ep8. cameo) Warrior Baek Dong Soo | Moosa Baek Dong Soo (SBS / 2011) - Yoo Ji-Sun (young) Giant | Jaieonteu (SBS / 2010) - Hwang Jung-Yeon (young) Will It Snow For Christmas? | Keurisumaseue Neunyi Olggayo? (SBS / 2009) The Great Queen Seondeok | Seondeok Yeowang (MBC / 2009) - Princess Deokman (teen) East of Eden | Edenui Dongjjuk (MBC / 2008) - Ji-Hyeon (young) Our Happy Ending | Urideul-ui Haepi Ending (MBC / 2008) The Great King Sejong | Dae-hwang Saejong (KBS1 / 2008) - Queen So-Yeon (young) Lobbyist | Lobiseuteu (SBS / 2007) - Maria (young) My Love | Mai Ribeu (SBS / 2006-2007) - Kim-Min Say You Love Me | Saranghanda Malhaejwo (MBC / 2004) .¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°✿ AWARDS AND NOMINATION ✿°¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤. 2006 SBS Drama Awards (My Love) - Best Young Actress > WON 2007 SBS Drama Awards (Lobbyist) - Best Young Actress > NOMINATED 2008 MBC Drama Awards (East Of Eden) - Best Young Actress > WON 2009 MBC Drama Awards (Queen Seon Deok) - Best Young Actress > WON 2012 21st Buil Film Awards (A Reason To Live) - Best New Actress > NOMINATED 2012 KBS Drama Awards (Girl Detective, Park Hae-Sol) - Best Young Actress > WON 2013 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards (Hwayi : A Monster Boy) - Best New Actress > NOMINATED 2014 KBS Drama Awards (What Happened To My Family) - Best New Actress > WON 2014 KBS Drama Awards (What Happened To My Family) - Best Couple with Park Hyung Sik > WON 2015 51st Baeksang Art Awards (What Happened To My Family) - Best New Actress (TV) > NOMINATED 2016 Asia Artist Awards (Shopaholic Louis) - Best Entertainer Awards, Actress > WON 2016 MBC Drama Awards (Shopaholic Louis) - Best New Actress > WON 2016 MBC Drama Awards (Shopaholic Louis) - Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries > NOMINATED 2016 MBC Drama Awards (Shopaholic Louis) - Best Couple with Seo In Guk > NOMINATED 2017 SBS Drama Awards (Suspicious Parnter) - Excellence Award, Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama > WON Update still in progress
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