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  1. Wah, thank you guys for posting up the info about his new daily drama I Hate You But It's Fine. I was just about to post up the news but I see I was beat to it. I'm sorry for not keeping this thread up to snuff guys. I'll try to find some pics or something to upload.
  2. Hey. If you're talking about his character in the drama Sangdoo Let's Go To School, he just played an extra. He was one of the guys standing with Hye Bin in one of the beginning episodes. I think it was episode 3 or 5.
  3. Well guys, I realize I have fallen behind on updating this thread. I didn't mean to but it just happened. Anyways, I knew Ji Suk was in a new drama but I didn't know the channel or name of the drama until now. He plays a cop and the channel it aired on was KBS. The drama is called The Police. Does anyone know if there was a thred for the drama? I have been searching for like half an hour and I can't seem to find one. I hope a thread for it was created.
  4. Well, what did you guys think of Ji Suk in Love Letter? I was really happy to see he came back. He looked REALLY good too! I love the clothes he was wearing when he came out. And his dance was so much fun! He was cute and dorky, like he usually is. I can't wait to see the second part. I hope he stays in Love Letter for a long timje. I really missed him on the show ^^
  5. For those of you who do not know (shame on you!): Kim Ji Suk will be returning to Love Letter in this week's episode! He was in the preview and I cannot wait for the episode! My baby is back! It should be a great episode *^_____^*
  6. That's disappointing! I finally saw him in episode 1. I loved the part with him in it. He was really cute ^^ And he looked great in it too! I can't believe how Eun Hye's character embarassed herself in that part in front of Ji Suk's character!
  7. So, what do you guys think of him in Vineyard Man? I downloaded the first episode, but have to been too busy to watch it lately (that's so bad of me, because I love Ji Suk!). But I will watch it really soon. I was wondering what you guys thought of Ji Suk in it though, so please share your comments ^^
  8. Holy frap! Thanks so much for the news! I am SOOOO HAPPY that he is the lead in a new drama. And Yoon is in it too ^^ I like her. I like both of the leads (Ji Suk a little more, of course ^^). I'm so happy for him! What date is the first episode?
  9. Wah, really? I actually hadn't heard about that. Let me try to find out ^^ I seem to be lacking a little in the news updates. Sorry about that guys. kaotsun, you're lucky you got to meet him in person. I'm jealous!
  10. ::Update:: I have changed the clubbox that I upload files to. Please take note: it is now http://clubbox.co.kr/teihoon I finally managed to reupload most of the files. I have also added a new file that I hadn't previously uploaded: [KBS] Drama City episode (with Ji Suk) I have added caps for most of the videos available to download. It took a while to do, but I like how you guys can now have a visual aid for the files I provide ^^
  11. Yeah, he doesn't really play an important role or anything in Sang Doo, but he is in it. He's basically an extra. He is one of the students that can be seen hanging around the one student girl that likes Sang Doo. Just look behind her at the people when they show her.
  12. No problem ^^ I have reuploaded the following files to my CB: - Love in Magic -Kim Hyung Joon MVs (featuring Ji Suk) -Ban Jun drama (Ji Suk cut) -Hello Franceska (Ji Suk cuts)
  13. Here are some more pictures. Ji Suk looks cute in the picture where he is wearing red and looking to the side. He looks really good in the pictures where he is wearing green too. This guy always looks so good!
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