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  1. Count me in, LJH fans~

    I reallyx3 love him from the posecutor role in City Hunter!! (just done watchin CH last week. It's quite late I know.)

    He protrayed the role so well. Love his charactor and his protrayal~

    Mr.prosecutor is my Hero rightnow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm so into the charactor right?)

    I think he's underrated after CH it may bcos LeeMinho gain a lot of a lot of attention too he's already a big name though.

    I gotta admit LMH is good in CH but I rooted for our prosecutor more! LJH caught my attention although I never know him before. (and I am not the prefer-the-second-lead type)

    Can't wait to see him in The Equator Man w/ sub. Hope someone'll tranlate it. It's quite sad that it have the same airtime slot with the two famous one(rooftop pince and king2heart w/ such a big star too) I kinda like The equator man more not bcos of my bias but the story. Hope the rating go well.

    Thank for the news about his chinese drama w/ Janine Chang (I love her!). Can't wait to see it too!

  2. ^

    lol too, what's with the Song-Song couple~?

    i love both Monday n SongSong couple~ but actually in different way.

    i love monday couple for being funny, make the show more interesting and bla bla like most of you guys said.

    but for joongki and jihyo, i can feel that they seem really close in real life but they're like.. being a bit awkward in the show. they just look soooo comfortable around each other. you can notice them when they're not in focus.

    today episode looks interesting~! also with HoMin!

    i really want to watch today's epi but torrent didn't work for me..

    if anyone have the stream link or anything but torrent pleassss~

  3. i really love her on running man. she is the reason i watch the show.^^

    im really happy when i knew she finally got a comeback esp the female lead. she's such a great actress. she deserves it.

    hope she do not leave running man due to her drama.


































































































































    Episode: 1
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Version: Xvid-Han
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Size: ~700MB
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    join w/ hjsplit
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ep 01 MF folder
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    credit: AM-Addiction































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    thank for the mf ~^^ u so fast
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i've just visit viikii and the sub is almost finish!! so much thank to those hard worker~
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    personally i prefer PSY
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    wish KJH and PSY will end up together ^^

































































































































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