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  1. Really interesting. I found an old article about the audition for the main roles of HSDS 2019. http://kenh14.vn/ho-nhat-thien-ngung-lam-hot-boy-thanh-xuan-tham-gia-thu-vai-trong-y-thien-do-long-ky-20171206121942142.chn Niu Jun Feng (Love o2o) and Hu Yi Tian (A Love So Beautiful) auditioned for the role of Zhang Wu Ji. There are also pictures of them in ZWJ clothes. I am so happy Joseph got the role. He was the perfect choice.
  2. I don't know. I watched it subbed already. I just found people talking about the subbed version on facebook.
  3. I don't know if anyone answer your question but I found the source of those videos. The viet dubbed version is on fim+ https://movies.fimplus.vn/. It is dubbed till episode 25. However, you have to be a vip member to watch it (which cost money).
  4. @Yitian_fan Do you have the link of these fanfics? I created a lofter account but have a hard time using it. Thanks you.
  5. I think it is ZM's brother who send the men to kill ZWJ. He was already suspicious of ZM loyalty, so I guess he had people spying on her to know where ZWJ is.
  6. So instead of WJ's grandfather dying in that battle they will make YX die? I was thinking they might kill YX because of what he said to JXF tomb. Edit: Sorry, just check the episode 50 preview and YX was present.
  7. @Yitian_fan I don't agree with that. I think that he accept to marry ZR because he thought everything would be easier with her (same side, nice girl, no conflict). He only knew her as his childhood friend. They didn't get to talk much before their engagement. However, when they discussed about their future, he realized that they don't have much in common and he could never be happy if he married her. That's why he was hesitant to marry her. I don't think that he kissed ZM only after knowing that she wants to wander the world with him. He knew that before (remember the hot pot scene). I think that after the wedding, he saw how much ZM had sacrificed for him and is slowly accepting his love for her. He kissed her because he will find a way for them to be together (also she is not a princess anymore) . At the snake island he couldn't kiss her because their love didn't have a future.
  8. Yeah, I was not sure of that part. Was she really waiting for a wave to have the accident? Why was she sitting in front of him?
  9. Find it on the Viet Fb. The reason why WJ looks small in some scenes is because the stunt man is a lot shorter than Joseph (1m83).
  10. I think it is real. There are bts videos that seems to indicate that it will happen. I just hope that they don't made the same ending as the 2009 version which is also the 3rd edition ending. I agree that ZM suffers a lot in this version, but don't you think that WJ also suffers more than in other versions too.
  11. I'm not getting my hope too high for a kiss scene. If there is a kiss scene, it would have been in the trailer or Yukee and Joseph would not be that secretive in their answer. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. @graceeedwardmom The Persians were hunting her down to kill her. Why didn't she let herself being killed to save everyone instead of forcing XZ to be the sacred maiden.
  13. Oh my mistake, i mean Zhu Yuan Zhang ( i thought it was Zhu Ruan Zhang) not Zhu Zhi Ruo. Another question: Why JHPP forced XZ to be the next Sheng Nu? Couldn't she sacrificed herself instead? Is she that selfish that she rather let her daughter being unhappy for the rest of her life?
  14. Just finish re-watching episode 42. Such a good episode for ZM/ZWJ. I even pity ZZR: - her fiance was dining with the other woman while she made waiting for him - he made diner for the other woman (and never did that for her) - when she caught them together, he didn't even chased after her - he doubt her words when she said that the culprit is ZM - he let that woman insulted her in front of the Ming sect - he let her cancel their engagement without fighting - he go to look for the other woman, first thing on the next morning - he only went to apologize because his grandfather went with him - the grandfather was the one who pushed the wedding - the night before the wedding he was thinking about someone else - (he left her at the alter in front of everyone) Oh btw, I had a little question. Why did ZWJ saved ZM from the beggar clan and left ZRZ there? He could have save both of them I think. I mean I can understand why ZRZ was angry later on because his leader left him to save the Mongol princess.
  15. I think she was the prettiest when they were at the farmers house on the road to Shaolin and I also like her dress when she tried to made their shadows look like they were holding hand.
  16. So when do you guys think that WJ fell in love with ZM? - at the manor (after he tickle her feet)? - at the hot pot restaurant (their first date)? - at the Snake Island (first trip together)? - after she crashed the wedding?
  17. I don't know how it will be in this version, but in the last versions, WJ had to run after ZM because he was really scare that XX is in danger and might be killed if WJ didn't left immediately to save him. So I don't know if he feels that he really have a choice. I wish he didn't wipe the fruits for ZZR at all .
  18. I like the political aspect that they put in this version. It make sense for WJ to not be able to follow his heart and leave everything for love at this moment. Like he said, how can he think about love when the country needs him. With him leaving the wedding next week in front of all the clans/sects to follow ZM, the mongolian princess, will have a great impact on his future. It will look bad for the Hans leader to be too close with the enemy. In the 2000 adaptation, it was one of the reason WJ couldn't continue being Ming sect leader.
  19. I don't think the kiss on the cheek scene was cut. I think that scene will be in the next episodes because WJ styling is different then before the wedding day. I just don't know how they will put that scene in because in other version, ZM left WJ without telling him and just let a letter to sau her goodbye. I don't know if they did filmed a hot pot scene or not (the night before the wedding). I don't think there is, because that restaurant is in the capital and they are in HangZhu? now.
  20. So when do you think they will put that scene? Before she left to return to Mongolia?
  21. @LaurenPanna The definition of shipping is to endorse or to support a couple/pairing. For example, most of us here ship ZM and ZWJ, we want them to end up together.
  22. If this version doesn't change the scene, ZM will be at the hot pot restaurant eating alone because she is sad that ZWJ is getting married. Then he will appeared (because unconsciously he did miss her). Then she will kiss him on his cheek. That scene was in the other versions too. Don't know how they will make her go back to that restaurant when she was on GMD to catfight with ZZR a few days? ago.
  23. I don't hate ZZR. I just hate her with ZWJ . Let's ship her with SQS haha.
  24. I try to justify the way ZWJ act with ZZR. First of all, the lake scene with ZM is kind of a break up scene for them. ZWJ have to throw away his feelings for ZM because they can't not ever be together. ZWJ is a righteous guy. He promise to marry ZZR so he considered her as his wife. Because she is his futur wife, he have to love and protect her. He also want to show her that she is the most important person for him now. I think he is happy to show her to his uncles and Grandmaster, because he knows they will approve of his choice to marry ZZR and not be together with ZM. ZWJ always wanted to please his Grandmaster/uncles/Ming sect/ Godfather who all disapprove of ZM. I am wondering what will make him decide to leave everything to be with ZM. What will make him realize that he loves her that much. I thought it would be when she was beheaded, but it won't because we will still go with the wedding after. In other version, I think it was when she stab herself in front of her family so they can leave together.
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