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  1. Hellloo! I've reported the site slowness as well as asking if it's possible to restore the view where you can just view all the threads you are following instead of the heavy activity stream and related issues (not sure if they'll be able to do it, but I had to ask!)

    As for the emoticons, are there specific ones missing? Do you guys just want all sorts of random emoticons? This is something we can do, why not? :blush: :grimace::cookie:

    Are these too big? or fun?



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  2. Hi all,

    Apologies for all the issues you're experiencing. The forum is hosted by a 3rd party service called Invision Power Services (formerly IPB), which was our original forum software.

    Any updates and upgrades are done by them, and we don't have any control regarding how they develop the software. This was an important update for us mainly because of the improvements to the post editor, but the other changes came with it.

    I'll report the issues people are having with the content streams and the errors / blank pages people are getting, so hopefully we can improve the flow to check on your content.

    Thanks for your feedback and your patience! 



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  3. Hi peeps!

    Some key changes in this update:

    Editor updates(!!)

    • Uses div-mode which is much faster and more reliable. Clicking into the editor is now pretty much instant <- YAAAS
    • Auto-linking and member mentions to use new APIs for better reliability
    • Quotes, code boxes, and spoilers can be dragged and moved and there is no more "red line"
    • When cmd/ctrl right-clicking: options to remove or break-out of quotes, edit links and edit image properties
    • Pasting asks if you want to convert to plain text
    • Totally new code plugin with syntax highlighting as you type
    • Option to make enter behave as a new line rather than with spacing
    • Editor is responsive, and ability to have small editor show in areas with less space
    • Member @mentions in posts can now be selected by tab key
    • Selective quoting to highlight a bit of a post and quote just that


    Messanger Updates

    • Select messages for multiple deleting in messenger
    • Make leaving a conversation clearer


    Instant Notifications

    • Receive notifications via your Browser Notifications of new Personal Messages and anything in the notifications menu


    No Longer Included

    • Areas such as View New Content, My Content, My Followed Content, Status page and so on are replaced by the new Activity Streams


    Please post in this thread if you run into any weird formatting / posting issues - thank you! (like the spacing being crazy :x)


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    • will the reaction buttons also get a makeover?! please, please, please! (we need the LOL, insightful buttons back in some new form) day-dreaming-yahoo-emoticon.gif?13019489


      We definitely want to bring Reaction buttons back, but this forum software doesn't have anything like it available yet, and they are still doing too many updates to try to write our own :( I know people miss it a lot, so we're going to try to be creative to give people incentive to post more - thanks for your understanding!

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    • -- I tried to post this as an announcement, but it won't stick! --

      Hi all! We moved our login system back to Soompi's news site today - sorry for the downtime!

      If you login, but it shows that you are not logged in, try clicking to another forum page, and you should be logged in.

      There is some problem with the caching for the English site, but they will hopefully get it fixed tomorrow.

      If you still are having problems, or otherwise can't figure out how to log in and the password reset doesn't work (check your spam folder!), please email help@soompi.com with your Soompi email address, username, and what problem you are having (whether you are trying to login using email, Facebook, or Google).

      Thanks always for your patience! We're doing our best ^^;;;


    • @pre - tada! it's difficult to move it to the top, but align right is no problem. It does separate it nicely.

      There is no preview available because it's supposed to be a true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). I think I just fixed the fonts showing up incorrectly, so please let me know if there are other elements that are not showing up as expected and I can add it to my list.

      Happy Friday!

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    • @pre - I added some more space above the "edited" and made it italic so it stands out a bit more - thanks for the suggestion!

      @Phi - I know there are still some issues with what's written in the editor not matching out with what's posted - we're still working on that, as there's no good reason why what's in the editor should be different than what's posted. Thanks for your patience ^^;;

      @hireshi - better for a passionate feedback than no feedback at all? :D It would be a lot more helpful if you could give specific reasons why you think it sucks though. The reason we moved to this forum is because there were so many broken things with the last forum, and I know that transition always takes time. We really are doing our best to create a better place for people to connect with each other, for what it's worth.


    • Thanks a lot for addressing a lot of the points, @DJG ! Great call on the "Quoted Images as Link" hook. I didn't see offhand if they had a version for IPS4, but it's definitely something I should look into.

      @ManaSmile - apologies for some of the posts that begin with quotes missing the main text. Invision is still looking into some import issues, and I hope that this is one of things they'll be able to fix, but I'm not sure. In the meantime, if there are specific posts you'd like restored, I have the old forum data on my computer so I can manually add them for you. Please shoot me a PM about it.

      @Stormstarz - sorry you are having trouble on iOS Safari - I'd actually been having the exact problem, but when I reported it, they always said it worked fine for them >_< Anyhow, a couple days ago, I changed the way that forum pages loaded from ajax to non-ajax, and I haven't had any issues since then. Have you tried restarting Safari on your phone in the past couple days? If not, would you mind trying?

      @rubie - are you still having issues with Chrome displaying the mobile version of the editor (missing the font, etc, dropdowns?) If so, please shoot me a PM 

      I know people really want to have the Reactions back. We'd love to be able to incorporate something like this, but there aren't any readily available plugins for it yet. Thanks for your patience as we continue to work through migration and stability issues (for better or for worse, we launched on a brand-spanking new version of this forum, so Invision is working out a lot of kinks on their end as well ^^;;)



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      Hi guys - sorry for the delay in addressing these posting issues. I'll need to document them as thoroughly as possible. Being able to edit existing posts was one of the main requirements for moving to Invision, so we'll get this figured out. I'll PM you guys for additional details.

      testinglinks  @endeavor dropdown not working after quote? @fanda4000 @Hanyeoun

      insert link with korean text


      btw, the <> is to display different types of code, more for more tech-y forums:

      display html code as code 
      <img src="http://dcimg2.dcinside.com/viewimage.php?id=20bcc234ecd73c&amp;no=29bcc427b08a77a16fb3dab004c86b6f9262e0aa93b34405d56d03d3f0d9266872bdd20dc76908fc021010f191711ba3bd025146b115504bb9199ec9115600efff568d9f9a503a407816510bf0643f933cb8b776908261bc9d6a">

      or php

      mymethod() {
    • @stuartjmz for YouTube, if you put the link in the middle of a line, it will stay as a link. In order to embed, it has to be on its own line and press enter after the URL for it to auto-embed. It cannot have a timestamp at the end of the url.

      Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4BHJvs9aFE&t=6m3s works
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4BHJvs9aFE&t=6m3s doesn't work

      The temp forum will begin to begin to be imported into the forum within the hour, during which time the site will go into maintenance mode. After the data is imported, it will take the staff several days to get everything merged into the right place, so thanks for your patience!



    • @TRaNz @stuartjmz - I got rid of the "Mark all forums read" and "New Content" links because with the amount of activity on our forum, viewing all new content didn't seem very practical helpful, same with "Mark all forums read." This is in the context of there being frequent lagging as our host is still figuring out our traffic patterns.

      I can put it back once we've stabilized, but I'm very curious as to what's the point of marking all forums as read? (honest question!!)



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    • ​Yeah, several of my posts from the old forum are either blank or missing large chunks of stuff, even text.  Nothing as bad as losing all the work that goes into a first post though.  Hope for your sake more than mine @rachelyun that it really is temporary.

      ​This is not normal for sure - I will be setting up a form for people to submit issues like this. We have some known issues where parts of posts are missing, hopefully most of which people can live with (heh), but 1st posts and other "important" missing content should be restored.

      For login-related issues, you should be able to login with your normal Soompi info. @tara97 - have you tried logging out and logging in of the main Soompi site, and then re-logging in? If that still doesn't work, I would recommend trying to clear your cookies, and let us know if you still have issues with it!

      @liddi - we're looking into your missing PMs issue as well

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    • Okok! It's been a long time that I got to watch a drama in "real time."
      I came into this with no expectations, outside of me liking Jang Hyuk, especially in sageuk (Tree With Deep Roots!)I didn't watch FTLY, so I don't know him as Lee Gun, but I've been very amused by his anachronistic speech.
      I too was confused by the end of ep 2 - it felt like they ran out of time and just threw together a time jump. He just became king ninja and walked about like a commoner? 
      Was his wife involved in the poisoning of the King? (I didn't realize that sparkling potion thing was poison - I thought that was Goryeo spa treatment or something :P)
      I really like the smiley "1st wife" - she reminds me of a cross between Han Ye Sul and Kim Tae Hee and is endlessly adorable and charming. 
      I'm not sure where the Tamra prince fits in either... I guess we'll see.
      Nice recap, @KwonSangSeung - will you be continuing?https://dramajjang.wordpress.com/2015/01/20/episode-1-review-shine-or-go-crazy-2015/

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