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  1. TSIF: Thank Soompi It's Friday! All around the Internets, Friday is known as the day when people are free to discuss topics that would normally be considered, well, off-topic. It's the start of the weekend, after all! So kick back with a drink, settle yourself for a relaxing night at the keyboard, and tell the world about your personal K-pop experiences and feelings. This week, we're here to ask: Most of you have that moment... when you realize you've fallen in love... with a K-pop group. Maybe it was a smoldering look your bias gave you when you first watched a music video. Maybe you just heard a lot of their music, and you never really paid attention to it, but then, like the heroine in a romantic comedy, you gradually realized, "Hey! I actually love every single thing about these guys." Or maybe you had your own Peter Griffin moment like: Whatever it was, we'd love to hear about it. So what was the big moment that made you realize that your group is the best thing ever?
  2. Dear Soompiers, Welcome to the new Soompi Forums! It took longer than expected, but we’re finally here. It was a massive effort to move (*3 cheers to the forum staff!*), but it’s a huge upgrade from where we were, and I’m so excited to be back to our original forum. Even good changes take some time to get used to, so thanks in advance for your patience through this period of transition. Given our huge amount of data (almost 20 million posts) that’s gone through many different upgrade and migration processes, there are posts that didn’t get imported in the exact same format. Chances are that 99% of these posts will never see the light of day again, but for official threads and other popular posts that got messed up, we will be providing a support request form so we can help you. Posts from our temporary forum will be merged with the proper threads in the upcoming days (the mods will be merging them one by one ^^;;;) Check out New Forum Tutorial and Tips which will be updated as needed. There are still a lot of processing being done in the background to convert all the data into the proper format that will take several weeks to complete. Thanks again for your patience! For those who care, known issues / things we’re working on are below. Let's do this! -soomp Known issues (to-be-updated as needed): Unable to send new PM's: fixedbbCode in signatures: You can fix these yourself, or they will automatically be fixed over the next week or so by the background process.Search: old content has not been indexed yet and will take several weeks, so only new posts will show up in search results.Missing avatars: We were unable to transfer Gravatars, and there were some profile photos missing from what was provided from Vanilla (sorry!)Unable to crop new avatars: The crop feature is broken, so please crop your avatar before uploading for now.Hide online status: You can set it in your Soompi profile settings hereStray HTML or bbCode in posts: It appears here and there - just edit it out if you can. If the post is too crazy, please fill out the support request form.Old URL’s not going to the right place: We are still working on thisHTML-mode disabled: HTML-mode has been disabled for security reasons, but we are looking into a "safe" mode for users
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