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  1. all i can say when watching the end part when the stepmother continues her lies. BS!!! no one will ever believe on you b***s*** anymore! what a horrible woman.
  2. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=17542233&memberNo=25606334
  3. to cheer up our broken heart b'coz of the death of our poor child he looks like a dog playing dead
  4. I just remember when JH was beaten-up, didn't most of us think that's quite personal for Red Cry. Why didn't he just fled after JH lose track of him instead of beating him. With the revelation of the "brother," JH might beat up for the reason of always suspecting Eunho.
  5. i saw the spoiler from this account... actually there's another account that i read that clearly understand what happened tonight's episode but she end up not really posting the spoiler before this i was on the #붉은달푸른해 #이은호 and i'm just like
  6. okay tried to find spoiler from hakyeon's fans what even i was about to post the twitter link my internet connection started to act up so here's the gist of what i read.
  7. mafia game. Kim Sunah's reaction, the woman felt wronged too bad the whole game on YT don't have a sub. i've been wondering why Hakyeon post "Lee Eunho's unfinished story" on ig when Eunho's already dead. the answer is, there's a final boss
  8. so we're back to suspecting the psychiatrist, i actually saw a twitter user who's familiar w/ the actor & according to him/her the person is definitely that actor. btw did Eunho mention how many founder has the website?
  9. i can't stop thinking how that bullet lands on his chest when he was facing like this. unless he was shot in the back but was it possible to bleed if he was shot in the back?
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