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  1. Are you talking about the hashtag #김비서가왜그럴까 ? it's actually the title of the drama What's wrong with Secretary Kim lol I don't know ig just auto translate it to I will be Kim. Can you tell me which post? I can't find parkpark 박박 on their caption & hashtag. I believe knetz use twopark 투박 or bubi 부비 to describe this couple The term parkpark usually used by international fans. tvN always use twopark though.
  2. Actually that was what happened around past weeks I won't say it's PSJ fans, but mostly antis and trolls leaving bad comments on drama chat & their bts video. They even criticized PMY for being "too cold" with PSJ, despite him trying to just get close to her. lol I can't even.. My point is with the attention they're getting, I hope they're still being careful & secretive. That way there'll be a chance for them to work together again on another project. Of course shippers want some more, but we always have our delulu minds to connect the dots
  3. He will!! Seo Hyorim (and the actor who play as MS father) has been credited as special appearance even from the 1st episode, but just appear on ep 9. so I'm positive she will reappear on next episodes haha I can't believe we're on ep 10 with only 6 ep left but I like that the story went fast, especially not dragging the kidnapping case too much.
  4. Yes it's the making of the teasers you can check on tvN's youtube channel, it was uploaded before the drama start airing and their interview with viki :
  5. tvN doesn't have their yearly award, but there's something like Korea Cable TV awards. Another award show that I can think right now are Korean Drama Awards and Baeksang (also include movie) though I don't think Baeksang give couple awards
  6. Now that they're "officially" dating, I hope YJ would call MS by her name MiSo, not just secretary Kim. of course when they aren't working because we know how professional they are And we know how annoyed YJ was SY called her MiSo-ya lol I don't read the novel or manhwa so I don't know how the story goes. but with the writers change, I feel the story is shifted toward childhood memories. I hope the writers didn't forget the reason MS decided to quit was because she wants to live as Kim MiSo.
  7. haha make sense I remember PMY said PSJ always tease her on set, probably because their height difference. PMY and her apple box..
  8. Finally come out from my lurking mode Now on the kiss bts, after waiting for like 3 days!! I'm a bit disappointed lol Watching the kiss in ep 8, I was expecting something more like the City Hunter kiss bts but then I read that their (PSJ & PMY) kiss scene went smoothly almost no retake haha, so maybe that's all they have? Also after the kiss, PSJ talk about Choi Woo Sik, can someone explain about them? I know they are friend and had filming drama together (one they even kiss?) but I don't understand why he had to talk about CWS when they hugged From what I understand, PSJ said it was like hugging a friend, and that friend is Choi Woo Sik Anyway our PD-nim is certified ParkPark shipper lol so jealous of him!!
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