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  1. On 12 December 2016 at 10:20 PM, booho said:

    Hey guys, i'm just curious, if a "stylist" usually hired by company or by artist itself ?

    because for idol group, the stylist provide by their management company, but i dunno for actor ahahahahhaha



    Hi! i think i can help to answer this. Stylist is on the management company's payroll but for someone like JG, most likely the stylist is hired/selected by him (but paid for by the management).

    However, when engaging in commercials, or external collaborations with magazines etc, the stylist is under the endorsement brand or the magazine's payroll. In this case there are typically 2 scenarios:

    1) if the celebrity is not picky, he/she may be willing to work with the brand/magazine's assigned stylist. This is what i would consider the more ethical way, as the stylist is paid for by the brand/magazine and the hence the brand/magazine should have a say in how much they wanna pay or who they want to choose. 

    2) however, the more typical scenario is when the celebrity forces the magazine/brand to pay for her own personal stylist (one that he/she usually uses, the one that is typically hired by the artiste management company). In this case the brand/magazine would usually be forced to pay exorbitant fees for the stylist. 


    Based on JG's status, i think he should fall into the no.2) category where he has a more personal say on who he wants to use. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Lmangla said:


    ominous drum roll.... reminds me of wook's wife.... so maybe she will have a heart attack and pass out and die during the piggyback ride and we will get that tragic/(well maybe happy/satisfying for those who want to kill HS for her fickle, "I don't know what tea to have" attitude towards her life in goryeo) ending that moon lovers was bound to have.....  :sweatingbullets:


    i think is either a flashback or a dream sequence hs has b4 dying.... aiigoooo.....

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  3. i think its ironic that they decided to remake this targeting Korean viewers who have yet to watch BBJX and does not know how the story will end, however, the key audience ends up being the international viewers, of which most are already exposed to the drama's ending.

    On the one hand due to the production's original intention (to target korean audiences who have not watched BBJX yet), i think the last episode will be EXACTLY like the c version (HS dies, WS does not get to meet her, in future, HS sees WS by chance but he does not recognise him). 

    On the other hand, i hope that the production is smart enough to actually film 2 endings (one same and one different from the c version bbjx), knowing that their key audience is us who already know what happens in c version and actually want to be surprised. Also the ending in the C version was written with the hopes of being able to produce a sequel. However, the Korean version DEFINITELY has no hope for a sequel (sorry guys, but i can tell you 100% it will not happen).  Perhaps it would also help to explain why there is no preview of next episode (as they are still deciding which ending to broadcast). CHAEBAL.....


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  4. tumblr_ofx1l8c2aP1tdfsf6o2_540.gif


    I think the last scene will be a replica of this exact moment, but set in modern times, with the two actually locking eyes with each other (and in true k drama style, in the middle of a crowd)

    Also someone mentioned they would like to know what GJ was reading before HS left. It's not HS's diary, but "Zhengguan Zheng Yao - a summary of the important points of taizong's governance", a book by Emperor Taizong of Tang (it is credited in Wikipedia as "difan"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gwangjong_of_Goryeo) It is often used as an exemplary  text for kings to learn how to govern effectively. 

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  5. Before we move on to the final episodes, i want to share some of my own interpretations of why WS seemed to change his character from ep 17-18. 

    Many have speculated that he had changed because of the intense desire for the throne due to:

    1) him tearing yo's decree ruthlessly
    2) him ordering to kill all who question his right to the throne/exiling Jung/marrying YH after HS's rejection to his proposal

    My interpretation is that he did the above not because he wanted to be the king so badly but because:
    1) we all know what happens to those who initiate a revolt that fails. The main instigator together with his entire squad will be killed. Which is why once he started the revolt, he HAS to attain the throne, or else the general, BH and even HS will be killed along with him. for most part, the tearing of the decree was a rational decision rather than one driven by desire

    2) we also know that if a revolt is successful, the king who gets dethroned and all his supporters will be in danger. Soon Duk said it best when Mo died and a new king takes over, his first job will be to kill off his brothers and anyone who supported the old king. That means once WS becomes the king, he HAS to stay as the king, if any revolt is established, no matter if it is successful or not, will weaken his position and put all his supporters in danger. So in a way, he acted ruthlessly in order to protect those who supports him

    But definitely, in the course of ep 17-18, WS's character has  changed. He is not one to indulge in useless emotions, and definitely not one to display his true feelings, even to HS  he is often guarded.  But in episodes 17-18, you can see that he has openly expressed extreme anger over a few occasions. 

    My interpretation is that it was not the throne that dictated this change, but rather the departure of the General.

    In Ep17, the general's departure was a pivotal scene that marked the change in WS's temperament. One of the key scenes that was cut from the international version, but re-instated in the SBS version was a conversation with HS where WS shares his wild predictions that after the general, eventually everyone will leave him: BH no longer treats him like a brother, JM is only using him to exact revenge for WM's death. Bear in mind that at this stage neither JM nor BH have expressed intentions to leave him and It is wildly unlike WS's character to indulge in worst case scenarios (the old WS controls a strict economy of emotions; rather than waste time fearing, he would rather act). It is understandable that he is loosing richard simmons over the departure of the General because his main motivation to be the king was to protect those who support him, but after becoming king with great difficulty, he realises the same people he sort to protect would actually prefer to leave him. He must be thinking, why the richard simmons did i re-enter the wolf den in the first place?! And for someone who is unreasonably stubborn, naive and  unquestionably devoted to those he considers his possessions (while he claims that those who are his people will be in his possession forever, he also expects the same kind of unwavering attachment from the same people) it must have been a great blow and a genuine source of insecurity. 

    So in Ep 19-20, we will witness how he will deteriorate after HS, and perhaps BH (after what happens to WH this is understandable) request to leave him. I think as all his worst fears are becoming reality, he will totally snap and become crazy. I think we should all be prepared for another major change in WS's character next week ( i think instead of WS being sad, we will be served a very, very crazy GJ).  


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  6. 14 minutes ago, hitomebore08 said:


      I noticed that too.

    Can someone explain why in the world aren't we getting the same quality from the video? frustrated-cheetah-emoticon.gif?13027861

    tumblr_m7yfau7G8M1qjkdh8.gif I thought it was because I am using a not so new pc but no! even in the bts it clearly shows that there is a huge different in color!



    still cuts:


    and in my pc:


    It will be greatly appreciated to whoever can enlighten us with this issue..  wq_org.gif


    Its easy to retouch still pictures in post production and amp up the colour artificially. However for moving pictures, the post production retouch has to be done more than 24 frames a sec which is almost impossible to do. It is however, possible to colour correct a motion picture by adding a universal filter to all the frames, but not all directors like that because it destroys the natural quality of visuals shot on film. although i think the drama is probably shot digitally, directors still like to pursue that original film quality, which i guess is an artistic preference. 

    It is the same reason why the actors look more flawless in, lets say the cosmo shoot as compared to how they actually look like in the drama itself. 

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  7. I just came back from travelling and wow the forum has moved very fast! 

    I just want to share some of my experiences with watching the show... recently I went on another trip with my friends and Scarlet heart was showing on a streaming service in that country. My friends do not watch korean dramas because they find it too fluffy or there are just too much manhandling scenes (this is just their opinion, i think people are allowed to have their own diverse opinions on what content they like)... however since they have watched the C version before, and there was nothing on TV, we decided to give it a try (I kinda kept it to myself that i was crazy over this drama as i was initially very self conscious about it!). Anyway on the first episode, all of them agreed that it was a very bad drama, it lacked depth and some of the plot devices were just too "convenient" to be true. However, since we had nothing else to do, we just let the drama stream to the next episode while we each did our own things. Somehow by episode 2, they were hooked! and by episode 4 there was no turning back. Everyday we were hovering between life and death, making do with just 3-4 hours of sleep each day  as we had to wake up early to fulfil our itinerary but we still marathoner the drama until 2-3am every night! Till this day, everyone still agree that it was a bad drama, we still make jokes about how bad some of the scenes were (like how WS was so devoted to his mother because he was scared if he did't behave, she might push him like how she did in the scene with Jung). But the reason they continued to watch the show is because ever since WS was properly introduced in ep 2, they were invested in his character, it doesn't matter even if they found the plot preposterous, it doesn't matter that they had watched the C version and hated how the characters are now portrayed frivolously in the early episodes by kpop idols, they just wanted to find out what happens to WS in the end. 

    After coming back from the trip, i gather that a lot of viewers have expressed anxiety over the ending or displeasure over HS's character. I think rather than trying to explain or debate this logically, and although i do agree with the fact that the female characters are grossly underdeveloped (it is a k-drama after all), i think the bias against HS's character is rather justifiable for 1 reason:
    Since the beginning, many of us were invested solely in one character, which is WS alone. 

    While some might say that WS is one of the most well developed characters in the drama, i beg to differ. I think the main problem with the drama is that it cannot decide what it is and tries to do too much. Same with WS's character, it is so ridiculously multi-faceted that some parts seem to be incompatible with others. I must admit that the writer has some shining moments, but in writing WS's character, i think she was too ambitious; he is at times ruthless, at times compassionate; at times cunning, at times naive and innocent. At times deadly serious but sometimes funny. Sometimes unreasonably possessive, but sometimes operates with a god-like benevolence.....Honestly on paper, i really don't know what to make of this character. I think this is one of the reasons why people got anxious and distressed when they introduced WS 2.0 in ep 17, because huh? more variations are introduced at such a late stage of the story? really?

    I think the key reason that makes WS such a compelling character is not the writing, but the performance. Despite WS's ridiculously duplicitous nature, LJG's performance still manages to convince the viewer of his character, every single time. We believe in his character unquestionably because he is acted out perfectly by LJG. I feel that the other cast members are good actors in their own right, but they just couldn't  rise above the haphazard plots or the lack of screen time to build characters compelling enough. As a result, most of us are watching the show invested in only 1 character, which is WS played by LJG. 

    On a separate note, i too have anxiety over the ending, after investing so much of my time, i want the production to give me a satisfying closure.


    I have been speculating non stop about how it ends... and somehow, i think we are unlikely to see a modern day reunion. There are just not enough episodes to left squeeze all the plot in and still show a proper reunion in the modern day. my opinion is that if its not well done, better not show it. 

    anyhow, here is what i think will go down for ep 19 -20:

    1) showdown between WS and WW. out of spite, WW shares his past history with HS

    2) WS is broken by this, confronts HS and threatened to never see her again

    3) at this time, WJ leads and army to the palace to take HS/ or revolt

    4) (this is the missing baek ah scene) in the revolt, richard simmons goes down, and maybe WH gets killed.

    5) WJ claims HS using the hairpin that was given to her by WS. WS is inconsolable

    6) BH is seriously pissed of at HS as he felt used as a pawn in a situation where HS was unable to predict the devastating consequences of her actions. 

    7) WS is finally broken. Despite many years of convincing himself of the contrary and claiming possession of BH and HS, he finally accepts that he is alone. He drives away HS, BH and perhaps eventually JM.

    8) after this fiasco, HS moves on with WJ, but is traumatised again by the consequences of her actions. She sends a final letter to WS and passes away. (I think they might rush her death, maybe have her accidentally transported back to the future by falling into a lake etc). 

    9) HS goes back to the future, survives and meets JM. JM shares that he retains memories of his past life in his dreams. In his dreams, he dreamt of GJ devastated upon hearing of HS's death and eventually imprisoning himself in a den of enemies (a wife who schemes against him and children who do not side with him). While GJ continues to rule efficiently, he has emotionally collapsed and JM keeps him sane by constantly telling him that HS is from the future, and they might meet again. 

    10) before dying a lonely death, GJ, after depleting all his resources to travel to the future with no avail, asks JM for a final favour. that if JM ever travels to the future again, he should find HS and recite to her his reply to her final letter. In the letter, he promised again that he will never let her go and that he will keep trying to meet her even after death. (this will be the same line as the one he said after the bb cream application scene) 

    11) in order to keep his promise to the king in his dream, modern day JM purposely sought out Ha Jin during an eclipse. Somehow with the knowledge of Goryeo Ji Mong, he realises that one can experience their previous life at a point of near death during an eclipse. he stages this so that Ha Jin can remember her past life as HS before he recites GJ's letter to her (if not it would not make sense) 

    12) JM recites' GJ's final message. Ha Jin/Hae Soo obtains closure. As she treasures every word that GJ has returned her, even if he is not there, she feels his presence everywhere in this kingdom that he created for her future self;  in the softly wavering trees, in the breeze and the efferverscent lake etc (even as i am writing this, i'm like richard simmons don't let this happen). 

    13) As the show closes, JM reminds HJ that both he and her exists in this era, who is to say that WS doesn't?

    14) . and maybe we might get a very very short glimpse of modern WS somewhere, doing his own thing and waiting to be discovered by HJ. 





    but anyway, i have decided to not be anxious about the ending anymore, it may happen like i want it to, it may not, but one thing is for sure. LJG will absolutely kill it and I will just relax and enjoy his performance. 


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  8. 5 minutes ago, Diana Blanche said:

    @chickenchopflipflop Ha! @antiherofans Ha!

    I love your analogy between ML and Games of Thrones. Even the relationships between brothers/sisters seem to be Targaryens, as I said many, many page ago.

      Hide contents

    I wonder if in Korea an actor as Peter Dinklage would have won any prize.



    the answer is no... hahah unfortunately...

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  9. 30 minutes ago, sooji28 said:

    I just open the SBS PD note newest still cut, and i found that our OTP's chemistry is soooo good. From the kiss, the after bed sleeping together scene, it was so believable. But below picture makes me want to say to our PD-nim: You should record from this the camera angle. *swoon swoon



    And not just our OTP, Eun-Seun Duk are also so sweet together




    Just wanted to say, not to be a spoil sport or anything, but LJG wasn't even kissing LJE on the lips... (its the part between her nose and lips - philtrum?) and its already sooooo hot....

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  10. 2 minutes ago, violet90 said:

    i think So will be really afraid losing Soo.... i don't know what's going on but he look scared when he hug Soo... seriously throne make people changes but i think only with Soo he will be our So and with other he is King Gwangjong....


    in BBJX when 4th ascend the throne we will get to see how protective and caring 4th is before everything went down.. i think episode 17 will show us that.. the hug and bed scene also the mask scene... So always have a right reason to kill a person and i don't think he just go on killing people... also notice he look mad as hell and i don't think it will happen so fast but MAYBE its something with Soo???

    also i pretty sure So knew about Won involvement with poisoning CP but CR and Won cannot be the reason why he look mad like that... a King women is the king weakness himself... i wonder maybe people will used Soo to get to So?? i have a long list by the way.. lol

    either way our OTP look their still in a good place and its all that matter...



    totally getting the anakin skywalker vibes.... is this secretly goryeo star wars,....



    i think he was so mad because someone caused HS to miscarry their baby. 


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  11. this is my second time watching this scene and the emotional impact is in no way lessened. I waited a whole day to have a proper discussion on this so bear with me its a long post!

    1) Baekhyun was amazing in his final moments as WE; he managed to not only pull off a dignified desperation, which at the hands of a lesser actor, would not have been believable as his character had always been portrayed as childish and frivolous. moreover, despite the lack of many interactions with WS in the previous episodes, in this scene, he has convincingly established an affectionate history between the two that the audience was not privy to, and hence, made his departure even more affecting (this is also greatly due to the writer's clever reference to episode 7, hence making the audience readily accept the importance of WS and WE's relationship and how devastating WE's death must have been for WS, despite the lack of scenes between the 2). I even dare say that this scene would leave a greater impact on me compared to WS and HS's separation later on. 

    2) LJG LJG LJG. ...... it is not even the finale and he is already this good, i wonder how good he will be when we reach the end. He managed to bridge the gap between the vision which was on one side of the emotional spectrum (laughter) to the reality, which was on the totally opposite end (crying). When i first saw HS's vision, i thought there was no way it could be played out in reality the same way it played out in the vision, and yet LJG was able to do it seamlessly and still enable us to accept without question that the vision  WS and the real WS are the same person. What is so amazing about that crazy laughter he pulled off after WE's death is that even though i am watching  from my mobile, his pain and presence had broken though the fourth wall and i literally felt like i was watching a live play where he is right in front of me, and chastising us for being entertained by this inexplicable situation. I really had the urge to just look away at this scene, but even the sound of his laughter is almost repulsive enough to give me nightmares. for a long time, I have not seen a performance so powerful that it actually made me feel physically uncomfortable and for this alone i would say the entire series is definitely worth watching. the only complaint i have about this scene was how they kept cutting from WS to WJ's face, and that kind of unhinged LJG's excellent momentum. Ji Soo seems like a decent actor, but compared to LJG, his face is as boring as a biscuit. 

    It also really helped that the show was shot semi-chronologically as you can see LJG getting skinnier by each episode, and you can really witness his dedication to bringing out a physical testament to further convince us of  the torture Yo's reign has put his character through. Lastly, is it me or did LJG appear to age significantly after WE's death?
    there is no way of knowing whether he will get an award for his portrayal of WS or not, but one thing is certain, this performance is an unforgettable one that will not/cannot be dethroned that easily by any other actor in whatever drama that comes in the observable future. 


    Other observations:
    1) the theme of the episode is change. HS is the only fixed variable helping to define the change in the other characters. Of course we witness WS's change, and his discovery of a higher calling besides HS (when he saw JM, he was the one to let go of HS's hand first, sadly HS is no longer his no.1 priority). I guess this development is also necessary as he will become merciless not because of HS, but because he wants to protect the country and I guess it would make their separation easier to stomach rather than some heartbreaking misunderstanding or whatever. Another change which i was surprised by was from WW; in the scene where the general and the ministers were dissing WS, did i detect compassion from WW? is this the start of a possible political alliance? and of course WJ's swelling arrogance.. ... nope, not going touch on that. just no.

    2) i was wrong where i said the sbs version will have better editing... i thought it was a mess and all over the place compared to the youku one (although again the music in the sbs version is more apt, especially the pitch black silence during WE's death, a device which is commonly used in Game of Thrones during the death of major characters). The reason why the editing is so chopping? SBS decided to squeeze in an extra backhug scene between WS and HS in retaliation to the leaked episode fiasco. I personally felt that scene was useless, and the flow of the episode could have been much better without it

    3) finally we get the lantern festival! did anyone notice if the man behind the mask was WS or WJ? i need to know!

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  12. After watching sbs vs. youku versions for the past few episode, i have to say i would advise for all to watch the sbs version of ep16 first, and then the youku one for any missing scenes. Episode 16 is an emotional journey where the full impact  can be dramatically enhanced by editing finesse, and sad to say, the youku version still doesn't do it for me. however,  the writer really shined in this episode, as she did a couple of excellent references:


    A reference was made to episode 7 and now WE and WS's story has finally come full circle in the most unimaginably poignant way...A gift was given to celebrate one's birth and another was given to send the same person to heaven... 

    The shadow puppet scene was an obvious homage to the King and the Clown: this particular scene in King and the Clown was a pivotal point that marked a dramatic shift in mood for the film. at first it seemed like a naive and innocent act, but on hindsight, it revealed itself to be a cautionary tale about how dangerous unbridled, undisciplined affection is during that era. It is the writer's warning to us that she will bring down a world of pain from here onwards and everything will spiral quickly to its tragic conclusion.

    I think ep 16 is ver clear in telling us that there is no use expecting the unexpected... what will happen will eventually happen, just like WS's poem to HS, water will turn to clouds no matter what (another nice throwback/warning the write gave us). 

    I think i will heed her warnings and take a break from this drama for a while, maybe skip to the ending which is supposed to be happy.. Chinguls... mark my words that there will be no more happy scenes after this.....


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