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  1. More pretty drawings! Such talented artist! Credit: love65752
  2. I miss her! Credit: love65752
  3. I was certain since the production company made a public announcement to its investors during a press conference in last april that the cast have signed already/have been secured. But i read recently on twitter from a fan account that during an interview for his current project Jesters The Games Changers Cho Jin Woong would have said that he hasn't received an offer yet. The good news though is that he stayed close to the writer KEH and the director Kim Won Seok and that he's obviously waiting with interest for a firm proposition. Kim Hye Soo had already confirmed a project for SBS which will air in february 2020 but i don't know if it will be preproduced or not and how long she will be filming for it. Lee Je Hoon is quiet lately: not sure if he still on set for Tomb Robbery that he started filming last month. I don't know what's delaying the production and the cast confirmation but they should speed up the process if they want to film everything in 2019 like PD Kim Won Seok asked for it. I think KEH must have already finished the scripts: in april she said in a radio interview that she had well advanced her part I 'm confident about the quality of the script: KEH keeps getting better which each project she's doing as proved by Kingdom. And the cast seems as excited as it was for s1. Hopefully they'll end soon our misery with a clear confirmation.
  4. @my0t1 Sorry, i didn't realize that my message was so confusing until your brought my attention to what i wrote. Thank you for noticing! It's still too early for an official confirmation by OCN, but i think it will happen quickly because they will need to secure the cast if they want to do season 2 in 2020. What i meant was the writer paved the way for a second season in such confident way that it's impossible to think that there won't be a season 2. When they decide to hint that they want a second season, writers usually either end the drama with a massive cliffhanger like in Signal, or they leave a last clue that there's more stories to tell like in Secret Forest when Shi Mok got a phone call to return to Seoul. But here, the writer spent the last 20 minutes: Creating a mixed commission/team, a sort of joint venture between the Police and Prosecution on which DCK has full authority and giving him a new office. Getting HTJ back as a prosecutor, only in order to send her back to the new team as a representative of the Prosecution. She even got a scene where she moved in, and brought her things like her own mug in the team office! Making the characters take the cutest "family" pic to celebrate their new team. Making JSY pick up her new affectation and deciding for her to stay. Revitalizing the suspicions and tension between DCK and KYG, the ambiguity between DCK and HTJ and deepening the connection between HTJ and KYG through their common desire to protect DCK against himself. They even compared him to KJM, so it's say everything to their attachment to him. That's too much to believe that the writer is just shyly suggesting a season 2. Also he wouldn't need to do it with this cast. We know (the PD said it) that HSK loves DCK and if his name and his support are not enough to order a second season of a drama that had the best ratings of the year for the network, I don't know what else could do it. This drama taught us to trust no one but in this case, i think it's telling us to make an exception and come back for more! Edit: the rating are out! 6.6%!!! Best OCN ratings of the year. Second best numbers to all time for the network! No doubt we'll break the record during s2.
  5. Just finished to rewatch with subs! i have so many feelings and thoughts but the MOST IMPORTANT is that SEASON 2 is 100% CONFIRMED with all the main cast (including JSY and Jae Sik) !!!!! I'm on the moon : my show is officially back! Credit: lovelf_khj
  6. @my0t1 I'm confident that the complete cop team: HSK, SKJ and PJH will be back. I'm less sure for KHJ since the arc for her character is complete and got a full conclusion, even for her relationship with her husband but i hope that the actress enjoyed enough her time on the drama to come back! She should come back if only because she's on the pic! HTJ had a very cute relationship with Jae Sik and the actors chemistry was good: they looked like a couple at the law exam! Don't worry, there's no silly questions! We all asked it at one point! To quote the name only, tape on your keyboard the @ sign and add the name of the person that you want to mention! Few letters might be enough to make a list appear, just click on the person name concerned. If it doesn't work, remove everything and start over.
  7. @my0t1 I think all the points that you smartly noticed are completely a choice of the writer and the PD and the most possible clear sign that Season 2 is coming. It seems the only direction for a second season: to replay what happened 15 years ago and make the secretive and famous for forging evidences team leader DCK in the position to be trapped, lose everyone trust and be the chased man. After all he went through and considering his trauma, it's simply consistent with KYG's personality to think he will be put in the same shoes as DCK 15 years ago and make wrong assumptions and choices. I can imagine DCK infiltrating Jang Society/working with Muil to see how far the corruption goes beyond the ledger since it hasn't been updated for one year. That might be why he wants a man like PSY at his side. I must have missed the scene with Turtle: the stream was lagging few times.
  8. @lu09 Thanks for the explanation! So DCK covered her like KJM covered DC Park's actions for Jang Society at one point because it brought success to the team? But there was blood in her office and on her hands: did she commit murder? It feels like history is repeating itself again with this new team, especially after they took a pic together while they still have suspicions on each other. KYG still double checked DCK's moves after the press conf and HTJ was suspicious when DCK welcomed so warmly PSY. Everyone looks down a bit on JSY, who trusts innocently all the team but seems only loyal to DCK like DCK himself was to KJM before the murder. I hope the final message is that confronted to the same circumstances as the old team, this one found a way to stay close. The subs can't come soon enough! Few pretty arts and gifs to ease the wait! The best anti corruption team! Credit: ahjeosi Credit: WChansae Those babies are so precious!
  9. The episode was much more longer than usual and thus harder to recap! After leaving the bank, KYG goes to the team office and talk with DCK about what he found in the safe but only show the recording not the ledger. HTJ call DCK after a talk with the banker. She also checked the letter opened by KYG. She mets DCK at the office while KYG goes home and opens the ledger on his PC. KYG goes to the countryside to a old ouse. HTJ follows him here with Jae Sik. HTJ tres to call someone but got the voicemail. They want to search the house but can't enter? They finally get in but the house is all messed up as if a fight happened here. DC Park is in the living room, dead on the floor. Pills are everywhere: it seems he had a violent heart attack and couldn't reach soon enough his medics. KYG is down: once again one of the main culprit in his father's case get to escape justice. He goes outside to reflect near a pond in front of the house and HTJ tries to comfort him here. Commissioner Yeom and DCK in her office listen to a recording DCK made. HTJ calls and informs him of DC Park's death. He reacts strangely: he laughs but doesn't hang up. He tells Commissioner Yeom, who doesn't seem very shocked but still is sad. JSY and KYG at the autopsy room for DC Park. KYG is intrigued by Park's feet. They find blood between his toes. They ran back to the team office and share with DCK their discovery. In return, he gives KYG a small box with flashlights. DCK, JSY and KYG return to DC Park's house at night. The flashlights have UV light: the team can see blood on the bed and on the table. DCK imagines a new version of the death of Park: an attack where drugs are injected in his body and kills him. He calls someone. KYG goes to see JHR and checks with the flashlight if he has blood on him in front his wife and daughter. His wife is angry. The light shows nothing but when KYG returns in the car, JSY found that the flashlight wasn't working. She fixes it and they barge into JHR's appartement. KYG check the little girl's room and find blood everywhere on her clothes and in the room. They talk with her mother and leave. KYG tells JSY to return alone. She calls DCK. DCK goes to commissioner Yeom's office. He checks her hands with the flashlight. KYG returns at his home. JHR is waiting for him with a gun on the table. Flashback to JHR going to DC Park's house: he opens to him without suspicion. They seat and talk but then fight. JHR injects him a drug and he dies. Back in his car, he give up the evidences on the road: gloves and caps he was wearing. Return to present day: KYG and JHR fight. KYG beats him and takes the gun. JHR shout at him to kill him but KYG refuses. He arrests JHR and takes him to the police station in front of his team. JSY with others office takes him to the interrogation room. KYG joins DCK at DC Park's house. He gives him the ledger. DCK has suddenly an idea and use a fishing rod to find something in the pond. KYG jumps in it. They found the evidences hidden by JHR. JHR is interrogated by JSY at the police station but he refuses to talk to her but accept to talk to HTJ. She receives a call from DCK confirming their discovery. Commissioner Yeom talks with DCK in her office. A higher up is with them. They're talking about the team. DCK leaves the office angry. He leads a press conference. The journalists seemed shocked by his long declaration. The higher up watches the press conf in Commissioner Yeom's office, gets angry and tries to leave but Yeom threatens to arrest him and they have a talk. JSY and KYG in the team office read people reactions to the press conf with HTJ. DCK continues his press conf. The journalists try to ask him questions as he leaves. He comes back to answer one question. Outside the conf room, they look at each other with KYG and smile despite all the people between them. At the team unit office, DCK meets HTJ. JHR at the police station: his wife and daughter came to see him. KYG removes his handcuffs discreetly. JHR hugs his daughter and cries. He returns to thank KYG but then tells him something before cops take him but we can't hear it. KYG seems pissed off. JSY in the team office, KYG joins her. He asks her to see some documents. He thanks her and leave. He meets DCK on his way and there's an awkward silence between them. KYG can't ask him something that he has on his mind. Later he checks the door of Commissioner Yeom's office with the flashlight and finds blood on the handle, on the desk and the PC. Back to the team office, KYG checks few documents and starts to look suspiciously at DCK's office.. Commissioner Yeom and DCK meets in DC Park's office which is now empty. HTJ joins them. They seems happy, they shake hand. The 3 of them take a pic together. Once Commissioner Yeom leaves, HTJ seems intrigued. On her way out, she meets PSY who is out of jail. PSY greets her and joins DCK who hugs him(!) like a long lost brother while JTH watches with a worried look. In the team office, JSY and KYG have a small moment before she gets a call from DCK who asks her to meet him outside. She's getting a promotion! She joins Commissioner Yeom in her office. After she leaves, KYG enters Commissioner Yeom's office: he has few questions to ask. He joins the rest of the team at the office. JSY and KYG convince DCK and HTJ to all have a pic together. KYG in the office looks at the pic, remembers what JHR told him (that we didn't hear). DCK confesses that he found blood on Commissioner Yeom's hands and office and forced her to confess her crimes. They have a long talk which ends with a mutual smile and it ends here! It feels like the drama hasn't finished yet: the last scene looked too random! Hopefully the subs will make it clearer! Official clips!
  10. I will watch live and will post a recap at the end!
  11. You gave the perfect description: a circle of doom. A true downward spiral that grew out of control so quickly! Every suspicion feeding more distrust and doubts to the point that nobody could tell who was the enemy: the criminals or fellow cops. But part of it happened too because of incompetence: DCK's investigation skills were on full mode when the team discovered the bodies at Eco Park. However he couldn't check the facts 15 years ago when KYG's mother was killed. There wasn't enough evidence to accuse KJM and instead of questioning what could have pushed KJM to kill his own wife (there was none) and follow the facts and material clues, he just rushed into catching him. After ep 15, i felt that Jang society was just a myth reduced to DC Park and his turtles. He kept telling that Turtle was everywhere but for me it seems more a way to justify his actions and to discourage DCK to dig more by pretending it's an endless and thus useless fight. I mean i know that the corruption at high level exist since the ledger can prove it but i still can not see how what happened between the 5 ex cops 15 years ago connect to Muil and the higher ups in the police and the prosecution. DCK still seemed to think that he's not a hopeless case and tried to offer him a chance to change. It seemed to me like JHR jumped after reflection on this attempt to save him and that his offer when he went to KYG's appartment was sincere. But now that the full ledger is out, KYG doesn't need anybody, not even DCK so their help doesn't have any worth anymore theorically.
  12. What a fantastic episode! I loved it! But first the good news: we reached 5% on Saturday which breaks a record for the drama! Our best ratings on that day! I thought the puzzle was solved after the name of the killer of KYG's mother was dropped, but the writer managed to break the stories in even more smaller parts, and to add to each of them a new twist absolutely consistent with the general picture and yet that colore it with a different subtle nuance. The drama really works like a puzzle as hinted in the opening credits and actually is designed like a russian dolls game. Lots of people say that they think that the drama is needlessly circumvoluted and i disagree: the writer have never thrown the twists and turns for the shock value. It was every time a way to deepen our understanding of the motivations of the characters, and to reveal the contradictions and paradoxes at the heart of every human choice when confronted to decisions related to the right and wrong. The best example being our excellent villain JHR who is a father and the killer of a mother, who has children and thought about killing one, who lived in the fear that KYG could remember everything and recognize him and yet saved his life and helped him few times because of his hope for redemption, who is sincerely sorry for his crimes but can't turn himself in. For once on OCN, with this drama, the police station isn't just a convenient environment to create heroes vs bad guys. It was revealed to be the place where officers on the field who give everything: their workforce, their health and sometimes even their lives for their job, are exposed to a mindblowing numbers of ethical choices for which they are not prepared, that yet have disastrous consequences when they fail their mission, especially since they're the first and only way for justice. On ep 15: The PD killed it again: the long sequence which went from the long flashback of KYG's mother death to the present day double confrontation between JHR and KYG was fantastically intense. The most intense delivered by the drama. I love too that the major clash with guns between KYG, JHR and DCK played out so differently from the discovery that officer Park killed his father. That time KYG was one ball of pain and emotions and it was so fitting that it was held by DCK and HTJ. Here he was only rage and violence and it says a lot of the amount of trust and influence that he built with DCK that he stopped because of him. So many twists like i said. A lot unpredictable : JKM creating the Jang Society (!), that KYG's mother death was actually an accident, and others that i saw coming but still enjoyed very much to see unfold like DC Park killing Officer Jang. Once again the motivations were everything: KJM really wanted to change the world but as said by JHR, he ended being changed because the rest of the team was just bubbling with jealousy and resentment. It's frightening who they all "teamed" indirectly to break this man and his life: one threw murder suspicions on him, one killed his wife and the last one forged evidence to send him in prison. Like DCK, KJM had a double dimension : he's a larger than life character, a charismatic leader capable to create an illegal private group but once exposed to injustice his strength and morality couldn't protect him and he collapsed entirely. He then transformed in a simple, ordinary, honest man whom image was manipulated to make him the criminal that the real criminals of the story (DC Park, JHR and DCK in a less degree) were secretly. His all life became a tragedy on the shakespearian level. Which bring us to DCK: what a phenomenal arc for his character! He doesn't have bad intentions but the harm he did! All his favourites quotes: "every man is an Island" (i searched it by curiosity: It was inspired by a poem from the english poet John Donne:"No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main") and "every wrong choice has consequences" made total sense now. I find fascinating that HSK took on this role knowing that he wasn't going to play the hero of the story while still being the main character. I see one more reason why he loves so much DCK: he didn't know who his character will end to be. The part where he discovered that he sent the wrong man in jail was really his darkest moment, where he could have taken easily JHR's path but thankfully he chose instead to fix his mistakes. However he's still very secretive and manipulative which really call to question if he deserves to get forgiveness for his crimes without being judged? Not sure KYG will continue to protect him now that he has the complete ledger since he refused to cover JHR's actions. There's still tension and doubts between them but there's also attachment to a fatherly figure on KYG side. So many opposite feelings at work here. DCK's arc brings him closer to HTJ: she seemed to have picked the short end of the stick with a character that started with a bang and didn't help much the plot after that but her selfishness was ultimately the most relatable thing in the drama world. A door between the "good" guys (KYG/JSY) and the "villains" (DCK and JHR). I feel frustrated that our main women didn't get to do much more than to offer emotional support to KYG! They deserved better. They used to have both: HTJ and JSY their most dynamic relationship with DCK, but even that is now limited to small snippets like trying to get his attention. I love JSY cuteness but i miss deeply the competent, dynamic, no nonsense girl that she was before her secret was revealed. She seems lately even less than a rookie, a baby too young to stick around. On the romance front: the scene between KYG and HTJ in his appartment when she explained why she couldn't change his bandage was so awkward! Like they got out of their feverish attraction and just realized that it was inappropiate and feel embarrassed about it. JSY totally left on purpose her phone: she said she wanted to stay longer! I have been robbed once again: where is the scene where she changed his bandage? My ship is so badly treated! This is already too long and i have still so much thought to share! The last official pics! Last message from HSK!
  13. @my0t1 Here it is! I could watch those gifs all the day! Such a perfectly sync, classy team! Credit: taeng_1109
  14. A slow paced episode but a lot of revelations. It’s started with a long flashback: the murder of KYG’s mother KJM is in KYG’s room and woke him by accident by stroking his cheek. He tells KYG to sleep again but his wife joins him: they have a tense conversation. She tried to convince him to give up something he wants to do but he doesn’t listen to her. KYG hears them (we have already seen this scene) KJM hide a gun in the bathroom and told her to not open to anyone and leaves. KYG still awake, goes to the bathroom. Someone knocks at the door: It’s JHR. KYG’s mother refuses to open but he knows the code and barges into the house. He’s looking for KJM and refuses to believe he’s out. While he’s looking in the bedroom, KYG’s mother takes a knife to protect herself. They continue to argue. JHR tries to take the knife from her. They fight and she’s accidentally stabbed. KYG hears them and opens the door: he sees JHR looking at his mother with the knife in his hand and doing nothing to help her. He runs into the bathroom and closes the door. JHR checks on KYG’s mother : she’s dead. He goes into the bathroom where KYG is hiding and warns him to not say anything if he doesn’t want to end like his mother. On his way out, he leaves his jacket and takes the knife. That’s when the telephone rings, it’s DCK who think he’s talking to KJM. JHR doesn’t answer to him, hangs up and quits the house. Few minutes after, DCK enters. Back to the present day, KYG in JHR’S house. JHR and KYG have an argument. JHR pleads his case but KYG refuses to accept his explanation. He leaves greeting JHR’s wife on his way out. She heared her husband shouting and is now suspicious. KYG fights in the street with JHR’s team. Back to JHR’s apartment, DCK enters: JHR is faking an attack and is waiting for KYG, completely disheveled. DCK is angry during their discussion but KYG interrupts them brutally. DCK convinces KYG to not shot JHR. Instead KYG beats him in the head and DCK throws his handcuffs at him. Back to the team office, JSY is leading the interrogation but JHR knows that there are no evidences against him, so he’s not worried. DCK and KYG takes JSY’s place.. In the main room, they have a meeting with HTJ: she takes GYK at home at the request of DCK. They have a small intimate moment in his house because she brings foods and drinks to share. After finishing her work with DCK, JSY joins them. After they left, KYG realized that JSY forgot her phone: someone rings at the door but it’s JHR. He enters forcefully tries to apologize but KYG hide a knife in his hand during all their convo. JSY rIngs at the door and JHR opens, leaving her shocked and worried about KYG. She rushes inside: KYG is tense and sad. DCK brings back DC Park to the interrogation room but someone spies on them and runs away after leaving the same tool used by Turtrle to cut fingers, full of someone's blood. DCK tries to chase the person in the corridor but can’t see who it is. At her office, HTJ finds a thumb on her desk. She informs DCK later at the team office. DCK goes back to DC Park’s office and searches the room when DC Park enters. KYG receives a letter about a safe that his father left for him. He goes with HTJ to the bank to collect it. DCK wonders why KJM’s files in the ledger was empty. He manages to push DC Park to confess: he killed Detective Jang 15 years ago. There’s a long flashback: KJM seems worried about something despite the good atmosphere in the team: the famous pic of the 5 guys is taken in the front of the police station by the medias after they resolved a big case. DCK is suspicious of KJM and follows him while he searches Officer Jang’s car. He finds his gun and hides it. DCK gets in the car and they have an argument. Officer Jang meets DC Park in the street and after an argument DC Park kills him with a brick. Back to present days, KYG finds a recorder in the safe: a last message left by his father with a complete version of the ledger. Official clips! Thanks @larus for the amazing pics of HTJ and her popular action man and nerdy sidekick! The guy is a human Swiss army knife: he can do anything! They look like rock stars and it fits them perfectly! I'm not cool enough to sit with them! He's becoming surely one of my favourite director on TV: i adored his work on Stranger I haven't watched Memories of Alhambra but it got raving reviews even from international fans that don't watch usually k-drama (it was on Netflix). I wasn't convinced by the cast but i might try it just for him. Some pretty gifs to soften the frustration during the wait for the subs! Beautiful HTJ Credit: taeng_1109
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