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  1. Do i need to use my beating gif already? I checked and decided to not use it because she already did the job! I always knew that she took this cold and harsh character because YeonSeo spoke to her on a spiritual level! Poor cute angel: mistreated on the job and scolded in real life. But i know that he will get plenty opportunities for revenge when Yeon Seo will start to have pervy thoughts about Dan and when their BTS will become all awkward! Oh my heart! That gif! Our acting Queen is a Godess: why isn't the whole world on its knees to worship her? The only agony that i recognize when talking about her is mine: she's the best actress on Korean TV and she isn't half as recognized as she deserves it. Any criticism is invalid. Pfft! They're so impatient to get there! Those kiddos! Sorry @meechuttso i cut your fantastic translation but my post is already too long! Aww, "neighborhood noona and lil bro" is so cute: seems like the name of a band. I love how he keeps repeating that she's bright open and friendly: it's sweet because it's so true and because he likes her for that! SHS 's reaction being so cruel: "just because i'm on the side of the angel, that doesn't mean i'm one!" Thank you so much @Flowerroad_infinite Because i'm living in a closed cult with SHS for years, i know nothing about this young, bright and talented young man. It's very interesting to discover a bit more about his personality and how different he can be depending on his motive. I wondered too if his need for physical contact wasn't a way to be reassured because he look up a lot to her obviously. It's his first major role (i mean he has been a lead before but not on this scale) and it would be normal for him to be stress out despite his big experience on stage. But it's certainly a good news if it means also that they're friend! I'm definitely looking for his chemistry with SHS on screen!
  2. Welcome to @turtlegirl and @nohamahamoud2002 @Flowerroad_infinite Let's make this thread a party! Thanks once again @meechuttsofor your herculean work of translation. What would we be without you? No commentary from me now on the spoilers: i'll wait after watching the first 2 episodes but i'm happy that she shared those tidbits, it will make the viewing more stimulating! Aww, that's such sincere declaration of hope! Can i try again to trust a k-drama writer?
  3. Thank you both for correcting this point: i was completely lost! I missed the part where it was said that his wife died and couldn't understand why he was treating this lady like family while keeping a relationship so formal with her. Also she doesn't have the look of rich japanese woman. I assumed she was Young Jin's adoptive mother because she was so nice to her, so protective, almost motherly. it was ovious that she raised Young Jin and that the young woman loved her deeply too. Somehow the fact that he's raising her "alone"convinces me a little bit more that she could be his real daugther. That's why i wrote that i would be very worried for her if he changes sides and stops protecting her; but the more i think about it and the more i like the theory that he loves her as his real daughter and has no intention to harm her. However they're not protected against the possibility that someone could use their family bond to force her to reveal herself. Fukuda is well placed to use such means. It would be even more tragic if it's been revealed that she's been his biological daughter. She's been so distant from him all her life, to discover only now how much she missed all those years would be devastating.... I'm being lead away by my imagination here but only because this theory of the father and the daughter working together and protecting each other is so good, it could filled an another drama by itself! I missed this scene: a rewatch will be necessary. Her rescue could have been a total coincidence but personally i feel that their relationship is taking too much place in the story to not contain a twist to come! Hopefully a happy one: where they would be able to break the glass window between them I'm ok with any outcome (adoption or blood family), as long as he cares sincerely about her. . Before Shanghai for me. I think he was attracted at first sight but was so busy trying to find a way to kill urgently a traitor on his side that he didn't take time to think about it much. But he had to admit to himself on the boat to China that he wanted to see her and not only for professional reasons. He put on a suit to seduce her (and i'm pretty sure that it had a real effect on her but she repressed strongly her attraction because at the time it would have seem crazy to think about him as anything else but an enemy) and was hurt by her rejection. Their sassy dialogues were a joy to hear. I wish we had more of it. In episode 6 while they were returning to Korea, Nam Ok discussed the fact that Won Bong never really felt in love before despite being attractive to few women like the girl (played by Park Ha Na) who joined their team. So dealing with his attraction is going to be a big deal for Young Jin and him. Sorry i presented my opinion like a fact! I didn't intend offend their shippers! To me, her attraction was always mixed with the fact that she's an agent of the pratriotic Corps. I can't tell how sincere she was, when he revealed his feelings, even though she seemed to have a genuine good impression of him after he saved her from jail. It's a good hypothesis that you're making: what if Fukuda didn't wait and came inside to save her? I don't think he could have forced his way like Won Bong did but who knows? She hoped for Fukuda because had she no reason to expect our leader of Heroic Corps: it was a shock for her to see him. But after Manchuria, it seems to me that nothing is left of her ancient inclination for Fukuda though it doesn't mean that she can't still flirt with him in order to advance her plans... Our hero doesn't doubt her anymore, not since the confession on the station platform: he knows for who she works, so she's not a ticking bomb anymore. I agree: we need more signals from her to be sure. Especially since i'm pretty sure that Kim Won Bong won't try anything now: with Fukuda making certainly a move, based on his reactions of last week and in the next trailer, to affirm his position as her protector and only love interest, Kim Won Bong would have many reasons to protect his team and his plans by taking a step back. @QSD Thanks so much for those pics! My heart beats way faster each time i come to this page and see my OTP looking so good together and so perfect for each other!
  4. PS: i found the fighting gif that i need for the times where the PD and writer will miss the point and will need a beating! Credit: Ltheflower Perfect for my little fantasy!
  5. Ha Ha! Don't worry, i've calmed down! I'm ready to ship those cute babies (in so far as they are a credible couple, chemistry and acting wise) and i believe that I'm not judging the episode or the drama entirely on this pic. But i can't help myself: I'm just very sensitive to the fact that whatever is happening in the moment between the characters, the network tried to sell it as romantic moment. And it works because look closely at the pic, his eyes are all on her lips! Physical contact without consent got up my nose very quickly, especially in this scene where our ballerina seems distressed, vulnerable and powerless. But hopefully in context, it won't leave the same effect. Those pics and gifs from Guerilla Date gave me a heart attack! But you're still allowed to continue, for as much content as you can get your hands on! Is that a trench coat that i'm spotting in this pic from her next photoshoot? The queen of Trench Coats is back! This scream and earthquack that you feel right now is me losing my mind at the other side of the earth! The part in bold: is this her polite way to say that he's a very good looking man? That would explain the part in the vids of the press conf where he seemed very satisfied with himself and tried very hard to make eye contact with her? Eye contact that she avoided like a pro with all her newly acquired flexibility/ballerina skills! Those two are fools! This declaration of love is so pure and so true to every SHS's fan experience that we should add it to the OP of her thread. Few thoughts on the press conf without subs: I'm really into, like really into her new fabulous look! Ponytail and black dress remind me a certain junior prosecutor who is still dear to my heart! KMS is still trying to do doing all those long eyes contacts with her and she has a hard time to avoid him, thus the awkward body language sometimes where they seem to dance around each other without finding the right posture. She's so much more relaxed and natural with LDG. What to not like about the guy! He's attractive, older than her, mature, tall and a real gentleman. I feel already the 1st symptoms of a major SLS coming, provided that his character is not the obsessive creep described everywhere. I don't mind the promotion of the ballet but i'm here for watching SHS pretending to be in love and i want plenty of that! So my little gift to myself!
  6. Thanks @immorethant and @meechuttso for all the translations and for generally keeping this thread so well updated! I must admit my head hurts with all those infos, vids, pics : it's almost too much! Near the indigestion despite the sweetness! I feel like i have seen too much while i know nothing! Unpopular opinion Alert! I intensely dislike the pic where our angel is stuck on her face like glue on paper! At this stage of their relationship , it's just creepy, even if we consider him asexual because he's still a celestial creature. I don't know which one: the writer or the PD decided to go for it, but someone should tell them that this is not a 2000's romance and nobody wants this period back where heroines were touched without their consent and when stalking was seen as a romantic gesture! By the way, what's the point to recruit a cute actor to make him play an angel, but instead to transform him in a creep that our heroine has no choice but to assault in order to keep her peace of mind? I'll go to watch few gifs where she's hitting him and imagine that it's the PD or the writer or both, who are beaten instead to bring back my peace of mind! Welcome to the thread! We don't know to be honest: very few infos have been revealed about the supporting cast to the point where if it wasn't for the character descriptions and press articles, i would wonder if this drama has hired anybody else beside the main leads. In her character description, it said that there's a feeling of rivalry between the main and the second female lead but she hasn't appeared in the trailer, so we don't know how much annoying it will be. Or if the rivalry is professional only or if it extends to love...
  7. Joining the discussion here because i can't contain my appreciation for this drama anymore and can't deal anymore either with the fact that nobody around me talk about it. Also i read in this thread the most interesting theories, thanks to all members who have been active here and keeping this thread updated, which makes it even more tempting to share my views. Back to the drama, the best things so far: Kim Bon Woong and Lee Young Jin: Not only they are my favourite characters because of how they have been written and developped as individuals, but their relationship stole entirely my heart. Their chemistry, dynamic, dialogues, looks put them in a special category for me. They convinced me at first sight to ship them and i will follow the drama and the relationship until its very end, no matter where it leads: their fall or their happiness. I don't expect happiness for this couple but i'm yet passionate about them as much as Kim Bon Wong is about independence. Though I'm very much aware it's not the main point of the drama, and romance between them is and will probably stay in a very ambiguous state because of their allegiances and the games they are forced to play to keep their fight strong. Hiroshi and his mystery: spy daddy covering his daughter's double identity as Bluebird or self serving men who lost his values as a doctor, killed his superior, blackmailed his best friend, and used a poor orphan to make himself a good image and reputation; he's a fascinating and scary man in each scenario. He's got everything to be a perfect spy: his lack of conscience when it comes to killing or manipulating, his carefully constructed plans, how he hides himself and his trails. I'd rather have him stay on Young Jin's side: if for any reason he becomes her enemy, she would be truly in danger. The actor is doing an excellent job at keeping us guessing. But because of his "bad energy", i tend to see him more as self centered guy who is using Young Jin and the interest that Fukuda has in her to protect his position. There's also something about the trio of old student/friends is making with Oda and Kenta since the last week episodes that mirrors in the negative way the life of his daughter: the 3 japanese men have stayed close but areengaged in a harsh competition to be at the top, while Young Jin, Esther and Yoo Tae Joon took separate ways but ended up embracing the same ideal and the same level of sacrifice. I like this this symbolical opposition between daughter and father, but i must admit it works only if they are on different sides. But i'll be happy to be proved wrong. And the drama is giving us few reasons to doubt him : I've rewatched recently the 1st episode and realized that he had a strong reaction when Oda suggested to give up Young Jin when she was arrested, arguing that she's not even his biological daughter. Through his strong rejection of this idea, the fact he agreed to sent her to Shanghai and his decision to pay a lot of money to hire a very dangerous spy to keep an eye on her, it seems that he's indeed more attached to her than his cold attitude made it seem. It made me wonder if there's a possibility that she could be his real daughter. If he has no links with the korean resistance and doesn't know about her spy activity, one motivation to help her so much could be simply that he's protecting his only blood child. His relationship with his wife seems to me to be quite awkward, as if he's faking the tenderness, so i wouldn't be surprised if he had an affair and kept it secret until he came back with his child. I have a hard time to believe that Hiroshi has never found the book. He's largely more experienced than her and after Esther's plan failed and Oda Told him about Yoo Tae Joon's involvement in the resistance, he must have searched through her things for evidences. Unless she carries the book always with her. But even in this case, she can't take it everywhere. Thanks a lot for the info! I knew the proposal would happen at one point! There were too many signs their relationship wasn't completely dead: Oda telling Fukuda about Hiroshi's marriage plan and appreciation and Fukuda nodding as it was something that he definitely welcomed and shared. Which explains why he was still meeting the father after being rejected by the daughter, told him nothing of her rejection and instead promised his loyalty. He had still hope that she would change her mind or that Hiroshi could help him to convince her. Young Jin telling her parents that she changed and wanted to settle, that she wanted to work at Hiroshi's hospital. It was obvious that Hiroshi was going to take it as a message that she's ready to marry. Seems also very much in his personality to jump on the opportunity to get ride off any suspicion that could be still lingering after her arrest. It work both ways, be it because Hiroshi thinks becoming the wife of a high ranking japanese officer would guarantee Young Jin a maximum protection and cover for her spy activities, or be it because he only wants to clean his name for good and strengthen his position. But i have a hard time to imagine she will accept: it would mean erasing completely her korean identity: changing her name, speaking only japanese, accepting a japanese husband and as loving as he can be, it would be hard to stomach for the little girl who watched all her relatives being killed by japanese soldiers. And everything that happened in Manchuria largely woke up this little girl inside herself, keeping her outside her glass cell. Also what about her job as a doctor? Once married, she wouldn't be able to work. She has no feelings for Fukuda: the fact is that she rejected him coldly and in strategic move, for in her own words "protect Kim Bon Woong's identity and presence" in Shanghai. After the "break up" , she didn't think about him once and hasn't shown any regrets neither. She got absorbed by her relationship with Kim Bon Woong entirely to the point she's now making the moves to get closer to him and clearly not only as comrades. It might be my shipper biais but it seemed very hard to believe that what happened in Manchuria wasn't romantic. Young Jin and Kim Bon Woong shared many intense emotional moments in this place, and all came to consolidate a real attraction (though repressed in her case since she met him in the boat to Shanghai). To list the most important: the travel made together, the bond created with the people at Tae Joon's farm (the laugh and food), the feeling of working together to free the bomb technician Majar and how she had Bon Woong's back for the second time and did a better job to protect him than anyone else (even Nam Ok), the shared devastation when they returned to find everybody dead and the fact she sobbed in front of him breaking her stoic appearance for the 1st time since they met, the funerals and mourning of their friends and how she opened her heart to him about the way she closed her soul a long time ago and the support he offered her by reminding her that things don't last forever, that she can change her life, the trust Young Jin showed in Kim Bon Woong after he decided to avenge the victims of Murai and how she followed his plans. All those events and connections leading to the magical scene at the train station!. It was so romantic: the light, the cold, the snowflakes, their elegant outfits, how they at first kept distance between them, but on her own she decided to break it and made the few steps to get closer, how she leaned to tell him one of the biggest secret of her life fully conscious that she's putting her life in his hands, how she teased him to not smile at her because it would make her forget what a scary man he can be (!), the handshake she offered as their first mutual physical contact and the smile on her face when he preferred a a hug. Since she returned, her only thoughts were for him, attached to his words and especially his promise to start anew together. That's why she admitted wanting to settle: to stay next to him, now that he's in town. She looked like any girl rushing to meet her lover when she joined him at the tailorshop for a secret meeting (secrecy ruined by Fukuda by the way). and in the street, oh boy they so looked like lovers on date! Those smiles! She was glowing! Lee Yo Won never looked so pretty imo.( I don't talk about his feelings because they are obvious since the start ) This marriage offer might be made by her father and Fukuda with her best interest at heart, and it might be the best strategy for Bluebird and the Patriotic Corps, but for Young Jin it will be a trap in which she will slowly suffocate.
  8. She blushed and broke the eye contact because he stared her at her during few long seconds. It's the second time he does that (first one was during the filming in the park where they were both in white). I don't know if he's just teasing her but it seems to me, it took her off guard because she wasn't expecting him to be so intense during the BTS. Based on the interviews he gave, it seems he's been acting in character all the time: during the rehearsals and BTS, shooting of promo material, calling SHS by her character's name etc... I read that he isn't the cheerful type, and was somehow very surprised by how bright he could act and by the fact he enjoyed it very much. So "he's Dan" all the time, even in the way his character keeps touching Yeonseo. Also, they talk in informal language, so he probaly feel comfortable to act more friendly publicly. Yes, that's the spirit! All i can see for this film is that she's playing with Lee Je Hoon! But more seriously, i really wish she will be more than the usual girlfriend who make the cold lead more human/tragic or even worst just sexy.
  9. Don't worry i have very low expectations! It's just that as for a rom com, the main couple must work very well to keep my attention and interest. If she looks more mature than him, i will have a hard time to ship them. Since it's the case in real life, i just hope the writing and the wardrobe will erase the difference. A cute pic that is new to me:
  10. Thanks everyone for the updates! Good point: I'm feeling less the age/maturity gap between them in those last clips. Hopefully, the writing will help to build this missing connection. A funny gif from the BTS poster filming: Credit:: thel313
  11. Your gifs are gifts: you're both killing it! It brings me back to the time she was shooting the poster with the SF cast. What a progress since then! The BTS of the shooting seemed at the time telling about how comfortable she feels with her body: I think she was and is very comfortable, but certainly less than BDN and CSW who asked for music and started to do few exercices to relax. She was trying hard to stay in character and couldn't follow the example of her co-stars. BDN and CSW got to train a lot for their previous roles (fighting scenes for BDN and musicals for CSW ) and had a physical flexibility that they totally integrated to their acting. I think this role might her help her to reach closer to this level of maturity in her acting, to learn to not rely only on her expressions. Honestly, it make me crave even more the idea that she can do a action film or spy drama. I'm watching Different Dreams on MBC and though the heroine played by the superb Lee Yo Woon have less to do than the male lead (the charismatic and very talented Yoo Ji Tae): she still got to hold a gun and ride a horse and fight for her life. Damn, i'm getting lead away by my fantasies: i can't stop but imagining her playing with Joo Ji Tae! "shudders"
  12. I would have never thought of this intepretation by myself! So bold of you to beat us all! While we were all patient like angels waiting for the tiniest sign that they don't hate each other, you just went directly for the most mature signs of physical intimacy! . You are in real impatience to get there! But how can blame you? Surely not me, I won't complain if it becomes suddenly very hot in this drama and this thread (i remember a certain passionate kiss and night in Violent Prosecutor that deserves imo a repeat/replay because the first time was way too short. I'm totally ok for KMS to replace KDW in this fantasy Thanks @meechuttso for your translation and explanations! My head hearts: i strictly don't understand a thing to what's on going on those trailers. Are they trying to keep the mystery? Or is the plot too complex and confusing? Same as you, bad memories form MGL time came back flooding, especially during the scene where it seemed that he tried to force a kiss on her and she turned her head hastily and in panic mode. It was obvious that the writer was going to take the crazy obsessive road for his character based on the teaser but i'm surprised it's happening so quickly. The trailer cover only next weeks episode and he's already "in love" with her and she's already rejecting him. Does this mean it won't last more than few episodes? A dramatic start transformed quickly into a naive and sweet rom com a la 30but17?
  13. @meechuttso So happy to see you too! It's been so long since we shared a SHS's drama! I'm here in the long run and back to the old good habits to dissect every scene, and to write insanely long posts full of impossible theories and literary non sensical parallels. If you all don't end up hating me for that, then we'll have hopefully, this time only fun since the endgame is clear!
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