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  1. Those reviews are among the 1st ones i read when the drama aired on SBS. Few people on Dramabeans were negative too (i'm talking about comments written before the recaps). But on Tumblr and Twitter, international fans seemed to have enjoyed more the drama. She did a strong performance but it's hard to say that she could have deserved a Daesang if the drama went longer. I think the change that i mentioned about the writing would have been really necessary to make her performance really noticed.
  2. She looks stunning in red and with long hair! Thanks for sharing chingus! But i can't see how she could lose more weight, she's already very thin. So many pages have been added since my last visit! You guys know how to stay busy even when it's quieter for Uri Baby. I have a lot to catch up but i will start first with my review for Hymn of Death. I finally watched it on Netflix and was surprised to enjoy it a lot more than i thought i would! The fan reviews weren't positive: i was told the acting even for SHS was wooden and the drama lacked soul and emotion.To be honest, the trailers seemed to confirm it. But while it felt indeed like an incomplete work, a drama that didn't reach its full potential, it still delivered a lot in term of character development and cinematography. I don't regret at all watching it and would have liked to see more of the story. The good: Shim Deok! she's a very impressive heroine, who got it all: heart, intelligence, talent, independence of mind, loyalty and courage, a strong personality that she used to support her political views about freedom and progressive fight for a better place for women in society. Basically everything you want from an heroine. The best character that SHS has played since Eun soo! SHS's acting! she literally carried the drama alone at one point (her co-star was clearly not invested but more of it in the bad part). It took her one episode to fully own her character, but after that she shined with a strong sense of confidence: as usual she made the best of the script. She got to the tip Shim Deok's identity, and had a clear vision of her character's ordeal and emotions that she showed through a delicate, subtle and diverse range of expressions. She made relatable the conflicted emotions in which Shim Deok was locked: her desire to realize her dream, to follow her heart and her loyalty to her family, while the conflict could have looked too traditional to understand for a modern audience. Watching her look so mesmerizing in those superb outfits, i couldn't help but imagine her as one of Jane's Austen best heroines: Elisabeth Bennet, Elinor Dashwood, or Anne Elliott (my favourites). There's no hope for a korean adaptation but it would fit her very well, more than a sageuk. I truly think her acting style suits more the modern heroines. The costumes and sets: i'm not sure about the historical accuracy (i saw a post on tumblr where the production team was criticized for using props that didn't exist during the years in which the story took place) but the vibrant colors, consistency of the palette of colors, and attention to details fully worked to give the feeling of escapism in another period despite the limited budget. The cinematography was superb, almost on a film level. Be it by capturing the last drop of rain after a storm at night, or the devastated expression of Shim Deok's during her silent call in ep 3, i could feel that every shot had an intention and supported the way to tell this story. Visually, it was like watching a painting, an immersion in the details of the work of the artist to get the taste, feel and vibe of a period/time long gone. Lee Sang Yeob's cameo : i loved his appearance as Shim Deok's suitor because i feel like he had the right chemistry with SHS and really tried to convey the (failed) romantics feelings that his character had for Shim Deok. I wasn't completely convinced that he could have been such good spirit about her rejection. Maybe i'm reading too much in it but felt that somehow while he looked happy for her (and maybe relieved: he might have been in love with someone else just like she did since it wasn't clear if it was only his family's choice or his choice too to marry her), the scandal that came just after the cancellation of their engagement seemed completely staged (i don't understand why his family would have wanted her so much since she was very poor, maybe, for her fame? But wasn't her activity of singer something that was socially disregarded?). I'm pretty sure that the administrator working for the Japanese colonial authority and the man who lend her money were in cahoots to ternish her reputation and force her to do their will and her ex fiance (involuntarily) played a part in it though he gently warned her about the consequences for her. The end/ep3: i loved how the script explained their suicide and linked it to their family issues. It wasn't only about being separated, but also about not being able as individuals to make more sacrifices than they have already accepted. Their lives became suffocating and running away wasn't an option: the guilt would have overpowered Shim Deok. To leave behind her family suffering miserably because of their poverty and the harassment of the japanese occupant wasn't even thinkable for her. I think Woo Jin had already accepted to give up his father: his decision was made when he left home. Going abroad wouldn't have make much difference despite what his wife said. But living without Shim Deok didn't make sense for him while dying at her side was a guarantee to not suffer anymore. The bad Lee Jong Suk was clearly miscast but it's not completely a problem of acting skills: it's true that he obviously lacked the subtlety, depth, and intensity required to portray a character who had long moments of inaction/contemplation, but it's mostly because of his lack of interest in Woo Jin. The character was reduced because of LJS's poor understanding of the script, to be a rich boy with pretentions/fantasy to be a writer, bored to death with his life. I never felt that i was watching an artist being unfairly repressed and prevented to express his voice/talent in a world not ready to accept his view, like the script tried to tell us. LJS lacked the passion required to convey to the audience Woo Jin's hopeless dilemma (with the exception of the scenes he confronted his father and looked finally alive!). His individual scenes seemed rather like a photoshoot where he was trying to look good. Being an ancient model was here an easy way out for him: he knew how to make make himself present on screen while avoiding to act. His scenes with SHS lacked chemistry: i never felt on his side the attraction. It's like he was playing opposite to his little sister and couldn't convince himself to see more in her. A situation that i can't explain logically because she put her heart in her character and was Shim Deok (and brilliant). The writing: I regret that we had to wait ep 3 to see Woo Jin and Shim Deok's motivations developped fully. I wish we spent less time during the 2 first episodes on their romance and more on developping their contrasting personalities and individual convictions. The real Shim Deok and Woo Jin, based on few articles i read, were people who had, before meeting, a hard time to find their place in society because their ideas weren't consensual/conventional for their time. They were clouded by the idea of suicide way before they met but the script romanticized too much their relationship at the expense of accuracy and realism. I'm not fan either of the way her family was presented: their obsession for money was pushed to a degree that made it excessive, unrealistic. Also how could she afford all those beautiful dresses while they could barely eat and she was spending all that she earnt in her family's expenses? The PD was at times so focused on making everything pretty that it ruined the moment: I mean look at the so called scene of torture of Woo Jin after he was arrested. Look too at the scenes on the boat at the end when they danced: Woo Jin and Shim Deok looked like Rose and Jack from the film Titanic! Not only it harmed the credibility of the plot while the story is true (!), but it reduced them to be remembered only as tragic lovers. To sum up, 6 episodes would have been better to develop the story to its full potential and keeping it centered on Shim Deok/SHS while recasting the male lead would have helped too. But overall, it's a good drama and i'm satisfied to have finally watched a project that she did recently that i can praise!
  3. Chingus, i miss you too! Real life has been hard lately. I'm changing jobs often and have to work on a new degree. So i wasn't really motivated to write in Soompi lately. But to escape the pressure, i started a new drama, Children of nobody/Red moon Blue sun and got completely sucked in. The discussions between my friends on twitter brought me back here, only few days ago. I wanted to share with them more comfortably the long and in depth thoughts that this little gem of thriller is inspiring. I wasn't commenting on SHS because i didn't have much to say: i'm still waiting for Netflix to air in my region Hymn of Death, to watch it. I liked a lot the MV Snowfall that she did with Kim Dong Wook but it was too short and didn't allow them to bring out their chemistry or their acting skills. I'm waiting with great hope for The Innocent (is it still the title?), her film with Bae Jong Ok to be filmed and released next year. But i hate her next drama project: i knew she was going to come back on tv with a rom com but the fact she picked one where her male costar is an idol is the worst choice ever. No matter the quality of the content, i will never support her for wasting her time this way, so i'm just keeping my negativity for myself and trying to not annoy my chingus here who still want to enjoy her work! Here few pretty gifs and pics to make up for my absence of activity! Source: OAO3017 I'm sure you're all tired of my endless praise of this drama but what can i do? My love for them refuses to fade away!
  4. I didn't read this scene as being specifically about Ji Heon. It seemed certain to me that he wasn't going to do it anyway: if he wasn't the type to beat suspects like it was clearly established at the start of the drama when he was at his worst, i didn't see any reason for him to change now, no matter how protective he can feel about Woo Kyung and Hana. Unless the writer was trying to emphasize that his speech to Soo Young was more pretense than it he would have admitted and that facing the same circumstances as her, meaning being really pissed off by a suspect, he would lose it like everyone else. I must admit i would like this version a little bit because he didn't just call her out on her bad methods, he too looked down on her and made her feel inferior. I think his ego needed the lesson that she wasn't the only one with a problem with violence. I think Ji Heon's violence and the fact that he was stopped by Hana was a call back to the time Woo Kyung almost murdered the mother of the child she already killed accidentally but was stopped by the girl in the green dress and to the time that So Ra's mother considered killing her husband but couldn't because "that animal was still a human being and the father of the baby she gave birth to". There's a an invisible connection between those three and many others who like them refused to kill because of their values, their empathy or the influence of love. There's a thin line that separate them from the monster that Red Cry is: the urge to kill was real and strong for them but it's also a strong line filled with hope and opportunity for redemption. It's a moral message that can seem simplistic but is actually entirely true to life and doesn't undermine the complexity of world. Thanks for your nice words! All the characters have their dark side and deal more or less well with it, but Red Cry is pure evil without a doubt for me: this killer is planning and executing people as if he/she's a sort of deity with a death and life power over them and doesn't think twice about the consequences of his/her actions on the family. I think this person is just hiding under a pretense of concern his/her murderous impulse while in fact it's all about himself/herself. Pretending killing only bad people feeds him/her superiority complex and made the credule part of the public cheers for him, thus feeding his/her conviction to be and act right. IMO It's an illusion and a trap, nothing more. I agree that multiple interpretations are possible for this part. Mine was influenced by the body language of the actor, but i admit i seem to be more often wrong when it comes to read how korean actors plays with their bodies. His question was abrupt, coming from nowhere and he even startled and intrigued Soo Young. I thought he was thinking a lot, maybe too much on those questions under the pressure of guilt. You made too good theories about his involvement. After considering again his closeness with Woo Kyung, i think it's quite probable that it will be revealed that he's really a pure heart, who was being manipulated and helped unwittingly the killer. I like their new friendship, so i hope she isn't making a mistake by trusting him. He's definitely not ready to enter a balanced relationship: the place that she's taking in his thoughts and discussions is bordering on obsession, as Soo Young told him at least twice. The way she affects his emotions is unhealthy considering their status as detective and suspect. The more he learns about her, the more he's drawn to her. At this pace, he might compromise the investigation, by not being able to not protect her. But we're only at the half of the drama, i don't trust the writer to not mess up a perfectly plotted mystery with a destructive romance like her previous work proved it (Que Sera, Sera was a mess, an intense, haunting, fascinating mess but still a mess). I really believe that Red Cry is an association of two people and maybe more because the level of very personal information about Woo Kyung that he/she's able to gather is just mindblogging. It can't be only someone from the center. How could he/she know that Woon Kyung was meeting Suk-woo’s mother? She never talked to anyone about her. Never said to anyone that the woman found her and asked for money that she payed! And yet Suk-woo’s mother was targeted: she received a poem and was a victim of a hit and run. I still have a hard time to believe that it was an "accident". I wonder if the truck driver wasn't paid to say so and enough desperate to accept this agreement. It's been a long time since i "met" you: last time was on Ocn life on Mars thread. Another excellent drama! I'm glad to find you again here. I cried for her in those scenes. She broke my heart: very few things that she believed to be are really true and she has not even the truth to replace her memories. She has nothing. The scene was scary for me on a horror film level: the way the step mother and Woo Kyung are forced to move her while the sister is obviously very conscious of what's happening around her though she can only move her eyes was unsettling. Like Soo Young said for Woo Kyung, it seemed like her all body was screaming "i know the truth". There's a strong parallel here about the sisters: who they both one physically and the other mentally/psychologically are rendered voiceless. The harsh step mother watching them and refusing to leave their life sounds like an image from a fairy tale who had turned bad. I wonder why she had a fight with her sister. Was the accident of her sister a real accident or the work of Red Cry? If i had more time on my hand, i would rewatch the drama while waiting for the new episodes: i'm sure i'm missing a lot....
  5. As expected, this thread if full of insightful and in depth analysis, thanks to the quality of the members posting here. @liddi and @selenette 's interesting discussion started on twitter lead me to watch the drama ( thanks to both of you for your enthusiasm) and to break my hiatus here because i need space to add few long thoughts: My view is colored by the fact that i have watched a j-drama Kazokugari, produced and aired in 2014 and which might have been a source of inspiration for Children of Nobody. If you want to know more about it, here more similarities between the two works: This being said i'm fully on board with the theory that Woo Kyung isn't the killer, but a victim of abuse who found a way to recover from the trauma and to win a stable life, only to be dragged, again into this pit when she was involved in the accident which killed a child who happened to be abused too. The little girl in green dress is clearly Woo Kyung for me. I 'm convinced of this since the striking scene between them in the kitchen where the girl stopped her from killing her husband and wiped her away her tears. She's been taking care of her since the beginning: warning her by appearing few seconds before the accident, preventing her to act violently few times, or giving her clues about the investigation, so for me she's far more than simply her intuition or her subsconscious taking over because of her trauma/guilt. Actually, i'd rather have no explanation than a psychological/scientific one. I love the idea of her imagination finding an incarnation in a mystical way and it's enough for me. Like everyone i feel like the killer is more than one person and that those people are very close to her. I don't believe it's her family though there's a mystery about her past that her stepmother and her sister have the clues to unlock. They are the masters of the key for her childhood; but like @bebebisous33 pointed it there's a second character navigating in the children care center with this name, though this person has gone unnoticed so far because he's/she's being cautious and smart. For me, the fact the investigation brings the detective team so often to the children center is something planned: i think one of the killer is very confident in his manipulation skills and is provoking the cops because he/she intends to frame Woo Kyung for the crimes. And Eun Ho is obviously an accomplice: either convinced or coerced into kidnapping Ha Na but in all cases, he's a hand in what happened to her. His line about how Ha Na seems happier now was delivered with enough despair and hope mixed at the same time to make his involvement and guilt clear. Though he's probably not aware of the damage that can be done to Woo Kyung, he seems to like her enough to not be involved knowingly in something that could hurt her. I want all the children to survive and be well but her more than anyone else. I'm very attached to this little angel! She's certainly becoming the most important secondary character so far. Her subplot have been explored in details and the main characters have grown intensely attached to her. After the discussion in the car between Ji Heon and Woo Kyung when she pointed to him that instead of being persistent he was just acting naive, i fear for them both. I feel that this case is the most dangerous in term of what could be at risk for them if they can't keep their frustration or their anger in check. I wonder if Ji Heon could lose his ethics on this case and if Woo Kyung could lose her professional credibility/job and maybe consequently her daughter, by acting too harshly. Let's pray they'll have a happy ending after all the misery they've been suffering! On the romance front, i'm in the minority here: i believe solitude is the best way for Woo Kyung. i'm really bitter about how easy things went for Woo Kyung's ex husband. When she was at her worst, he was wallowing in self pity, and lack of luck for being the husband of a such depressed woman. But he was certainly very happy when she was in good health to be married to a pretty woman, competent at work, devoted to her family to the point of sacrificing her needs and make him her priority. Everything" nice" he seems to have done since the divorce for Woo Kyung is because he got the separation easily and without damage. I don't trust him to not hurt her again if he discovers she's having a "problem" again. After being with someone so selfish for so long, i think she deserves a lot of peace of mind, time to heal and learn again to take care of herself, to aknowledge that she had her own needs independantly of the people close to her, even her daughter. I don't ship with her Ji Hoon: not only it would be awkward for them to hook up when their exes are already together, he's also clearly not the right match for her. The drama spent a lot of time in the beginning showing that his relationship with his ex girlfriend ended on a sour note: he was in denial, stalking her even at her work. He was clingy, possessive and jealous. She would have been completely legitimate in filing a complaint against him. Nothing in the drama so far says that it's not his normal way to act in a relationship. The fact that he's been acting in a distinct tender way with Woo Kyung might be that he's more likely to be nice at the start when the attraction is new and fresh. Also, it seems to me that the attraction is one sided: Woo Kyung is over her husband but she's not showing any sign of being ready to move in with someone new. I believe she cares about him, but she's certainly not watching him with the same puppies eyes that he as for her. She wasn't comfortable and ran away when she realized she was sleeping in his car and they were alone, whereas he was ready to settle and wait for her to wake up while enjoying the intimacy. He became cold when she admitted that Eun Ho (who is a very cute boy) made the drawing for her while she never showed any curiosity about his female partner and their relationship. I wouldn't mind the age gap if the characters didn't seem so incompatible in term of taste and way of living. Hopefully things will stay blocked at this stage: the characters need development and romance is not requirement for that.
  6. Thanks for sharing! The n°1 original is definitely my favourite! I love the fact that she broke all Ocn's records! Google tells me that the article is about TvN new romcom and compare the new heroine to her character in High School King of Savvy and few others. It seems that Tvn rom coms like to reverse tropes and use oddballs girls who fall for the hot type, and win the boy because of their pure heart, honesty and brave attitude facing life and despite their looks and quirkiness. High School King of Savvy is my favourite k-romcom and i adored LHN in it. Her chemistry with SIG reminded of those old american romcom from Hollywood Golden Age where the actors could do anything together: sing, walk, dance or play the most silly scenes and still be in sync, oozing chemistry. Watching this drama was like eating a marshmallow: the sweetness was off the chart! And boy their kisses looked so romantic and good! I especially loved that Soo Young stayed unconventional until the end: she won maturity and looked more confident about her looks but only at the very end, after few years of marriage. I loved too that the writer wasn't afraid of the age gap. It was the right choice to let them be together: no matter how senseless it looked based on social conventions, it was completely true to the characters! Credit: to the owner. Sorry it's the only gif from HSKOS that i seem to have kept! Edit: but here more vids! So many fond memories! Including the OST!
  7. To root or not root for them is the throbbing/nagging question which haunted my viewing and their relationship all along the drama, and sadly until the very end. Needless to say, after "thousand" rewatch, i still don't know the answer. It became an obsession and i'm still deep into it without a desire to get ride of its roots. It's a case where the actors improved so much the writing, that their characters became a real thing, so complex that you can't get enough of it. You'll have so much fun with this drama! Just take your time with it (though you won't because it's a thriller and the cliffanghers were excruciating!). Your enthusiasm is lovely to read and contagious! I just want to be the same, and stop being so negative sometimes! You just broke my heart again with those words and especially this gif! Oh Boy, her smile "shudders" Mindblowing! Where does this gif come from ( i mean which drama)? @immorethant What an excellent choice of eating gifs! Notice that she puts a special effort on her chewing skills when her character is supposed to be in love. The 2nd and 3rd gif are from MGL, when Ji An was eating with Hyuk and the context made her appetite very meaningful: Ji An couldn't eat so carelessly in front of anyone but him at this point of the drama, which meant she could only be her true self with him and it felt so liberating for her but also for us to watch her enjoy herself in a drama so gloomy! I'm totally cheering for you to do it! I'm certain that she will be very happy/curious to meet a fan who wants to cook for her just because she loves it! Yes! More SF gifs and pics Credits: to the owners
  8. Chingu, we, SHS fans, know better than anyone than 3 solid/good episodes is better than 50 episodes so bad that it seems that you're trapped in hell with the characters. At least if the drama is not good, they won't make us miserable for too long. Thanks for all the updates and translations @meechuttso! Strange how this thread is empty of SHS fans comments: usually we are very talkative people about oori baby's projects. An excess of romance in her works this this year? Or is it the tragic and predictable end that blocks us? I admit that i will have a hard time to enjoy a project where her character will die again: i'm still not over the last time it happened.... But to be honest, herself she also barely promoted it. Has she lost interest for it?
  9. Why are so mean to me? You know what everything related to Eun Soo and SF do to my heart! I have such a hard time on restraining myself to not spam this thread with only SF pics and gifs! I blame the following spree on you! Oh God, they are so not made for each other, but why then do they look so right together? Thank you so much for sharing! Oh my!!!!Im dead!!! This coat, the white blouse, her hair!!!!! Everything is SO PERFECT in this look! I'm literally exploding under the feels! I need a snoopy gif too to express my feelings ( i'm not saying that i'm not tempted to steal the one generously used by @meechuttso) Why do those posters look like they have been made for a post war chinese film? The chemistry is nowhere to be seen! Hopefully they'll look better together on screen. Thank you for the report and the translation! I commend your journalistic integrity! Full respect to our team leader who work hard to bring the freshest news to us! I'm so relieved that it's not a romantic comedy! I get that she needed to clean the frustration that she feltduring MGL but she did 2 projects now centering about the love life of her characters! That's enough for at least 6 months!
  10. Cold Case is back! My show is back! It took ages for the 1st episode to be available but boy it was worth the wait! Everything what i loved about season 1 was still there! my favourite team of detectives ever, the most iconic characters, are back, especially the charismatic and so stoic Ishikawa Yuri! All the main actors are doing a fantastic job in making their characters compelling and very relatable. This superb ensemble cast is fantastically lead by Yoshida Yoo, and they all have an excellent chemistry. I loved the continuity: the drama picked up 2 years after, making the timeline in sync with the viewers time. However, It didn't seem the characters have changed a lot: except for Yuri who is still dealing with the trauma related to the events which end Cold Case 1 on such a big bang. I really like the small little pieces left here and here to suggest her state of mind: how she avoided her therapist and the fact that she still can't use a gun. I adored (and rewatched few times) her scene with the team leader Motoki Hidetoshi. Their mentor/mentee relationship is a real treat. They have the trust and the respect what we all want between a senior officer and a younger one and the gender difference made it even more powerful, because never the writing nor the actors implied that it could have been more. They have just the right amount of tension and tenderness to warm my heart without detracting from the cases or the credibility of the story. The supporting cast was as always solid and the cinematography efficient, with some very beautiful shots showing that the budget is higher than usual for a j-drama. Though the plot seemed quite simple and straighthforward at first, the mystery was intriguing enough to keep my interest during the episode but it's the final that really won all the superlatives. Not only the twists were weally mindblowing, i also loved that the drama wasn't shy to ask the most difficult ethical questions: stopping military nuclear operation seems a very legit option when fighting for a better world but does it justify to use violence to achieve it? The end was really brilliant and mature in the way it refused to condemn one side more than the other and left the responsability to everyone involved. I can't wait for ep2! .
  11. I don't know for the process but it's probably just mix of a concept with a trending actress/rising star and that's why it felt random. Any celebrity could have pulled it off. But that doesn't mean it was bad: she was "playing" a style just the same way she takes on a character. Sometimes i like her role/the writing for her character, sometimes, i don't but it doesn't detract from her profesionalism. Thank you very much for bringing those old perfect and simple pics! It brightens my day and this thread a hundred time! Same! I've decided to watch finally! I miss her on my screen!
  12. Thanks for the update This is lovely! She could have been a cop in another life: she looks so good in this uniform! More pics from the event: She confirmed herself in her Allure interview that she received the script for ep1, didn't she? I'm confused now, what Kwon Yul said was a spoiler?
  13. Saram's blog on Naver has more pics from the Thriller House. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=16994373&memberNo=10059278&naverapp=true#nafullscreen My favourites There's a little vid too!
  14. The Elle photoshoots was a little bit better because it had two pics that were really pretty. She looked more natural/herself here. That's why i like those pics. But overall it was random, uninspired and not original... Hopefully it's only that, maybe she now prefers to keep those personal moments private. I just hope she takes time to take care of herself and doesn't overwork herself. Credit: iwanttocu_831
  15. Thanks so much for the head up @ellelyana88! With your permission, here your translation (thanks again for yoru perfect work!) : Google was indeed a mess! It's much more understandable this way, which is important to convey because she took time to write a long and nice message to us! Watching her being so excited to meet her fans warms my heart! She's so happy because of everything that Voice brought to her life, i feel a bit guilty to not have been able to appreciate this season as much as S1.
  16. Maybe because i'm really not into her appereance in those last photoshoots, i feel bored by those CFs and just want her to move on her next project. And while she's waiting to start to shoot: she should also stop herself from doing anything and just breathe/enjoy life. I'd be happy with pics showing her having fun at a concert, having meals with old friends, wandering in parks and enjoying the beauty of nature in autumn... I don't think she had those simple/little things since MGL...
  17. #fingerscrossedforsubtitlestoo! Despite my dislike for V2, I'm still curious to hear what she tried to convey with her character this season and how the writer explain her writing choices... Always She's a real angel! Credit: Onlyhearvoice More updates that i forgot to post from her IG: I used Google for translating the captions and got this:
  18. Thank you for asking! Sadly, imo there's few chances that the character can really recover from what happened to her during V2: the idea that she became so naive that she would trust and care about a man she barely knows in opposition to everything that she proved to be in s1 was a too big blow. Same for the fact that she could have been lead on and been mistaken by a recording. This part in the interview made me so happy for her! She was lucky enough to play the best female character on tv since years and she enjoyed every bit of it! And she's totally right to be proud: playing Kwon Joo transformed her and the medias as much the public noticed her improved acting skills, her new confidence, her magnetic charisma, her dark and subtle elegance and eagerly approved it! More goodies from Ocn halloween event! Sorry the vid can't be embedded! It's a long excerpt filmed by a fan. https://youtu.be/UwXYf7NwRjI
  19. This thread is going too fast: i will never catch up with my real life getting in the way!! We've been missing you too @cadymcbronzie! The old days of this thread are over but i hope we won't lose anyone in the process now that comes the time to enjoy her success! All korean journnalists become poets when it comes to describe her beauty! But obviously this back helped a lot! Credit: OAO3017 This summarizes perfectly her current status. Her story is to be continued at the next big awards ....
  20. It's clearly my favourite from all her photoshoots! I didn't post a review because i haven't finished it yet but loved too her RM episode. She was indeed very smart and had good chemistry with all the cast! I won't lie: i'm very glad that you and @goonersina ara back! Thanks so much for all updates: pics and translations! I'm SO enjoying the contrast between her dark and sexy photoshoot and her calm and natural insta pics. The photoshoot gives a real sense of her acting ability, even for something that required only to play on her non verbal acting. Her charisma is off the chart. I'm not satisfied with this news about her return for V3. I wish that that the writer could leave alone Kwon Joo, since she doesn't seems really capable to give justice beyond one season to the amazing character that she created. Maybe she will appear only in the start of the drama? i really can't see how Kwon Joo could have survived in a credible way and for real the explosion without suffering at minimum serious hearing wounds. So she won't be much use for the plot, except for firing the desire of the male lead to avenge her. I have really no interest ro watch an amazing female character being fridged to make the male lead look better. I knew that she would want to pick a romantic comedy next: what else could she choose in an industry which reduce woman roles to romantic interest or mother? It's not like she could dream to be offered to play the korean version of million dollar baby (since she seems so much into being wild and boxing) I just wish her to enjoy it whatever she goes for. A period drama would be indeed good. Not necessarily a sageuk (not my taste), however Mr Sunshine's costumes were to die for. I would totally support and help you to ask for more. This translator did a fabulous work! I can't thank her enough! I LOVE this interview! It adressed her acting with pertinent questions. Let down/Disappointment: she is wrong, s1 was far better! Bonus point: I'm happy that she mentioned how important it was for her to have Jang Hyuk as a leader on set and as mentor and friend afterwards! This must be the most stunning artwork of her that i have ever seen! I'm grateful to whoever commission it! Looking stunning as usual at Ocn V2 event today!
  21. First, a pretty gif to comply to the new rule of starting every page with something nice to see! SHS is today at YJM's wedding with the rest of Secret Forest team! The pics are very bad quality but it's better this way: it's a private event after all. I'm happy that they are, still years after, a big and united group of friends!!! Hopefully, she will return the invitation at her wedding and gather again all of them! A long and happy life to the newlyweds!!! Someone on twitter broke into my mind and said what i didn't dare to say:
  22. More pics from her Allure Korea Photoshoot! I love those pics so much, i almost feel tempted to buy the magazine just for her. Her profile pics are the best!
  23. Well done! I hope she won't go too authoritarian after that! That would be an excellent idea! It's a safe bet if you like TvN drama! PS: sorry for the double post. I thought the posts were going to merge like they do usually when i forgot to add a part.
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