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  1. I think korean viewers are boycotting the best couple award voting for now hoping that mbc will change it. So their focus is now on the best drama category. But still i think our drama dropped to 2nd place for that as well. So please remember to vote! (https://activity.tiktok.com/magic/page/ejs/5df2f05ce7b90a0252e8e072?appType=aweme) You are entitled to 3 votes per day so you can actually vote everyday! In fact, you can make full use of your votes by clicking on this button: When you click on it, it will prompt you to share the link on any social media platform you have. Once done, you will receive 2 additional votes which you can use. For those with extra time, you can actually create multiple accounts on TikTok for voting. Simply use any email addresses to sign up as it does not require any sort of email verification. You can make up any fake email addresses tbh lol. This is also one of the tricks fans from the other drama have been using to gain some of the votes. (shh don't tell them that I've been spying) if you need a step-by-step on how to do this, dm me
  2. Ah thinking about it ...I'm just so sad that MBC did Hyeyoon, Rowoon and Jaewook dirty like this. lol. It's unfair especially for Hyeyoon and Rowoon since they worked so hard to build up such a beautiful palpable chemistry together just for MBC to dismiss it and opt for nominating 'a couple and its third-wheel' instead I- and poor Jaewook is receiving the brunt of it all :/ He don't deserve this. They all don't deserve this. MBC should've just left Haru and Dan oh alone and let them have the spotlight and honor of getting the Best Couple Award. I visited some of the Korean forums and the korean viewers are definitely pissed at MBC. Yikes. lol
  3. Hey everyone, I've been a silent lurker here. although the drama has ended, i just wanna say hi and that this drama is defintely one of my faves this year so far. I love how although it can be fluffy and cute but it has subtle philosophical elements to the story that makes us as viewers question about our own existence in our world as well. As someone who loves reading literary fiction with magical realism and philosophical elements and in addition to meta-fiction, this story really gels well with me. In addition to that, i love seeing fresh new faces taking on lead roles and that they did such an amazing job at it. The casts have such good chemistry together especially the two leads (Hyeyoon and Rowoon) who have done such an amazing job at making their romance so believable and heartfelt. They are just overflowing with so much romantic chemistry for such young leads. I'll be looking forward to their future projects as I can see so much potential in them. I just saw the news that MBC has opened the voting polls for the Best Couple category. It is so unfortunate that they include the love triangle as the Best Couple. Its definitely unfair to the DanHaru couple as they are the main couple and deserve the award as the main couple and not as a love triangle :(. I wonder what was MBC thinking. But I guess despite my disappointment of them including Baek Kyung in this, I will still vote because the drama and the casts deserves the recognition and award for their hard work. I just wish it's only for Haru and Dan Oh though...Can't MBC just change it? LOL. I'm pretty sure there's alot of upset people out there as well. I understand the anger and disappointment but let's support the drama and casts as much as we can. Voting link is here: https://vt.tiktok.com/8dcf3k/ You will need to have the TikTok app installed on your phone. Not sure if you can vote on PC. I believe you're allowed to vote 3x per day. There's Best Couple and Best Drama. You can help vote for Extraordinary You for both categories!
  4. Hi I'm a 27 year old who is a complete newbie when it comes to relationships. In fact this is my very first one. I'm roughly around 6 months in this relationship. I actually considered myself to be an aromantic and asexual because I'm just not interested in any of these things. So its honestly a complete surprise for me to actually find myself to be in a relationship right now. Whilst I don't feel any romantic or sexual attraction to my current boyfriend, I think a platonic attraction is good enough for someone like me so I thought why not just give this relationship a go and so I did. Also because of the pressure from my family of wanting me to get myself married before I turn 30 so I thought why not and give this dating thing a try. I have to be honest, I think its quite alright so far. He's a great guy and I do like him as a person and I can see him as a good companion. The problem though is that I'm not as proactive(?) as how a girlfriend should be. I can't be as romantic or flirtatious towards him. I'm not an expressive person and some people might see me as the 'cold' type but that's just how my personality is. and I feel so bad lol. Also, I'm an introvert and I LOVE my alone time. But being thrust into a relationship means changes in my lifestyle. That means lesser alone time and more hanging out and socialising with a person. That just tires me out. lol. My boyfriend is the type who wants to see and hang out with me any chance he gets so if he is free for the entire week, he would literally want to meet me every. single. day. LOL. I just find that suffocating to be quite frank. SO sometimes I would make up excuses just to avoid having him come over to hang out. Which i know is bad because I'm kinda lying to him. I need my alone time and I can't get it if he were to see me almost every day in a week. Even my mom is lowkey questioning why he's coming over so frequently and jokingly asked me if I don't get tired of seeing each other so often. hahaha. Should I be worried if a guy wants to see me too often? I hope its not a red flag for anything because the last thing I want from my first relationship is to have a controlling and obsessive boyfriend. lmao. but so far he's been a great guy tho so I don't think so? well except for this part of him of always wanting to see me. lol. I mean I can handle talking on the phone everyday but seeing each other everyday? isn't that a bit too much? Isn't the seeing each other everyday part after marriage? Lol. Or maybe he's trying to make up for my lack of proactiveness? Idk I have so many thoughts and I don't know if its because I'm not ready to have a relationship seeing as how this first started due to pressure from my family members. To be more specific, we got introduced by my aunt. So yeah. I don't want let my aunt and her efforts down. I know I should talk to him about my thoughts but the thought of talking to him about it is giving me anxiety. LOL I just don't know how to bring my points across without sounding offensive. Any advices or thoughts to share? It'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read my rantings. haha
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