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  1. 14 hours ago, kdramagrandma said:

    However, when watching it through LR's perspective, what LY did was much more torturing and it did lead to LR being in bond with the sidekick. Looking back to LR's timeline chronologically, he was born as half human-fox, growing up being harassed by the villagers for every misfortune that happened in the village while his mom locked up inside the house and do nothing to protect him. Due to constant harassment, his mom leave him in the Forest of Starved basically abandoned him there. Who could blame him if he lost his will to live. Growing up with no protection and love and it is not his choice to be born as half human-fox. LY came to save him and that was when he started to live normally and sheltered but still in the forest with no communication with other people other than LY. Most probably SJ and AE too but there was never any mention about them interacting but it seems like LR did know SJ from before. 

    After the Ah Eum/Imoogi/LY confrontation happened, LY left the mountain and subsequently LR. With no protection by the mountain spirit, the forest was burned by the villagers because they want to kill the remaining foxes which included LR who was living in the forest with LY. All this happened when LR was still a child and he was already abandoned twice at this point. My guess, during his teenager years, he finally had enough trying to wait for LY in the mountain while the forest keep being burned by the villagers, he started to fight back with the hope he can be reunited with LY. Finally LY was dispatched to execute LR for killing the villagers. However, while he was happy to meet LY again, LY stabbed him and left him there. Alone. Again. In the middle of the village, unprotected, and what I assume, severe injury. Being abandoned for the third time now. For all those years he tried to endure everything, someone he deeply love hurt him and abandoned him again. I bet he was in shock and lose his purpose to live.

    When watching back the scene when LR first met the sidekick, he was barely breathing and the first thing the sidekick did was put the orange flower near LR face and he UNINTENTIONALLY breath it in. I don't really think that LR posses that much power because he is still a half human-fox. Even LY said it far too many times that LR is nothing compared to him. LR life was extended because the sidekick keeps giving him the orange flower and he had no choice to comply because he is bonded with the sidekick and he is still living until this day due to that orange flower and not because he got long life expectancy like full fox like LY and SJ. Even during LR/sidekick confrontation, LR did what he did because he thought he was returning the sidekick favor in hope that the bond will be fulfilled but the apparently the sidekick trick him by not explicitly asking for his favor. He also said that Imoogi never has been his master. I also interpret his malicious actions towards LY more of a cry for attention because LY keeps ignoring him and being so dismissive towards him. While I admit what LR did is wrong, I can say what LY did to LR is also wrong at some degree and LY needs to start admitting he is partially responsible for LR's behaviour because LY's actions and decisions shaped how LR perceives the world.

    After all this revelation, that is why I can't stop thinking why LY did what he did. Apparently SJ has been following him since his time as the mountain spirit. Why didn't he take LR too? I get that he is doing jobs for Grandma because he wants to keep waiting for AE reincarnation, but why let LR alone if it was possible to keep SJ with him? We have only been shown that he is reconnecting with LR now because LR starts approaching JA and he gets the feeling that LR is connected with Imoogi. Even when he need to choose between LR and JA, he chose LR because apparently he can't approach JA even if he wanted to. I can say that is calculated move too because basically he had better chance saving LR instead of going to JA. I have to say that SJ did the most work in trying to save JA. When he keeps calling LR as immature little brother who still going through puberty after 600 years, I could not help feeling he is belittling LR's trauma during his teenage years. You can't expect someone will grow well if the foundation is wrong. When he used the word that he regret saving LR before, even though LR did fired up and started to fight back, those word will haunt LR during his weaker moments. He said that he never leave LR alone but why didn't he know who LR has been following all this while. Looking back at LR social circle, he only got the sidekick and YR who while we know that LR saved YR, my guess it only has been recent as he gave YR the identity of the department store owner's daughter who was dead. So the statement where LY never leave LR become soooo far-fetched when he does not know who is the sidekick. He only know where the sidekick live after SJ followed LR. 

    At this point, I feel that LY character is only favorable if it is about AE/JA but if it is about LR, it is a total opposite. When people said how kind and soft-hearted he was, I could not help go back thinking about the moment he abandon LR. I feel that is why I can't fully support LY because how the writer wants to portray him as is contradictory with all his choices all this while. I just wish with the remaining episodes, LY will starts dropping those dismissive attitude he keeps giving LR and starts being more openly compassionate just like what he did with JA. That is because LR deserves that more than JA. And I admit that those azalea flowers was a good start. 


    I apologize i cut post and may miss lots of points as i have scattered brain :sweatingbullets:

    few of my thoughts:


    1. Though LR may not have full supernatural healing power like LY, he did have some of the benefit that enough to 

    make him survive all the abuse he got from his mom & the vilagers

    Mom during the pregnancy..drink poison, roll down the mountain/hill, hit the tummy with stones

    Villagers...physical abuses, beating & so forth

    From the flashback, the beating was serious especially the villagers were angry & meant to kill him
    And it happened quite a lot (if im not mistakenly remember)


    2. I don't think LR's & SJ's case can be considered the same

    LR committed grave sin as he massacred the whole city

    I think SJ did not commit anything bad after he came to LY's mountain
    If LY took LR as he did to SJ after his act of punishment, it would cancel his pretense of punishing LR

    and might put LR in immediate danger as Granny would most probably & instantly got so mad

    thinking LY made a fool of her.

    Not that Granny didnt know LY's pretense, but taking LR again by his side while being an executioner

    for Granny is not possible


    3. And i get the impression that LY wants LR to grow up
    i dont think LY meant to belittle LR's trauma but never thought it affected LR so much 

    until their conversation in the forest of the starved

    Many people go thru some traumatic experience to some degree

    it depends on us to let go, get over it & rise up above our fear ...or dwell on our fear & pain

    LY lacks of parenting skill, but he wants the best for his brother to grow up

    Finally at the forest, they resolved their 600 years long of misunderstanding

    i hope LY too learn more about parenting skill...plus communication skill

    600 years is sure waaay too long


    there was also a reviewr said there was time jump between LY left the mountain to find AE's soul on the Samdo river to the time when LY executed LR

    because time was run on different pace on 2 realms 

    so perhaps that's why LY only found LR when he was already a grown adult 


    4. There is youtuber reviewer said something about LY intentionally missed the vital point

    and that made the contract between LR & the sidekick is not as bad as LR thought

    While the Grandma said the only way to break the contract was to die,

    the Grandpa said to LR, the parties of the contract must be equally on the same level

    This gives a hole as LY didnt hurt LR so bad that would kill him, LR may do the same to LY

    so it wont break the contract

    I actually like this idea, it gives hope for LR's redemption form imoogi




  2. i read few comments that said LY left LR to bleed and might cause him to die

    i kinda disagree... with LR's supposed capability to supernaturally heal, he was supposed to be better

    without that red orange fruit

    i think the main problem is LR lost his will to live


    After LY hurt LR with his sword, LR just laid on the ground & did nothing like he gave up on his life

    Only after that red orange fruit, he was instantly revived and had a sole goal of hurting his brother

    for his supposedly-thought-betrayal


    so i think LY calculated his move and made sure he only necessarily hurt LR without endangering his life




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  3. 32 minutes ago, shana0127 said:

    Any Gusses ! Who is this black dressed stalker? He was present at crime scene when Mr. Cha was murdered ( pushed down the building ) . He Was there when Mr. Cha was taken to hospital   ED too seems to know him but cannot recognize !  

    Did he see the murder happening or he himself murdered ? 

    It’s an inauguration ceremony  of Mr. Cha foundation I think. ED has been promoted as its auditor or something ....wait how is she gonna manage with her high school drop out degree:blink: .
    Seems she will be under TI apprenticeship till she really learns to manage.



    BTW when did Episode 62 air . And we already have episode 63 preview !!!!


    ohh ic *nods

    and yes..i am too confused how ep63 has its preview out when eps 62 has not even aired yet

    there were few days back when there was no episode airing as its schedule should be

    My guess is either KBS mistakenly uploaded it, or the drama lose its steam

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  4. 7 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    yup, thats how I feel too!  it was her decision. jun hyuk was open and honest that he didn't want to raise another man's child, especially tae in. so either they break up or she abort the baby. if she had said 'no', what would have happened? she would have lost jun hyuk and her position.. the choice was hers. she could have raised the baby alone, or given for adoption or patched up with tae in. so she is just taking the easy way out by blaming jun hyuk. like abba mama says - hah! eye roll!


    chingus, join us for a new event!


    sorry...i am just bad at games

    my mind goes blank and can not remember any Father

    Only flashes of them in my crowded memory :sweat_smile:



    btw...anyone think that HJH has softened up toward TI?

    Seems he's not so jealous anymore

    he even pulled HW away from ruining TI & ED moments

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  5. 30 minutes ago, Saja La said:


    By the way, did HW do something to make TI's dad get an infection? To justify swapping the numbers ?


    So now on the fun part of the new episode....  

    Okay, i actually enjoy ep 54.... I am so looking forward to @Ameera Ali gif.....


    Even thou i don't think i will get my wish of ED -TI stay out overnight at the woods, but what the k-writer gave, i am happy with it.... 


    ED came in strong. I love it that ED is fighting to get the guy that SHE LIKES.... She even thou trying to get a confession from Tough guy, like she tells TI she knows TI has feelings for her but at the same time she herself confess first... :relaxed: ooo sweet....

    Love the earlier scenes too where Jun Hyuk figure out that TI likes ED and TI stays mum and not denying which speaks volumes... heheh 


    Saving her, even the putting  the bracelet on her wrist was sweet.... 


    I actually do like it that HJH was the one that found DS , and him being so upset  of his mom running away that i think after this, HJH will have more scenes with DS and hopefully less scene with ED..... HJH will then hopefully get over his dependency of ED's motherly figure in his life and have his real mom taking over that chore.... 



    Sorry to cut your post


    if i'm not mistakenly remember, TI's Dad's lab result for infection came out positive,

    that immediately disqualify him for being able to accept the transplant

    I don't know if HW deliberately infected him or manipulated the lab result.

    It's probably the 2nd over the 1st one


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  6. if i'm not mistakenly remember, when HW & CJH manipulated the transplant receivers' list

    and increase Chairman Han's rate/score to most urgent, at the same time cause TI's Dad had an infection

    causing TI's Dad to miss the transplant opportunity

    At that time, there was no replacement donor yet

    I think just before the surgery, CJM tried to talk some sense to HW 

    then faced CJH..run from CJH to the rooftop/garden rooftop where he fell from to the ground

    (me too..wonder falling from high rise building , but still survived even with brain death. 

    When our logic can not fit into the story and/or the other way around, we must accept this as the law & logic of the dramaland)

    So the timing is all conveniently in order ...it's all the wonder of the dramaland


    i think to some degree... TI ethically was responsible for the his Dad's transplant process

    He should had known there was no donor available

    HW & CJH could not do some magic to have a heart suddenly available for his Dad

    Yet, he forced them to have a replacement donor for his Dad in exchange for not exposing their illegal manipulation

    to help Chairman Han.

    On the other hand, since TI is the recepient's family, he can not possibly know about the donor & his/her info detail

    And HW & CJH seemed to quite smoothly take care the legal aspects with ED signed the donor agreement before 

    TI's Dad transplant surgery, so i think it's hard to prove any illegal deeds

    Unless if CJH is proven to kill or cause CMJ's accident


    So..it just happened CMJ's heart was a match with TI's Dad like a missing puzzle

    Because this is all dramaland where we shall illogically dream while waiting for the submarine to finally ascend


    i think the more i follow this drama, the more i lose my sanity 

    all because that doom submarine

    i lost some of my brain cells while that TI robot is still a robot

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  7. i think ED may be confused at her own feeling at this moment

    She might have a crush on TI when she was still in highschool

    but then she went thru a lot with her father's death, being manipulated and all

    She wasn't even clear who was responsible with her jail time extension until about 10 eps ago

    (sorry..i can't really remember how many eps have passed since she found out about the truth

    that it was CJH who framed her. Until then, she hated & even backstabbed TI with her planned seduction)

    So i think she has conflicting emotion toward TI, yet at the same time she was irresistbly

    so drawn toward TI and his idiotic family

    (perhaps they remind her of her late father ??)


    Anyway..i still dislike ED for being silent on HJH

    She's like that, it's misleading to HJH & the rest of people

    I can't blame other people if they think ED likes HJH

    Later when the TI ED BOMB explode, people may think they were having an affair behind HJH

    *cough I'm getting ahead with myself hahaha 

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  8. 9 minutes ago, calledtoteach said:

    I may be in the minority,  but I think HJH is getting a bad rap.  He’s not a bad person, but he was used and deceived while very naive.  He is in love, so he’s trying to hold on to it.  He hasn’t done anything evil in the name of love like we see in so many dramas.

    *nods..i think we can agree that HJH is not a bad guy

    He's just childish. He knew ED cares about him not in a romantic way, but he keep denying it

    To some degree, i can understand he grew up lacking maternal love

    But it doesnt give him the right to force his feeling to another person

    So in the name of drama, we dislike & diss him for that


    Plus, the submarine TI ED is getting deeper into the sea

    All the more reason, we dislike HJH :sweatingbullets: :lol:

    Other than HJH, we...well, i mean i dislike TI for being noble idiocy

    I agree with someone here said that the whole TI famz, from the Dad Mom TI, are all idiots

    (sorry..i cant remember who posted it)

    So yea..we are on the roll disliking almost everyone in the drama




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  9. 36 minutes ago, Danity_VIP said:


    Your insight triggered me to re-watch the last part on 1st episode. In my opinion that was the stance of Jeongwon's POV why he wanted to be a priest and left his job. His reasoning is pretty vague for me.


    Present day

    Jeongwon : That's why I told you I wasn't going to be a doctor. I told you I was going to be a priest too, didn't I? Remember what you guys told me? That I can be a priest whenever I wanted, but that's not the case for a doctor. I worked all these years as a doctor because of you guys.


    A year ago

    Jeongwon : I will quite my job tomorrow!


    2 years ago

    Jeongwon : Cheers! It's the happiest day of my life!


    *nods ..i agree

    Although JWon wanted to become a priest ever since he was a kid, 

    as he grew up & became a pediatrics, it seems to me he became kind of inconsistent

    especially when he lost his patients despite his best effort

    It gives an impression he just wanted to run away to become a priest as his refuge 

    And it makes me wonder if he truly know that being a priest is a high emotional demanding position

    If he can not handle being a doctor, i dont' understand how can he deal with being a priest

    I think his eldest brother know JWon very well, he have been suggesting many things to JWon

    throughtout the years to distract him away from being a priest

    (Some people here already mentioned in the previous posts)

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  10. 1 minute ago, LeftCoastOppa said:


    Or... what if ED thought TI had been killed in some suspicious accident...


    We'd get to see the rage version of ED after which she finds him still alive, and then ........ :wub::lol:


    or just kidnap both & lock them in the ice age cave for days 

    like the ancient chinese drama, they will get married just like that

    then BOOM...babies are coming 


    anything will do :joy:

    just anything to get them on the move

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  11. 9 hours ago, shana0127 said:

    Or give hideous  shoes  not the beautiful one.....at least she came back to TI wearing his flats and ran a marathon  in HJ H' s heel:joy:.


    @Ameera Ali 

    What ED respective :phew:

    What sweet baby, want his mommy happy with other man :joy:

    # rule 101 never buy a woman a shoes dummy :sweatingbullets:


    You nailed yet again :glasses:


    Me too ! TI is like Mom control , I am used to you silliness but not others ! HJ H is like yeh, I am happy to find you Mom , but can you be a bit normal please! 


    @yukiyukiku I too want to see TI reaction when Klutz tries her irresistible Charm on him ! Even though she is out of his league ,still ! In fact now I want SJ TI ship to sail again . Now that all misunderstanding s are clear . SJ must claim her ring back. Though slap lady won't like it still SJ can rebel and go seduce Ti yet again. She does stand a chance , coz she was victim of whole family secret she had no idea about. She is already jealous when TI was taking ED photos. That means her old flame is still burning . I really want things to spice up . Klutz is too childish like HJH, she can't bring the angst and seduction that SJ has. It's only my S J who can really heat up the things between TI ED . Only she can ignite some real kisses between them:naughty:

    i am all for anything to make TI ED relationship progress like a BOMB

    After the dramatic truck of doom, we only got a hug :mellow: 

    It means they need more impact to make them finally kiss

    (and i hope it's not a peck)

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  12. 21 minutes ago, kiefshi1056 said:

    Likewise :joy: I want daehee to play hard to get :joy:  but i hope writernim make them tio be married at least in episode 70 to 75 not in the last few episodes :sweat:


    yess...i want them to get married before the end of the series

    and yea, i think they will get married before GJ & NH's reconciliation

    (If they are going to be reconciled & remarried in the series)

    Hoping by then, JS' Mom won't be so overbearing anymore

    I mean i can understand her being lonely, but still having overbearing mother in law is just overbearing

    No other way around it


    btw..in the preview, JS looks so happy & thrilled by DH's interruping action

    they are so cutee :wub:

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  13. 12 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:



    Reading your beautiful thoughts & thinking of the childish HJH Possible reaction to ED confusion give me the Déjà vu :D


    # The ( HJH ) apple didn’t fall far from his family tree:mrgreen:, he wouldn’t except be left empty handed without out his toy to play with :w00t:



    just how many people she want to seduce :joy:

    why she interesting in HJH , isn’t he her cousin :D 

    They are cousin in law, but not related by blood

    SJ is actually the real cousin, not HJH

    But, im not so sure how the society perceive it even though they are not real cousin

    perhaps that makes the Klutz thinks she has a chance with HJH

    But again ...how can we trust Klut's way of thinking  :lol:




    4 hours ago, Saja La said:

    @yukiyukiku LOL, i can just imagine it.. As Klutz was about to get ready to seduce TI, she saw HJH walk in , so klutz got distracted and went to HJH to "seduce" HJH, ED saw from a far, but she made no reaction, she continue doing her job. HJH ran off to get away from Klutz. Now that HJH had walk away, she remember what her original plan was, so she set her eyes back on TI, TI, who saw Klutz earlier failed seducing plan, had a frown on his face as to why klutz is pulling the same stunt on him as how she did earlier to HJH. At the corner of his eyes, he noticed that ED is frowning at klutz. He sees ED walking over as if about to make a confrontation with klutz. Klutz was all forgotten as TI concentrate on ED walking over to them. ED and TI stare at each other, ignoring klutz. Klutz, who notice that no one is paying her any attention, felt silly and klutz ran off... 

    ED, will say "Did you like it (Klutz who were trying to seduce/flirt with TI)?" TI smile which got ED more angry with TI. Then TI said "I was happy to see ED got jealous that another woman trying to flirt with me. But ED was indifference when the same thing was done to HJH". ED, when she realized what TI had said meant, she tries to cover up by denying it (ED is blushing heavily). TI went and whisper to ED, " You are cute when you blush" and TI started to walk away. TI turn and said "hurry up, lets go grab lunch before the meeting starts ..."  ED, smile and happily followed TI.....  


    The Chairman, who saw the whole scenes, he realized that ED has always liked TI and he hoped that HJH can accept that his hyung (older brother) had the girl from the get go....

    :w00t: i like it

    Robot can have his moments of reaction from watching & enjoying ED's jealousy

    i feel love in the air :wub:

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