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  1. For SB, it is more like a big disappointment than hate to how her character has evolved. I think if the writer has not made her into this caring and understanding and ever forgiving individual in the earlier episodes, the change in her demeanor will be better accepted. If the writer has not put HE’s memories of HB in SB, and have SB in her mind repeat words like about she lives only to see HB again (the drowning scene), we would not be misled into believing HE soul somehow is still inside SB’s body and her love for HB/SB is eternal. It is true that all that SB/SH/JC love triangle is pointless at this stage. I hope the writer can stay focus in the remaining episodes on how JC and HS are going to put the real criminals behind bars.
  2. SB is heartless. Never mind SH is her ex boyfriend, even as a friend, after witnessing such emotional grief, she should at least console him instead of rejecting his calls. The empathy that she has shown to JB is for him only, none for SH. This makes the kindness and compassion that she has shown in the earlier episodes seems so superficial now that I don't think she is a nice person at all. I rather see SH detach himself from SB and moves on. The writer has totally destroyed SB. I feel sorry for JSY to have taken on this role.
  3. I think there are issues with the writer. He or she seems to like romanticizing relationships with psychopaths. SA's mother and her mentor GJC's lunatic father killer had a baby. SA's mother is persistently loyal to GJC's father and is committed to help GJC, SB and JB's back and forth is similar to GJC and HE's, SA is obsessed with SH. The entire plot is about these unhealthy relationships. By the way, I also think HM herself is the devil. The writer wants people not to prejudge JC/JB, but she is the one who makes him suspicious, not explaining himself and always happens to be at the crime scenes. As to JC, he did viciously killed the hairdresser and HB. The first killing's excuse is to revenge for the death of the little boy and he wants her heart to give to HE. The second killing (HB's) is not because of self defense, HB already put his rifle down from shooting at him. JB admits to HB of his intent to kill SH and did talk the gangster's brother in doing the dirty work for him. I feel sorry for the abuse JB/JC has had growing up and understands how that has shaped him into the psychopath he is, but it does not make it okay for him to attempt murder, kill people and be able to get away with his crimes. The most disappointing character to me is SB. I like JSY and that's why I started this series. The writer has ruined SB. Her supposedly kindness and willingness to listen and forgive is only reserved for JB. Her feelings for SH is not love, is more a left over feeling from HE. To think that SH has to suffer endlessly because of his relation as HB to HE is sad. Sorry for the rant. I had such high hopes for this drama and the writer is ruining it. I hope to see the three main leads in a better drama next time.
  4. GJC sounds like an awful person. I know he is not the "yellow umbrella serial killer", but what he has done to HB is unforgivable. He not only has stabbed and killed HB, destroyed HB and HE's lives, allowed horrific mutilation to HB's dead body and he wants HB's second life to be ruined as well. This makes me very angry at GJC's character and I think it is ridiculous that the writer wants me (the viewers) to sympathize with him. As for SB, she is such a disappointing character. First, if she didn't call out to HB not to shoot GJC, HB would not have hesitated and gives GJC the chance to stab him to death, hence allowing the mutilation to take place. In this current life, she is the one who approaches SH with her little hand touching and kissing experiment. After such a long time, she still can't recognize him with that reconstructed image right in front of her. The worst is she won't even try to understand him or extend him the same latitude of forgiveness that she so willingly gives to JB. She is not there for SH when he's all alone. She is not worth to have HB/SH's love and devotion. By the sounds of it, I think this week's episodes will be too upsetting to watch.
  5. I want to like and sympathize with JB, but the writer has made me change my opinion on him from one episode to the next. JB is sneaky. Wanting to know someone better is not an excuse to dissect her lost diary and extract secrets from it. It is also not right to play innocent, pretending it to be an accident when deliberately wets and breaks SB's watch. But then again he is not "normal" in his thinking. He probably does not see anything wrong with his methods. As to the tracking device JB put on SB’s phone, it has been done without her knowledge or consent. His intent has been plain and simple, to stalk her, to know her whereabouts at all times, so he could plan out his moves to make her think that it is destiny that they keep bumping into each other. Unlike JB, SH’s tracking device on SB is done with her knowledge and consent. His intent is to protect her, not to stalk her and to make her think that they are destined to be together. I think there is a big difference in their motivation. SH if not for the two attempts on his life by the brother of the criminal released from jail and the note threatening SB and her father’s life, he might not have asked SB to wear that watch. He also gives SB the option to turn off the tracking device when she wants to. For the little bratty brother who I too think is evil, JB did set the trap on the boardwalk to make him fall in the water. If SB has not jumped into the water, JB might just let the brother drown. JB is definitely capable of doing this. He watches idly and coldly while SY was viciously stabbing the cop and blood was splattering everywhere. Keep in mind that JB did take an innocent victim who happens to be a school aged girl on his motorbike to the boardwalk for a “drowning” rehearsal to make sure his plan would work later that day. I like all the three main leads; I cannot however say the same for their characters or the plot. There are too many loose ends in the plot. The mysterious disintegration of “mummified body” into a skeleton overnight and finding the owner of the “ring” seems to be no longer important, the murder and stabbing investigations is full of flaws (how SY could have avoided to security cameras? The tattoo part is not looked into), and SB is not seeing the reconstructed image is SH. Understandably that SH is a prosecutor and not a detective, why is he responsible for leading and directing the detective work and investigation? As someone in the forum posted before, there is no renewed purpose in JB, SB and SH in this life if they are just going to repeat the same mistake and relive the same fate. I am still hoping to see otherwise, JB’s redemption, SB and SH could be finally together.
  6. This episode sounds like a very frustrating episode to watch. I'll skip it for now. Though SB might have told JB that she only sees him as family, her actions towards JB is sending him one confused message. Any normal person would have distanced herself in this situation. By not doing so, I think SB is very insensitive towards JB's feelings and giving him hope. Based the text preview of next week's episode, I am afraid to watch that episode too. I am going to be very disappointed with SB. She would distance herself from SH.over JB. If that's the case, I am sure SH would be very hurt. I wish SH would have forgotten about SB and moved on in this life. I like JSY and that's why I started watching this drama. But the SB character is driving me crazy.
  7. I too agree that SB should stop trying to be "the angel". She is naive in thinking that she can change JB. It is so true that she should know that JB is a stalker. There is just way too much coincidence with JB, and with his behavior and past history, it really should raise a red flag. When HE ignored HB's advice to distance herself from JC, she indirectly caused HB's death. I hope the same mistake is not going to be repeated this time around.
  8. Of the kdrama I have watched this year, Find me in your memory is definitely my favorite. Watching as the story unfolds and especially the last episode leaves me a warm cozy feeling. The entire series is very well paced. In this episode, there is a nice closure to every subplots within the story. The conflict/misunderstanding between TE, JH and their fathers is resolved. HJ meets JH father and goes to pay her respect to JH's mom. HJ and JH have shown the courage to face the possible backlash from the public. My favorite part is how HJ and JH keeps running into each other and JH references back to the earlier conversation that this means they are destined to be together. As to the actors and actresses, they are all excellent. This is the first time I have watched Kim Dong Wook. He deserves the best actor's award. I am really going to miss this series. No more episode to look forward to every Wednesday and Thursday.
  9. I just realize that SB and SH are the only two sane characters, the rest are psychopaths and there are too many of them in this series. As for SA and JB being siblings, that would explain why SA and JB are so much alike. Both are supposedly good looking, talented but at the same time sick minded and are willing to commit murder for their obsessions. If SA and JB share the same paternal genes, then the writer is saying that madness and being evil are inheritable traits. This is also SH's theory and that's why he is so adamant about putting the sick minded criminals behind bars. I wish the plot can be about redemption too but there is none so far. As of now, JB and SA are becoming uncontrollable and scary. This development has taken away the bit of sympathy I developed for JB in the last episode. Looking at the preview, I am happy that SH is breaking off the engagement. Hopefully SB is not going to accept JB's confession of love.
  10. I can't wait for SB to find out what JB has done. He has been keeping her diary, spying on her personal secrets from both from her diary and online, making up excuses to meet with her, faking coincidental encounters. He is "creepy" . Also, he did stab the gangster on the back when the gangster had his back turned and was leaving (not saying the gangster did not deserve to be stabbed) and shows he is capable of murder. Now it seems he also might have sabotage the boardwalk to set the trap for his creepy brother. JB is becoming closer to becoming JC all over again and is dangerous. SB wants to save JB, but hopes she stays true to her one love SH. JSY looks beautiful in the wedding gown and both the ost's are excellent songs.
  11. I am happy to see KSH and SB scenes. It is out of SH's character to not tell SB he is already in a relationship. According to SH, he started dating his fiancee because of what she said during their first date, which he found familiar in his mind. There is definitely no love there. The fiancee is "creepy" and "obsessive", adding to already long list of psychopaths in this show. Her mother is probably behind the murder of the girl in the apartment. As for JB, he seems to have a split personality. The stabbing of the gangster perhaps triggered his "killing" instinct, hence the psychotic side surfaced and he contemplated killing his brother. I would like to see KSH and SB be together in the end, JB makes a full recovery and lives a normal life. That would be a good ending for me.
  12. JH has yet to bring HJ to see his father. JH father did ask JH to introduce HJ to him. Hopefully it is JH-HJ wedding, hence TE and his sister appearing. JH will look fabulous in her wedding gown. Perhaps the last episodes is also how the SK public change their opinion and give blessing to their relationship.
  13. I like Jin Se Yeong and that's why I started watching this series. The male leads are very good too. I have had high hopes for this drama, but so far I am a bit disappointed. I don't think romanticizing a psychopath, stalker and murderer is right. Hopefully that perspective is only of the sick minded author of the GJC book (financee's mother). Any normal person being stalked by someone like GJC would be creeped out. I am still watching, only waiting for development between SB and SH.
  14. It seems JC did "resurrect". But why? Is it because he was evil? He did kill the hairdresser and HB, ruined HE and HB's lives. He was a stalker, a criminal and rightfully should be punished. Just because he couldn't receive psychiatric treatment and overcome his instinct to kill was still not justification to kill. As for JB, I would prefer seeing him atoning the sins he committed in his past life and rise above than his entire creepy family to be a better and normal person. I can see SB causing SH's life again as HE did to HB. SB who is supposedly 32 years old cannot tell what JB is capable just as HE wasn't able to in regards to JC. I don't see how she can fall for someone 10 years again and her student too. The only characters that I feel sorry for is CHB and KSH. I wish CHB could move on in his new life as KSH. He had suffered a horrifying death. Now that his mother ties this red string on both him and his fiancee, his present life and probably his next life will be messed up too. Overall, I am disappointed that the writer is trying to JC some sort of mystifying figure. Plain and simple, he is a mentally ill and needs treatment.
  15. I prefer KSH and JSB to be reunited in this life. KSH's former self CHB did not deserve to die. As to CJB, he hasn't changed that much in his character as GJC. Both are twisted in their logic and reasoning. Especially if CJB is supposedly to be this genius as his mother has claimed, he is definitely not thinking straight. He is sneaky, obsessed with scars, believing in the abused are better off dying and resurrected or reincarnated to a better life ( both are different paths). I am really confused with his thinking since the two are very different. JB's mother seems like a psychopath too. If the gene theory as according to KSH is correct, I feel sorry for JB since he would have inherited both paternal and maternal's psychotic traits. However, it is still very early on in this series. The next episodes will hopefully clear the confusion/suspense a bit more and show more development between KSH and JSB.
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