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  1. 758 @onlysb1 missed you chingu... happy to be back here. Hope everything is fine with you
  2. 754 Watched some clips of it @Lmangla. Kim Nam Gil is awesome, he is so cartoonish but not childish. Already saved so many gifs of him...hihi...Will definitely watch it, thanks for the rec
  3. 754 @Lmangla love you .. I'll be in a corner and eat it @phikyl finally found time to be here or honestly just needed to escape from real life and this place is the best. what's going on in dramaland? I haven't watched anything lately... suspicious Partner and Fight My Way are on hold and after them I didn't have time to watch anything.
  4. 750 Hello everyone... wow I really missed your lovely posts. @lynne22 thanks for remembering me should I be thankful? I fear I may become too invested again, this thread is like a magnet
  5. 540 Can you handle this @kokodus ^_~
  6. 510 @kokodus The way he is like a puppy around JCW waiting for attention is funny and cute.
  7. 490 @kokodus hahaha... no it's ok, I don't have those feelings I'm more like a noona adoring my dongsaeng especially when he was Louie, just wanted to pinch his cheeks and ruffle that curly hair And yes, the similarities are there, at the end IRY was about bromance but I think here romance is the main theme.
  8. 480 I agree with everything you said @kokodus just SIG is not an oppa
  9. 440 @onlysb1 Suspicious Partner is still not a drama that I want to rewatch but it's much better than so many dramas in 2017. Nam Ji Hyun's hair stole the show in the first 20 minutes. I need to catch up with Chicago Typewriter but I'm busy this weekend. I've only watched 5 episodes till now I'm not in my 20s as well @packmule3, but since I'm always late I'll be a neutral member... Two beautiful people
  10. Well, congratulation Team Subtract again But really? I missed the 2nd round too? It's only 8, I just wake up and feel like this @onlysb1 what a lovely signature gif Ok time to back read 30+ pages
  11. @kokodus sorry chingu, I didn't know the tournament has started from today. You are my champion. Well done I'm really confused, weren't we supposed to chill and start from tomorrow? I need to back read to see what happened. ( This time it's JCW because I was watching Suspicious Partner during the attack) Wow... Team Subtract, congratulations
  12. Congrats Team Add @onlysb1 hwaiting chingu!
  13. 970 100% agree with you. The first episode ( or were there 2 episodes? Why are they confusing us!!) was promising. I like both JCW and NJH, and their interactions were fun and hilarious. I laughed out at some points. It's the same writer as in 'I Remember You' so I hope it delivers till the end. I still have to catch up with TLAHL and CT. I also want to start Ruler. Decisions to make
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