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  1. Yessss! Finally it’s confirmed. Chungmuro BoGum is back I hope from now on, everything will go smoothly from preparing for the movie and later during the filming. Hwaiting Bogummy!
  2. Part translation of Park BoGum's interview on the drama, "Boyfriend" & his character, Kim JinHyuk [part 2] Cr. @heymilkbrownie Article’s link: NAVER Trans: @heymilkbrownie
  3. Part translation of Park BoGum's interview on the drama, "Boyfriend" & his character, Kim JinHyuk Cr. @heymilkbrownie Article’s link: NAVER Trans: @heymilkbrownie
  4. * Bogum said through this work he learned that when someone who he loves and cares about is next to him, it’s a great happiness and a blessing. He thought that he should develop a mind that thinks and considers everything more deeply. He learned a lot about the importance of time. He tought that he wants to use the time that he has got well. He wants to give back the love that he received from everyone. ( He really knows how to make me emotional, he is truly a beautiful person ) ** They asked about 2 year gap... Bogum said yes he didn’t act in any project but he didn’t rest. He devoted 1 year to study and graduate, then the next year he did Hyori Homestay, participated in Olympics torch relay activities, and was MC of award ceremonies and music bank.
  5. Totally love and admire how BoGum handled post drama interviews. He knows they will try to twist his words to make headlines but he is too smart for their sneaky intents. Well done boy. Those interviewers are too obvious... tsk tsk First asking about SJK ( haha... he doesn’t care , if they are so curious they should ask the couple not him) followed by lack of chemistry... totally loved how he turned the table and asked them the question ’Did you really not feel any chemistry?hahaha.... smart boy, he knows them too well). As we all know how he is respectful to the core, he answered all questions regarding SHK and drama’s cast and crew very respectfully and that’s why I’m so proud. He will even try to bring himself down but will never do it to others, be it his seniors or juniors. Lastly about his acting... yes Bogum that’s how you should approach it. Be humble, receive the criticism with open mind and work on your weaknesses and do your next project better. You weren’t perfect but you made everyone root for Jinhyuk, his happiness and love. That’s all that matters for now. Also about the impending military service, it will happen eventually, I’m just so thankful that BoGum is not like some actors obsessed with fame and popularity. I just hope he will leave something behind when his time comes to go. I laughed a lot when he said he resembles mango... soft outside but hard inside. Bogummy, you may think you are like a mango but to me you are a cinammon roll, you don’t have even 0.0001% negativity, maliciousness inside you. Sometimes I wish you were a little selfish but I guess then you wouldn’t be the Park Bogum that I come to love, praise and support. @mellinadear thanks a lot for sharing his interviews here. @gumtaek you have worked hard, thanks.
  6. Here is the list of songs BoGum sang at his Seoul FM. Part 1 - I Like You (좋아합니다)- Day6 (Opening song) Part 2 - Let’s Go See the Stars (별 보러 가자) - Park Bo Gum ( walking through crowd) - Through the Night (밤편지) - IU - Always Be With You (그대여야만 해요) - Baek Ah Yeon (Encounter OST) - My Person (내 사람) - Park Bo Gum Part 3 - One Candle (촛불하나) - G.O.D - Here We are (그래 우리 함께) - Infinite Challenge - Entertainer (연예인) - PSY - Bounce - Cho Yong Pil - Honey - JYP - With You (그대와 함께) - B1A4 - Swallowing My Heart (마음을 삼킨다) - Sandeul - Every day, Every Moment (모든 날, 모든 순간) - Paul Kim (singing with piano) Part 4 - God Bless You ( 축복합니다) (Goodbye song) * Singing Drunken Truth to a fan * Dancing to ‘Twice- what Is Love’ and ‘Seventeen- Pretty U’ ———— Thanks for all updates from FM, I didn’t have time to read your posts here yet but will get back to them later.I’ve seen so many fans asking about the songs, so I made this list from the videos uploaded on YouTube. If there is more please let me know. —————— ‘Always Be With You’ - Encounter OST 4 songs in 15 minutes medley (Bounce, Honey, With You, Swallowing My Heart) ‘God Bless You’ - Closing song
  7. Netizens’ Reaction to Ep.15 "Why are you abandoning me?" cr. @_in__your_dream 2. [+903,-18] Wow... Bo Gum's emotional acting.. His breathing.. The way he talks.. seriously. ㅠㅠ I teared up.. I really like that his acting is so deep. 5. [+202,-3] Why are you abandoning me? ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I thought I was going crazy when Park Bo Gum cried. ㅠㅠㅠ Why is his acting so good? ㅠㅠ 8. [+151,-0] I can see why Jin Hyuk has to be Park Bo Gum~ I cried together with him without realizing. —————— Cr.@mywinter_93 3. [+1119,-31] Why are you abandoning me? That's crazy. ㅠㅠ Park Bo Gum's acting is crazy. 5. [+304,-2] Ah, from the part where SHK asked to break up, till the part where Park Bo Gum went to look for her and cried, his expressions, his eyes, all of them made my heart hurt. He really looked as if he's hurt. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ His acting is really good. 6. [+262,-4] Park Bo Gum enduring and trying to overcome his painful breakup today was like a symbol of youth. It's sad for Jin Hyuk, but Park Bo Gum's acting shines. 7. [+215,-3] Because of Park Bo Gum, I cried from the beginning till the end today. ㅠㅠㅠ My eyes were swollen. ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Park Bo Gum's 'crying' acting is crazy. This drama is about Park Bo Gum's acting. 9. [+182,-2] Wow. When he said, "why are you abandoning me?" My heart felt really heavy. Seriously, Park Bo Gum's acting is crazy. p.s. comments posted here are the ones that mainly praised his acting, all comments can be read here: Source: melohwa.blogspot.com Get all the praise Park BoGum. I’m a proud fan I haven’t watched the episode yet and won’t be able to till Friday but reading all these comments make me so happy.
  8. What a way to start a new week It hurts a lot to watch Bogummy’s crying but at the same time - as we are all ruthless when it comes to his acting and we all want him to suffer so he can show that he is not only a pretty/popular actor - these scenes satisfies me to no end ( Hahahaha... adding vicious laughing) I’m going to put crying gifs here, be prepared chingus. _______________ Cr.@_in__your_dream Get all the praise Bogummy, even if it means we have to cry a lot. @gumtaek First it was winter olympics’ curling team player who said she is a fan and now the volleyball player. It’s so funny that they played his song and brought his photo he is a big motivation
  9. Cr. captainjoongki.tumblr.com I won’t tolerate if they break Jinhyuk’s heart next week. Don’t dare scriptwriter. It’ll be unforgivable. Cr. @summergum_ I was so confused when I got a notification for music bank live in HK... I wasn’t aware it’s Bogum himself and was thinking Bogum hasn’t even left Korea, what’s going on?? I clicked and there he is... this amateur boy trying to go live on youtube It was too short but funny, those passersby’s recognition... omomomo sounds... Bogum’s reaction to them and going woohooo... adorable. He is on our screen every week as Jinhyuk but I had missed BoGum, it was such a nice surprise. And by the way, he has added playlists to his Youtube Channel. It has 5 playlists- Making/Behind, Commercial, MV, Official, Cover- and there are 11 private videos on Making/Behind playlist. So turn on the notification chingus, he’ll share them soon. Maybe 1 video every week, since on 16th he shared the first video for Season’s Greeting. I just hope his schedule will let him have enough rest and sleep next week. With live-shooting and this trip to HK, it will be exhausting.
  10. Our handsome Jinhyuk Cr. @tukkatamickie37 As we mentioned before that scirptwriter’s inspiration for Jinhyuk is BoGum himself, in this episode it was just too obvious. The writer definitely watched Hyori’s Homestay 1- The wedding photography scene In Hyori’s Homestay when the couple wanted to take photos, Bogum volunteered to take their photos and they were totally pleased with his photos. 2- The scene when he was bringing the bouquet as the gift to SH In Hyori’s Homestay instead of showing his face, he covered it with his gift.
  11. Episode 13 Reviews Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Park Bo Gum to Song Hye Gyo, "Wherever you go, whatever you do, your heart is with me" 1. [+749,-17] Jin Hyuk's lines today were amazing. I teared up. It's not easy to convey one's feelings beautifully and honestly. 2. [+562,-4] When Park Bo Gum talked about his feelings and confessed directly, it was so heart fluttering and affectionate, I can feel his deep love for her. His acting is too good. I hope Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun live a happy life together. 3. [+449,-12] Why am I able to feel Park Bo Gum's and Song Hye Gyo's emotions? Their acting is too good. 4. [+341,-7] Park Bo Gum ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Because of Jin Hyuk, my standard for men are going higher. How am I going to fall in love now? 5. [+299,-6] Park Bo Gum is really mature and reliable today. He's so cool. 6. [+137,-2] "All your pasts have its own meaning and reason. Wherever you are, whatever you do, your heart is with me." Jin Hyuk's lines are touching.. I teared up listening to Park Bo Gum's voice that's filled with his emotions. ㅠㅠ 7 [+133,-3] Tearing up without saying anything... Song Hye Gyo's acting is really good. 8. [+101,-5] Ah, Song Hye Gyo crying broke my heart. 9. [+96,-3] Ah, when Song Hye Gyo lowered her head and cried, ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I cried together with her. 10. [+89,-0] Wow, seriously. This drama is daebak. Song Hye Gyo's gaze, wow~~ Park Bo Gum~~ Their acting skills are great. Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Song Hye Gyo chooses ♥Park Bo Gum.. absent from Jang Seung Jo's father's death anniversary 1. [+705,-21] Wow, Park Bo Gum's words are thoughtful and cool. ㅠㅠㅠ "I don't feel uncomfortable with whoever Soo Hyun-ssi meets. All your pasts have its own meaning. Wherever you go, whatever you do, in the end, you came to me." ㅠㅠㅠ When Jin Hyuk teased Soo Hyun, it was so heart fluttering and sweet too. 2. [+354,-16] Dinner with Jin Hyuk and his family was so heartwarming. My heart felt warm. 3. [+299,-17] It was a good decision. You'll regret for the rest of your life if you drop a man like Jin Hyuk. 4. [+212,-17] A really beautiful drama. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Gyo are pretty. 5. [+194,-17] Kim Jin Hyuk's family is so warm, and Kim Jin Hyuk is becoming more charming the more I watch. 6. [+52,-4] All of Park Bo Gum lines were being considerate towards the other party. I'm amazed. I really like Jin Hyuk. 7. [+43,-3] You have to grab hold of a man like Jin Hyuk no matter what. Source: melohwa.blogspot.com
  12. I see everyone is angry at JH’s mom but I think it’s more because of our expectation of her to accept SH, to be warm toward her and give her blessing rather than what we have shown so far. JH’s mother is a traditional mother and from the beginning told her sons that she doesn’t want them to have a woman like Soohyun in their lives... she is basically a celebrity and always in the news and also a divorcee. Some said aren’t those two only important? what era are the parents living?parents shouldn’t interfere, etc. I don’t know your countries and cultures but I know that if my brother had come and introduced a divorced woman to my parents, they wouldn’t give their blessings. Also I know in some countries if the son/daughter insists on getting married to someone who parents don’t approve, they will cut ties with him/her.That’s how so many traditional families work. That’s why in this episode I wasn’t angry at all.It’s sad but to me it was understandable and realistic. And to those who don’t want to watch this episode, it’s not bad at all. It has so many lovely scenes. You will enjoy it. It is a combination of some sweet, heart warming, funny, melancholy scenes.
  13. Cr. parano1d.tumblr.com Yes Bogummy. There’s no exit from loving you I hope all chingus who want to go to FMs can get their desired tickets and will be able to have lots of fun with our Bogummy.
  14. I only watched the first 5 minutes of the Episode and had to pause to post about Jinhyuk’s father and Soohyun.. JS — When I first saw an article regarding Jin Hyuk, I figured it was nothing serious, so I didn't ask him anything. But he seems pretty serious about you. So I'm worried about what I should do. SH – I’m pretty unusual, aren’t I? JS — It could be that you're unique, or it could be that he's normal. But it's not something I can judge so rashly. SH – Jin-hyuk is very thoughtful, Hearing you say that...makes me understand why Jin Hyuk is so thoughtful. JS —The thing about love is that only you two matter. But the path you two must take looks too rough to be led just on your feelings. Would it be okay for me to support you two like Jin Hyuk said? SH — When you call us special, I know you mean that I'm insufficient. I know it's hard, but I'd appreciate it if you'd keep on watching us. JS —The players on the ring are the ones who have it hard. It's nothing for the onlookers. ——————— I really liked these parts of their conversation. Jinhyuk’s father is a wise man. His scenes with Jinhyuk had touched me deeply, and now I also appreciate this scene with Soohyun.
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