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  1. @onlysb1 oh I love all of them... that’s the thing with Shin PD’s dramas... you have to love all of them. But at the end my heart went to Looney. Jan valjean is also adopted Wookie is so handsome and healthy... if I didn’t know how military service is difficult there, I would have said he enjoys himself. Kang Ha Neul... my boy... I miss him the most. I still can’t imagine him in army. Midnight Runners was a fun watch. Oops, forget it.... 672
  2. 668 Hello @triplem how are you? Happy to be back, hopefully this time I can stay. @onlysb1 oh Kim Mikyung is there? Love her, she is my favorite ‘ajummaaaa’ ( Healer fans repeat it like JCW). Ok noted... will download it. Thanks chingu. There is 13 secs of BoGum in the teaser but my guess is his episodes will be later.
  3. @onlysb1 totally forget Beacus This Is Our First Life. I have all episodes and watched the first 4... should finish it later... why did I forget it? Mother is too melo for me, my life is too stressful and depressing now, as for Live, I like NHK dramas so probably will watch it later. Lately if I have time I find myself watching variety shows...watched Kang’s Kitchen, Youth over Flower (Winner) and now watching Youn’s Kitchen and waiting for Hyori’s Homestay. Ps. 660
  4. 658 Someone is looking for me? @onlysb1 It’s been so long.... I know it’s February but I didn’t come here so I want to wish for all of you here to have a wonderful year. I have been away from dramaland for the last few months of 2017 so from what I remember I was in the middle of watching AOY2 and Circle when life slapped me ( imagine the famous paper slap from Secret Forest ). The only kdrama I watched is Wise Prison Life. I don’t have anything new to watch so maybe I go back and finish Circle. Will try to read your posts and see which dramas you have watched. Have a lovely Sunday everyone.
  5. 418 @bedifferent Your description of JW is completely on point. She is so clueless and yet behave like a girlfriend around SM. Hopefully this season we get to see them as a real couple I think Chef won't be in this season, I haven't heard about him at all. @triplem milo dinosaur must be the best. Pitty I didn't try it. My parents live in Turkey but I haven't been there for a long time. Hope you can visit Turkey soon, so many things to do and lots of tasty food. That scene in SF was one of the best, I had to pause it and laugh at Shimok @phikyl thanks a lot for recs. I even don't know what she likes, she goes to a Chinese course and wants to practice, guess anything will be fine. I made a mistake of recommending IRY in our chat group few months ago, then she asked for a Chinese drama and I gave Snail to her and since then she thinks I'm an expert in all asian dramas @lynne22 @onlysb1 thanks Maybe one day I will watch it myself. @kokodus JCW was the best in Healer, really loved his Bongsoo persona
  6. 416 @lynne22 was born in France and grew up in Turkey. @triplem Oh what is Milo Dinosaur? I haven't heard of it. I love milo, when I was leaving I bought lots of milo packets Also used to make brownies with them. Anyone can recommend a chinese drama? One of my colleagues wants to practice Chinese but I only watched When a Snail Falls in Love & Ode to Joy. Smiling Shimok because it's weekend
  7. 406 Malaysian food is one of the best @triplem yummy and not expensive at all and they are open 24h. I can't eat spicy food but there have to get used to it after some locals got to know me, they gave me less spicy food. I loved mee goreng, satay, rice with cocunut milk( forget the name). The first time that I came to uni, we had a ceremony and for breakfast it was rice with everything, usually I only have coffee and toast, it was too heavy for me and I learned that you can't say no to their offer. The most bizarre thing for me was milo or teh tarik with lunch... you have really strong digestive system. Hot and humid weather was one of the reason that I didn't stay there longer, everything else was excellent. I will watch Tunnel and thanks for the site
  8. 406 @triplem most of my family are born in Dec, my brothers used to nag that they're broke in Dec I probably watch Circle first then Tunnel. Really wanted to watch AOY2 but no streaming site has it, so have to wait another week to get my laptop. And you are Malay? I'm fond of Malaysia( it's the only east- southeast asian country that I visited) I used to work at UTM between 2009-2011. @bedifferent thanks for recs. SF was a nice surprise this year, to be honest most 2017 dramas are disappointing...I hope they can get all the awards in Baeksang, my vote 100% goes to SF. What I liked the best was the story telling(I hate it when instead of showing and telling the story they try to explain it through dialogues) I love AOY, can't wait to start watching it. In season 1 my favorite character was Yoon sunbae then Kang Yina. As for relationships my fave was Jiwon & Sungmin.
  9. 404 @triplem happy belated birthday, was busy watching SF and didn't check the thread. You and your kid are born in the same month, just like my mom and I. Finally finished Secret Forest, till now my favorite drama of 2017 and also on my top 10 of all time. I think I used FF for less than 10 minutes and even though it's thriller/crime drama and I know everything, I can watch it again. All characters were well-written and the story was engaging without being draggy. My only complain is episodes were longer than 1 hour ( why tvn is obsessed with long episodes, they could be even 50 minutes) but after watching 2-hour episodes of R88, 15-20 minutes are nothing. My reaction to characters: Shi mok Yeo jin Chang joon ( hard to believe the actor was one of the fathers in R88...so impressed) Dong jae Eun soo Yoon Sewon
  10. 974 @triplem no I haven't watched it yet. I read it's similar to Signal and watched that one just last summer. But since you loved it will give it a try after SF. Thanks for the rec. @onlysb1 oh it's definitely a well written character. Tomorrow I'm booked then, no one can reach me. Oh Circle only has 12 episodes? Why I thought it's longer. Will give it a try later thanks a lot chingu Test 1 2 3 for the gif and good night Oh yeeees it's a success but I need to change themes..
  11. 978 @triplem thanks a lot for tips, they were really useful and helped a lot. But not with gifs, at least for me, when I edit my post I can see the uploaded gif but after posting, it's just a blank box. Maybe I have to switch between themes? I use default theme now so maybe using soompi theme would help... will check it later. @onlysb1 oh really? So Shi Mok is another introverted lovely character? Hope I will like it. 2017 dramas are not outstanding at all.
  12. 966 Hahahaha...At first I thought everyone is posting THE Gif deliberately because of some inside deal( no one can predict what's going on here ) But today after reading @Lmangla's complains finally got the problem..Hahahaha... sorry can't stop laughing! What a weird issue This new update is giving me a headache and the worse thing is the gaps between paragraphs, I type on my phone so can't use ctrl+enter And I miss gifs, I can't post gifs, why I can see this pervy gif but not many other gifs on the default theme? I finally finished Suspicious Partner and Fight My Way. Now I'm going to watch Secret Forest then LUTYN. Wanted to watch AOY first but I couldn't find any streaming site for it!! don't have my laptop now so have to wait another week.
  13. 758 @onlysb1 missed you chingu... happy to be back here. Hope everything is fine with you
  14. 754 Watched some clips of it @Lmangla. Kim Nam Gil is awesome, he is so cartoonish but not childish. Already saved so many gifs of him...hihi...Will definitely watch it, thanks for the rec
  15. 754 @Lmangla love you .. I'll be in a corner and eat it @phikyl finally found time to be here or honestly just needed to escape from real life and this place is the best. what's going on in dramaland? I haven't watched anything lately... suspicious Partner and Fight My Way are on hold and after them I didn't have time to watch anything.
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