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  1. *A beautiful.&.talented.actress-singer* ***appointed as Philippines' Tourism Ambassador to Korea (2006) ALBUMS My True Style 810303 WEBSITES EUGENE NOONA FANLISTING FORUM EUGENE CHINESE COMMUNITY SES MALL EUGENE PFULL SITE ASIANFANATICS THREAD her personal CY WORLD EUGENE @ DAUM Loving You (2002) Save The Last Dance for Me (2004) Wonderful Life (2005) I Really Really Like You (2006) Three Dads and One Mom (2008) Creating Destiny (2009) Baker King, Kim Tak Goo (2010) MOVIES UNSTOPPABLE MARRIAGE (2007) THE MAN BOOK 198 PIECES (2008) FEEL SO GOOD (2008) YOGA SCHOOL (2009) OTHER PROJECTS THE DANCING PRINCESS THEATER PLAY (2007) EUGENE QUOTES FROM INTERVIEWS, MAGAZINE ARTICLES, etc... --"I want to experience a love like the characters from "Titanic". I cried so much during the movie... I think that "Titanic" is such a beautiful movie. Even though I can't believe that people can meet for the first time and love like that, I want to experience a love like that... just once. A love that enables responsibility of one other's lives..." --"My favorite Japanese phrase or word I like] is Ai. It means love. I think that the word love has a great feel too it, no matter what language you say it in" --“I want to be sexy without dressing up as sexy, and look innocent without trying to look innocent.” GALLERIES 01. KIM EUGENE GALLERY 02. EUGENE BAIDU GALLERY 03. ASIANFANATICS EUGENE PHOTO ALBUM 04. MY ASIANPHOTOS 05. YAHOO KOREA EUGENE GALLERY
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