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  1. If I were to give my 16 year old self advice, I'd say: Don't stress over how others think of you. Focus on yourself and work on building YOU. You are unique and should not compare yourself to anyone else but you. Relax a little and focus on what matters most. Cherish every moment and make them count.
  2. Yes, this is very helpful!! Thank you! I never thought to write down where I met the person on their business card, but that sounds like a really good habit to pick up. I'm pretty sure I'll have more questions after this, but these are very good tips! You are awesome!
  3. Hi Fellow Soompiers! I just bought a small company from a friend who had started the businesses about 2 years ago. I'm new to all this and saw an opportunity in owning a businesses and decided to try it out. It wasn't a very big investment, so the risk is very low. I'm trying to get some advice on owning a small business and would like to ask you guys some questions. I'm not very good at networking and I have zero marketing knowledge, so anything helps! I know, I know, some of you might ask "ok, so if you don't know how to network or market, then why did you get into this in the first place?" Well, I got into this because it's always been a dream of mine to own a businesses and so I saw a very low risk opportunity and decided to try my hand at it. We gotta start somewhere, right? Have any of you started your own business or currently own one? How did you manage your marketing efforts? How did you network? How did you bring your name out there? How did you make your first sale? What were some issues you came across when you first started your business? Did you expand your business? If so, how? Did you hire any employees? Thanks, everyone!!
  4. Hi everyone. I just want to get your insights on how you network and how effective your methods are. I've always been on the sell side in the business world and have recently started working for an early stage startup that requires everyone on the team to know how to network. I think the hardest part of networking for me right now isn't speaking up, it's how to re-engage people. As in, how do you reconnect with people that you've met? Do I send them an email and say "hi, i'm so and so from abc company" or "hey, i met you here and would love to learn more about what you do." I'm not sure where to start and how to continue the relationship, if that makes any sense. I'm fairly new to this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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