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  1. Anyone noticed that in Lee Tae Oh's room (not the master bedroom) there are Tommy Ingberg's photography work? The black and white series is titled Reality Rearranged, which depicts a solitary faceless man morosely trekking through life. There's a connection? Or Tae Oh has an excellent artistic taste? In Lee Tae Oh's office, there's the Good life movie poster, which looks like a father holding his son's hand going home. The house in the poster looks like Yeo Da Kyung and Lee Tae Oh's house. Implying one of the reasons that he came back to Gosan was because of his son (Lee Joon Young), which we know. Then there's the Jules et Jim (Jules and Jim) movie poster beside the Good life movie poster. Jules and Jim is a 1962 French romantic movie about a tragic love triangle. Is there a reason why they put these two movie posters side by side?
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