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  1. Spoiler
    On 4/29/2018 at 3:48 AM, Cedric Ong said:

    The original cast :

    8th Prince


    Xiao Tan


    Crown prince


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    Crown princess


    14th prince


    The maid


    The guard


    3 new chars

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    The mysterious strategist


    The foreign princess


    The 9th prince, no pic from the drama yet.


    Some BTS pics (notice their clothes are almost always in matching colours, just like in season 1).

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     they look like they got more money to spend now, poor 14th prince in season 1 what they made him wear. 

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  2. Yeah, usually Jessica doesn't talk that much and prefers to let the others speak because she tends to be shy until she gets to know someone. When I was reading the translations of the show, it was nice to see I could really get a beat on Jessica's personality pretty well. Besides being shy, I always thought she was a big thinker and that is why she looks like she spaces out alot on TV, and why I thought she doesn't tend to speak first when the group is asked a question. She likes to think about the question and then after all the thoughts on it, she will then give a complimentary answer. That is why I think she fits well with Tiffany when they have interviewed together. Tiffany is very outgoing and likes to speak her mind, which allows Jessica to think of her answer and add in something if she wants.

    where did you read the translations ?

  3. Oh no it's a lot different on here than AKP. I used to be on AKP and their news articles are different. I have been so busy I haven't been able to keep up with the news so not sure what the article is about.  

    I thought that was him. I didn't recognize him from before. I was watching the preview and it just hit me that's who he is lol. I'd only seen him before with "You're Beautiful."  Ooo congrats to Taeyeon on the all kill! 

    So "Love Rain" is already out? Is it subbed yet? Oh I so wanna watch but I tend to get addicted to good drama's and neglect my duties and I have about a month left of classes and can't get lazy. 

    yet it is subbed http://www.mysoju.com/korean-drama/love-rain/ .. has the first two eppies right now

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