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  1. This interview with Park Ki Woong is so sweet, he seems to adore Eun Woo like a little brother, just like how Jin cares for Rim. https://www.soompi.com/article/1356104wpp/park-ki-woong-shares-sincere-praise-for-cha-eun-woos-work-ethics Park Ki Woong Shares Sincere Praise For Cha Eun Woo’s Work Ethics Park Ki Woong has many compliments for ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo! On October 1, Park Ki Woong participated in an interview to talk about MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung,” which aired its final episode on September 26. In the drama, Park Ki Woong and Cha Eun Woo played brothers Lee Jin and Lee Rim. Park Ki Woong shared, “Cha Eun Woo is very sweet. We had a lot of scenes together in the beginning, but there was a time in the middle when we didn’t have scenes together. If we didn’t see each other for a few days, Cha Eun would contact me first. He has a lot of aegyo. We still keep in touch, of course. I play for an [amateur] basketball team as a hobby, and Cha Eun Woo said he wanted to play basketball, so he once joined our team and played with us.” The actor continued, “Cha Eun Woo as a person is great, but I became even more fond of him while I was acting as Lee Jin. I felt lonely while filming at the palace, but I loved the scenes I filmed with him. In one scene near the end, I was in conflict with Cha Eun Woo’s character. It was hard because both Cha Eun Woo and I got too emotional. The scene where I yell to lock him up took many takes because Eun Woo cried. I was also trying hard to hold back my tears. That’s how much I liked [working with] him. It’s hard not to like him since he works very hard.” Park Ki Woong also mentioned the improvement he saw in Cha Eun Woo’s acting. He commented, “I took on a lead role in a film when I was exactly Cha Eun Woo’s age. It was ‘My Tutor Friend 2,’ and I think he is doing a lot better than I was at the time. I had no time to spare because I was busy doing what I had to do. It’s important that a lead actor acts well, but it’s also important that they lead.” Park Ki Woong concluded, “While looking at him taking care of the people around him, I realized that he is doing a lot better than I did. He is a good actor. I’m saying this with sincerity. I’m very proud of him.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And here's the latest batch of BTS, I love Se Kyung & Eun Woo's off screen interactions too! BTS 21-24 (Eng Subbed) Cast Interviews
  2. @gilaswan I think your idea is pretty plausible, that Rim is allowed to live freely for some years, gathering more knowledge and experience around him while Jin is a regent until Rim is older and ready to take over. After all, Rim is the true heir that the Queen and Seoraewon survivors have been fighting for in 20 years. Even though Rim said that he doesn't belong in the palace, it's probably because he was suffocated and felt useless for being confined his whole life doing nothing in Nokseodang, but as a king he will have a purpose and his life will be useful for the people. We can actually see that he has the sense of pride when people are respecting and looking up to him (e.g the villagers after smallpox incident and the Seoraewon survivors in the last ep) so I feel that if he become a wise king who's able to make the country a better place and help many people, that feeling of accomplishment will really make him happy and content. It will be a big responsibility for sure, but with the help of good people around him and especially Hae Ryung, he can definitely do it well. And as a king, if Hae Ryung marries him and become a queen, maybe he can still let Hae Ryung have her career in the palace somehow? As for Jin, after the new Seoraewon is established and Rim took over the throne, he can be the leader of Seoraewon, teaching the kids together with Sahui Yes, the young lady who took baby Rim away with Sambo is Mo Hwa, and she's Sambo's wife. I wish they explained it a bit, but I think the Queen had them married so that Mo Hwa can have an excuse to be around him and to protect Rim.
  3. @cantbreathe - I don't think it's possible to do a happy ending with CP and Sahui at that point of time as Sahui had a lot of scandals and she worked for Councillor Min. But I see it as more of an open ending for them because we see CP still care for her by sending the books. - From what I see, begging the king is only their plan A, but it they can't resolve it in a peaceful way and things go haywire, they had a plan B by preparing a whole troops to fight (although that plan was firgured out by Councillor Min). That would end in bloodbath and a lot of casualties, so it wasn't their first option. That's why Mohwa asked Rim to run away if they didn't return by a certain time. And I think they waited 20 years for Rim to come of age and be ready to take over the throne. - I agree with you that I wish there's at least a short scene with just the 2 brothers at the end to show that they will remain as brothers. It would be nice if they had a conversation after Rim talked to Queen Dowager. We can only assume they still have a good relationship. Regarding HR and Rim not getting married, I wonder if a married woman is allowed to work as a historian in the palace? Maybe it would be difficult for her to pursue career as a married woman and that's why they didn't want to get married yet.
  4. @sirena82 At first I also thought Rim sent the letter, but the letter came from royal villa. At that time Rim just returned from his trip and from what we saw, he lives in a civilians house opposite of Hae Ryung’s. The Queen then asked about news from Sambo and the court lady said he’ll return to Hanyang today, so they must be talking about Rim and the Queen is happy to hear Rim is coming home. That’s why I think they’re talking about someone else regarding the letter, and the only one I can think of is the king.. so I’m a bit confused. I don’t really understand Joseon’s royal hierarchy system back then, but I guess if this happened in the real world and the king was convicted, Jin probably should not have the right for the throne and Rim would have no choice but to take over. But that wouldn’t be a happy ending for Rim, so I’ll gladly take this ending over a realistic one
  5. Okay, I need to clarify some things about the ending.. I assumed that Officer Min & his sister was in mourning because Councillor Min was executed for treason right? And regarding the letter that the court lady sent to Queen Dowager from the royal villa. Was it from the king (Jin’s father) asking for forgiveness from the Queen? So he wasn’t prosecuted even though he was part of the treason with Councillor Min?
  6. Oh my, that was such a feel-good ending! Rim is basically living his dream life. Although he probably should consider going back to writing romance novels again. And yay for a real kiss! Totally didn't expect to get a bed scene too, lol. Gosh I'll miss them so much..
  7. The kiss does look sad. It’s possibly a farewell kiss, but I’m guessing another possible scenario that maybe the kiss happened the night before the huge confrontation with the king that we see in the preview. Based on the preview it looks like Rim & GHR manage to escape from his confinement in Nokseodang. Probably they know they can’t live on the run forever so Rim decided to confront the king, and the night before that they probably confirmed their feelings for each other and kiss, because they don’t know what will happen tomorrow as they will be risking their lives during the confrontation. We’ll gonna know in just a few hours.. I’m still hopeful for a happy ending.. Please! They deserve to be happy.
  8. So I guess we're gonna get another kiss scene in the finale! With how much Yi Rim's character has grown since the beginning, it's only right for his kissing skill to grow as well, right? Sigh, I'm still not ready to say goodbye to this show.. Source: http://www.m-i.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=641270
  9. May I know what are the other discussion sites/forums for the drama? I'd love to hear more people's thoughts on the drama. I do think this drama deserves more hype and better ratings. But I read an article some time ago that it's doing pretty well on Netflix. The comments that I read on twitter are mostly positive too. I hope the cast & crew know that many people are loving their work.
  10. The scene happened in episode 33-34 (ep 17 on Netflix). I guess we didn't really comment on it because the arrow wound wasn't very deep (intentionally, as it was not meant to kill him) and he recovered very quickly from it.
  11. Okay, I didn't expect Jin to react strongly like that.. But I still hope his love for Rim will triumph over his desire for the throne. At this point I think the reality struck him too hard so he's still in denial and isn't ready to accept the truth, so he's kind of lashing out at Rim. But we know Jin is better man than that.. I'll be really disappointed at him if he isn't. As for Rim, I don't see him actually eyeing to take over the throne, but more of wanting to set the truth free and punish the people behind the injustice that his father and Seoraewon people suffered 20 years ago. I wish we still have 2-3 more episodes to wrap everything up... I'm a bit worried the last episode will feel rushed.
  12. Yes, Rim and Jin have such a brotherly, loving relationship so far and both of them are not ambitious people, so I don’t see Jin & Rim fighting for the throne. I think they will fight to give up the throne for one another instead, lol. I think Rim would feel that Jin is much more worthy as a king than him, and Rim would rather explore a life outside the palace instead of spending the rest of his life being confined in the palace once again. I just wonder if the system actually allow him to give up the throne after they discover he’s the true heir. Preview stills for tomorrow's episode!
  13. Yeah, Eun Woo had it when he sang the OST for Gangnam Beauty so I expected to have another one for this too.. but sadly I haven't find it anywhere too. I love seeing the photos of the wrap up party! They all must've gotten pretty close after shooting together for 5-6 months. And for Se Kyung & Eun Woo, they've filmed very heartfelt moments together like the break-up scene and the last ep where he cried in her arms, I feel that they must've grown some affection towards each other too (I don't mean romantic feelings) because they'll have to be immersed in the characters to be able to film those scenes well, which they did very well. I hope the cast will remain as good friends! I found this post by the actor who played the scribe, in the 2nd pic it looks like a huge scene where almost all the cast were gathered in one place.. I wonder what's happening there. That must be the day where they took the big group photo.
  14. The last 2 episodes are really good as the mysteries are unraveling. We already know who Yi Rim’s dad is but the story of his birth is still mysterious. Rim looks really heartbroken that the people closest to him keep lying about his birth. Even though they just don’t want to see him hurt, but it’s actually hurting him more that they keep lying to him. I’m just hoping they won’t rush the ending in the last 2 eps, we need some happier moments in the last episode! And while I do miss the cute romantic scenes between them, we’re now seeing a more mature romantic relationship between them where they quietly care, respect, and support each other without being lovey-dovey, and I love it just as much. That scene where Rim cries in her arms is so beautiful.
  15. Wow, many things are being revealed in this episode, although most of them are things that we've guessed already. And we've learned the Queen Dowager's goal.. Although I'm not sure if she actually wants Rim to take the throne because she cares for him, or only to get revenge for her son's death 20 years ago. Now I'm curious what kind of deal was made between Queen Dowager and the King that he has to keep Rim alive and his identity hidden from Councillor Min. As for the romance, I don't think there will be much space for it until the royal family issues are resolved, but I love how they still treat each other amicably despite their history and they even teamed up to investigate the mysteries.
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