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  1. Thanks @elzy for pointing it out, I missed that part. So that the rumour he's denied but he didn't deny HH theory about MAMA - the begining of SA love story. But LA is one KJK's fav city in States...seems like his 2nd home. So if she is going to be there (this is her 1st time right?), perhaps KJK will go there too as her guide and took the chance to introduce her to his friends ther HH n YJS have been to LA before with Infinity Challenge...so hopefully JH take JSJ there. My delulu story would be: She take her daddy who support SA so much to LA and he - the one man- also arrange his trip there to be with his loved ones in abroad date. (JK mentioning before right that States is one of his dating place )
  2. In which show was HH tease KJK about wedding Hall? There's so many times that they linked together or teased to be a couple in MUD, knowing brothers, big picture, PJF, SBS award, fanmeeting...and of course RM....in which mostly they just simply say 'no' but act as if it is 'yes'. MUD - although JH say there's nothing between her n KJK eventhough has been in RM for 9 years but when asked who she choose as her ideal...the answer will be KJK if his mom didn't say to exclude KJK. Big picture - I really love when KJK say that he want to go to europe with the woman he loves, and then HH and the other start teasing him, and how he was concerned what JH said about him. And also when HH elaborate the story that KJK-SJH relationship start from MAMA when JH was drunk and knock his room PJF - JH say that JK is her brother that always there for her in RM but she look a bit panic when "are KJK's girl in this room?" SBS award - (it is one of my fav SA moment) when JK give her his hand to hold onto when they climb the elevator Fan meeting - (my pic still one of the best moment from so many SA moment during fan meeting) when she put her head on his shoulder and his arm side hugged her RM - hmm...lost count on this...k..k...k since too many sweet moment between them. They always say 'no' but they act and gesture so differently from what they said.
  3. This is spartace forum it's about KJK and SJH, so KJK's fans are welcome here, and so does SJH's fans. The fans here whomever fans they are, come here because they believe/ship them to be together as a real couple. So if you are SJH's fans but you don't like KJK due to some reason or don't ship SJH to be with KJK, then I guess you have been wasting your precious 1 year lurking this forum. Don't want to put any words about your comment on KJK's harsh word to SJH. Since I believe you will think its just an excuse from you're claimed as KJK's fans to defense him. But I'm just feel sorry that all this year you are confined with what you watch but cannot see or feel what other SJH's fans here like @cloudiee1004 see and feel. Cheers and happy shipping everyone.
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