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    Family Outing season 1. I miss them.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ahhh such a useful thread! Makes life so much easier for me now. :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Does anyone have the same problem with facebook notifications? Every time my bb glitches and I have to restart, the little facebook notification button on top of the screen pops up. I have to go on facebook on my phone and manually erase all notifications and messages (even though I've already set the settings to NOT send me any notifications). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't, I have to log onto facebook on my PC + pray + cross my fingers. I'm just wondering if there's any other way to avoid this?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Thanks to the topic-starter for this thread!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    dramaok, I'm thinking of the same thing after watching the preview. Looks like the only way Sa Ran can make Da Mo leave is if she has her hair raised by someone elsetears.gif Seeing as we're only on Episode 26, we have room for more conflicts. If it is what we think it is, that will give this story a lot more complications. Ahhh, but I hope she doesn't. That would be going too low. I like to think Da Mo will just hear Sa Ran being propositioned and flip out. As punishment for hitting a guest, he gets soaked in cold water. And we see wet, naked Da Mo! Muahahaha! 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I am up for angst though. I feel it's more rewarding to see the happy ending after watching all the suffering. Cos, PD, we are getting a happy ending, aren't we?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Haven't been in Soompi for maybe 2 years. Never thought I'd be back, but this drama is really getting to me. :) I just stumbled upon it yesterday and assumed it would only be 20 episodes. I decided to watch it for that reason since I rarely watch dramas that are still airing. I want to wait until they're finished and do marathons. :) Imagine to my horror when I realized this one is slated for 50 episodes! (I knew something was up when they went into so much detail about the lives of the workers in the gisaeng house so that's when I decided to find out exactly how many episodes this one was gonna have. dry.gif)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Oh well. Now that I've finished watching all 20 episodes (yes, I also skip the woes of Elvis-wannabe Ahjussi), I'm bummed. I'm tempted to watch 21 and 22 unsubbed but I know I'll just end up confused as heck, as I think this is one of those dramas that I just can't watch with my limited understanding of the Korean language. Sighs...
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Favorite character so far is Gong Joo. I have sisters so I feel the sistah and her protective streak. ;-) And I hope and pray Da Mo is headed for some major heartbreak. I need me some angst. :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































    ^^ cos those pictures were not taken today. believe me, none of them are smiling.
















































































































    jay, you ARE our leader. whatever you decide, we will respect.

















    hey everyone~ my sister & i are planning on going to SeaTac tomorrow.

    but we're kind of confused as to what to do exactly. should we buy him flowers? haha.
























































































    any suggestions would help (:















































































































































































    jay seems to like to keep to himself. at least that's what my sis and i saw when we went to see them for their 1-yr anniversary (oh God, i wish to turn back the clock to that day...). i suggest you just bring signs saying you support him in whatever decision he makes. if you could, please refrain from screaming his name. just find a good spot where he'll definitely see you as he comes out then wave your sign. he'll see it. don't rush to him with gifts/stuffs. even just by being there and letting him know you support him would be more than enough. :)
























































































    jay park, i will stand beside you all the way, whatever you decide to do. you ARE our leader.
























































































































































































































































    dddaiyamondo, i have reported you to a mod. please stop inviting people to fight with you by posting rude comments. that is against forum rules and against common civility.
















































































































    hottests, please let us all calm down. let us just continue supporting jay in whatever decision he makes.
















































































































    until jype releases a statement, i won't believe this. it could be another attack from those haters or it could be a misdirected ploy from well-meaning fans to get more people riled up. please have faith in jay. we will all pull through this. as fans, let us just pray for him and for 2pm. my sister and i were just in korea to celebrate their 1-yr anniversary and we honestly didn't find out it had gotten this big until we got here. so please everyone, calm down. and pray for jay. and for 2pm.








































































































































































































    kaylee, where'd you get that second to last gif where jay is looking happy with his apron? :D i see wally but i don't recall seeing an interview with that clip. :lol:
























































































    junsu must really love that shirt. :D as far as i know, he's worn it three times now:
























































































    MBC Starry Night Radio
























































































    cr: llmill@yt
























































































    Friday Night Rehearsal
























































































    cr: hoishi@yt
























































































    then now ~
























































































    if that top was from a fan, lucky fan! ^_^
















































































































































































    reminder: if you haven't yet, please visit here first.
















































































































    ^^ hahahahaha, jyp, you're just better off touring the whole world now!














































































































































































































































































    skim072 and bebyxanna, thank you so much for sharing such wonderful news! aaahhh!!! so if we won't see them when we go to korea, there's still hope! please, please, please jyp! a tour would be nice but if you just decide to stay put in one place, doesn't matter to me also. i'd go wherever you will go. (okay, that just sounds corny but whatever. :P)
























































































    and muahahahaha on jay showering in nodaji (esp that cap you got kaylee) i thought he was naked too. i was like wth?! they're abusing jay's privacy! but whew i see shorts. :D
























































































    thanks for all the maknae pics. seriously, he has got the most handsome profile i've ever seen. and erm, i guess i really am the only one who liked his hair on the blue carpet. :ph34r: it reminded me of his corn rows hair and i liked that too. :P then his bun... awww maknae. :wub: and him leaning into khun. yep. he's the maknae alright. :D
























































































    okay, i've already said what i wanted to say about this whole junsu looking different but just to remind everyone again: what made you fans of 2PM, or in this case, kim junsu?
























































































    if it's for his appearance, there's nothing wrong with that. BUT please do not just stop there. this is what gets to me. he is not defined by his looks alone nor is anyone else in 2PM. sure, that's what initially attracts most of us, but what makes us stay in the end is not just what's on the outside, right? i don't know about you but if 2PM just stood there and looked good, i would lose interest in them fast. what keeps me a hottest until now are their talents, their quirkiness, their warmth, their ups and downs, their personalities, their brotherhood... i look at them and i smile because they just have that certain connection that makes me wish i were part of their group. :)
























































































    and hottests, remember to keep the peace and respect as jay said! :)
















































































































































































    reminder: please visit here before posting!
















































































































    kaylee and eija!!! thanks for the pics! saving everything! me love picspams. :D kaylee i could squish you for those junsu overload! ^_^
























































































    does anyone know of 2PM's schedule from sep 3 to 7? are they really set on having a fanmeeting in thailand? (last time i asked the schedule was only up to sep 2). it's just that my sis and i are going to korea to see them (hoping they'll do something on their 1-yr anniversary but it seems bleak now). thanks in advance!
























































































    and welcome new 2PM lovers! :wub: please start sharing your love of 2PM! and if you're brand new to the forum as well, kindly visit here first - korean music forum rules. :)
























































































    edit: only2PM, awww those pics are total love. :) i miss their hb days so much.








































































































































    ^^ wait! they actually went down to the pit?! aaahhh lucky faaans! :D
















































































































    jenny, i miss you!!! yes, he still looks shy of a full recovery. :( but he's a trooper. ;)
















































































































    don't know if this fancam has been shared? i love fancams cos you can really hear how the people are interacting with the performers. you can hear the hottest chant here! yay!
















































































































    2PM Fancam MNet Choice
















































































































    cr: torresnn@yt
















































































































    i was in 2OD and read up on some quotes from the boys. and these just got me laughing so hard i had to make them into pins/badges. :D
































































































































































































































































































































    i looked carefully at junsu's pic and compare wif his old face







































































































































































    and he totally looked the same except that we can see that















































































































































































    his face is still swollen due to his nasal operation i believe...















































































































































































    remember how adorable he can be by looking at this pic
















































































































































































    credit:as tagged















































































































































































    thank you, cheezychunnie. thank you. it really hurts me to see comments like, "i bet he had plastic surgery," or "his nose looks different. he had a nose surgery, right?" (from youtube comments and other sites) or worse ~ "HE LOOKS WEIRD." :angry:
























































































    i'm sorry, but this is why i loved it when junsu still had his bowl-cut hair cos the fickle people were filtered out. those who truly love him saw past the hair and outer appearance and appreciated him for his talents and personality. then again & again came on and suddenly he was a hot item. i felt happy cos he was finally getting some recognition albeit only for his hotness. then he started to grow into his bowl-cut hair again and he was back to the background. frankly, i felt relieved. no, not because i was jealous of all the attention given him (i feel ecstatic when people show him love :wub: ) but because even though he didn't have as many fans as when he had the a&a hair, those fans who still stood by him actually supported him wholly. not just his hairstyle. they actually supported kim junsu, the person.
























































































    but now he's back with a 'hotter' look and just his luck it had to be after surgery for his rhinitis. now some are insinuating he had his nose done. oh please. how would you know the difference if you only looked at him in fleeting glances? he still has a wide nose. if i were kim junsu and i wanted to have a nose job, that'd be the first thing i'd have them fix. but nope. still wide. and his face did change. swollen, seems like it. but it could also be that he finally got some good rest and good food in him while he was in daegu. yey! :D
























































































    as a kim junsu fan, it hurts to have people only look at his flaws. he is one damn talented and deep and nice person. yes, he has a temper and is moody. he can be bitter about love. he might not be as crazy as the others. but he is a good son, faithful to his fans (nobody seemed to notice when they first won for a&a, he was the first to shout, "hottests saranghamnida!"), and loyal to 2PM.
























































































    i'm glad people here aren't as fickle and vicious as in the other sites i've visited. :)
























































































    okay, that's it for my thoughts on junsu. :D















































































































































































    CONGRATS 2PM!!! you definitely deserve these awards and it's about time. :D i felt so sorry for jay at the end of the perf. it felt like he was trying to catch his breath through the pouring water running down his face. :( the dance break with the girl (sorry i don't know her name) was cute, kinda like a little story about how they first fight for her (taec, jay) then have happy memories with her (woo, junho) then she starts losing interest and they try to woo her (chansung, junsu) and finally they lose her to mr. beauty! :lol: then they all hate her. but erm, the transition could have been smoother. overall though it was HOTNESS! i don't know about you guys but every time i hear the word 'hot' only 2PM comes to mind. for me, it feels like they invented the word.
























































































    thanks for all the updates, hottests!
















































































































































































    remember no quoting of images, spamming, posting/requesting for direct download links! let's keep the thread alive!
























































































    edit: i made banners to celebrate the boys!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    (Hwang Chansung)
















































































    Q19 Favorite dish: I like to eat everything, keke
























































































    Q20 A dish that you can make really well: I'm best at making ramen noodles, keke
























































































    Q26 The girl that made you fall in love: ...I have never fallen in love
























































































    Q27 A habit of girls you don't understand: why do girls like to put their hands near their mouth when they're gonna take a picture keke















































































































































































    yes, maknae, we've noticed that you like to eat everything. ^_^
























































































    ramen noodles, hm? i wonder if woo taught him the oxygen technique? :D
























































































    and sighs...him admitting he has never fallen in love is just making him even more irresistible to fangirls. :wub:
























































































    me too! i can't understand that pose.
















































































    (Lee Junho)
















































































    Q41 How you would confess your love to a girl: I'd take her to a beautiful garden and just honestly tell her I love her. Is this good? keke















































































































































































    yes, junho. that is VERY good. *creepily imagining self in said garden with junho*
















































































    (Kim Junsu)
















































































    3 words that describe you: musician, artist, individual
























































































    Q47 The best looking member in the group: Chansung because he has a good body and strong legs
























































































    Q48 Something you find strange about your fan club: that we have a lot of fans that continuously give us their support
























































































    Q57 If you were a girl, who's girlfriend would you want to be in 2PM: I'd want to be with myself because I would take really good care of my girlfriend kekeke















































































































































































    deep kim junsu. :)
























































































    i also think chansung is the best-looking in the group hahahaha.
























































































    but why is having a lot of fans strange to you, jun.k? you still don't know how amazing you guys are? :)
























































































    alkfhjakshdfjkahfjkdhalfa!!! lucky girl, whoever she will be. i do hope you find her, junsu. and this time, i hope you're not the one who'll be saying, "they say there's always someone in a relationship who loves more. oh God i wish it wasn't me." (if only, 2004)
























































































    thanks for sharing this here kaylee!
























































































    and i made some jay icons ~ ;)
















































































































































































    does anyone know when 2PM will be back in korea after the fanmeet in thailand? :)
























































































    thanks for all the updates, everyone!
















































































































































































    reminder: please no spamming, requests for downloads, quoting of images. :)

















    I have warned many members on this thread and I don't see too much improvement. Also, the number of reports (complaints) we received from this thread is very high, even higher than faster moving threads. That is a major concern. My next action will be suspending this thread if this problem continues. It is not fair to everybody but this unfairness is caused by many people who is not respecting rules. Many threads has been suspended before and when it re-opens, the behavior is much better, so this is effective.
















































































































    just a thought: were those complaints maybe from regular posters here who do not want this thread to be closed due to new posters who do not bother to read the rules (or even after getting reminded by us time and time again still continue to break the rules)?
















































































































    we don't have the powers to remove posts that mods have. the only way we can think of helping is alerting you about a poster who continually breaks rules even after being told again and again to not do so. but if those complaints are being taken into negative light, then what was meant to help the mods to keep the thread clean is not helping those who are just trying to help. :(
















































































































    BUT if those complaints are not from regular posters here, then it's also good to consider if they just might not have 2PM and/or hottests high on their like list.
















































































































    i do understand where you're coming from cos i, myself, find rule-breaking posts to be a big headache. but it really is unfair for those who mind the rules like a hawk and remind others to do also to have this thread closed just because 2 or 3 random posters happen to jump right in without reading forum rules first.
















































































































    we will continue to remind them. but please also take our opinions into consideration. :)
































































































































































































































    and cos i still can't figure out how to make images into plain links, i'll just refer to the posts. :P
















































































































    zahieyjunki, on those elite photoshoot pics, did you see junsu in any of them? i just feel so sad not to see him with the boys. is he still sick? :(
















































































































    rogueeex, omg! that is genius! "this is a conspiracy!" indeed. :D please, no need to credit me for the idea, hon.
















































































































    does anyone have any idea what 2PM is planning for their 1-yr anniversary?
















































































































    newme1, thanks for sharing that. it really was an honest mistake. they were rushing and even i thought it was a trash bin.
























































































    nhym51, noooooooooo! a bikini contest?! :lol: our boys are definitely gonna enjoy that. :D
























































































    Poon191, thanks for those pics! aaahhh can you imagine, you're just doing your grocery shopping and lo and behold khun and junho are walking the same aisle as you. i'd probably freeze on the spot. :P now i'm really interested as to why it's only them. maybe it's the punishment for their crazy game? ooohhh "i'm so essited!" :D
























































































    preview for next wild bunny ep doesn't show junsu. :( baby is still sick? junsu, get a lot of rest and get well soon!
























































































    and because i'm missing him lots and lots, i give you...
























































































    and thanks for all the kind words! :)
















































































































    about the light stick, i hope no one uses the blue one! i don't get why, but fans are pretty hardcore about their colors. i don't want the boys to get bashed again for using another group's color. :( besides, metallic gray suits 2PM more. another suggestion i read in another site was changing the color to gold for 2PM (like the sun cos they're hot as well :P) and silver for their other half. ;)
























































































    about chansung ~ now i get it. that bin is for newspapers? i'm sorry but it looks like a trash can to me, too. it really is tough to be an idol. people watch your every move. don't worry, maknae, we know it was an honest mistake. some just need to get over their self-righteousness.
























































































    entermuriel, amazing banners! secskhiii! :D can't stop staring at junbros.
























































































    sharing banners as well ~
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































    and cos they left their leadja out. :P
































































































































































































































































































































































































    g9g, thanks for sharing. vocal cord surgery? good thing it didn't affect his singing voice! that's scary. and junsu my looove! get well soon boys!
































































































































































































































    just wanted to share 2PM's special stage in HD ~
































































































































































































































    Part 1
































































































































































































































    Part 2
































































































































































































































    cr: CodeMonmonSeason3@yt




































































    Janin, thanks for all those pics! hq pics of hotness = LOVE. :D




























    the fanmeeting is seriously awesome. they did so many performances! i am beyond jealous. :P i really pray they'll do something for their 1-yr anniversary when my sis and i are in korea. jay's rainism perf was totally sick; i could feel the energy from his moves even though i was only watching him in pixels. :P the b-boys! :lol: i looove it! and it was so funny how the fans in the front row were like catching the water sprinkles from maknae hahaha. and nobody flinched when wooyoung was about to tip the bucket. either they already knew it wouldn't be water or they just plain did not care. anything from the boys, right? :lol: nick and junho's piece, awww... khun looked so embarrassed when he cracked. khun, don't worry. you heard the hottests' screams when that happened. we're proud of you for trying and trying and trying. and junho, wow. totally getting hotter and hotter. phew. taecyeooon!!! seriously, i should stop watching that perf and the mv and all the other perfs of that song cos i'm getting pervier and pervier. :P




























    and my most fave perf of all - JUN.K! O.M.G. i almost jumped out of my seat to start dancing to his song! he really made it himself? i feel like crying, like a mama bird so proud. but junsu, please watch over your health first. i refused to believe he was sick (denial mode on cos it hurts to see him anything but well) but seeing those pics and caps...his eyes look watery and tired like he has a cold. :( junsu, get better.




























    okay, enough babbling. i made some icons and banners again ~








































































































































































    thanks for all the updates everyone!













    sorry for cutting posts again!

    i'm rooting for the 2009 BEST MALE GROUP :)







    same here! ;) but even if they don't get it, they're the best for me.

    Full MV of Let's Take a Brake

    [090805][Official MV]2PM Nichkhun_Let's Take A Break [TAT]














    Credit : polarelle (Youtube)













    okay khun, i'm sold. i'm taking a break in thailand. :P it's awesome hearing him sing in yet another language!



















    wish i knew how to build my own. :(














    my pc set-up - gateway tower and speakers, samsung monitor, logitech mouse, keyboard, and webcam














    netbook - sony














    ex-laptop - gateway




















    t-mobile. i pay ~ $70 on average per month (depends on what other extra fees i incur <_<). i have unlimited text, 500 call minutes, unlimited weekends and i think weeknights. and i also have myfaves which really doesn't help me since i'm not a big talker (i don't know whyyy i got this added :(). happiness scale: 6. as soon as my contract expires, i'm downgrading to a cheaper plan but still keep the unlimited text.




























    Can someone post chibis of 2PM??? PLEASE ~ ~














    I can’t seem to find any T-T



























    cr: soompi 2PM thread, as tagged, bestiz














    so many updates! thank you hottests!














    junho tweeting is so adorable. i love how he always works hard to improve himself.



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