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  1. On 5/12/2017 at 2:00 PM, lxands said:

    1. https://www.dramafever.com/news/song-hye-kyo-poses-sexy-with-best-friend-yoo-ah-in/

    In an interview with W Korea, Song confessed that she believes friendship doesn’t exist between a man and a woman. “I don’t have any male friends. I'm close to Ah In from my agency and Joong Ki from a drama, but for them I think I’m a noona who buys them food.”


    2. http://m.scmp.com/magazines/48hrs/article/1631827/kang-dong-won-and-song-hye-kyo-talk-about-learning-life-lessons-my

    ” She happened to mention the project to Kang, who is in the same management company. The two have been friends since appearing together in Jang Joon-hwan’s Love for Sale (2010), and move in the same social circles. “He showed a great interest in the story, so I told him to ask for the script,” the actress recalls.


    This is a fishy one.. .

    In recent interview with W magazine, SHK stated she doesn't believe in friendship between man & woman.  She made no secret that she is close to both YAI & SJK but she also made it clear they're both kid brothers to her, tho she put it that the 2 guys who are her as their noona.

    In the 2nd article was during MPL interview from 3 years ago. At the time both clearly talk abt their close friendship as  proven when SHK showed & discuss abt the work offered to her with KDW. 

    My point is what happens to the friendship between man (KDW) & woman (SHK)?  We know they somehow  still hang out since they have many mutual friends,  especially  Miss Park?!  & of cos their shared stylist to name the least. Has she finally realized friendship between a man & a woman will eventually becomes lovers? That they're no longer friends but lovers instead? :D

    Well,  just a thought when I read the recent W interview....plus the recent Laneige Taiwan slip abt oppa & happy news implying an upcoming wedding, I can't help but be hopeful.. 


    I've been a fan of SHG since AIMH and SHG is very straightforward and honest and honestly if she was really dating SJK at the moment, I feel like all of korea would know by now if that's the case or not. but because SHG is not the type to declare her relationship just like in the past, I honestly don't think there's anything going on between SHG and SJK, like she said herself, he's like a dongsaeng to her. in the case of KDW, that's totally different because these two never straight out denied their relationship, it got me excited again to see KDW with you know who, we all here know how even though they're no longer in the same company, KDW stylist is still the same as SHG. also looking at those new photos of KDW out and about, that lady with the blurred out face, I can't help but think that, that's uri SHG because of the height and hair style, and we all see how her style has changed over the years, their casual style is so similar now its not even funny. regardless of if they're dating or not, we at least know they're still close. :D

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  2. On 2/14/2017 at 7:12 AM, GangHyeGyo said:

    My comment to your posts, wonkyoers.

                                                            "I couldn't agree you more" 

    I still believe in wonkyo and I have decided to stay from 2014 till now and till marriage of wonkyo will be announced (I am dreaming, yes, it is a hope :wink:). These two are really keeping their privacy (I will not bother them) and I respect them. Some notes to remember: 

    Wonnie said rather than the look, he likes a woman with belly fat and shk, fortunately, has



    While Kyo said she likes a man older than she is, an "oppa" to her. Note: kyo calls two different men who are month-gap older than her with two different addresses. She calls Jo In Sung with In Sung, while she calls "oppa" for Wonnie.  


    @DreamSpinner827 nice seeing you again

    Where is @gitakawaii ?




    Hello! I'm here, still

    lurking :) 


    isn't Yoo ah in doing a movie with KDW? I wonder who introduced them 

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  3. thanks for sharing those interview, I've been a VIP since 2006 and I first saw them in LA back in 2006 at a korean Festival, its surreal how far they have come. its so nostalgic cause i literally grew up listening to them. thank you for the memories BIGBANG reading those^ interview I can understand them and relate so much, last year I went to their MADE concert in LA and I'm happy that once again I got to see them, maybe even for the last time, who knows. thank you again BB....

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  4. 4 hours ago, MiAmour said:

    One thing that im not satisfied is.... the 2nd cap of their photoshoot above

    Instyle made bomi almost kiss the floor to portray the divided kiss with taejoon. Never in her 6 years since debut :cry:

    they should kiss proper way like other couple, example like #33couple's photoshoot LOL 


    Thats just the photographer being creative, I love photography and do it for fun so I personally thought it was clever and cute, you shouldn't take those things too seriously. :) let's wait for the photo shoot, I hope we don't have to wait too long to see it, I'm just shock they actually did one for a real magazine and not just for fun? Are they the first couple to actually have a real photo shoot with a legit magazine? I know jota and jinkyung did one and also Solim couple, but were those for a magazine or just for fun? 

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  5. 2 hours ago, fangirlmj17 said:


    They really have an "undeniable chemistry". I instantly saw and felt that at their very first moment together. Urgh! I was actually rooting for the main OTP because well they're the main leads but I just couldn't resist and be blind by the charm of Wook and the WookSoo's romantic development. So I gave up the first OTP and just stuck to WookSoo though I knew that they're not gonna end up together. And I think I made the best decision and I didn't have, don't have, and will never have regrets doing that. WookSoo all the way! :heart:


    I think the "SMILING WOOK" again was the winning moment for us. And their last scene together was enough for us to say goodbye to this series, to Hae Soo and Wook, and to just smile again (for sure we didn't have this smile for quite along time since their breakup) the same way our Soo and Wook smiled again to each other. 


    To WOOK, yes, you might have changed, but your love for Soo didn't. That's very evident when you chose to let her go even knowing the fact that you'll never see her again. And that's why I am proud to say that I chose the right guy to love and support. 

     To SOO, your feelings might have changed for WOOK (not the same way as you loved him before), but I'm happy to see you still protecting, understanding, and forgiving him 'til the end. 


    Personally, I can bid my farewell to them with a contented heart. No regrets... no hurt feelings... just pure love and understanding for both of them. :) 


    yes me too! i have no hard feelings and satisfied that wook gave her up and had his own family. although im a little confused as to why he name his daughter after Baek Ah Lover? or could that girl be their daughter that wook took care of? im a little confused. 

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  6. just watched the recent episode, I honestly was waiting for the top HS-WS moment of their relationship but it never came, their relationship and the progress of it doesnt make sense, its like he became overly obsess with HS and the throne. the romance seems dead to me. 


    what's crazy is the moment when WW came to bid farewell to Soo, I felt that chemistry again between them, just like from the beginning, that pure love. I missed it, thats what made me fall in love with them, because they both actually liked each other from the beginning and Im so happy Wook can smile again.

    he finally let her go and even told her to forget him and forget what happened so that they both can move on. i'm just happy to see them being able to smile at each other. I also dont want that chinese ending for the korean ending, it would just be so lame and force.

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  7. 20 hours ago, YourHighness . said:

    Wow So is so creepy and why is he going to be mad at HS for loving WW? I feel bad for HS..she would have been so happy with WW. She chose the wrong prince.


    its weird cause it was obvious that there was something going on between them, you would think WS would be smart enough to figure that out already.  I havent seen the recent episode but im glad that WW can now move on with his life and I think HS sees that. HS always knew that WW was a good man and he wasn't evil like that because of the way he treated her before. :wub: and now WW can go back to being his old self. 

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