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  1. thanks for sharing those interview, I've been a VIP since 2006 and I first saw them in LA back in 2006 at a korean Festival, its surreal how far they have come. its so nostalgic cause i literally grew up listening to them. thank you for the memories BIGBANG reading those^ interview I can understand them and relate so much, last year I went to their MADE concert in LA and I'm happy that once again I got to see them, maybe even for the last time, who knows. thank you again BB....

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  2. Omg that new

    episode killed my heart (WOOK :((( ) what am

    i suppose to do with you FML :tears:


    im not ready for more heartbreak! WS was so

    cool this episode omg! Seriously best episode for

    me! My eyes were glued to the screen the whole time and the acting in this episode was superb. I was legit scared of WW!! Soo good!! I can't stop spazzing about this episode. 

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  3. 17 minutes ago, novemberschopin said:


    I hardcore ship SoSoo in the series, but hardcore ship IU and KHN in real life hahahah.
    It's so obvious that boy has a crush on IU. Did you see the BTS where he was teasing IU with her robot dance haha.

    I also think the second lead syndrome is real too for many people because KHN portrays Wook so well. I think if someone else portrayed the 8th prince, his character could have come across as really bland and one-dimensional, but KHN successfully portrays the 8th princes as a conflicted, multi-faceted character where there is much more to him than meets the eye. Then you also factor in KHN's squishy cinnamon bun like nature in real life, and I'm just like omg we must protect him at all costs! But then I'm like snap out of it girl, you are team So and Soo now ahhah


    I'd have to agree. me having SLS alot of it has to do with the way KHN is portraying him (WOOK), he even said the reason he was attracted to "wook" is due to the 'arc" of his character in this drama, i can't wait to see how he portrays wook from now on. i've been following his work since "Heartstring" and Ive always thought he was good, but now I think he's just as great as any A-lister actor in KOREA. maybe KHN and IU can work on another drama or maybe even a duet together in the future. :wub: 

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  4. 23 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:

    Welcomeee!! :) 

    A gift: 

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    I am SoSoo shipper but I have a soft spot for IU and Kang Ha Neul. I want a Kang Ha Neul ^_^:



    You beat me to it! HA! I think after this drama im officially a big fan of KHN. IU and Ha Neul seem to be very close judging from the BTS. I guess KHN was telling the truth lol. this picture is comforting my WW-HS ship at the moment.


    Off topic : anybody want to recommend me any other Saeguk drama LJG was in? i've heard of "Scholar who walks the night" is that one any good?

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  5. 47 minutes ago, Mona Ys said:


    Sorry to cut your post...

    I think we alll agree in K-version, it will get uglier and darker from now onwards, with intense fights for the thrones and dramatic love story between WS & HS. I'm looking forward to a nicely done ending that will make us viewers some closure... (please please not an open ending that gives viewers doubts and questions like SWWTN...) 


    I am now looking forward to seeing how both WS and WW will change in terms of their Goal. I don't understand why K-netz are not interested in this drama, its just as good as the rival drama. this one actually has a more interesting storyline. LJK is soo good at expressing his feeling with his eyes and lips, as for KHN, I can already sense more of his suppressed "Bad" side in the 2 recent episode. I am very curious to see what the turn around to WW-HS relationship (even when it sucks that my ship will finally sink) Let's hope the ratings will go up now that the story is getting darker and more interesting. 

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  6. 23 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:


    @solelylurking BTS with KHN + IU and more! Adorable! :blush:


    OMG why are they so cute? :wub: is there one with english sub, I would like to know what they're talking and singing about LOL


    just watched the new episode and I just want to say that my favorite scene was scene WS told off his mom and walked off, ugh I've been waiting for him to do that! 

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