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  1. hahah yeah...he changed because of her..that was sweet
  2. yeahh..this was one of the 1st korean drama to be played in a non-korean country
  3. yeahh..more lovey dovey scene..I wanted more of that too..
  4. yup!! there's still a lot of ppl who talks about this drama...
  5. yeah..that's one of my favorites.. I need to see those two in another drama...
  6. haha yeah I agree...SSH and WB..hottiesss!! Wendy even though I love won bin more.... SSH is one of my favorite...!
  7. i found this on this one web [Classic Lines from "Endless Love"] Enxi, "Brother, what do you wish to be in your next life? … I want to be a tree. A tree is planted in one place. The location won’t be changed anymore. In this way, we’ll not need part with our family." Enxi told Junxi, "I pardon your sins" Enxi told Junxi, "I love brother in each and every minute of my life. Do you know?" Enxi told Junxi, "I don’t want to lose you several times in a lifetime. Thus, I must die before you." Junxi told Enxi, "If I hold you hand again, I can never let go." Taixi told Enxi, "I am sincere. I shall protect you. Keep your tired wings, lean on me. I’ll escort you to heaven." Taixi told Enxi, "Please let me help you cure your illness. I’ll leave when you recover. I won’t demand anything from you."
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