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  1. Is one here can answer to my question. Where is our dear cheerkoo? Why she stop posting here? Is she leaving our dear ko?o
  2. Because she love Ahn so much that's why she try to hold their marriage..Even she is mentally abuse it is okay if someone hurt you physically because we can feel the pain but mentally hurt is the other issue..
  3. I wish our little angel sued dispatch because the conversation have no permission to her to post it..
  4. I think AJH is the one who give that conversation to dispatch because he said before he will share their kakao talk..I think this is his strategi to show the world that he is a victim..
  5. She will comeback again after trial in her life..She is strong woman..
  6. I salute her for revealing the truth..
  7. I dont believe him..He playing victim in his post.. He such a jerk person and liar..
  8. I think koo still holding the married vow "FOR BETTER OR WORST TIL DEATH DO US PART"..
  9. i read on IG the divorce was plan on chinese new year .I dont know if is true
  10. If this is true he is totally jerk..
  11. I was followed some update on IG and I read the accurate translation about dear koo decision..
  12. It's true that they are divorcing and and the company is to man side.
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