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  1. General Soompi Rules -When quoting an image, please remove the Why is he name after a number? Ah, the puzzling question everyone has when they first hear about Se7en. Before his debut, his company have thought about the possible stage name (from letters to numbers, including 7) that would be suitable for Choi Dong Wook. While eating a restaurant with YG, they noticed there were 7 pieces of radish kimchi on his plate. So, they confirmed Se7en's name from that. The number 7 is also considered as a lucky number in Korea. Se7en wants to spread luck through his music with everyone. He also believes his fans give him luck, so that's why his fanclub is named Lucky Se7en. Why wasn't the "All Night" music video released in 2006? The "All Night" MV that featured the female singer, Ivy, was cancelled. YG was not satisified with the results. It was planned for a re-shoot, but it never happened. The video was finally released in 2007 due to a request from Se7en to YG. This is a gift to his Korean fans for July 7th, 2007 since he was not able to be with them on that day. Is his tattoo real? Yes. He has one tattoo of a G Clef symbol with wings on his left arm. It means that he wishes to fly to his music. He got the tattoo somewhere between 2004-2005. In the drama, Goong S, his tattoo was covered for his character. Does he have any piercings? He has 2 piercings - one on each ear Does he write any songs? Se7en has written and composed a few songs on his 3rd and 4th Korean albums. Please visit the 24/SE7EN and Se7olution album threads for more info. Is Se7en's name trademarked in the States? Yes, it is trademarked. See this post for more info. TRIVIA General -His first girlfriend was 3 years older than him. -Lee Yoon Ji's second love/crush was Se7en. He did not know this until she confessed on Happy Together Friends. -Se7en is close friends with Shinhwa and they have called him the unofficial "7th member" in their group. -During the early years of training, YG Family forgot to tell Se7en they went on a vacation trip and accidently left him. Se7en was sad being left alone for 4 days, however, during that time he practiced singing in the studio. He admitted that if it weren't for those 4 days, he wouldn't have become the Se7en he is now. -He likes Paul Frank. (hats, clothes, shower curtains..) -The Veronicas (Australian pop duo) have mentioned Se7en on their Myspace when they went to the 2006 MTV Asia Music Awards. They enjoyed Se7en's performance and have said that he reminds them of Darien from Sailor Moon. Music/MVs/Choreography/CFs -The song "Passion" was originally written for Jinusean. -Dai Nagao (from the Jpop band, Do As Infinity) has composed some of Se7en's Japanese songs -Se7en worked on 2 of his Korean albums, 24/SE7EN and Se7olution at the same time. He released both albums in 2006 as a gift for his Korean fans since he will be focusing his oversea activities mostly in 2007-2008. -Twitch from Robson Wade Project has helped with the choreography for Se7en's third album (I Know; Nan Arayo). He also taught Big Bang with their dance moves. -The following backup dancers for Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and Usher have danced for Se7en: � Marty Kudelka has choreographed and danced in "Passion". � Lil C (Christopher Aaron Toler; starred in the movie "Rize") is one of the original creators of krump and has danced in Se7en's "Crazy" music video and performances. � Phil Mungiele, Russell "Goofy" Wright, Melanie Benz, Eddie Morales, and Nicole Hill have also danced for Se7en before. -"Once, Just Once" and "Baby I Like You Like That" music videos were filmed in Los Angeles. -Julie (former VJ for Arirang's Pops in Seoul) played the girl in Se7en's Come Back to Me (part 1 & 2) music videos. -Se7en was featured in Sprite advertisments with JJ Lin and He Jie. The commercials were directed by David Fincher who is an American film director for films such as Fight Club and Se7en (the movie). -Se7en is the first Korean artist to be promoted in Thailand AWARDS 2003 November 27: M.net Music Video Festival - New male Artist Music Video Award 2003 December 5: SBS The 18th Golden Disc - New Artist Award 2003 December 10: KMTV Korean Music Awards - New Male Vocalist Award 2003 December 12: MTV Korea Seoul Music Awards - New Artist Award 2003 December 29: SBS Popular Song Awards- New Singer Award 2003 December 29: MBC Entertainment Awards - Pop Singer Section - Special Award 2003 December 31: MBC Top Ten Vocalist Awards - New Vocalist Award 2004 December 2: SBS The 19th Golden Disc - Main Award + Popular Music Video Award 2004 December 4: M.net & KM Music Video Festival - Male Solo Vocalist Award 2004 December 30: KBS Korea Pop Award - Main Award 2004 December 31: MBC Top Ten Vocalist Award - Main Award 2005 May 28: Channel V Thailand Awards - Asian Sensation Award 2006 January 14: China Original Music Ranking Chart SPRITE Awards - Best Artist in Asia 2006 March 9: Japan Golden Disc - Special Award 2006 May 6: MTV Asia Awards - Favorite Artist Korea 2006 May 27: MTV Video Music Awards Japan - Best Buzz Asia from Korea 2006 December 1: MTV Korea 16th Seoul Music Awards - Best Video Award 2006 December 29: SBS Gayo Daejun - Top Artist Award 2007 August 21: M.net Summer Break 20's Choice - Best Male Artist Award LINKS Official Hello7 Official Korean site YG ENTERTAINMENT (YG Family) Label Company Twitter Se7en's official Twitter Discography Se7en Discography @ Se7enth Heaven Fansites Se7enth Heaven - International forum 7radishkimchi - Livejournal community Daum Cafes (Korean) Helloseven Farineli Goong S (Palace S); Prince Hours Goong S Soompi thread Goong S @ LJ - Livejournal community MBC Goong S Profile Group8 Production Site --- Special thanks: cecilia & luckyyou @ soompi, hello7, 7radishkimchi, Wiki.theppn.org, KBS World, Se7enth Heaven Profile written & reposted by: StarCrystal @ http://z12.invisionfree.com/Se7enth_Heaven
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