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  1. It looks like we have a leading lady! Shin Ye Eun will be playing Kim Sol Ah, the puppy-like young woman who adopts Hong Jo. I've never heard of her but she looks beautiful. Since there's time, I might check out her previous dramas to get to know her.
  2. I'm super excited about this drama. Not only because it could potentially be Myungsoo's last drama project before enlisting, but also because out of all the actors out there, I simply cannot see anyone playing a man who turns into a cat better than Myungsoo. Those who have followed him in his career are aware of how cat-like he can be in his mannerisms, not to mention that he's always been a cat-lover, raising his own Russian Blue as well as volunteering for a cat shelter in Korea. For this reason, I think he's going to do a splendid job with this role. Asides from that, it seems that while Park Eun-bin was initially in talks to play the leading lady, it might not be the case anymore, considering she's been confirmed to star in the upcoming drama Stove League. At this point, I'm wondering who they'll cast to play the owner of the kitty. Do any of you have any favourites? Also, to the OT, I believe air date for this drama has been confirmed for March 2nd. Perhaps this can be added to the date?
  3. Miss Hammurabi - very low key romance but the male lead has liked the leading lady since high school and even after a decade, still likes her. While she's...well, she's preoccupied with more pressing issues to reciprocate his feelings. To me, it stands out due to the fact that while he makes her aware of his feelings for her, he absolutely respects her wishes to remain platonic and does not press her on or attempts to seduce her in any way other than being a perfect gentleman all the time.
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