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  1. ok, finally got the chance to properly read the 2 pages since i last logged in. lucky lee eun sung *green* don't know who she is though.. heh. RIP turtle man even if i didn't know who u are before this.. anyways, back to the thread topic. Jang Geun Suk was almost unrecognizable to me in those pictures with the turtles. to me, he only looked vaguely familiar in the one with the towel or something over his head.

    tuchee, i'm going to seoul and tokyo this july. yay! i can get u a copy if u want. i hope we get to watch the movie from online sources before that though but then if the dvd is out, we can easily purchase it online so u probably won't need me to buy it for u. but if any other eels here would like me to get the dvd for y'all, i don't mind buying it and fedex it to u guys or something

    sheena what a good idea! we could all share the responsibility for the blog. i'm pretty much free after the 29th of april but i might disappear for 10days in may and 10days in july (or whenever i decide to take off hah!)

    so.. shoes.. out of the list. pity.. scores points for originality. i've never gifted anyone with shoes before. but we don't want the connotation behind it. doesn't matter, we still have plenty of time to cook up some more ideas

    hmm.. something's weird. guiyeoni's men all (except JGS) look different in those pix especially jo han seong.. but like u said newlili JGS Fighting!

    Edit: eh.. i topped a page. :) i did before but since everyone gets excited when they do, i feel obliged to comment on it too :D although it does seem weird if we view the thread in lo-fi version and the post gets moved to the middle of the page but then again, i guess no one here views it in lo-fi cos it's the pix we're after hey?
































    yay! the day has finally arrived. hope it will be available to us non-korean speaking netizens soon.. so that we can get our JGS fix! well we can't expect everyone to like the movie so i guess it really doesn't matter. up to each individual's preference. it's like when suju's attack of the pin-up boys was released, quite a lot of ppl thought the movie was dumb but it is supposed to be like that. i enjoyed it very much cos i couldn't stop laughing. plus i'm a suju fan too so i support their projects. i'm always gonna support JGS's projects. that's why i don't want to read doremi first cos the original fanfix/novel will color ur perception of a movie so i'm gonna watch the movie with a blank mind before reading. that way i won't be disappointed if something isn't as i picture in my head.





  3. ya ya ya! thanks tuchee & tejung! saved! i'll be sure to read ur fanfix soon tejung! and kurosakineko, yoroshiku ne! medea thanks for ur hard work translating the diary entries. without ur translations, a lot of us here wouldn't understand a thing he wrote. sheena tell us when u finally see him.. he must be a cameo only.. don't blink or else u'll miss him. i'll join u if u still can't find him by the time i finish exams but chances are u will by then cos u're so far ahead

    hey guys.. for JGS's birthday project, i don't mind paying more to cover the expenses if we go over the budget. only the best for our JGS right girls?

  4. i hv to admit now, the dialogue there is very sweet! if i were her, i'd jump to marry him on the spot! it is like winning the lottery ~ kyaa! but he looks very very young in that scene. like he's her kid or something.. that's just too weird for me

    aw.. he's still no5. he should be no1. hope more ppl will vote for him. i would if i could.

  5. aw! thanks tuchee for putting up ur old gif! now i can see it again.. he's just too adorable when he winks and do that cute peace sign.. er, can i keep that gif? only for personal viewing? please?

    aw..tejung u changed ur banner.. i miss ur old banner too. the photo picked up the sadness in his eyes really well. if u don't mind, can i keep that too? which episode is it from, do u remember? i wanna screencap it and make it my wallpaper :D

    really can't wait for doremi. i love high school movies! he looks different in some of those pix. guessing those are scenes shot earlier on. the concert ones look more like him now.. that bridge in the 5th from last doremi photo sure looks pretty. and the umbrella scene.. is he pretending he's in a wolf's attraction since it's guiyeoni's work too? if he is, that's so cute

    i hope he wins some awards too! he deserves it.

    not complaining that he's everywhere right now.. more eye candy for us eh girls? ;) i think his best feature is his lips. :wub: u girls notice how his lower teeth are a bit crooked? so cute! i think that's the reason why he doesn't really open his mouth much when he speaks. i love it when guys speak like that. makes them more mysterious and cool. kyaa!! so adorable!

    ooh! kurosakineko.. u've finished alien sam already? i'm still a long ways behind. school is getting in the way.. in going crazy waiting, i think the best JGS moment for me is at the beginning where he was on his green scooter with the girl and he asked her to marry him. so funny when she covered his mouth when he was screaming.. i just melted when he smiled.. even my friend who thought he was just ok before this thinks he's cute when he smiles. he didn't wear a helmet so i thought they were gonna show him getting fined after that scene but they didn't. dunno why i had it in my head. i also like the bit where he was joking with her about her age at the end and she slapped his arm and he made the scooter swerve.. heheh

  6. thanks for sharing the pix tuchee! i just love the preppy look! on guys and girls, more so on guys. definitely drool-worthy! kyaa!! he looks very nerdy in the second last photo.. haha! so cute! and in the one with the specs. he really looks like hong gi in the one beneath the specs photo. i'd say my fave is the third photo. love it when he frowns!

    so about my photobook question then.. nobody saw anything about his (or future) photobook in korean forums or website then hey?

    aw.. i miss ur old gif tuchee

  7. I know we have been REPEATING this but he is REALLY CUUUTTEE!!!!!

    tuchee11, haha~~ pls do not long term disappear from here coz we will miss ALOT of JGS goodies. Thanks so much for all the pictures and info.

    argh.... his skin looks really really BAD in this pic!!!


    Drink more water, sleep more and most importantly Quit smoking GuenSuk!!!

    Erm... i think so but need to recruit more people to be involved?

    I think all of us here rather he be the domyoji!! hee hee.. yes! watch alien sam! he is uber CUTE~~ (oh, there i go again)

    doesn't matter if we repeat that over and over again cos it's fact! JGS is ultra cute! kyaa!!

    kurosakineko, i love his outfit in that pic too. so it's in ep12 eh? i'm not quite there yet. it keeps buffering. he dresses very smartly in alien sam. i love it cos i'm a conservative dresser too

    thanks tuchee for all the goodies u supply us with. but i'm sure we here all understand if u have other things to do other than go on a JGS treasure hunt for us here.

    his skin is suffering, true.. maybe cos he still has adolescent skin. of course, the hectic schedule, smoking and heavy make-up don't help. i think that's the reason why he seem more human to me cos of his not-so-smooth skin in close-ups of hong gil dong. of course, his skin just can't compare to mine. i could defintely win the world's worst skin award!

    *raises hand* i volunteer for projects (after my finals)

    i've always loved guys with a ponytail. especially if they combine it with a large headband, the way JGS wore his hair in the club scene of his mv and in hong gil dong. but i like the gel dos and the trademark asian pretty boy do too. basically i like it if guys have their hair made up, not just flat cos that's too boring. when i first saw pictures of JGS with his ultra short do (the one in going crazy waiting) i didn't like it much cos it's too short! but i guess it's fitting for the movie and i've changed my mind about it cos it grew on me after seeing more pictures with him in that hairstyle.

    even though he needs rest badly, i want him to be doumyoji too! maybe the tv station will be willing to push back the schedule for him the way they did for hwang jini so that ha ji won can take that role.

    Does anybody know if he has an official photobook or photos we can buy? i need to get my hands on them

  8. ^ watch out for the bit where the girl shows her friend JGS's photo in her phone! that is such a cute photo.

    kurosakineko, sorry i colored the spoilers in white which made u read it ahead of time. dumb ol' me didn't know what to click to get that black highlight thing til sevenses just told me today. now, why didn't i think of that hey?

    just watched going crazy waiting.. he's so sweet. rewatching his scenes again before i log off

  9. Nah. He doesn't get schizophrenia. He got hit by a malfunctioning light during a concert/practice and decided, unconsciously, to erase of trauma of seeing Jungwon walk away with Heewon (why does fic logic always dictate guilt over love??). Anyway. He gets better.

    On the left side of your comment box you usually have a Quick Access scroll thingy. Insert: SPOILER is what you're looking for.

    hey thanks for the explanation and the tip sevenses!

    someone mentioned previously that there's one bed scene to imply the situation in baby and i. i don't want to think about it too! i prefer him as the brother instead. and sheena, i was pretty antsy in that scene of alien sam too. kyaa!! good thing it was only in her imagination and it got cut off pretty quick before things progressed! cute how he poked her with his bag to make her stop her dreaming. alien sam's pretty funny. i haven't watched a kids show in ages. i saw tooniverse or something at the top right corner. i assume that's a kids tv channel like nickelodeon or disney channel eh?

  10. start the dvd sheena! he isn't pitiful throughout the movie.. more like u think eh?! at the end. honestly though, as much as i love Jang Geun Suk right now it's not a memorable enough role. if we didn't know who he was, sweet as he is in the show, we'd only think of him as the deaf guy who died at the end, much like the guy who died at the end of the second one missed call.

    thanks for the link to the alien sam show. put it on my JGS playlist of shows to watch

    Edit: oooh couldn't stop myself. watched the first 2 alien sam eps.. kurosakineko u're right! he's so cute and clueless. dressing is nice too

  11. of course you would now.. all of us would be spazzing watching anything he's on. alien sam sounds like roswell/ 3rd rock from the sun.. nostalgic.. those shows were so long ago

    oxford huh? oxford, england? that's a bit odd to me cos koreans tend to go towards america more. i'm surprised they didn't use harvard or one of the ivy league colleges instead. but there u go.. oxford for variety

    i just finished the ep where JGS died in hwang jini.. my eyes hurt and i'm having a headache now.. the rest of the show would be anticlimactic for me now. at least JGS had a fair amt of airtime in the drama. almost half the drama

    Edit: oh. i just remembered all about eve was in england, lovers in prague was in praha, lovers in paris was gay paree.. so scratch whatever i said just now

  12. ^ from those caps from alien sam, he looks too young to be a teacher! what is it about anyways? is he a teacher for elementary school? bigger kids would make him their friend instead of giving him his due respect with a babyface like his..

    and ya! at least he'll get the girl in doremi.. but didn't he go crazy or something? is it schizophrenia? if it is, that's so sad cos schizophrenia has a poorer prognosis if it's early onset especially in males. i haven't read the story yet.. not planning to anytime soon cos things don't usually go the way i imagine them when books are adapted into movies.. better not have too high an expectation.

    kurosakineko, i'll get back to u on my request. gotta think about it first.

    ehh how do u highlight ur sentences in black? i can't do it. i hate these gaps when i color my spoilers

  13. :D *grins* spread the JGS love ~ woohoo! :w00t:

    hey kurosakineko, i think i'll take u up on ur offer. i'd appreciate it if u could make me a banner. is it too much to ask for a gif too? but only do it if u have spare time.. i know we all have other commitments with school and stuff.

    ok i should sleep now.. it's almost 3am already but i just started hwang jini a few days ago now that hong gil dong is over and i don't want to stop. haven't cried this much since stairway to heaven.. i don't usually like period dramas, prefer contemporary dramas but hong gil dong sure changed my views

  14. i want a jang geun suk banner too! i want to try my hand at doing it myself but my photoshop skills are pretty much non-existent so i'll probably take ages to make a fairly decent one.. will attempt to make one after my finals.. my grades have taken a tumble recently >.<

    i watched one final missed call already. it isn't scary at all.. honest! so kurosakineko, watch it. too bad he didn't speak. cos i love his voice. that mimiko..yeesh i hate her for what happened to our Jang Geun Suk in that movie!

    i'd vote for this cutie to be doumyoji in hana yori dango korean version! i think he'd make a good rui hanazawa too but i want him to win the girl this time! but only after his long deserved R&R. we can wait, right girls? meanwhile, we can do marathons of his shows that he already has. he does choose roles with unsatisfactory endings though.. esp in hwang jini and one final missed call.. at least he's still alive when hong gil dong ended although he will probably pine over his unrequited love forever..sniffles..

    i'll join the birthday project too.. but what exactly does it entail? soompiers make them a lot but i've never joined in before cos it seems to need creativity (and i don't have a single creative bone in my body at all!) sounds very 'young' too but hey.. i'd do anything to feel young (so that i age slower LOL!)

  15. i'll join u guys with the axe.. that outfit does look er.. odd. i never did like skinny pants on guys (japanese guys just insist on wearing em *shakes head*), not even on most girls. only some girls can pull it off. i do like the color and i do like trenchcoats generally only not it that color! but like mojobobo said, cos it's the adorable Jang Geun Suk, i'll let it pass too :D but we'll still go find that stylist!

    hmm.. maybe his face is whiter cos of the flash. cos in some of the pix, his color seemed ok. with the flashes and lighting, they need thicker make-up anyways. my sister had on like a cake of 'special' make-up for her wedding photos which looked so fake in reality but turned out amazing in the album and video.

    ooh.. i like JGS in the poster behind him in the background. with a bit of hair in front (like heavy baby hairs) he looks younger..

    'Baby and I' movie? yay! any more info on that?

  16. nooo.. i can't believe hong gil dong's over already.. he's uber-Hot in hong gil dong (not that he isn't always but he looks very young in all his other shows and movies until this one.. anybody agrees with me?)

    i miss him already.. good thing we have doremi to look forward to but...april 3rd is like so far away.. *wails*

    i hope my friend finished downloading going crazy waiting for me so that i can get it and watch this fri.. i need my jang geun suk fix for the weekend!

    thanks for the direct link to the mp3 sheena!

  17. thank god i was in my room and not in the library watching the fashion show cos i shrieked really loud when he winked! so hot in that suit! kyaaa!!

    thanks tuchee for the IU link. apparently i wasn't registered in the forums, just the main site. D'oh!

  18. Without the Prince Chang Whe's costume and hair do, JGS looks his age of 21.

    As the Prince, with his deep voice, he looked more mature and I could not tell that there was an age difference between him and Yi Nok!!! Of cos, Sung Yuri also does not look like 28 either.

    i totally agree with what u say.

    i think that forehead touching and holding hands sounds real cute! not creepy at all. lee da hae is so lucky to get the chance to do that with jang geun suk..

    anybody knows where going crazy waiting is on idols unlimited? i can't find it..

  19. older girls? really? i'm older than him! ppl say i look younger than i really am, prob cos i'm petite. so older, check. small, check. big eyes, check. well pretty big IMO. i'm pretty much a neat freak myself. i'd defintely get annoyed if someone dirties my car or room or whatever. yay! i qualify! may i have him please? don't kill me for this, girls!

  20. drool.. :wub: i'm so glad i watched hong gil dong. almost didn't. if i didn't, i wouldn't have noticed jang geun suk. although he does look familiar but i can't remember in which show i watched him before. he looks so young with short hair (makes me feel like a paedophile) definitely prefer him with long hair and eyeliner as in hong gil dong. kakoi! maybe he should keep his hair longer..








    i've always wanted to watch this show since i watched the story mv by sg wannabe but i gave up cos i couldn't find the dvd with subs i could understand. only found the chinese subbed one years ago. i might buy the english subbed dvd now that that's available. i wonder who KDW ended up with. can someone pm me the ending? sun mo is cute and from the mv and brief synopsis, i feel kinda bad for him. dunno why when i haven't even watched the show. now i did see this show in someone's cb a long long time ago (one of the less popular cbs) but i'm positive it's not there anymore. i think that cb is like dead, i myself haven't used cb in years


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