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  1. ^ it's a horror flick, the third and final instalment from the japanese one missed call franchise. the cast were all japanese except JGS but he didn't speak a word in it cos he was supposed to be mute. that was pretty smart of the director or scriptwriter but i wonder how accurate the sign language was cos i have no knowledge of sign language whatsoever. it's about a group of japanese high school students who went to busan for their school trip and JGS is a korean acquaintance/penpal of the girl (forgot her name) who she met at a korea/japan sign language conference or something and while on that trip, her classmates kept dying one by one after receiving a text message from their cells

  2. Guys, is that his movie... the clip where he looks like a rocker and he is singing and wearing a sleeveless/tank shirt?

    yeah, that's from Happy Life, the movie he won the best new actor award for

    i love those fanarts of jgs. they're so cute! are they drawn by the same person laiyiwen? the second one might be from a different person cos it looked a bit different but the first one looks similar to previous fanarts eg the one where he was holding the eel last time. props to the artist! envy her talent.

  3. just heard the news. CONGRATS JANG GEUN SUK!! no one else deserve the award more than him!

    sillyyun: yes we can join the fanclub now. apparently there are 2 clubs for him..

    if he comes to singapore, i'll fly over and stalk him with u guys mojobobo, sillyyun & ldh-ldw lover! can do some shopping too


















    i like kang nam gil's handwriting and signature. very round and fat. cute!














    go ara's is very girly with the heart as a background














    love the way yoon kye sang mentioned seong hyo. his signature's totally indistinguishable



  5. ^ happy life is not out on dvd yet therefore no sources

    he looked very tired in those pix of the fashion show. a bit pale too but i think the pallor goes with the 'winter' theme so that might be intentional. the confetti makes it seem like it's snowing. at first i thought they were joined in that purple wrap thing, but they're just standing very close together. the blue embroidered dragon really stood out on the white background. lee da hae is so pretty.. especially in the wedding gown.

    i can't send him my picture! :tears: i just cut my hair like yoon-eun-hye-in-coffee-prince short (cos of all that stress with exams!) i quite liked it the first day (it never looks as nice after i wash my hair the next day!) but now i'm unsure of how i feel about it. ppl either said i look really young like a kid which is ok but 4 ppl have said that i look older, more mature.. :crazy: it's bad enough that i'm older than JGS but to look it as well is too much for my ego!

    get well soon JGS!
















    kyaa! ep14's preview is so sweet! thanks for the spoiler. i can't wait! *jumping up and down* this show is so cute. YKS is so hot in his suits! he reminds me of my sister, grandma, aunt. they all have OCD lol!












    yay! extension!












    poor guy, headmaster hwang. hope it's not small cell. well wishes to him



  7. ^ did u PM her? i'm sure she'll answer u soon. plenty of time before july 10th anyways, before she sends everything off

    yeah..seriously. He just has his own style, I mean not every artist has to have a stylist to tell them what to wear and yadi yadi yada..whatever. Just because JGS has his own unique style doesn't mean he has no clue what to put on.


    gah!! I AM SO SORRY!! :tears: My sincere apology..sorry, I covered it up already so...*erases your memory*. Now...you didn't know what happened,O.K?? :sweatingbullets: Go watch Hwang Jin Yi now! I think he was in like 5+episodes, he looked really really cute & innocent in there. haha :blush: again..I am terribly sorry!

    JGS has GREAT style. so what if he has his off-days? it's not the end of the world. i kinda like it when celebs make fashion mistakes. makes them more real, not like a mannequin.

    JGS is in ep 2-9 of hwang jini. ep 1 too if u count the preview. lol. must watch!

  8. ^ everybody here supports chang hui no matter what he decided to do. ok, maybe not everybody but i know i did. i didn't think chang hui's character is hateful in the end. he had no choice. like madam noh said, their worlds just can't co-exist. long live king chang hui!

  9. http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn194/l...gGeunSuk215.gif

    this one ldh-ldw lover? that gif is from lovers in prague. it was when he was trying to play hooky or something and he saw his teacher or principal coming his way so he ducked into a nearby classroom and when he tried to leave, the girl attracted the teacher's attention so he couldn't leave and had to sit for the test. there's another cute scene in lovers in prague where he wants the girl to have the mp3 player and the girl asked his driver if JGS always do that and his driver said this is the first time he's seen JGS give a girl a gift and JGS snickered. so cute! anybody has a gif of that scene?

    Go 2 Extreme Season 2 DL link


    credit dckeunsuk

    wow! it still worked. i hardly ever get to dl from bigmail. always too late. thanks tuchee. is ur name really sunshine or is it a nick? cool! i don't know anyone by that name

    arghhhh.... i hate exams!!! i came in occasionally these few days but juz didn't post . Anyone miss me? (ok, ignore me)

    i edit my siggnie too so now no more moving geun suk, sobz~~~

    i will definitely miss you guys and this thread till my exams are over!!!! (i'll be a silent reader till then, sighz)

    i miss ya! 8D good luck with exams! hate em too. i've managed to refrain myself from posting about how cute JGS is for a while now :D but i still check this thread rather frequently. will miss ur moving geun suk

    since everyone's doing it, i should as well. introduce myself i mean.

    Name: Sharaine

    Age: 24 (25 in sept, same age as rachel.. high five!) and sheena, i'm older than him too.. sniffles

    Location: says there under my av. rite now, in dublin, ireland. spend my summers between my hometown (kuching, malaysia) and where my family is (bandar seri begawan, brunei) i hope to go home for good soon, very soon

  10. exams today was horrible! need to see JGS to motivate me again!

    ^^ Was this in HGD? If it is, I so don't remember it, IT LOOKS SO GOOD! I love that long hair! LOL

    ^^ You have no idea how much I love him wearing eyeliner. That is like the freakin' hottest thing a guy can wear on his face makeup wise.

    AHHH I just drool with the eyeliner! LOL it's my weakness XD

    it was in ep4 when lady noh was introducing chang hui to the nobles as the young master of yongmun ie a merchant from china who is a descendant of the ming dynasty. they were trying to figure out who would know where the sa yin sword was..

    the braid is neater but i still prefer the style with the hairband and ponytail more

    i can't resist guys with eyeliner either! 8D

    Ha haha ... I just bust out laughing when I see this . What a dork! hahhaha ... Is that a photoshoot in Hongkong?


    love guys with tiny ponytails like that.. so cute

    i feel like im a mom~

    if theres like more and more ppl joining we can do projects for him~

    thank you so much for starting his thread. i'm thankful that JGS stepped up to become chang hui cos hong gil dong is the drama which opened my eyes to JGS's cuteness. i probably saw him in lovers in prague once upon a time ago cos the story was very familiar when i watched it recently (i thought i didn't but my friend said i did cos i watched some episodes with her apparently), only i never really took heed of him cos his role was really too small. i definitely didn't watch hwang jini (my kdrama lag period, more jdorama and twn idol series that year) til after i saw him in hong gil dong.

    we definitely must do projects for him.. but sillyyun, why is it we can't join his fanclub on soompi? so far, u're like the only member in his club :mellow:

    hahah:D thanks. may i know where you watch alien sam?

    pm-ed u the link

    what does the DC in DCKeunSuk stand for? first time i've seen a site which doesn't end with a country's domain. is it his official site? dckeunsuk is always first to update

  11. kyaa! love the goodies u shared laiyiwen! tuchee's old gif scene is there with a different look LOL!

    jang geun suk & kim hee chul.. my two favourite boys! hee chul is very trendy with his hair too. geun suk looks slightly different with this hairstyle to me

    i think i said this before but i'mma say it again cos i'm remembering it and i can't get over it. i cried from the minute ep 9 of hwang jini began til the last credits rolled then cried myself to sleep, cried when i wake up and when i was brushing my teeth cos it was just too sad...

    how can JGS look so perfect sleeping? i think it's real sweet when guys watch girls sleep like they always do in dramas.. (well only if the guy's likeable, if not it's just plain creepy) but that's not gonna happen with me cos i drool and stuff, not a pretty picture, any guy will have nightmares.. heh

  12. salamat (? sorry if wrong spelling) tuchee. i'mma try it out. i had it before but i uninstalled it cos it was pretty much useless for me but now i see a purpose for it. ha! hopefully the uni IT peepz haven't found out about this yet

    his role in happy life was a bit like his role in going crazy waiting. he's one of the main characters but with limited airtime (and the director admits to purposely doing this! bad bad director! :tongue2: ) as the movie was mainly about the 3 old men. he just 'joined' the group when his dad passed away and helped the old men recapture their past or something like that. so.. i wouldn't actually consider him the ultimate lead in happy life..

    and sheena i noticed ur banner without u pointing it out :) i'm looking for a cute scene like that which i can turn into my very own JGS gif too but haven't had time yet..

    i should post this before it disappears again.. or it's soompi maintenance time

  13. hee hee. i hope he can sing and act at the same time (opps, am i too greedy?) All right, nonono, he need more rest.

    Sometimes i can't download from MU too...

    I have a video of our pretty lady here ^^


    PS: his pores is really...... sighz!

    gah! youtube's acting up on me a lot this past wk. always say i don't have the flash player when i do! *annoyed*

    if it's JGS, i'm greedy for more too :sweatingbullets:

    uni blocks MU so even if i go premium, it'll be wasted :tongue2: at home, there's the country restriction thing but good thing i have freedom with other sources. yay!

    chaegyeong: Jeniffer Lopez was an actress first, she started a few movies, and one of it I liked too . Then a lot of Latino people like her singing . Now she is much more famous as a singer than an actress (: . But I like JGS focus on acting and just does a bit of singing . I like to see him act more in movie and drama , this time he needs to be a lead actor . JGS fighting!!!

    yeah.. selena was my first jlo movie. cried buckets. wanted to kill that ungrateful old bag. i thought the guy that played her husband at the time was real cute (jon seda if i remember correctly) if we watch the movie now, the hair, makeup, clothes makes us cringe :crazy: haha! to be honest, i'm more of a movie watcher myself, rather than a music listener. but i'll throw myself into whatever JGS feels like doing..

    i agree. the time has come for him to be the lead. we've all had enough of endless hours of tv-watching just to see JGS in 5min-per-ep scenes. JGS fighting!

    aww.. that fanart is super-kawai! kurosakineko would love that bedroom gif! she replayed it like 20times she said before

    tuchee do u mean .. by using the proxy trick during happy hour? yeah i heard abt that and am pretty eager to try it but i can't til i get out of campus otherwise i can't access the net at all. no internet = no JGS goodies. even at home, i don't think my parents would be too happy if i tried it and failed. hah! i tried to forward ports from my router (so that i can download torrents faster ) like 7 times and each time, ended up having to call the computer shop people to help me undo whatever i did and the seventh time, my mom and dad were like 'enough already!'

  14. So i was watching Three Dads and One Mom and guess who did a parody on who??

    lol the cutie Jae Hee did a parody of ours truly, Geun Suk as Prince Changhui!! HAHA I cracked up SO LOUD when I saw this! LOL SO ADORABLE!

    but no one can beat our honey,


    Enjoy :D

    that photo ^ is perfect! we're enjoying it alright

    LOL. heard about it at the hgd thread. the screencaps are entertaining.. those drawings are very cute. wonder if jae hee drew them himself. i prefer manhwa drawings than manga cos mangas are too cartoony.

    yupz... wat a pity he dosnt want to be a singer, i think he has the potential!! sobz.

    Anyway, as i was surfing the chinese site just now, i read the news that geun suk songs for doremi might be release together with the dvd (though not sure how through is that) *let us juz pray*

    I juz upload the full version of oppa's 햇살 가득히 (Full of sunshine)

    he doesn't? maybe he will consider it further down the line when he's satisfied with his acting and is looking for new challenges.. even though most times it's singers who turn to acting but who knows? anything is possible. lee da hae is now a singer :D but rite now, because he's mainly an actor, his singing becomes real precious to us

    hope it's true.. *praying with y'all*

    and very thankful u always use a non-MU host!

  15. hey guys..

    Geun Suk oppa call his friends eels though up till date we still have no idea why? haha, guess he likes to eat them??

    About the eyeliner, it will be weird if he attend event with it. haha.. but damn, he look so good in it.

    i think geun or keun is just pronunciations so doesn't really matter?

    haha, he's not good for his look? oh man, u muz be his only fans who feel that he is not good looking. lolz

    think it's fans not friends sheena.

    didn't he use eyeliner in the bsx pix? i thought he did.

    even the 'suk' can be spelt as 'seok'. the real spelling is the korean characters so it doesn't really matter anyways. i always google him 4 ways.. geun suk/keun suk/geun seok/keun seok..

    everyone here is of the opinion that JGS is absolutely gorgeous! amazing u can be a fan yet unbiased sassykimsamsoonpig!

    The kiss scene at 00:58, i heard they NG 10 over times *eyes shot with jealousy*

    i doubt so... no news of oppa filming it and moon gun in is busy filming another drama with park shin yang too. sobz, they look perfect together!

    she did it on purpose! i know i would if i get to kiss his kissable lips! :wub:

    aw.. maybe it will still happen *fingers crossed* after he finishes wrapping up the shooting for baby & i.

    No Fair! :tongue2: Although if I were that girl I would have been nervous so it would have been easy to mess it up or make it look awkward so I guess it's understandable hehe.

    Seriously and I love Jang Geun Suk's voice. Altho as some people have said it could be more controlled or better trained I think he has a nice tone and overall voice he could seriously be good with more training. I especially love how deep it is and I think it could be suited to a rock style. Black engine is seriously always on repeat on my ipod ㅋㅋㅋ.

    like i said just now. she did it on purpose! LOL

    i love his voice too! he sounds so mature compared to his boyish looks. it fitted his chang hui character perfectly IMO. black engine is playing in loops on my mp4 too!

    how do u make those chicken scratch marks medea? they're cute

    more of a korean? lol! not really... i use google translate and I try my best to understand the message they are conveying but thanks to some of our fellow eels here for helping us understand Korean stuffs more clearly ;)

    eh really? u just translate with google? whenever i do that, i can't make heads nor tails of the translation. i remember i translated 'wang tta' cos i saw it in the earlier pages and i was given 'the king it picks' and i'm like 'huh?' so i asked the only korean classmate i have to explain what it meant. i thought u were like sandara park (i thought she was mixed at first, didn't know she was fullblood korean..)or maybe mixed blood, tuchee

  16. ^ ditto

    Yeah..ONE MISS CALL, I watched it because of JGS..it really wasn't scary, I was feeling indifferent throughout the whole movie except occasional hypes when JGS showed up! =D..I agree his appearance wasn't lengthy..especially at the end I was all like "huh??"

    me too! i'm totally with u on the occasional hype thing. it's even worse in lovers in prague. i watch each episode just to catch a glimpse of JGS and when he does appear i go WHOOP WHOOP! and gawd.. he only appears for 5min each ep & wasn't in ep1,2,8(i think, maybe 9) & 16 at all. man was i disappointed watching those eps.. but he's so cute trying to woo the girl!

    Gaaaaaah! I wish there was CaffeLatte here in the Phils. :( I'd buy loads of it cuz it's oppa who's advertising it! :lol: The hotness does not just end there... There should be a 30 sec version of this... and the one where oppa was wearing pink! :D

    i'm more a coke drinker not much of a coffee drinker but i'll gladly change my drinking habits to support JGS. if i can find that particular brand. it's like me when i used to be a britney/pink/beyoncé/sammi cheng etc fan and they're all spokesperson for pepsi i only drank pepsi. absolutely refused to buy coke. but then i lost interest in those celebs cos i don't really follow hk and western ents no more and i was pulled to the coke side by shinhwa plus their ad is so cute, i gave up on pepsi and to this very day, drink at least a litre of coke everyday. my bro-in-law is a pepsi drinker. it's funny how the fridge has a bottle of coke & a bottle of pepsi side by side when we're both at my home last summer.

    OH OH THAT IS THE NEW CF!! Wahah i like the earrings on him looks so nice!! hehe he looks so good in there!!! gah i wanna steal him!! hehe. oh why is the thread so quiet todday?? Where have all the eels gone??

    possibly on hiatus, like i supposedly am. heh.














    yay! JGS fighting!










    yeah.. baby boy or girl? he/she's following in JGS's footsteps early on in life. child actor turns major hottie!










    huge eyes! as if the baby has buphthalmos or wears circle lenses.. haha!










    Edit: oh. u answered before my post went up. boy eh. i was gonna bet on girl. love the 3rd and last photo of JGS and baby together.. esp the one where he was looking at the baby from the sides of his eyes.. lol!










    the photos beautifulxmess posted looks like an anne geddes portrait. she loves taking photos of babies in white background with colorful clothing articles. and she likes to dress them in those animal jumpsuits too



  18. ^haha..glad you've notice, too.

    My sister has been watching Nonstop 4 recently. She totally loves it! (In case you don't know, she is HUGE fan of JGS') yep. She really enjoys it! oh..did I mention JGS doesn't look like a med student at all?! lols! seriously, he doesn't look like one no matter which way I look at him. haha! anways, I think he is super super cute in there! He totally lets his acting go wild and unrestricted..like *ahem* dresses up as a girl <-this part is definitely hilarious!

    med student? *bonds*

    usually when does it take from theatre releases to dvd?

    dunno. going crazy waiting was released in theatres Jan 1, 2008 out on dvd March 26, 2008 so that was quite fast. but happy life was in theatres Sept 12, 2007 but still no dvd

    I guess I should watch Hong Gil Dong,ryt now..

    watch it and drool over him.. i still liked him at the end. i don't blame him cos he kinda had to

    squallie welcome here and post more yeah?? hahah hope you have fun here. but this shouldn't be too difficult since it's JGS we are all talking about ahahah

    kurosakineko well the name is fine but in the book they used eels to refer to a man's important part so...ahem... :blush: hahah but it's still a cute name right??? hehe

    no hardship at all! we can talk abt JGS all day long

    eels really? LOL

    congrats tuchee! checking it out rite now

  19. ^ yep out in theatres april 3rd

    tejung.. i see 2 different girls also. the girl in the bottom pix is cuter.. heh. and naw! he has a faint mustache in the top pix. i like him clean-shaven! i love ur banner (changed it again eh)

    so as kurosakineko said, those pix we were speculating abt were from going crazy waiting.. but he had the same short haircut in happy life. did he shoot for going crazy waiting before happy life but happy life was released first then? does anybody know?

    mojobobo.. a teeny weeny bit glad to hear i'm not the only one.

    i shouldn't be here.. but i can't stay away, just had to check

  20. kyaa! he looks very fresh-faced in that first pic! like he just scrubbed it. his skin is almost translucent giving him that ethereal glow.. *saves photo*

    dunno abt the guy in the upper right pic but the guy 4th pic down on the left side looks like the guy in hwang jini no? eun ho's naughty friend who asked him to steal a gisaeng's red skirt for exams. he's funny

  21. Kurosakineko I like JGSInternational or JGSCafe haha. Or how about JGS'sEels? wahahhaha

    Chaegyeong, Hongki look exactly the same as he did when he was younger. So cute! HAha. Cos I've seen pic and videos and it's really cute. He could sing very well even at a young age. ahhaa.

    Oh Geun Suk's skin is looking a bit better. Maybe he has had more rest. Well that's a good thing. Hahah or maybe now that he's back in civilisation he has more access to skin care hahaha. Sigh I ahve to go study now!! Bye guys for now =D

    i voted for JGS International earlier on but my post disappeared cos it was soompi maintenance time. JGS's Eels sounds cute too! very original. u guys sure come up with great ideas.

    hongki does? kyaa! this i gotta see for myself. he does have a nice voice. like our JGS :D

    my skin is still as bad as ever regardless if i'm in civilisation or not, rest or no rest.. sigh..

    which reminds me.. i need to study too.. double sigh

    Did he get a haircut? cuz I think his hair was trimmed at the sides

    just trimmed his sideburns perhaps?

    I used the title Sharp Blade Hong Gil Dong to distinguish between this Hong Sisters' version of Hong Gil Dong from the original novel.

    good idea. i seriously don't know what is from the original and what is made up by the sisters

    kurosakineko: is that recent? so he got short hair again?

    ^I don't think it's recent. It looks like his hairstyle in Happy Life. I believe it's like preparation before he started filming that movie~

    definitely right before Happy Life. i just watched a behind-the-scene clip for happy life last night where he was singing and he still had the longish hair (and he was in a brown coat which reminded me of JGS in one final missed call) but in the movie he had that short hair. so they must have took those photos then. i wonder how he was feeling then. i always feel kinda sad when i see my hair on the floor after i get it chopped off. and as i was reading the article, i came across the bit where the director said he purposely restricted JGS's airtime so that female viewers won't just focus on his good looks.. i thought 'hey! that's us eels alright!' kyaa! tejung u don't happen to know when they're gonna release the dvd hey?

    rachel we're the same age! i get told that a lot too. doesn't help that i'm real short. a couple of times shopkeepers won't let me into the shop cos i don't have an adult with me. and the cocacola promoters won't give me free coke cos they aren't allowed to give to under 18s! whoever heard of that before?! i can't say i don't like it though. makes me feel young. it doesn't happen very often anymore so i kinda miss it. i'm aging.. boo hoo. this july trip is prob my last as a full-time student. once i start being a contributing member of society, i prob can't take off as easily anymore. so enjoy it while it lasts! i can be ur travel buddy.

  22. ^ it would be glaringly obvious if he did go for PS cos he practically grew up in front of the camera (which makes me curious about hong gi now cos i heard he was a child actor too). we can clearly see the similarities of him now and then so those rumors are kinda hard to believe IMO.. unless if it's really, really subtle but i doubt it.

    personally i've always preferred guys with longish hair (but not too long like those rock stars! an exception would be our prince chang hui of course!) but seriously reddynamitez that short hair grows on u. look at more pictures of JGS with short hair and u'll become partial to it in no time. trust me! that's what happened in my case

  23. kyaa!! tuchee that clip just made my day! *melt melt* u're right.. i'm sure everyone here would want him to say that to us! hope ur granddad gets better soon. didn't read the hidden message

    newlili he's so cute, even when he's a kid! some ppl are cute when they are small but turn out so-so when they are older or are ugly ducklings when they're kids but turn into a swan when they age. heh. he's very lucky to have great genes. tall too. prefer him now for sure! :D

  24. ^ tuchee from ur reply up there, u sound ok. are u a student of the health sciences then? and no, i'm not from the philippines. east malaysian but my family's in brunei & i study in ireland. hopefully this is my last year here. i wanna go back.. i love asia!

    if i can';t get the dvd could u buy me one also D:

    now that i think about it i think its good that DOREMI

    was released this year back in 06 not many ppl knew about jang geun suk

    and now after he came out in Hong Gil Dong he has alot more

    recognition so more ppl would attend :D

    sure, no prob. love ur new banner. spelt his name right this time hey? :D i agree too. if doremi was released in 2006, i prob wouldn't hv watched it til now anyways. for me, hong gil dong was the one that made it all happen. even then, i almost didn't watch it. i thank my lucky stars the day my cousin told me to download the show for her, cos i took a peek and i'm hooked by JGS! i didn't really care abt the show. good thing jo hyun jae and joo ji hoon pulled out at the last minute, if not JGS wouldn't have stepped in as chang hui. :sweatingbullets: and i'd still be ignorant abt him

    maybe we should do what mojobobo suggested. give him them shoes & ask for money in return to cross each other out. like sheena said he'll probably laugh abt it cos he seems like he has a great sense of humor.

  25. LOL! he's so pretty cross-dressing, beautiful even. he looks like a real girl in this one. the other one with the blonde wig & heavy make-up was way OTT that it wasn't surprising at all that nobody recognized him. he's pretty chubby in nonstop 4 eh?

    rachel i'm going to a few places in italy too this may, starting from venezia ending in roma. haven't decided where to go in between those 2 cities. probably milano and firenze too. are u of italian descent? i'll say hi to ur cousins haha! but i doubt i'll go to perugia.

    great idea cookie! what will be different from this thread though?

    j1young, u're not alone. i'm practically dying to watch it too. cos we know it's out but it'll be a while before we can watch. cartoonangel said she is too. hey, i've communicated with u before right? ur userID is familiar. jess's thread perhaps?

    er.. i'm sorry i'm shortening everyone's userID. too lazy to type it all out. but i'll edit if u guys do mind

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