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  1. Spoiler comments:

    maybe you need to rewatch it. hehe. or read the fanfic, it really helped. heewon's dad did a hit and run and jungwon reported it (without knowing that it was heewon's dad). who are you talking about being crippled? i wished they made the movie longer, because the fanfix explains the whole situation leading to his amnesia much better.

    definitely need to read the fanfic to fill in the blanks.

    the bro mentioned about hee won causing jung won to be half-crippled. cos he told the three guys to beat her up after she reported his dad thus destroying their friendship.

    i think. i might be wrong, i haven't finished the fanfic actually.

    jang geun suk with kim jung hoon!! ^_^ i actually like the 'drama' at the fashion show.

    yeah me too! and JGS won! yay!

    i made some JKS banners.

    Just thought I'd share them with everyone (:

    Feel free to use, please just credit me in your sig if you do.

    thanks kiss the rain! gonna use one.

    bunnybunny: thanks so much for the mp3. that's what we've been looking for ;)

  2. not a rock genre fan. but i agree. he can't reach the high notes sometimes required for pop. like the song waiting for the time.

    sillyyun.. what if we call you unni instead of omma? :) today's the last day of 'say no to ageism' week. but i guess it's already over in asia.. if it's celebrated in asia at the same time

  3. oh! i remember the song now. watched a medley of all the nonstop 4 songs on youtube before. let's get down is the third or fourth song in the video. forgot that he sang it :D oops. what a great fan i am!

    where is the ost thread? i can't find it.

  4. ^ eh it's on veoh? * runs off looking for it *

    thanks so much for the subs, Mama Jang, SE7ENsyuhja and kje_chocolate! er.. i think the subs should be posted in kloofy.net rather than D-addicts? kloofy is for movies, D-addicts is for dramas

    btw, I was thinking of making some JGS banners and sharing it with the soompi eels.

    would anyone want to use them if I made them? XD

    of course we would! especially people like me who is clueless about making one myself..

    Chaegyeong: Prince Chang Hui did not exist in the original novel written in 16 century . However, the original book showed that the King and Hong gil dong were in really good term : They were kind of friends . After pointing Hong gil dong as a prime minister, Hong gil Dong got bored and asked the King let him resign. Hong gil Dong left to other country and built his own kingdom . He also sent people to visit the king sometimes .

    I was kind of hopping the drama story like that . Happy ending!

    oh. thanks for clarifying. i'm glad the hong sisters decided to add chang hui in the drama. otherwise, we won't get to see the totally irresistable JGS!

    i really wanna watch the correct subt of this movie, coz our subt [indonesian subt] doesnt good enough and sumtimes un-understandable @_@

    didn't know an indonesian sub exist. in an indonesian forum?

    Unrequited: Besides that JKS also has a song called Lets get down..DOES ANYONE HAS IT?????? SHARE PLEASE muahahhaha

    i didn't know about let's get down. Does anyone have it??? share please *repeating sillyyun*

    thanks so much for the sub! i can finally watch it now!!! i downloaded the vid from the clubbox. if anyone need it i can try to upload it later.

    yay hey! u got it done. great!

    Edit: yay! i can finally download doremi. thanks to maltwisted at veoh!

  5. ^ oh they didn't work for me either.. if the situation is not rectified by monday 5pm GMT, i'll dl from cb/mu as soon as i touch down and reup as soon as i'm done (with permission of course)

    chaegyeong: batteries not allowed because its considered and might be considered as liquid stuffs especailly if something happen when it melts that causes chemicals..its been tight to send things to korea now.

    I don't think i will bring to plane because I will delay my trip to go see my cousin in labour too. I tried sending something before with batteries last month, and it got rejected. So i dont suggest ppl to bring batteries. anyway why u want battiers O_O dont tell me u really going to give....................THAT?! i think depending on country

    xling: jang keun likes Jangeo eels lol he thinks we are like that

    err, not ................'THAT' (the one i originally had in mind). cos bits of it might get damaged during posting. so i went shopping these few days for gifts for everyone back home, i came across something else which is of a similar concept. but it's way smaller. catch is there's 2 Lithium buttons included. so i guess scratch that then. but the original idea doesn't include batteries. oh something else caught my eye but it has one Li button included. what if i remove it first? u don't approve of my gift ideas, mama jang? :sweatingbullets:

    u guys must try those eels if u haven't. they're surprisingly yummy

    actually, at HGD' comic, the character of Chang Hwi is death at young,

    but at this drama, the director wanna explore the idea of keeping CH's character alive, as a coldheart man and wanna take revange to his brother.. ^^

    what about the original book? does chang hui exist in that? cos yi nok didn't i was told. i asked this in the HGD thread but cos it moves so fast, i lose track cos i don't check it as religiously as i do with this thread. besides, i haven't been in that thread since the drama wrapped up

    I LOVE HOW THIS THREAD WORKS... everybody shares and loves Jang Geun Suk as much as everyone else. Great going guys!

    Soompi Eels Rock Big Time!

  6. ^ unrequited welcome! PM sillyyun so that she adds ur name to the list

    Then it was a cap....

    and then i thought: he must have like a million of those

    chaegyeong: OMG, WHO IS THIS KID?!!?

    I wanna be his youngest fan......T.T

    aw.. too bad. there's an eel younger than u.. :D i really thought u'd win the youngest eel title. i don't know who she is either but word is she's a 'niece' and she wants to marry him.. LOL! pretty advanced for a 7 year old eh?

    u could still get him that. like mama jang said, he seems to wear the same ones over so maybe he doesn't have as many headgear as we think..

    silenthappiness: are u ok? hope u're better now

    mama jang: because u mentioned that batteries aren't allowed.. does this mean u're handing the box of gifts personally? not via fedex/dhl? cos the baggage ban is only applicable to passenger aircrafts, but u can still check them in if they're in their device or in the original packaging. it's only if they're loose that u must put it in ur hand-carry. most of my gift ideas require batteries but all < 8g Li definitely. i guess i could remove the batteries if they're included but i'd rather not cos it will look like it's not brand new (or i've tried it out first 8D)

  7. waa.. hey henna, if u both are in paris at the same time, u might bump into JGS in paris or at the airport! then u can tell him u're his soompi girl in person 8D imagine that!

    someone was wondering where he is right now. yeah.. where exactly is he in the 5 countries mentioned? nobody seems to know.. mystery, mystery

    Rachel.. u give me hope :blush:

    In the Etude interview with Go Ara, he mentioned that his youngest fan is his 7 year-old niece who wants to marry him. I thought he was an only child. a cousin perhaps?

  8. kyaaaa!! only #5 of the 7 mediafire links worked for me.. sob sob.. got an invalid quickkey message.

    xin ku ni le, mama jang! that was really fast. sorry i couldn't help out. no experience whatsoever with subbing/timing. looking forward to the end result!

  9. WHOOP WHOOP! this calls for a celebration! the long awaited doremi is finally out on dvd! i can definitely get the original now. yippeeyaiyay! maybe with this release, they will speed up the release of happy life

    he looks like ki bum in this picture. actually when i see ki bum i thought he looked a bit like geun suk. agree agree?

    agree! but i think it goes the other way round for me, cos i know of ki bummie's existence before geun sukkie's

    kumiko.. please do. i can't use MU or CB cos i'm behind a proxy and now that the show is released i don't think i can sleep til i watch it. i'm counting the minutes til i arrive home this 26th so i can download to my heart's content..

  10. hey hey medea is back! sillyyun and skittles have another person to help with the translating now. :D anyways, to answer ur question, JGS seemed a tad down yesterday (or was it the day before) cos he was drinking and posting his heart out on his cy with hints of being lonely. backthread 2 pages

  11. ^^ i'm not even considered in the running? that's too sad.. :tears: j/k! i'm too old for him anyways.. but it is kinda a trend for older girls to have boy toys nowadays... think mariah & nick, demi & ashton

    See? I was right, he wants a girlfriend or have someone to love. He's a growing boy and he's so busy that he can't do anything. Aww..

    I feel so bad for him. I hope he finds the one that can fill his heart!

    maybe he came in here and saw ur post so he decided to post something along those lines on his cy..

  12. please remove the IMG tags if u're quoting pictures.

    oh man.. i didn't get to watch the dance videos before it was deleted. but since it was private, i'd respect that

    yeah he should just focus on acting cuz he's really good at it. not saying he's not good as a singer but I think he'll shine more in the acting world. the black engine song is really nice though i like it. but in a way if an actor wants to sing they really have to have the vocal talents. thats what i think. cuz if he tries to sing without the proper knowledge on how to use his vocals, people would think he isnt talented. but if people see his acting, people would be impressed. thats what im saying. he should just focus on things he can do really2 best. oh and i really2 LOVE his character as prince chang hwi i actually wished the character is real. i want to see more of his drama!! a new one. maybe another joseon era drama? ***drools

    awhhhh this scene was actually tense but its calming to actually see the smile :) oh is that his phone? i have the same phone too! haha.

    hahaha! yeah yeah. a man now. with hormones. he's just like everyone of us. cant live without love can we? :)

    i agree with u about focusing on acting. and chang hui is the character that grabbed my attention too! i just don't understand what's in yinok's head..

    what phone is that? not that i can buy it cos i just bought gong yoo's phone last year and i promised myself not to buy another one til next year at least. but with the new samsung soul phone out, i'm really tempted. back to the topic, that phone really looked out of place in that pic. but it would be funny if they actually shot the scene with JGS talking on a cellphone but HGD is a fusion sageuk after all.
































































    hazyluv, veoh has it now.
















































    screencaps of jang hee jin at the concert. i love the song. is it really her singing?
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    GoingCrazyWaitingavi_006138744.jpg < this bit is so cute!
















































    GoingCrazyWaitingavi_006151005.jpg < love the way she looked at danny in this one!









  14. Hi Chaeyeong, thanks for the info, do you know where I can download the song, he sing pretty well. :)

    also need some advise from you on his movies? where can I download them? One miss call etc (he only appear in One miss call 3?) what about the Dorimifasolatido? I got a bit confused ...I have went to the link you provided above but not sure which are fan-made story and which the original ones? is the chapt 1-100 the original story? also the picture that are posted on the link is (first page) does not look like the real artists for this movie right? lastly any idea where we can watch or buy Dorimifasolatido? seem like it is not boardcast in Korea yet but film in 2006? again I am confused....hope you can enlighten me here. thanks a lot in advance! :)

    no prob. here u go: Black Engine

    he sang these too Waiting for the Time and Full of Sunshine

    u might already have the black engine mv so i didn't include that here.

    yes, he's only in the third instalment of the mone missed call franchise. i didn't even watch the first two cos he's not in them. :D i downloaded one final missed call from veoh. i can upload it somewhere if u prefer but veoh's faster to dl from. downloaded going crazy waiting with english subs from idols unlimited. EDIT: a couple of posts back, someone gave the link to the veoh file for this movie

    doremi & happy life has only been released in theatres. doremi in theatres early last month while happy life was in theatres last sept but both are not out on dvd yet. and yes, doremi was filmed in 2006 but not released til this year for some reason.

    oh and the link i gave u is for the translated version of doremi on soompi. the pictures are just the celebs who the threadmaker pictured as the characters of the fanfic. i'll pm u to explain about the TF

    just a friendly reminder: there's a lot of double posting (sometimes triple posting) lately in this thread. plz just edit ur post if u're the last poster. there used to be a lot of spamming too (eg by quoting) at one point but thankfully that seemed to have stopped. it's ok to increase the pages slowly. it's better to post something of substance. we don't want the mods to close us down right guys?

  15. ^ doremi link the link to the original by guiyeoni is given in the first post

    anyone know whether he has any plan to release song album...seem like he is always singing?? also the black n jean CF, is he the one who sing the song or Park Jin Young cos I saw that it is stated as a special album with JKS? thanks

    don't think so. when asked if he's branching out into singing, he said definitely not cos he wants to focus and polish up on his acting skills more at the present time and foreseeable future. and JGS's the one who sang the song. sounds like JGS for sure. JYP is just the composer and producer for the song to my knowledge

  16. ^ thanks a lot skittles! will leave u a comment on YT. i just watched the sp on daum. sigh.. the sweetness of first love. quite cliché but still cute nevertheless. why did he get beat up? aren't those kids the ones he said goodbye too at the end? did he try to kill himself or was he just being melodramatic when he went into the water?

  17. Haha---now that I see "perfume"

    ...Does oppa smell good...? I wonder what he smells like...! XD<-------there goes perverted SupErnova again....XD

    Thanks for the scans!

    Wow, he's even in Japanese magazines now~!!

    I see it's for the DoReMi movie........

    I'm dying for someone to sub it so I can watch it!! :D


    Haha, it's so cute how he spoke Japanese, haha, he's multilingual~!

    I love his voice!

    Thanks for the vid, tuchee~!! =]

    for some reason i always think of celebs as nice-smelling 24/7, and it's no different for JGS! it's almost as if celebs aren't human.

    i didn't know he was multilingual. his 'shares' just shot up big time!

    ahh I'm becoming obessessed with this guy now! haha Just watched Hong Gil Dong~~

    too bad i've ONLY discovered him not long ago...cuz i missed his visit to shanghai!! and i live in shanghai lah~~ sigh.. LOL

    hope the schedule gets updated soon!! hehe

    oh no. i would've kicked myself if i were u. something pretty similar happened to me when suju came over but at least i got to see them at their concert

    isnt it mother's day today?

    working hard keun suk omma. we'll anticipate ur return so do ur work with no regrets. i totally forgot it was mother's day back home (cos in eire it's in march) til my sister called me to ask if i wished my mom but i couldn't contact home.

  18. anyone else whose good at psd volunteering?

    oh god during hwang jini..the ep 9 is terrible..really terrible for me..i cried like hell so did my mom..i was like my heart dies after watching ep 9 and i didnt continue after cos its boring without jang keun in it

    i'm just starting to dabble with photoshop but i don't think i can help cos i still haven't made any progress yet. like i told kurosakineko last time, my photoshop skills are pretty much non-existent so i might have to get a copy of 'photoshop for dummies' or 'the idiot's guide to photoshop' or something.

    to this day, i haven't watched the rest of hwang jini after ep9 either. no pull without JGS if u get what i mean

    his parents are also entertainers?

    really? who? anyone anybody outside of korea would know?

  19. ^ congrats strawberii

    after watching him wears eyeliner, i started to wear it too, and it worked! my eyes look bigger and clearer..haha..^__^

    im a girl who learned eyeliner from a man!..... XDD

    i'm thinking of dabbling with eyeliner too :) but haven't decided if i wanna use pencil or liquid. if i do start wearing eyeliner, it's all thanks to JGS for making it look so cool.. and having my eyes look bigger and clearer is a plus! i get to do manga hair AND eyes

    I think a branded item is fine. As long as it's what YOU want to give Geun Suk. Branded or home made - Geun Suk will appreciate anything you give him. :)

    i agree with you. i don't see a problem with branded/designer gifts if u have money to spend. although a laptop is probably a bit OTT. i've never thought of a laptop as a gift. everybody has a laptop these days so i'm sure these celebs have their own and there's really no use for two. and sillyyun, i'm sure u wouldn't keep the stuff we send u. we trust u! it's not like u're a penniless student like me or don't have a job

    mojobobo & maymay, a dog tag & beanie is on my list too. saw a cute beanie while surfing this morning but not sure if i wanna get it. saw some other stuff as well but my tastes run towards the preppy look so maybe not.. i might nip into brown thomas or clerys or arnotts tmr to see what they have

  20. my hiatus is officially over. not that it seemed like a hiatus since i can still be found lurking around. so they didn't do the forehead touching thing for andré kim's fashion show eh? i was kinda looking forward to that.. but that heart thing they did was cute too. it's like lee da hae's trademark now. let's keep it that way! so this isn't JGS's first andré kim fashion show then? based on the old pic posted in the last page. i thought it was. i'm gonna spend my days thinking up ideas of what to get him for his birthday gift since i'm not likely to give him something i can make myself. glad to see tuchee, sheena, mojobobo & medea back in the thread! no sign of kurosakineko for a long time now..

    strawberii, the leeches, are they 2? one is geun and one is seok? or did u just name them all collectively as geun seok or call the petri dish geun seok? :D
















    i haven't even watched the final episode, just read the synopsis but i miss this drama and yoon kye sang already!












    Message from Blue Star. Apparently, they’ve got immigrants from a small rural village in Asia writing letters of dismissal to the chief representative for their Korean branch.












    “Preparing new divergence, we made some personnel changes. We hope you follow our determination. We decide you resign your post as CEO of South Korea branch. And come back to head office in New York within 15 days. After that, you may get other works. Take Care!”












    I feel like there should be some sort of "all your base are belong to us" joke in there.












    If you didn’t richard simmons yourself laughing at that, I don’t know what WOULD make you laugh. The message itself was good enough, what with the possibility for SH to “get other works”, but it was the hearty and cheerful “Take Care!” at the end that did me in. I’m not sure EXACTLY what a letter of dismissal to a CEO looks like, but I am pretty certain that “Take Care” with an exclamation point might be inappropriate. It’d be like delivering some other horrible news like, “You’re being evicted” Or “We regret to inform you that ____ has passed away”, and then ending with “Have a great weekend!”












    Maybe I’m just old fashioned. Who knows what the kids these days write.












    Meanwhile, SH’s secretary is angry and bitter about HJ not calling her. Again, any scene with her really can’t be described. You just have to watch, haha. SH tells her thank you for her hard work and shakes her hand (got over his OCD, eh? EH? The power of love. =|), and leaves. He and IG share a moment, out by the water, looking at that bridge. Oh you know, THAT BRIDGE. The only bridge they ever show in Kdramas, ever. =/ Basically, SH isn’t ready to quit or get fired, so he’s thinking he’s going to have to go back to the US. They spend the next few scenes with him looking amazingly sexy upset and confused, and IG, back at SH’s house, tells him to eat, and tells him that he’s thankful and sorry. And if he needs to go, he can. And basically sounds so fatherly and kind, it makes you choke up a little. I love, love, love their interactions with each other so much. In the beginning, it was annoying and they were both being so rude but it’s gotten so good. T__T It’s a different sort of satisfaction from the kiss scene, but still enjoyable.












    SH has every memory that’s ever made us all fan girl ourselves to death, all ending with THE KISS flashback, and then he storms out of the house and arrives at YI’s place of employment, with just the right amount of “messy” in his hair….er, anyway, he tells YI that he wants to go on a date. He definitely wants to go on a date, and you can almost hear an unspoken “…before I go away forever.” ;__; Maybe I’m just paranoid. Anyway, they go for a walk, she’s complaining that it’s late, but she obviously doesn’y want to go home…she wants to link arms…he seems to not want to…she walks away crossing her arms, looking sheepish…and then, of course, he grabs her arm, and links her arm into his. Ahhhhh. <3 I love this drama. As they reach the car, he looks at her, and then says, “…let’s go around, just one more time.”























    LOL. when i watched the scene of the memo, i didn't think much of it at all, probably due to the fact that i was watching without subs. but ur take on it is so hilarious. totally cracked me up!












    anyone knows the name of that bridge and where it is exactly? i feel like taking a photo of the real thing when i go to seoul this summer. heheh.












    that date scene is the sweetest! and i totally agree about ur comment on his hair. it's the perfect amount of messiness! guys with that hairstyle grabs my attention straight away












    who are you is definitely one of my favorite dramas this year!



  22. ^ what does it say on the gif in which he was laughing? is the guy next to him his manager or is he someone famous i'm ignorant of?

    i had unagi on saturday. the idea of eating eels was pretty yucky but since JGS likes them so much that he calls us that, i thought i'd give it a try and to my surprise, they didn't taste half bad. it was pretty good actually..

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