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    Hello everyone. Thank you to everyone who replied to my post. Sorry I couldn't thank y'all sooner. I had some problems getting online.

    But i can tell you about the "er" sound.

    Taiwanese and Southern Chinese have what we called flat tongue. I have a taiwanese friend who has a very strong taiwanese accent. She doesn't curl her tongue when saying "shi" "zhi" etc. so it comes out as "si" and "zi"
























































    because of this, they [not all but most] have a hard time saying "er" sounds that are mixed into the standard pronunciation. Your chinese dictionary might have this "dian er" written as the sound, but is pronounced "diar"
























































    If you travel north, beijing and beyond, you will hear a lot of words ending with an "er" sound. It is just an accent. It does not have any special connotations within speech.
























































    good luck. and it's ke2 kou3 ke3 le4. very cute translation.















































































































    thanks for clarifying the 'er' sound for me. your explanation is really helpful. i know they pronounce it as 'diar'.. that's the way i was taught to say it, dunno why i wrote 'dian er'.. probably cos i thought in taiwanese shows they sounded it as 'dian' so i just typed out 'dian' plus 'er' in case that's the way to write it out. thanks for teaching me how to say cola. i think it's cute too. another translation i think is cute and like to hear is qiao3ke4li4 :lol:

    ^ I'm pretty sure you're suppose to say it like 'wo shi' the shi.
























































    u're right, i heard them pronounce it in wu di san bao mei last night!
















































    ^ shi in "wo shi" (assuming it means "i am") is tone 4
















































    shi in "tian shi" is 3.
























































    assuming your "shi huan" means "to boss around" then yes it is that tone.
























































    if by "shi huan" you're trying to say "like" then it's not even the right pinyin















































































































    >.< i was trying to say 'like'.. i actually don't know how to spell things in pinyin cos i'm learning by ear. it's supposed to be 'xi huan' is it?
















































    "you've got the wrong number" - ni3 da3 cuo4 le (你打错了)
















































    "whom do you want to speak to?" - nin3 zhao3 shui3/na3 yi1 wei4 (您找谁/您找哪一位, sometimes shortened to 您找哪位) nin3 您 is the more polite form of ni3 你
























































    "not enough" - bu4 gou4 (不够). in spoken mandarin, the bu4 here takes a 2nd tone rather than the 4th because it's linked to a 4th tone word. so forcing two 4th-tone words together makes for awkward speaking. same situation for two 3rd-tone words - the first 3rd tone word adopts the 2nd tone to make it sound nicer.
























































    bei1 (杯) - glass or cup
























































    guan4 (罐) - can
























































    ping2 (瓶) - bottle
























































    you can say ke3 le4 (可乐) for short.
























































    that's how it's spoken. correct pinyin is ke3 kou3 ke3 le4.















































































































    thanks for helping out with those translations. about the rules, in ke3 kou3 ke3 le4, there are 3 consecutive 3rd tones.. but we only change the 1st and leave the 2nd?
























































    so is it safe to say that 'shi' is always pronounced like the 'e' in 'her' instead of the 'e' in 'he'?
























































    is zhong guo ren only meant for people from China or is it meant for any persons of Chinese origin?
















































































    more sarawakian words in case anyone's interested:
























































    aok: yes
























































    sik: no
























































    kedak: macam (as if/like)
























































    nok ne?: which one?
























































    tok: this
























































    ya: that
























































    tandak: dance
























































    aik: water
























































    asuk: dog
























































    pusak: cat
























































    iboh: don't
























































    moto: car (we call motorcycles in full for some reason)
























































    lawa: arrogant (as opposed to 'pretty' in proper malay)
























































    maok/mok: want
























































    tauk: know
























































    pusuk: anchovies
























































    gerek: boyfriend/girlfriend
























































    anton: slow-moving
























































    gemereh: dresses way over the top (not everyone knows this, my friends say i know quite a lot of funny words which they've never heard of before)
























































    pisok/ladin: knife (differs between villages.. my dad's side uses pisok, my mom's side uses ladin)
























































    kotan/kuatan: because of..
























































    juak: also
























































    bena (instead of betul): really
























































    nak? (to end a question): right? (people from miri usually use kan? like west malaysians)
























































    sik ku medow: i'm not surprised at all that..
























































    chali: funny (from the miri area)
























































    mun gia: if like that
























































    sarawakians use bah as well like sabahans but the difference is in the tone.. swak bah goes up whereas sabahans bah goes down.. our Rs are like kelantanese Rs ie the gh sound but less strong.
























































    bahasa sarawak differs somewhat according to regions.. and the villages within the same area.. same goes for the languages of the Sarawakian ethnic groups eg Melanau from the Rejang/Matu-Daro area can be quite different from Melanau from the Miri/Mukah area..
















































































    plenty.. i actually feel more comfortable communicating with people online (without video or pictures) than talking to people face-to-face. i feel like i can share my opinions or worries with them more openly cos i don't know them personally so i don't worry that they'll tell others what i told them. i don't mind them telling other people, just not someone i know and lives in the same area as myself (i live in a small town and everyone knows everybody else or at least someone who knows that other person). besides, i tend to stutter and get really flustered if i speak to strangers in reality, which is why i HATE public speaking!
























































































    i should finish clearing my stuff from my bedroom which i piled on the dining room floor.. never knew i had so many things before and now i realize i have no space for them..
































































    i really should read up for my interview.. i've been bumming around for the last 8 months and now my dad is threatening to cut the pursestrings if i don't go for my interview soon!! i don't want to work!!
















































































    How do i pronounce the 'shi' in tian1shi3 (angel)? is it like the 'shi' in 'wo shi ...' or is it like the 'shi' in 'shi huan'?
























































    How do i say 'you've got the wrong number' (just 'wrong number' is fine too) and 'who do you want to speak to' and 'not enough'?
























































    Is this right? 'wo xiang yao yi bei coca cola'. i'm not sure about the measure word. bei is a glass right? but what if i want to say 'a can' or 'a bottle' instead? coca cola is pronounced kekakele yes?
























































    if i want to say 'i can understand a bit', do i say 'wo ming bai yi dian er'? is 'yi dian er' like more formal or something? cos when i watch taiwanese shows, i always hear them say 'yi dian' or 'yi dian dian' only, never 'yi dian er'. so what is 'er'?
























































    sorry for asking too many questions but i hope someone can help me. thank you!
















































































    wow. a second season? i'll definitely watch it. i think the first season is quite cool.
















































































    i used to be able to dl from cb but i haven't been using cb for the past 2 years but now i can't dl anything from cb anymore. i can log in fine, redl-ed the manager but my dls won't start at all. did something change? the file isn't a green file









  8. no way ginger! ur friend actually knows JGS and has his phone number! *clutch my heart* that's surreal!

    how lucky! i didn't see any celebrities at all when i wandered around apgujeong when i visited seoul. wrong timing perhaps. to see him live would be a dream come true..

    if what tuchee said is right.. it just shows what a level-headed guy JGS is.. loving him more and more

    isn't the toucholic cf/mv shared here in this forum? i know it's in the inter eels forum but i don't hv enough posts to dl. frankly, i really don't know what to post without spamming or reiterating what other eels hv already posted and personally, i hate it when ppl are being redundant. that's why most times i'm a silent reader








































































    my ringtone's jang geun suk's toucholic (from soranikorago it's all about.. touch.. til da da da doncha want it) very addictive!
























































    still searching for a cute message tone..









  10. ^ eh? really? no!! i want JGS to be etude's model still. last year i took lots of photos of me next to JGS's posters inside and outside the itaewon etude shop. i'm surprised the girl didn't shoo me out of the shop. i think go ara and JGS make a cute couple. don't mind him with park shin hye either but still prefer go ara cos they're like the original pairing (as far as i know). guess etude can't make cute ads anymore like the ones with JGS and go ara cos min ho looks way to manly and mature next to park shin hye

    ooh.. can't wait for his new drama or movie. miss him so much! don't even mind it if he dies in it but i'd rather him die at the end of the movie rather than the beginning or the middle. if his character is killed off so soon, there won't be anymore eye candy!

    can't stop playing toucholic!! love love love his voice! gives me goosebumps whenever i listen to his voice..

  11. haha! agree. cute description & so true! i LOL when i read it. i hv nothing against ghs, i just don't think her hairstyle is flattering. she looks cuter with longer hair. as for the perm, i think this version has the best perm for doumyoji tsukasa. i like the way the curls are in straight lines

    anyways, i've been meaning to ask this since ep 5 & 6 but i always get side-tracked so i'm asking now before i forget.. again. question: does anybody know the name of the resort they stayed in at new caledonia? the one with the floating chalets? really interested in going there this summer. i checked out the tourism site.. was surprised to see a lot of hotels there. and i thought new caledonia is teeny. my bad!
































































    cherry khemupsorn (nathlada in kaew tae pee).. i like her very much. personally i think she's prettier than aom phiyada. there's not many pictures of her around online. where is she now? she's very cute with tik.. who's absolutely mouth-wateringly handsome. that second picture of tik (2 posts up) doesn't do him justice though. another thai guy i like is greg uttsada, the mtv asia vj. tik is handsome, greg is pretty..
















































    plz.. more pix of tik!!!
















































    film & oil? cute nicks. how do they come up with these names? lol









  13. i miss this thread! i'm so behind with JGS news. been busy with i don't even know what! haven't watched happy life (but i'll do just that in a few min!), beethoven virus, baby and me. i'm gonna go MIA til like dec cos i was ordered to leave my laptop behind when i go back to school this tue. sob sob! i won't be able to dl JGS stuff no more til then.. bye bye u guys..

    i voted for him.. but i wanted to vote for lots of other actors and actresses too.. thanks for the screencaps raine. JGS fighting!

    Edit: eh.. the eels international forum isn't the one from before huh? what happened to the other one? the one cookies made up? the one we can't seem to post in. i lost the link
























































    i'm liking the show more and more. couldn't stop crying in ep12. i never noticed how tall ethan really is til i watched this show. i love the ming dao-qiao en pairing but the ethan-qiao en pairing isn't bad either. of course, ethan and ming dao does kinda resembles each other. i'm only up to ep15 so far. anna's really beautiful. so slim and tall. i don't remember her in ISWAK though. she reminds me of tang teng jing in meteor garden (never knew her real name). she's not on my nerves yet cos even though she's selfish and needy, i kinda feel sorry for her. what she did to xin yi is wrong of course but she's desperate and she does feel guilt over it.








































    anybody here uses azureus vuze and wanna add me as a friend on vuze? appreciate a pm









  15. maymay, i allocated a free and easy day so i'll definitely try to find the place but i'm not too sure where it is in samsong-dong. from what i've heard about the korean street system, i'm sure i'll get lost.. but that's where the adventure is in travelling eh?

    riezzle, no.. toma & pi are not in seoul. sorry if i misled u with my comment. i'm going to tokyo & kyoto after seoul. johnny's store is priority in my itinerary. lots of pix to buy for myself and my cousins. my japanese friend said we might get to see the juniors loitering in the lobby. woo hoo! toma is a junior still. keeping my eyes wide open when i'm there. lotsa eye candy in this season's jdorama. as much as i like yamapi, my vote has to go to toma based on initial impressions.. don't think the role suits pi but i reserve judgement til i watch both fully. everything's on hold til i get back.

    hmm.. now that i looked closer at the pic with JGS & LJK.. they're not really sitting together.. O_o LJK's nearer to the camera

    JGS looks really manly in the pic with the capri pants and gold belt.. but i'm not too keen with the facial hair. i like my boys clean-shaven & pretty :D seems like it's a trend for pretty boys to keep facial hair these days.. ki bum & hee chul kept theirs too..

    yun, think nisa is aca6nisa but i might be wrong. not sure who esther is though

  16. imagine if its JGS real telp #. he'd not sleep well bcoz of receiving tons of call from Eels! :lol:

    hey chaegyeong, long time no see!! LOL

    where have you been? busy kah?? ;)

    glad youv found a gift. send it to SillyYun soon, pls..

    ooh.. you r goin to somewhere?.. :o

    hi maymay! can't say i'm that busy.. just been busy playing tourist and tagging my mom here and there. didn't bring my laptop with me and no internet access at the hotel unless i go to the business centre. at my parents, everybody wanna use the comp so i kinda gave up.

    i sent it already so my status should be blue. doesn't matter.. it'll be red by tmr. :D exactly on the dot!

    hi Riezzle yes :) i'm going to find JGS tmr onwards. well.. that is if he is in seoul. who knows.. if i'm lucky, i get to catch a glimpse of him somewhere in apgujeong. haha! then i'm gonna go find ikuta toma and yamapi :P

    i used to think it was his real phone number too. i even saved it in my phone. tried to call from my landline but turns out we don't have IDD. or else i'm missing a number.. silly me!

    i'm watching time of dog and wolf right now.. (slow, i know) and i have to say i'm quite attracted to junki at the moment. his nose is so sharp and straight and i positively drool over his jawline. glad to know he's friends with JGS too. great pic of my favorite boys together..

  17. hey eels! just got JGS's gift sorted. phew! i know i'm pretty slow when u guys have all sent it in weeks ago. will definitely reach mama jang on time. gonna go MIA again from thu onwards. the long awaited trip is finally near!

    i'll look out for everything JGS while i'm there. how i wish there's a store which sells JGS pix and stuff like they do for JE boys

  18. hey what's up? sorry i haven't been checking in regularly these days. been busy doing drama marathons with my mom (much to my dad's annoyance)heard JGS is gonna have a fansigning soon. aw, wish i could go. why can't it be next month.. i doubt he'll do something similar in july. wonder how his schedule will be then..

    oh. it's a japanese song. i thought it was an english song except that i couldn't hear him very well :D

  19. ai yay yay! thanks for the trailer laiyiwen and tuchee! JGS's one hot papa in pic #3 tuchee posted. the scene where JGS was drinking soju with the baby is so adorable. and the bit where JGS was getting his ears chewed but the baby smiled from behind him. it would've been better if the baby winked at that moment cos there's a 'winking' music for it, if u know what i mean..

    macrina.. u can write a letter or send him a birthday card or a gift for his birthday. if u're interested in joining, pm sillyyun for her address. deadline's 10 july

  20. Haha I just saw him in time square yesterday which would be June 2. Lot shorter than I expected. Kind of funny seeing someone in the middle of time square posing other than the naked cowboy

    ^ I just read this. NO WAY! lucky you! how tall did u think he was?

    I'd probably stick around- and ask if I could take a picture. And he has his own camera too... hohoo maybe he could take mine with it

    Hmmm... some people don't seem that tall, my brother doesn't seem tall but up close you'd be really surprise.

    me too. my fangirl mode would be on full blast the whole time.

    i agree with u. the thing about height being deceptive is especially true for guys, for some reason. my male classmates in college all seemed not very tall but they actually are when they stand next to ya. but that's no hard feat.. practically everyone is taller than me anyways. conclusion: JGS is still taller than me. yippee! love them tall.

  21. kyaa! hey ya eels! i miss this thread! my mom was watching MISA so i have to cry over it again.

    so slow of me.. but i read that the overseas trip is for going to the extreme huh? i thought it was for something else.

    somebody found the kellogg's cf. does anybody know where to watch the coca cola cf he did when he was a kid? i'm a coca cola addict :P

  22. ^ never too late to become one of many die-hard JGS's eel

    Go Momma Jang! Spread the JKS Eels International love! I hope he responds too... Cuz I know he loves his fans :D Don't worry... We're going to find a JKS Eel lawyer! :lol:

    we have mojobobo and medea ;)

    the dragon song keeps ringing in my head today for some undefined reason. i love the 'don't like amusement parks' bit. and dunno why but i kinda like the way the word 'shiro' sounds

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