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    heh.. that was what my cousin was doing last nite.. but she ended up instant messaging me on YM and before we knew it, she only had 4 hours to write a thousand word essay due at 7am! well as for me, i always start early cos i get kinda anxious if i don't get started like immediately but for some reason, it'll never be done early cos i procrastinate with the completion.. and end up doing almost half of the essay at the very last minute.









    wow. that's really rude of them. my friend once told me this story, she was on the bus and there's this girl who was talking on the phone in chinese (which is actually a rude thing to do in japan but people do it all the time elsewhere in the world), then this old white guy sitting nearby was like DO NOT SPEAK CHINESE SHU SHA SHU SHA! so the girl turned to him and said i'll stop speaking my language if u speak in gaelic. oooo.. then she continued her conversation in chinese just to annoy the man. just FYI, in dublin (and most of ireland actually), practically no one speaks gaelic. it's not too bad to the point of going extinct like Welsh but it's still not spoken much for a mother tongue. as for me, i tend not to speak my native language if people of other ethnicity are with me.. cos i think it's rude. but it's still ur mother language so u shouldn't have to be told not to speak it by anyone of a different ethnic group


  3. cecilia.. yeah read the news.. but didn't he win second prize? i thought i read he won the silver prize with his Team H friends.. isn't silver prize second? well either way.. it's great! congrats JGS! the project was in directing right? this shows that he's really very talented in whatever he does..

  4. ^ ooh how nice.. good for u. but wow.. the tickets are kinda pricey no? not that i wouldn't cough it up to see him live. i really gotta start working soon..

    i thought the YB shooting will be in Okinawa.. i read that i'm pretty sure. so u're planning to go all the way down to where they'll be shooting? good luck~! hope u get to see him! i'm sooo green with envy..

  5. hi everyone,

    i'll be attending GeunSuk's fan mtg again this year. Is anyone going? or know any other english speakers... going???

    thank you all!

    NO WAY!! u're going? again? how many times have he had a fanmeet? and how many times have u gone? i only know about 3 official fanmeets.. not sure if he had others. this question was asked before by me and others but.. where do we get tickets for his fanmeets? since u've gone to one of his fanmeets before and will be going again, please share the info cos i'd really like to go the next time. maybe we can meet up then ^^ when is it again this time? i forgot the date. please don't forget to post pictures & videos from the fanmeet with us okay, anf322?

    i think i'll probably cry if i see him in real life. i can't explain it. i tear up when i think of him sometimes.. weird i know. i even cried tears of joy when i saw the picture of him holding up our book yesterday..

    it's cute that their gift boxes corresponds to their colors.. o see lots of lime things in JGS's box. of course, PSH should be white but since she's a girl, it's appropriate that she's pink. too bad hong ki wasn't there.. it would be great to see him with a yellow box ^^

    Park Sin Hye is a very lucky girl!!

  6. hmm.. i thought he quit smoking last year.. not that i'm gonna hold that against him.

    yeah.. great article. JGS is a great actor. I love the way he can change his whole facial expression just by playing with his eyes. like mingdao.

    i'm interested about the fanmeetings too. how do we get them tickets? well i can't go for the one coming up even if i wanted to but i'd like to know how i can attend one of his fanmeets in the future.. maybe next year's fanmeet if he's doing one.

    i can't really comprehend why anyone would become his antifan.. i mean, sure, not everyone is his fan but if they're not a fan, can't they just remain neutral or something? from all the BTSs, fancams and interviews etc, he seems like a really nice and friendly guy. surely he has never done anything to hurt anyone intentionally.. at least not that i've heard of.

    the chinese fans are sooo lucky! i want his autograph too!! T.T anyone here knows anyone at baidu who's willing to sell me theirs? although i doubt anyone would.. i wouldn't if i were them..

    eh? he changed companies? i kinda want him to stay with LOBE for some unknown reason.. but i wish him well in tree j. i'm sure he'll be treated well.. they'd be dumb if they don't appreciate a jewel like him..

    Edit: newlili & 13infamyss i only saw ur answers after i'd downloaded the movie.. and yeah he was definitely not in it. i even double checked the credits for his name. well i'm glad he didn't act in that film, it was pretty boring. someone really should edit his wiki and remove that movie from his filmography








    i prefer texting.. saves time & money. cos people never seem to stop talking when they call and my ears get hot when that happens. well, if there are multiple questions to be asked, of course, a call would be more convenient. my phone has a qwerty so it makes texting a lot easier. but i think, in general, i just don't like to talk.. i prefer writing. when i talk, i kinda have a tiny fear that i might say the wrong things and offend somebody cos it's real time..i'm not a spontaneous person.. but with writing, i can think first before i reply >.<









    oooh i love HK! went there last dec but i couldn't do quite a lot of the stuff i originally planned to do.. so i really must go back there one day! the TST Hard Rock Café was closed for renovations at the time and i didn't know there was another up at Victoria Peak.. if i had known, i'd have bought my HR merchandise before leaving but my younger sister kept demanding toys & stuff til my parents got fed up & wouldn't go into the Galleria. so when i found out that the HR in TST was closed.. i was sooo sad cos my parents didn't want to go back up! we didn't even meet up with my HK relatives cos my mom forgot to jot down their contact numbers before we got on the flight. too little time too. love them pandas at ocean park.. so cute! i spent hours just looking at them.. cos pandas are my most favorite animals in the world! i want to go see them in the china reserves too one day! disneyland was okay, not great compared to tokyo's.. but they had those korean squid which i love! and yeah.. december in HK is very hot! i tanned several shades during my trip. but yeah.. loved HK!


  9. i agree with everything u just said newlili. if they filmed at least 3 months ahead of airing, they could film without feeling the heat when the episodes catch up with the filming. cos obviously just 1 month ahead like for YB isn't enough. it will not only be good for the cast but for the whole crew as well. but it seems like it's the norm for east asian dramas to be filmed that way. poor JGS! i didn't read that news.. the news about him having falling asleep in between filming. he must be dead beat! YB cast & crew (especially JGS) hwaiting!

    i love the Hong Star & Rena Jang hyung-dongsaeng relationship too! it's just too adorable for words!!

  10. replying to the pix tuchee posted in the YB thread --> wow if that's really a fanbook he's browsing thru.. it's great to know that he really makes an effort to look at what the fans give him.. even if it's just at a glance. and even if it'd end up in the trash eventually like what kevin jonas did to his portrait from a fan..

    hongard: i watched itaewon murder yesterday too! not streaming though cos i can't stand streaming unless it's live or for really short clips like CFs or BTSs. i thought he looked fine.. especially in his first (talking to his dad on the phone > u can see his leanness) and his last scene (when he walked away from the prosecutor's office). i think he just appeared chubbier cos the film was stretched maybe? he did have korean dialogue too.. with the prosecutor near the end of the film.. i don't speak korean but i think the prosecutor was suspicious that JGS could speak korean then.. and JGS said 'i learnt a lot in jail'.. or something like that. i guess his english was okay.. unclear in some bits but comprehensible otherwise. i actually feel bad for the jun pil's family.. imagine watching this film and to be reminded again..

    from that link u gave us, i think that was made last year. he has the same hairdo, hair colour and complexion like the time when he was doing the Etude House Black N Jean products' CF. but i'm not too sure.. maybe resident JGS experts here can clarify.. and yeah he's hot in that style! i love his Black N Jean CFs..

    i'm still wondering about the film 'Members of The Funeral'... seems like nobody knows much about it

    btw, what is 555555? i know u're spazzing there but i couldn't for the life of me figure if it means anything in particular. i'm too old to keep up with internet slang these days.. ha!

  11. ^ not subbed yet i'm pretty sure. don't know if anyone will sub it. people rarely sub CFs.

    onimgaganda! good to see u here again! i think every eel is watching You're Beautiful right now. I didn't follow Beethoven Virus while it's airing cos I was on hiatus. didn't even bring my laptop to school!

    anyways, what's this 'Members of the Funeral' film i read in his wiki? did he act in it last year? I don't know anything about that film. then again.. i was on hiatus for a loooong time..

  12. ack! just saw the maxim cf! he has that hairstyle i like most in YB! WOOT!!

    Edit: okay.. well not exactly the same hairstyle.. it's not curly in the CF. thanks to tuchee for the caps!

    @cecelia: erm.. i'm not exactly sure cos i had buffering issues then so i missed it too. somebody in the Daejong thread told us the results.. i missed the red carpet too. i hope there's a Geun Suk cut for that. i was busy experimenting with lighting for my YB Fan project picture at that time, didn't realize it was time til it's over :( btw, did u get my message for the project?

  13. WooT! i just sent my picture for the You're Beautiful Fan Project!

    I can't believe how long I haven't stopped by this thread! I've been following the YB thread since it started but I never post anything here.. I miss the HGD days where everyone literally slept in this thread!

    I hope JGS wins! So young yet so talented!

    edit: sob sob! he didn't win.. :( oh well.. maybe next time. Geun Suk fighting!

  14. ooh! i didn't know she recently got hitched. well, not very recent. i was a few months late. but.. congrats song yun ah and hubby! hope both of them will be happy forever. song yun ah's a great actress. her first drama that i watched was hotelier. great drama! i still love it to this day. she was so funny in on air! her acting in it must have made quite an impact on me cos there was this one time at the airport KFC when i freaked out like her in on air and my friend was like O.o whoa! you seem like song yun ah for a moment there! LOL! i hope i'll see SYA in a drama again soon





    Gong gong and po po are maternal and ye ye nai nai paternal.




















    Thanks amanda. so gong gong and popo are the same as wai gong and wai po, yes? another question, how would u call an elderly person if the're not actually related to us? eg friend's grandparents.




































































































































































































































































    hi. i'm just wondering.. if gong gong is paternal granddad, po po is paternal grandma, wai gong is maternal granddad and wai po is maternal grandma.. then what about ye ye and nai nai? which side does that refer too or are those terms general? thanks

































  17. meteostorm1642: thanks for the 'Just Drag Full MV' link!

    so I prefer he'll be excellent actor than singer..

    but I still support him whatever he wants anyway ^^ (as long as he more focus to acting)

    took ur mp3, thanks!

    great actor, lovely voice.. he could be either or both.. eels will support him in whatever he chooses.. but i agree.. if he just sings, we can't see him, only hear his voice.. but if he acts, we get to see his cute face AND hear his voice >.<

    yes! our Sukki looks like hongki of FT.ISland. But, to tell the truth, they're only alike recently.


    me too! i'm already counting down the days til oct 7th! it IS oct 7th now rite? not 17th like we were told previously? that's my problem too. if i understood more of the language, i'd volunteer to help out with all JGS videos..

    erm.. actuallly the similarities between JGS n LHK have always been there, not just recently.. there were several pictures from when JGS was younger with straight, longish hair when he looked exactly like LHK from the pre-debut & 1st album days..

    aa-chann & anyone09mar: i almost never like a song the first time i hear it :D every song must be played at least thrice before i judge it

    van * yuriko': GASP! OMG! congratulations on ur encounter & for succeeding in making me turn green! i.am.so.jealous!!!

    tho he looks the best in baby and me:)

    oh yeah! he's gorgeous in baby & me! flawless complexion, great hair.. he's absolutely perfect!
































































































































































































































































































































    i haven't started watching this yet but i hope there won't be too much soccer stuff.. cos i don't usually like to watch sports-oriented dramas. i'm looking forward to watching the love story unfold! i wonder how the chemistry will be between ara and yunho..








































































































    eeps! i just found out about this drama. gonna watch it as soon as my downloads are completed. i love yoon eun hye! good to see her back in dramas.. i don't know anybody else in the cast though.. but the storyline seems really cute. i wonder who she'll end up with.. i prefer the rich lawyer guy but part of me thinks she'll end up with the poor gold-digger guy.. hmm..
















































































    ^ thanks! i think i'll use the second one. i think u're right about that. my friends all mostly speak in english. if they do speak in chinese, it's always in dialects, not mandarin. thanks for your help!

















    Your friend probably mistaken "putonghua" as "budonghua". Since she's Malaysian, then as crvn107 said that's probably why she's not familiar with the word. =]
























































    now that i've learnt more of the language, i think so too :)

    Only Chinese citizens call mandarin 普通话 (pu tong hua).Chinese elsewhere calls it differently.In Singapore and Malaysia,it is called 华语(hua yu) or 中文(zhong wen) while in Taiwan they call it 国语 (guo yu).Usually,Chinese who are born and bred in Singapore and Malaysia don't see themselves as 'zhong guo ren' but rather Singaporeans or Malaysians.To them,'zhong guo ren' only means people from China.
























































    yeah, i hear mandarin being referred to as guo yu in taiwanese dramas so i checked out wiki a few months ago and read about the different names.
























































    how should i say 'i'm not chinese' ethnically if I'm in Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei then? when i go to the shopping complexes, i get a lot of salespeople coming up to me and speaking in mandarin, which i think is rather odd cos i don't look chinese at all.

















    The way I say it is ke2 kou2 ke3 le4. The first two tones are all changed to 2nd (I think the rule is no consecutive 3rd tones can be pronounced). If you didn't "xi" and "shi" as the same pinyin, then yes, "shi" (not "xi") is pronounced almost as "e" in "her".

    Zhong guo ren is almost always taken as an ethnicity. Technically the term applies to all Chinese citizens (e.x. Caucasians of Chinese citizenship), but it's rarely used on them.















































































































    Thanks. I was afraid if i used zhong guo ren to refer to malaysian chinese, i might confuse people. my friend was confused when i called mandarin pu tong hua.. she's like.. mandarin is 'don't understand language'? i probably pronounced it with the wrong tones that time.. she calls mandarin by a different name then








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    u always thought what is selamat datang? selamat datang means welcome

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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