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    gosh! seems like u guys get extremely fast speeds. i'm green with envy. compared to the speed u guys have, mine's like dial-up. hopefully i can get into campus accomodation nxt sept, then i can dl as fast as that.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    exoticpeach: do try and tell me the results. of course, it'll depend on the popularity of the file too. good luck!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    ^ditto! i'd help with the subs too if i knew korean. and if i'm more proficient at computer skills. gosh! i even had a hard time putting up the blinkie! but even if we go for classes, wouldn't they teach formal speech? in dramas, they use colloquial
































































































































































































































































































































































































    not the eng subs definitely. those aren't out yet. just checked a sec ago


















































































    happyroach, i noticed that if i put my cellphone in close proximity to my computer, like rite nxt to it, i get a faster download speed. maybe u could advise ppl who asks u y their cb is downloading at snail pace to do that in the future. but if it's harmful to the computer to do that, then don't. is it?


















    both are princes. yul's dad is the eldest son so he should be king instead of shin's dad. but yul's dad died before he became king so shin's dad took the throne instead. that's why shin is now the crown prince instead of yul.












    which does baffle me a bit cos in the normal order, shouldn't yul be the next king? and shin's dad just be the substitute til yul becomes an adult. since he(yul) is the current king's(shin's dad) older bro's heir. but then again, maybe not since yul's dad didn't even get to become king. any historians amongst us who cares to give their opinion?


































































































































    ^haha. unfortunately, i haven't found my true life shin just yet...
































    ^hear hear. but i'd prefer if they used giant pandas cos pandas are my favourite animals. it's interesting how animal scientists(?) or zoologists or whoever's in charge of categorizing species keep on changing their mind about categorizing giant pandas.





    hanbok sizes can mostly fit general sizes i think












    that's good. my neighbour back home wore one on her wedding day but i wasn't around at the time. she got it from her mom-in-law who owns a bridal gown/parlour/fabric shop. ppl could rent it i guess but it wouldn't be the same as owning one yourself. yeah, i like the modern ones as well. i remember liking the one han ji hye used in my bf's type B, when her cuz washed all her clothes. kinda transparent material.












    how do u watch it live in spore? satellite?












    btw liquidfir, found it! To everyone who wants to watch it too:












    royal wedding preview hardsubbed in Nomanymore's clubbox


















    ^don't think the prince william part will be acted out. before, there were rumors that daniel henney will be prince william but that's just rumors.












    liquidfir, i'll tell u soon which clubbox for the royal wedding preview. if i can find it again, that is. ;p












    i've never bought clothes online cos usually the sizes are just too big for me. i even have a hard time searching for them in shops cos i'm like in between sizes. adults dept too big, kiddies too small. most times i have to alter my clothes esp trousers. maybe i'll check out ebay for the hanboks.. haha


















    who remembers which clubbox has the hardsubbed royal wedding preview? my mom called me up real early this morning to tell me some news and now i can't get back to zzz so i wanna download it before going to class. been searching everyone's cb for the past hour now. don't recall where i saw it yesterday












    liquidfir where did u buy your hanbok? i want one too.. copycat me




















    ^ did they really use those titles in the show? cos i couldn't quite hear them. just the mama bit. hehe..














    i sooo like the part when chae gyung saw her pic and said 'oh my god! jesus christ superstar!' that was so cute!














    i think shin's friend (the one we thought was the thailand prince at first) who's so obsessed with his videocam is cute too. makes me wanna get a videocam myself.. a cool thin one..














    to be honest, i quite envy chae gyung's friend's hair. ju yeon or something like that her name was. i used to have hair as long as hers 2 years ago. now i regret chopping it off. plus my hair's spoilt now. ok sorry, i'm straying off topic now.


















    i had a hard time deciding which camp to choose. in the manhwa, i was in yul's camp originally but after they got hitched, i changed loyalties to shin.. same goes for the drama when i first saw the promo pix. as of this moment, i think i'm definitely in shin's camp!












    but.. things could change again for me as the drama progresses.. fickle eh?












    on the other hand, maybe not...
















    Anyone having issues connecting to clubbox? Ever since yesterday, I can not goto their website clubbox.co.kr? Can't even ping the website. Going to anyone clubbox takes forever to load.. And when you try to add files for download, the download screen takes forever. And when it does appear, it doesn't add the files. I've done all the tyricks like press F11 and right click and choose encoding then korean, but now of that works.. If I move the mouse in the download screen just get a hourglass forever??












    Anyone else having difficulties with Clubbox??























    yep. me. i thought i was the only one cos my friend doesn't seem to have any problems at all.












    i've been downloading 'goong' for the past 14 hours. at first, it was just 2-3 KB/s but now it has increased to 12KB/s. phew! i'm glad. it couldn't be because the file is unpopular cos goong is only like the most anticipated drama of 2006! what annoys me is that my friend could download the same files as myself and reach >40KB/s.. do u think i have a virus that's slowing down my computer's performance? cos 4-5days ago, the whole system lags and everything was unresponsive but now miraculously it got better. well, except for windows media player. can't see subtitles in that and it takes ages to load the media. insights happyroach? anyone? maybe this is out of topic now.. sorry :sweatingbullets:


































































    yay.. finally downloading! clubbox's look has changed. guess i haven't been downloading much these days.. heheh..
























    ^yeah goong=palace direct translation. but they changed the english title to princess hours for the drama. are u malaysian/singaporean/bruneian/indonesian (or of ethnic origin) btw? just wondering cos nuruladha sounds from that region.












    oooh.. i'm green with envy at those of u who've watched it. i can't seem to be able to download. don't know why.. i think there's something wrong with my computer although it's still new-ish. sniffles...


















































































































    Clubbox Is making me mad !!































































































































































































    This is my first download and all































































































































































































    but its just wont download !! Like i've kept































































































































































































    my comp on overnight and it still isnt dling !































































































































































































    Can someone help me?































































































































































































    ditto. same problem since last month. still can't do it so now i just rely on my friend to download any new shows for me. but i can't do that forever cos soon i probably won't be seeing her much anymore since we'll be going in different directions. :(
































    ANyone here is willing to be a spoiler? To tell me what happen in Vol 8-11? A brief summary is Okie














    I've just finished reading the Eng version of the first 7 vol and now I'm dying to know what happen next ^_^ Can't wait to the new translated chaps














    Thax a bunch



























    yeah..can anyone feed me some spoilers especially for vol 8. cos i've read the spoilers for vol 9 and 10 in the previous posts but i don't know what happened in vol 8. anything of significance? yay! vol 7 chap 6 is out! my friend faridsar_sensei gave it 2 me in class today and she just text me a moment ago that 'goong the drama' is going to air in january! i'm soooo excited! why does it keep changing? first it's jan, then march, now jan again. i was really disappointed when i found out that it has been postponed til march. let's hope it doesn't change again. guess i better check the goong drama thread..














    oh man.. it's been licensed? i had hoped it will take a while to be licensed, like, after every volume has been scanlated for online readers.. so korean-manhwa will only scanlate up til vol 8? sniffles.. where will i get the rest of the volumes now?


















































































































































    thanks for your prompt reply happyroach. i have another question which i forgot to ask in my previous post. i can't put 'http://clubbox.co.kr' in my trusted sites list cos the site must have a 'https://' prefix. would it work if i just add the 's' after 'http'?


































    love the comic! so i can't wait for the drama. hope it's as good if not better than the comic. but i'm trying to contain my excitement cos u know how when we have great expectations, the movie sorta becomes a letdown once u actually watch it. i think eun hye looks real cute when she puts her fingers together like hinata in naruto and with her hair in buns like that. kawai! i love the photo where eun hye gives the lollipop to the guy who plays shin! it's so comic-like!




















    hi i'm a new user to clubbox. i've been trying to download since yesterday but nothing seems to be happening. i get a different window from step 7 in the downloading section above but it does appear on my clubbox thingy. but after pressing on play, nothing happens for hours. i know it may not be immediate cos it depends on the owner of the box. but will i lose my list if i off my computer? one more thing, at the part above the tabs where we have the graphics, i get an action canceled message. is that why my downloading has not started? i'd appreciate your feedback.



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