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  1. Suddenly thought of another method of how HSY knows where to look to TN at the hospital. His usual source of information - TN's Friend's Husband; / aka his loyal fan . Remember this was how HSY knew TN was in school when he picked her up (with Dt) last time. He also told TN whom he contacted for her itinerary.
  2. Agree on this, they were too young to handle this matter. I believe at that time Solo should be around 20-21 (if he is same age as HSY) & Appledog was only 16! Pretty sure it was mentioned in the book that you can't expect Appledog to be able to handle being a mom at 16. Thus she decided to leave.
  3. Got to say it is getting more interesting now that SW is chasing ED. His expressions are so mischievous when he gets her to say his name differently
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