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  1. Hahaha, because it is YEH and we really anticipate a remarkable kissing scene/s just like her previous dramas.
  2. Happy New Year everyone! Thank you very much to all the recappers here in the forum, We really appreciated it, especially me..due to slow internet connection and couln’t watch it in LIve Streaming. I really love their chemistry! the first half of the drama is really fluttering between our OTP, yes, and half of it is about family but i still love FW because, some says it was different from other drama/s and yes the plot was simple and refreshing. The last 2 episodes touches my heart, the forgiveness between each member of the families. FW is not only about the love between our OTP, but the love between their respective families. Based on a movie i watched after airing the last episode of FW, i told to myself, that We can still enjoy watching RomCom/RomDrama without kissing,especially at the end ( Because we are used to the anticipated kiss at the end, in most of drama/s we watched) And yes, it is really better to watch it in subtitle.
  3. YYJ/ YEH is sooooo pretty wearing the white dress!!! or... is it a wedding dress?!
  4. My fave scenes, first,YYJ’s hospital scene,CWH not knowing (or maybe?!)really cares for him, yes the way he looked at her. Second was when CWH entered the room and it was dark and looking for YYJ , then.. whoahlah! A light coming from her phone,focusing on the Blue Rose painting. (Not sure if it is a painting..sorry) And the third was (for me i find this funny ) CWH’s hospital scene, when the hyung Doctor saw YYJ in front of him, he was speechless just looking at our girl and CWH’s facial expression is! Hahaha. is CWH jealous, when our OTP went to JJY’s office/house and JY’s friend and manager were there ? or CWH was just surprised the way JJY treatment or action towards her chingu when YJ’s in her real world? Since no subs yet, i had a hard time last night thinking if it is jealousy or what.
  5. I am starting to like all the characters, aside from the main. The chingu ah, the Female reporter with Dongsaeng, the driver, personal assistant, mother of CJM even the mean side characters after watching EP3.
  6. Omo!Omo! Omo! Episode 3 was and episode 4 is your heart will really flutter!!!
  7. Ah these comments of Netz! The one who has really thick-skinned was the ex-BF who dumped and used YYJ! Regarding YeH’s lips.. some here's right, that’s what make-up can do if you want to have fuller lips etc.! Let’s face it, when it comes to clothes, accessories, lipsticks, she’s a trendsetter!
  8. That’s what i noticed too when i watched their presscon yesterday. They were too serious.
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