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  1. 8 K-Dramas Of 2019 That You Shouldn’t Miss Features Jun 19, 2019 by binahearts It’s already halfway through 2019 and what a year it’s been in K-drama land! In the world of K-dramas, when the story is good, it’s easy to get lost in the lives of the characters. And with the long list of K-dramas that have already aired this year, there’s a handful that is definitely worth watching. Especially with summer vacation coming up, all these K-dramas are pretty fail-proof, so you don’t have to worry about watching something boring. Here’s a look at eight K-dramas of 2019 that you shouldn’t miss! Warning: minor spoilers for the dramas below. Her Private Life “Her Private Life” is the recent hit K-drama rom-com starring Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook. The series involves an artist by the name of Ryan Gold who falls in love with an art curator by the name of Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young). What else can we say about this series except that it’s a healing K-drama that hits all the right notes? nuestsaron Ryan Gold has also been dubbed as the ideal perfect boyfriend and it seems as though this may be Kim Jae Wook’s year. His portrayal of Ryan Gold and the true love that he is able to show Duk Mi is a standard to live up to. It’s also rare that you get a glimpse at an authentically healthy relationship in the K-drama world, but these two are able to do it. trendingkdrama Start watching “Her Private Life”: https://www.soompi.com/article/1331520wpp/8-k-dramas-of-2019-that-you-shouldnt-miss
  2. 5 Moments That Made The Finale Of “Her Private Life” One Of The Best Ever Jun 3, 2019 by binahearts Sometimes a K-drama is so perfect. You anticipate the next episodes and fall in love with everything about it. Then when it gets towards the end of the series (more so the last two episodes) it tends to drag out and be pretty uneventful. But this isn’t the case with “Her Private Life.” In this special K-drama, the last two episodes are heartfelt and revolve around the two main leads finding healing in themselves and leaning on each other for support. It really is a beautiful ending. Here’s a look at five moments from episodes 15 and 16 that made the finale so memorable. Warning: Spoilers for the finale of “Her Private Life” below. 1. Duk Mi remembering how her brother died and sharing the pain with her mom Upon discovering that Heo Yoon Jae is actually Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook), Duk Mi’s dad (Maeng Sang Hoon) tells her that she used to have a younger brother who died in a tragic car accident. Duk Mi (Park Min Young) had forgotten about him because of the trauma that the accident had caused her. When the memories of her brother come rushing back, Duk Mi runs to her mother (Kim Mi Kyung) and hugs her. Duk Mi feels bad that her mother had to go through all those years of emotional pain without sharing it with her, and apologizes to her mom. The two sharing this painful memory is such a healing moment. Remembering Duk Soo together with her mother is the most beautiful bond the two could ever share. 2. Ryan Gold thanking Duk Mi’s mother In episode 15 we find that Duk Mi’s mother had taken Ryan in when he was left at the playground by his mother (Lee Il Hwa). She had taken care of him for about a month, but dropped him off at the orphanage because of various reasons. When she finds out that the boy is Ryan Gold, Duk Mi’s mother feels awful about it and goes to meet him to apologize. I was expecting this scene as soon as we found out that Duk Mi had taken Ryan in when he was a kid. But I honestly didn’t expect it to be that emotional. As soon as Duk Mi apologizes, Ryan turns the tables and expresses his gratitude to Duk Mi’s mom for even taking him in for that short while. She feels so torn up about it and it’s something that weighed down on her shoulders for all those years. So when he alleviates that burden from her shoulders by thanking her instead, it is a perfect moment and perfect reconciliation. 3. Ryan Gold not holding anything against Duk Mi Duk Mi feels awful about how her mother had abandoned Ryan at the orphanage. After finding out about her younger brother and talking to her mom, Duk Mi goes to Ryan and basically begs him for forgiveness. This was obvious. We all know that Ryan wouldn’t hold what happened in his past against Duk Mi, but we weren’t prepared at just HOW understanding he would be. He really cares so deeply about Duk Mi that he wants to think about their present and future together. As if he wasn’t perfect already! 4. Seeing the final art and all of Lee Sol’s drawings combined It was like all the puzzle pieces throughout the drama came together to one perfect ending. It was symbolic, and brought so much healing! It was the perfect ending seeing this family all together again. 5. Duk Mi fangirling with her boyfriend Duk Mi and Ryan are obviously pretty deep in their relationship. Now that all the secrets are out and everyone is pretty close with each other, Duk Mi is able to fangirl over Cha Si An (ONE) with her boyfriend. She takes Ryan to the PC room to buy tickets online. Low and behold, Duk Mi is not able to get the tickets, but Ryan gets lucky and is able to get them. This part is probably one of the most realistic moments in K-drama history. What better way than to fangirl with your loving and understanding boyfriend by your side? How many times do fangirls recruit their boyfriends as an extra body to help get the best seats to the concert of their idol? It’s so relatable, so real, and so beautiful.
  3. Watch: Kim Jae Wook And Park Min Young Bid Farewell To “Her Private Life” In Last Making Video TV/Film Jun 1, 2019 by J. Lim tvN’s “Her Private Life” has shared their last making video. “Her Private Life” tells the story of Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young), who is an art curator and also a fan of an idol group in her free time, and her fickle boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). The drama has followed the two as they fell in love, and the story came to an end on May 30. To mark the end of the drama, a last making video has been revealed for episodes 15 and 16. Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook are a picturesque couple as they cuddle in bed, cook in the kitchen, and help each other get ready. Park Min Young teases Kim Jae Wook for shaking when it comes time for her to help him shave, and Kim Jae Wook does his best to apply lipstick on Park Min Young’s lips properly before they lean in for a kiss. The video also follows the pair as they act out the scene where Ryan Gold proposes to Sung Duk Mi. While filming the moment, Kim Jae Wook seemed to get choked up with emotions, and turned away from the camera a couple of times to collect himself. The two shared a warm hug as the scene left them a bit teary. The final moments of the making video show the cast and crew saying their final goodbyes. Watch the finale of “Her Private Life” below!
  4. This is what she is wearing in the final photo with all cast and crew
  5. Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook Share Their Favorite Scenes From “Her Private Life” Park Min Young And Kim Jae Wook Share Their Favorite Scenes From “Her Private Life” May 29, 2019 by L. Kim Ahead of the finale, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook chose their favorite scenes from tvN’s “Her Private Life.” To relieve the sadness of viewers who are already sad that there are only two episodes left of seeing their favorite drama couple Sung Duk Mi (Park Min Young) and Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Wook), the two lead actors revealed their favorite scenes. First off, Park Min Young chose the scene in episode four where Sung Duk Mi and Ryan Gold had to take photos while pretending to be a couple. The part where they had to pose very closely to each other increased the tension and made hearts flutter. Concerning that scene, she said, “I remember the photo time when I pretended to be a couple with Ryan when [Duk Mi] was in danger of being revealed as a fangirl. I think it was an opportunity for Duk Mi and Ryan, who had been arguing and quarreling before, to feel some excitement for each other. The fun was multiplied thanks to the reaction of Lee Sun Joo (Park Jin Joo).” The actress also said one of her favorite moments was in episode 14 during the “silhouette model” scene. Ryan was unable to draw because of his trauma, so in order to help him, she became his model. Duk Mi asked Ryan to slowly follow her silhouette so he could draw again. Through this, Ryan gradually started to overcome his trauma. Park Min Young explained, “The fact that Ryan couldn’t draw was heartbreaking, and the process of helping him slowly open his mind and overcome the trauma was very warm.” On the other hand, Kim Jae Wook chose a scene from episode five as one of his favorite moments. Ryan and Duk Mi had to spend the night at photographer No Suk’s home, and they conversed about late artist Yoon Tae Hwa’s photo. While talking, Kim Jae Wook became immersed in Duk Mi’s thoughts and gazed at her with warmth and affection. This scene was also a turning point in their relationship. Kim Jae Wook said, “I thought it was beautiful that the two people who love art were in the process of communicating with each other and naturally feeling the emotions between a man and woman.” Lastly, the actor mentioned the tearful hug scene in episode 11. After a nightmare, Ryan went to see Duk Mi, and Duk Mi hugged him tightly after seeing his tears. The way Ryan silently cried in her embrace weighed heavily in the viewers’ hearts. Kim Jae Wook shared, “It was a real and ideal way to express how much of a blessing and comfort it is to have a lover who understands and makes an effort to give love.” Episode 15 of “Her Private Life” will air on May 29 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Catch up to the latest episode if you haven’t already
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