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  1. Thank you @QueenieBee for your post! Such a reasonable post that speaks to why we all have fallen in love with these individuals as a couple! Me reading your post: And we have finally gotten our answer to SYJ's videos! Of course I had fun delulu'ing on her wedding look, but I'm totally happy with this CF as well. She is so so gorgeous and I'm so happy she's endorsing another international product!
  2. Dang... it's been a crazy span of 24 hours! Even though one half of our couple is in Jordan, we still continue to have consistent crumbs and news!!! We are truly blessed. I've read many Korean articles on Naver and so this is the last time I'm also going to mention this because I want to get back to focusing on our ship: Most importantly, we can focus on how we haven't had any denials for our couple since CLOY ended even though there continues to be so many crumbs. My personal favorites include HB recalling that memory of what YJ said two years later with the cutest giggle, the awesome glances exchanged on BAA stage and their joint backstage thank yous, YJ's liking spree of couple photos with captions that talk about them dating, MSteam's "accident", and their decision to do the Smart CF together. The small confirmations and constant crumbs on our side even up until yesterday is a better receipt than any denial from any ship/side including ours. So let's just enjoy (because let's be real, there is so much to enjoy) and not engage in any more negativity since we stan the nicest, most precious couple.
  3. Wait that caption... HB, why are you so giggly? And then she put #InSmartWeTrust And then the song is "Love is Where You Are." And then she put a dang SUNFLOWER emoji because #projectsunflower. Are we about to get a video call edit between HB and YJ or what?? Because HB... LOVE IS WHERE YJ IS?! @TotoroSY The gif you shared earlier is me LOL: Yes! You're absolutely right! In the caption of her latest IG post, she put "Jennyhouse Weddings 2020 pictorial/photo collection is here," and asks people to follow her jennyhouse wedding account. She's YJ's hair stylist, so I'm guessing she was in charge of the hair styling for the pictorial? AND THEN SHE PUTS YJ'S PIC AS HER WEDDING ACCOUNT PROFILE PIC... WHY... NOW THOSE VIDS THAT YJ UPLOADED THAT STILL HASN'T BEEN RELEASED ARE... OMG SORRY I'M WRITING IN ALL CAPS LOL BUT BASICALLY... Anyway, no need to worry about or engage in fan wars with other ships... let's be grateful because we might be the most well fed ship... wow.
  4. I had a post with more substance in mind, but then saw this and wanted to post it because she's so cute. HB's favorite flower? Sonflower Pretty sure he's just saying "Oh," and then it looks like he blows a little bit at the end. LOL.
  5. Hey shoppers! Just want to clarify... it does indeed look like he is mouthing something like that from afar, but when the video zooms up close and it's in slow-mo, it doesn't seem like it as much. The actors/actresses are going around and introducing themselves and their characters. I think at that time, one of the actresses Han Ji Eun is introducing herself as a character related to HB's character. Pretty sure HB is looking at her giving her speech on some sort of screen/monitor. I feel like he's attentive to every actor/actress speaking whether it's through looking at them in the monitor or turning his body towards them, even SJH in the back. As much as I want to think this is a sweet receipt... I don't think it's true LOL! Sorry to burst all of your bubbles with this one... I found a longer video on YouTube and at around 7:11-7:12 is when it happens: EDIT: More info I will say this though with this video ^^^ The first Korean caption in red that comes up with HB and JDG in the back... It says: "From Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, to Ko So Young, Son Ye Jin and "Wanna One (kpop group)," All the top stars came out for 'Rampant.'" Hahaha Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young are married... and Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are also mar-----? It's just funny that they put her name when other famous ladies like Ha Ji Won and Park Shin Hye came as well.
  6. I found another thread that brought back CLOY memories and made my heart flutter... all the times that RJH remembered what YSR said. It reminded me of how RJH and HB are alike in that way... there was an old HB interview where he talks about how he's not that romantic but he tends to remember things that his loved one says even in passing. I remember I provided my version of the translations in a previous post that I linked to below: Interviewer: Your character in Secret Garden, expresses his romance for the female character in his own unique way. So can you share with us... what is the most romantic thing you've ever done for your loved one? HB: No, I haven't done anything particularly special... But if she has an interest or wants something...even if she says it in passing, I'll try to keep it in mind. And when there's a special occasion, I tend to remember those things and gift it to her. Ahhh HB... keep being attentive and remembering the words of your "close friend"... (Can you tell I'm missing CLOY and BinJin LOL)
  7. This Twitter thread made me laugh! "Yoon Seri looking at Ri Jeong Hyeok's lips; a thread literally no one asked for" I didn't know this was a thread that I needed. LOL. Also, Yoon Seri or Yejin? I'm sure it wasn't in the script to stare at his lips in most of these scenes... Yejin be improvising without even realizing it... Her eyes keep gravitating towards his lips!
  8. @eLizza They’re mentioned under the 7th bolded question! It says: “현빈 선배님과 손예진 선배님께 시상식 끝나고 인사를 드렸어요."” Translation: “I greeted HB and SYJ (he refers to them formally as superior/senior actors) after the awards ceremony ended.” I’M SO HAPPY THIS FORUM IS BACKKK!!! AND HAPPY 1 YEAR TO THIS BINJIN THREAD!!! It is still a little bit unstable for me even when I’ve switched to dark mode, but glad everything is still here.
  9. @eLizza is correct that there are two different ways to say aunt! She's right that the maternal aunt is "Emo." If I can make a slight correction, paternal aunt is "Gomo." Also I'm close to LA too, so I'm down for an LA celebratory meetup once our ship dockssss.
  10. Yeah I agree. I'm just pointing out that her clothes (the blue/white striped shirt and jeans) in her Instagram picture is identical to her clothes in that particular scene. And the background is similar too. HB could have taken that pic of her in between takes. LOL.
  11. @bin-jin Thank you for posting that old video of HB!!! Seriously swoony! May offer my version of the English translation when I have time. And thank you @lovelyz for juxtaposing it with how it relates to YJ! Ahhh... @TotoroSY @ElectricHearts Glad to have given some insight on the situation! I definitely wanted to put in my 2 cents about it due to people being misinformed about that interview. Hey @BinjinHome! I'm pretty sure that the picture on the left was taken on their last day of filming where they used the green screen! In terms of YJ's photo on the right, it looks like she took it during the scene when she's taking a picture of RJH and SD in Switzerland. Her clothes and background look identical. You will see what I mean when you go to 6:42: But that doesn't mean that HB didn't take that picture because he was also there! I'd like to think he did too.
  12. @Uuuw Thank you for bringing this up!! When I came across it, I also thought that it was pretty clear that it was recycled from his previous interviews. Like @TotoroSY mentioned, there have been many foreign publications re-using/re-publishing old interviews recently or quoting things from in-person interviews/press conferences due to CLOY and HB/YJ's popularity. Further thoughts on why it can't be new (a bit of a tangent so it's under the spoiler): Of course like you all said, that's why the MetroStyle interview is very special because it's the only recent interview from him (and in person!). And we all know that he mainly talks about CLOY and his "Yejin-sshi," and gives us his unforgettable giggle/eye squeeze when recalling a memory about her. That's the complete opposite of avoiding YJ if you ask me. @cloyfan Hahaha! Same... we blame it on our delulu. But yes, we don't know the exact time of the visit. I'm sure by now though, they've seen each other's parents multiple times?
  13. @MY15 Yes, you're right. It is definitely difficult to post as a newbie. Sorry in advanced @Hyun-Son! Like @TotoroSY, I immediately DM'd her (think she's offline though), and wasn't planning to engage in an open convo here. I am also curious to hear more about your thoughts on the double standard and maybe some instances where you thought those things. I'm willing to move over to DM with you, and if @TotoroSY wants to join (no pressure girl lol), if you want so we can talk about it more. Up to you! But interested to hear your opinion. Still one of my favorite BTS moments! HB's eye squeezes are clearly only for YJ.
  14. @MY15 I do find @Hyun-Son's story to be written well and she has also portrayed certain nuances of HB and SYJ well here. Yes, she did put a disclaimer, but even though it's fiction, it's based on real people and real circumstances, so I think it hits a little too close to home. I actually agree with you that we are often most focused on BinJin's reputation and not others, and may sometimes reinforce some double standards where we indirectly put down other actor/actresses (myself included) in jest, and that is actually my biggest issue here. More under the spoiler: EDIT: Forgot to mention, we still welcome you here with open arms as a shipper @Hyun-Son! None of us are perfect here, but we still try to strive to be responsible and respectful.
  15. @cloyfan It’s not verified that it’s a separate visit from when they may have gone during the TN promos! But the reporters mention after the first rumors in LA about them eating with her parents, that there had already been rumors going around of him having met with her parents recently in Daegu. “Recently,” is pretty vague so I was just speculating that there could have been a separate meeting! You know... my delulu mind. Like one of the reporters said, he would think that they would try to be more careful considering the fact that the first LA rumors came out, yet they still went grocery shopping. So I’d say serious indeed. LOL! @lovelyz Soo sweet... He seriously only has eyes for her! I think she is taking her turn to say her thank you to the audience because he may have already said his thanks before they sang him the song? LOL. After HB’s bday song: YJ: Ah yes.. it’s Chuseok (Korean holiday) and you have all given us your precious time by coming here... we are really thankful to each and every one of you. This one was at a different theater on the same day because he gives his thanks after they sing him happy birthday!
  16. @FatedOneNK Welcome! I believe you're referring to this article: https://www.soompi.com/article/1377023wpp/hyun-bins-agency-to-take-legal-action-against-malicious-rumors. I've read the original Korean article that they cited as the source here: https://entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=108&aid=0002836460. There is a misconception about him taking legal action against rumors with SYJ. The article is a general statement on behalf of all of VAST's actors/actresses stating that they will take legal action against malicious rumors. It does mention in one part of the original article that HB was caught up in dating rumors with SYJ, but it's just mentioning it and doesn't state that they'll sue for that particular rumor. There's a line right after which is: "또한 최근 여러 루머에 언급되며 시선을 모은 바 있다." Basically this part translates to: "However there have been various (malicious) rumors recently that have been drawing attention." Most of us agree here that the real reason they sent out this message and what they're referring to is a scandal involving two actors (JJM and JDG) who are friends with HB. They were caught up in a huge texting/chat scandal where they were talking about women, etc. Because HB is close with them, people were initially dragging his name into it when he had nothing to do with it. This message to take legal action against malicious rumors came right after this happened. It's telling because BinJin had that BTS hand-holding rumor a month or so later, and the agencies clarified/denied, but VAST didn't mention taking any legal action at all regarding that one. So it is clear that it doesn't really have anything to do with his rumors with SYJ, since dating rumors are more annoying than it is malicious. Hope this helped!
  17. Just a friendly reminder: Remember not to quote images... this includes Soompi's gif emojis/memes and also twitter images/etc. I recently saw another couple shipping thread get warned for quoting images/gif emojis by the mods, and I've seen a lot of us forgetting this recently too. (<---these are gif emojis btw) @TotoroSY YES WE STAN A NICE COUPLE! (Who may have gone to Nice, France together? pun intended LOL) That Daegu part is what stood out to me too! Of course they could be referring to the TN promos time since it was only a couple of months back, but I would like to delulu a bit and think that he had gone more recently before the trip hehe. Agree that the whole agency denial was very expected and makes sense on YJ's side like we've all mentioned, and I also agree that they're heading towards that step because YJ (the self-proclaimed private one) has been the one dropping all the crumbs after BAA like you said. Yes please go delulu... and let me join you... @ElectricHearts I think he may have already met them as people have mentioned during TN promos when they went to Daegu. And possibly with the director too. So this is pure speculation, but there may have been a more formal or official meeting in between then and the LA trip. @lovelyz Yup, that's the key. No matter how many agency denials they've given us... neither of them denied it on their own and they could have definitely shut the rumors down themselves once and for all, especially after the last denial (BTS rumor during CLOY). I think another thing that's telling is that Dir. Lee and Yang Kyung Won could have also commented in the interviews after CLOY that they don't think they're dating when asked, esp to help dispel them if that's really what HB/YJ wanted. But the fact that their answers are vague/open ended and similar is just funny to me. Very well said @QueenieBee! I think it's a good reminder for all of us too because I have also come across a few very disrespectful BJ shippers who are frankly embarrassing (more out on socmed and not as much here). I know we, including me, are all feeling really confident in this ship... like most of us are pretty certain they're docking soon and that certainty continues to grow exponentially every single day (and I think I'll have to check myself into a hospital if they don't dock because that's how certain I feel LOL)... but I hope our confidence here doesn't lead us to indirectly or directly fuel any more fan wars. I'd hate for the ship to dock and not have the MT to celebrate due to more warnings or shut downs. Much love guys!
  18. Just posting this review on CLOY. It's a podcast series led by Eric Nam. He is a singer, but also worked as an MC for shows, and was an interviewer in Korea for section TV around 6 years ago (he mentions this) and interviewed a lot of Korean and American celebrities. He started this series called "Commit or Quit," during the quarantine where he watches 2 episodes of a K-drama and either commits to it or quits it. This one is on Crash Landing On You and was posted last month on June 15, 2020. FYI, all three of them are not regular K-drama watchers, and you can tell! They also go on a lot of tangents. Hahaha. Basically, all 3 of them decide to commit to watch the drama!
  19. So @TotoroSY brought to my attention an old Korean news video that @Walk Kindly had posted in one of her sleuthing posts. There's nothing really new since it's after the LA grocery sighting, but I hadn't seen it before. I am not doing a line for line translation but I'll just write a summary here. The news about them starts at 17:13 and goes until the end. The video was posted on Jan 21, 2019 right after the grocery pics and the denials issued by the agencies. They commented about how they look very natural and comfortable in the grocery pics. Jan 9 – they were seen eating at a restaurant and golfing with her parents (and they mention the agency debunked this rumor and also said that her parents were in Korea). Jan 11 – there were rumors going around that they went on a trip together to celebrate her birthday. They mention that there were also a lot of rumors that HB had gone to Daegu to see her parents not that long ago. (I bolded this because I think this was mentioned in Walk Kindly's post and it could be different from when he may have seen her parents at Daegu during TN promos) They talk about how their agencies issued denials and talk about what they said about being there with acquaintances. They talk about how they worked on TN and noted that they wanted to work with one another again and they show the clip from when he gave her a 90 and she gave him a 100. The main female reporter says that the mood/vibe seems warm and they seem close in the clip. Then the male reporter with the glasses and facial hair says that even he’s in a good mood watching that and hearing them give each other those scores. He goes on to say that they filmed TN in June 2017 and they’re the same age, and it seems that they’ve been close since then. Main male reporter says that because they already had the rumor 2 weeks prior (Jan 9), he would think that the two of them would want to be more careful especially going out in public to shop for groceries. The other female reporter then agrees, and brings up the fact that SYJ has said in the past that even if she were to have a significant other, she’s uncertain and not confident about going public due to pressure and protecting their privacy. The main male reporter ends by saying that he understands because if they make it to the end (marriage) then it could be really good, but because they could break up along the way, he's sure that they have to think about a lot of factors before going public. ------ Another small tidbit that I found in this video! It's a podcast series led by Eric Nam. He is a singer, but also worked as an MC for shows, and has been an interviewer in Korea for section TV around 6 years ago (he mentions this) and interviewed a lot of Korean and American celebrities. He started this series called "Commit or Quit," during the quarantine where he watches 2 episodes of a K-drama and either commits to it or quits it. This one is on Crash Landing On You and was posted last month on June 15, 2020. FYI, all three of them are not regular K-drama watchers, and you can tell! They also go on tangents. Hahaha. However, the only reason why I'm positing it is because Eric talks about HB and SYJ from 8:21 to 9:08: Basically, SYJ was one of his favorite interviewees, HB is really buff, and they are both really nice people. It made me happy to hear! Also all 3 of them decide to commit to watch the drama! EDIT: This is the pic back in 2013 when Eric Nam interviewed YJ! https://www.yahoo.com/news/eric-nam-meets-son-ye-jin-054237727.html
  20. @CartPusherInLA Hey girl! No worries, we all easily delulu here! Hahaha. You're talking about this photo right? (https://www.instagram.com/p/BdwW9Z3gbc3/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) Yes, that's not an accurate translation! Line that was mistranslated: "한분한분 감사하고 사랑합니다" Literal translation is: "To every one of you/To each one of you, thank you and I love you." It makes sense that she would be thanking each and every one of the people who attended her birthday. I think HB could have been at her birthday, but for me, the mystery person with the reflection didn't really look like him from the back. That doesn't mean he didn't attend at some point, but maybe he wasn't in the footage intentionally? Thanks for putting all of this together!! It's clear that they are close and on good terms with each others' inner circle. It definitely seems like YJ is close to KKT's family because I see his wife like and comment on YJ's instagram pretty often. A tiny crumb: On YJ's recent flower picture where she's thanking everyone for the Baeksang award, KKT's wife commented, "Unni, you were the prettiest," and she uses cutesy language in Korean. To me, this shows how comfortable YJ is with his wife! @Sun-shine @TotoroSY Just a small correction... YJ's stylist is Lee Yunmi and Mujin is her makeup artist. Her stylist actually didn't post a pic with the both of them, but both her makeup artist and hair stylist did!
  21. Wow... Seriously bravo @Walk Kindly!!! Thank you!! I always liked going delulu over the idea that they may have had a short rendezvous in France too, but now after seeing your research, I am thinking it could have been a real possibility. I say that too because HB mentions in one of his solo interviews during TN promo that he and YJ are already close, and as we all know, they were just so flirty and smitten with each other during that time. If they did go on the trip together, it makes sense that they would be that way during the promos... it could have been the beginning/honeymoon stage of their courting/dating relationship where they wanted to explore their deepening interest in one another... it was probably very exciting, heart fluttering, and super romantic!!! And also, I didn't even notice that light leak on the corner of that picture... what a great find! I use a film camera as well, so that definitely looks like it. Like others have already mentioned... it also makes me think about HB's interview in 2019 about taking a camera to Europe and taking pictures as a romantic gesture... Ackkk my heart.... That sounds about right! Basically us when BinJin announces one day: I'm sad it's in Japanese so I can't translate it! LOL. My version of the small excerpt in Korean: This reminds me a lot of Yang Kyung-Won's (Pyo Chi Su) interview where he said that he didn't know what the status of their relationship, but that they looked really good together. LOL! This is clearly everyone's safe/respectful answer: "I don't know... but (insert: they look good together, acted well together, seemed close, etc.)." I'm pretty sure they all know... Hahaha! EDIT: @lovelyz Hahahaha! I posted before I saw your post! But SAME girl samee...
  22. I thought these were funny Her paintings and pillows in the back, the Cross script, and the video chat with HB... I'm dying. DISCLAIMER: FAKE STATEMENT (but hilarious)
  23. Well... this whole MSteam-gate just further confirms in my shipper heart that our ship is sailing smoothly! Me when it was happening in real time: Although for MSteam, it was probably rough seas due to having to clean up the aftermath of this situation, since like y'all mentioned, the channels have now all been erased. But I'm sure they can't fire SYJ whoever "accidentally" added that video. --- I know I'm late to the party, but I wanted share my opinion/theory (tried to be unbiased) on the info about HB not being the first choice for Captain Ri. I was curious because there are a lot of times when other actors are approached before someone actually ends up confirming/committing, so I wasn't completely closed off to the fact that there might be some truth to the claim. So I did some research and like many people have already mentioned, I don't think it's a claim we can take seriously yet because I've scoured Naver's Korean articles, and I haven't seen anything about other actors being connected to CLOY except for HB and YJ. However, that SBS article about DOTS was posted in 2018, which is 2 years after DOTS ended, so there's a possibility that in the future, they might reveal if there really were other actors in mind. What I did find though, and was reminded of (because I read about this before), was how the writer started thinking about the story of CLOY since 2008 when a boating incident happened in real life where someone crossed into NK. She started writing the script then, but ended up pursuing her other ideas first (MLFAS and LOTBS), and so the idea was put on hold. It was reported that she came up with a finalized synopsis for CLOY in 2018. And even after that, she revised the script for months until CLOY aired in 2019. And then we know that she wasn't done with it either even when CLOY was airing with the live shooting situation (which explains the continuity error of them not wearing their rings in Switzerland because that idea probably came later). So coming back to my own personal opinion/theory... like I said, I'm not completely closed to the idea that there could have been other actors in mind or approached initially and there's a possibility we will find that out later if it's true... but I think that after HB/YJ openly stated that they wanted to work on a romcom/melo together at basically every single interview during TN promos in 2018 (LOL), the writer heard it loud and clear, and took a hold of a golden opportunity and pursued them. The reason why I think there are parallels to their real selves/relationship, is because she was working on the script basically for all of 2019, and so she probably customized/tailored it to the both of them once they confirmed. The bottom line is, the writer had this idea for almost a decade and worked hard on the script to make the NK aspect of it authentic, ended up pursuing HB/YJ for the roles, tailored the details of these roles to them, and it ended up being an amazing drama that has introduced so many newbies to K-drama while being a fun, nostalgic throwback to K-drama veterans. So thankful for writer Park Ji-Eun, and of course to HB and YJ, for gifting us with CLOY. The information I referenced are found in these Korean articles, which all give the same info. I'm not sure what the Google translated versions will look like though, but you can try: https://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201912190100135460008664&servicedate=20191218 https://www.news1.kr/articles/?3796460 http://mksports.co.kr/view/2019/1062057/
  24. Hahahaha! That's actually pretty much right. They usually use the phrase "love call," when an actor/actress is enjoying a lot of popularity and is getting a lot of offers! So for example, I read that the Hollywood director personally called SYJ to offer the role, so he made a love call to her. I bolded the most important part... she definitely received a different type of love call from HB. He offered her to be his wife I'm guessing? LOL. One of the most important offers/roles of her life imo.
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